A blank canvas for now but soon a place where dozens of athletic courts will go yeah this is the Cape Coral location for Lake Kennedy Park in Cape Coral there will be 32 pickleball courts 12 Tennis Courts lighting and covered seating cool again everyone I'm Chris fatty in for Rush today and I'm Amanda Hall this plan has been in the works since 2018 and is.

Now finally close to becoming reality we introduce reporter Samantha Johns is joining us Samantha what is the bigger goal of this project Amanda to attract more people to the City of Cape Coral for years this space has laid empty but council members believe the property has the potential to bring more tourism and business to.

The area these trees are soon coming down to make way for the new Lake Kennedy racquet center after talking about the project for years the City of Cape Coral officially approved a big plan construction is expected to begin in March there will be 32 pickleball courts 12 Tennis Courts lighting and covered.

Seating initially it was only going to be 16 pickleball court for tonight push for all 32 because the opportunities there to bring in local Regional possibly National tournaments is high councilman Tom Hayden sees the potential this empty lot offers more than 4.8 million people in the U.S play Pickleball according to a recent study.

By the Sports and Fitness industry Association the sport continues to grow in popularity giving the cape a unique attraction for players not only in Southwest Florida but across the country you can pretty much go to any park that has pickleball courts and notice that they're always full there's always people waiting to play so we knew the.

Need was there but it comes with a high price tag 11 million dollars to be exact when asked about the project neighbors nearby didn't want to go on camera some were upset about the looming construction While others were excited about another facility to connect with family Outdoors that possibility was Hayden's biggest wish watching this.

Place come alive with uh with players with families that's probably most important to me which he'll see come true in the next few months no exact date has been set in March just yet to break ground on the construction but once workers do they'll need at least 16 months to get the job done.

Reporting in Cape Coral Samantha Johns Wink News
An area in Cape Coral will transform into 32 pickleball courts, 12 tennis courts, lighting, and covered seats.