Ball is all the rage across the country and here on the Gulf Coast the city of Gulf Shores is building a 12 Court complex as we speak and every day more and more people are playing this game with the funny name I was introduced to pickleball just a couple of days ago you can hear it in Mobile you can hear it on the Eastern Shore.

You can hear it inside you can hear it outside it's the sound of pickleball okay who's next pickleball combines aspects of tennis badminton and ping-pong into a sport that's taking the country and the Gulf Coast by storm and when players talk about the game one word keeps coming up I'm addicted to the game of pickleball.

Players say they get hooked for a number of reasons it's a pretty easy game to pick up it's fast it's quick easy to learn it's inexpensive to play not as much running it's just such a social sport here we go thank you I had never even seen the game play but in just a couple of minutes could hold my own the game of pickleball has actually been.

Around for 50 years but it's just in the last decade that it's taken off and is now the fastest growing sport in the country these courts are filled every day of the week Daphne Sports and direct director Charlie McDavid says a few years ago he couldn't have possibly imagined having six dedicated pickleball courts at lot park with plans to add six.

More in Mobile there are few outdoor pickleball courts but the Hub is indoors at the Via Senior Center no doubt the game is popular among retirees but pickleball players say it is not a 21st century version of shuffleboard seeing as being an old person's sport.

Uh that is really changing um to a lot younger crowd Stacy Anderson who's a pickleball instructor in Daphne agrees it's a game for everyone I've taught people that were 12 years old I've taught people that were in their 80s 83. the game uses Whiffle balls and.

Elongated ping pong paddle and is played on a court a fourth of the size of a tennis court it seems like a weird combination but players say there's just something special about this game we are very competitive on the court very friendly off the court it's a very welcoming sport this is a game where you have a lot of activity meet a lot of.

People and it's just a lot of fun you just need to come out and try it
Pickleball ‘addicting’ to Gulf Coast players