Welcome back a sport that's fun and also easy to pick up has become so popular that a valley man is making a business out of it we're talking about pickleball a game where all you need is a paddle a ball a net and some players some friends right get rolling yeah that's right this morning team 12 jenn wall she's our friend and she's live in chandler.

Telling us all about the sport and jen you've gotten your hands dirty experiencing the game yourself pickleball pro by now that's right guys we are having so much fun out here guys i say we have a today in az outing and come all learn how to play pickleball together all right we are live this morning from pickleball.

Kingdom in chandler you can see it is a 40 000 square foot facility brand new opened up in may there are 15 courts here and like you said all you need is some friends a paddle a ball and a net to get started and have some fun now joining me live is ace rodriguez good morning thank you so much for being here jen thank you all right ac you opened.

This place up back in may you s how's it's been going you said it's been super busy it really has we're we're excited that we saw a need in the market we filled that uh void and um members have been coming visitors so this has been going great so it's like a gym membership right like talk about how someone gets involved and then what kind.

Of gear they need yeah so it's very much like a gym you can have a membership and come as much as you want or we welcome visitors someone just says hey i want to come in now i'm in town or i want to give this a shot in terms of the gear you don't need much you need a paddle and a ball to play but the mistake some people make is they'll.

Just you know go on amazon and order something and then it's like uh it doesn't really fit my style of game so what we did jen we have a paddle demo program so it's like making a down payment on a paddle but they can try all our different battles i think we have like 16 different models awesome when they decide what they want then that.

Down payment gets applied to their purchase genius idea all right speaking of purchase you're going to teach me how to play this morning so if you want to head over to that side of the court ace and give me some tips now we've been hitting off camera so i'll be forthcoming about that but i really have no idea how to play pickleball so how do.

I start yeah so let's just start with what we call dinking okay it's just right here at the kitchen so i'm gonna bounce the ball just nice and easy softer than you think you need to how am i doing is that good jen i gotta tell you you're sneaky good all right sneaky good you guys heard that now for beginners like me you have 101 classes.

Right absolutely so we have a class agenda that's designed for someone who says i've never even touched a pickleball paddle okay you take them from not doing that to full-on playing in one hour it's a completely free class they just sign up on our website we provide everything they need super cool now if people are more.

Advanced they're watching this they're like i want to play inside i don't want to deal with the heat in the wind how do they get started yeah so we have uh beginners classes we have intermediate advanced lessons leagues tournaments so if someone wants to play pickleball this is the place to be awesome ace we really appreciate you joining us live all these.

Amazing people getting up early ace says they would be here anyway guys this place is busy from morning till night they have youth classes you can come here on your lunch break if you work in the area you can play the 101 classes are free so many different options all you have to do is go to pickleballkingdom.com.

So cool you can take your zoom call from there you know turn off your camera and they're gonna be like what is that that bouncing background awesome looks like so much fun
Pickleball is taking the world by storm and a Chandler man is turning the popular sport into a booming business. Jen Wahl has more on Pickleball Kingdom.

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