All right once again we're back here on Daniel Island right next to the Credit One Stadium the Charleston open is in progress as we speak but not just tennis but there's so much other things to learn about including something that I think came out of nowhere called pickleball and Neil Thompson's here he's the expert on pickleball at court short.

And I'll tell you what uh I don't know where it came from Neil but all of a sudden it is absolutely taken over and a lot of people are very glad that it is here a short court is about apparel and looking good while you're doing something that you enjoy so Neil thank you again for being here live with us in our living room under the ocean yes.

That's right to explain what is pickleball for those for the two people who don't know well a lot of people thank you for having me and a lot a lot of people say it's kind of a hybrid between tennis and ping pong so it's our our company is called Short Court Short Court Sports and we do manufacture paddles and do a heritage.

Based apparel look and feel and like one of our mottos is look sharp and Play Sharp we're about uh put marrying performance of the paddles with the clean aesthetic of the apparel so so we're we like to do ourselves do uh tennis whites and really give more of a throwback look in a great way for men and women and so pickleball's explosion.

Has been not only in Charleston but we're servicing Nationwide really with our business but we're so proud to be a part of the Credit One Charleston open once again for the second year we had an activation here uh all week on the pickleball courts for the fans to come in and try it and to dink a little bit as they say okay that's a good turn okay.

Okay I learned something new and we also want to point out that you have the connection downtown so if folks are unable to come here to Daniel Island yes they can also participate in the pop-up that's in Charleston Place because of the connection of course with Ben Navarro exactly right and and thanks to Mr Navarro and his team for that at for.

That activation we've been at Charleston Place Hotel at a pop-up pickleball court that they custom built for us wow and we're we've been there all week we're there today also so come by Charleston Place Hotel if you're there and we've got uh demo paddles and we can provide instructional clinics and have some fun kids of all kids and adults of all ages.

Have been coming out all week Rob is talking about how Folks at his neighborhood yes just I mean just crowd the court why do you think it's been so I'm sorry I live in Bell Hall and and there are times when we can't find parking because of a swim meet but when I realized it wasn't a swim meet it was pickleball everybody was using the.

Tennis court so obviously a lot of people are really really enjoying this and it looks like a great workout it is a great workout it's a lot of fun it's more social uh maybe so than tennis a little less strenuous but but also you can really improve and get better and better there's a professional level there are leagues everywhere uh but yes.

Uh not not not uh that's not surprising to hear that it's tough to get on court at Bell Hall uh more and more courts are coming to Charleston uh and and we're here to service that with short Court absolutely all right and Neil once again I know that you're in a tournament so good luck with that I hope that you do well but where can folks find you and.

Follow you if they would like to find out more about what Short Court offers absolutely go to and you can uh order our our paddles there and learn more about our company we're based here in Charleston all our paddles are designed here locally um and we ship those out uh to you and.

And and and like to take care of our Charleston customers with free local delivery of our paddles okay we're very Hands-On we've also had some Great Pop-Up experiences in tournaments throughout Charleston all spring so go to and also Instagram at Short courtsports all right Neil a real pleasure meeting thank you.

Very much and if I wear that shirt I'll play sharp is that that's right okay all right I got you yeah all right well right now the weather is looking pretty sharp but we know things are changing let's head back to the station meteorologist Olivia Lawrence standing by with our weekend forecast hey Liv
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