Hey it's Dr Hirsch again uh with another Sports Medicine update do you see what's going on behind me these courts are filled with pickleball players in the middle of the afternoon you ask why am I not playing well today I'm nursing a little bit of a hamstring injury which gets to my point about pickleball is an actual Progressive uh.

Awesome fun sport it is not just for the retirees if you look behind me probably the average age of the players out there are probably in their mid-40s but there's a couple people out there in their 80s and a couple people out there in their 20s which makes it such an amazing social sport you could play people of all ages all skill levels we.

Still have a great time it's uh kind of a place where you can just show up by yourself and within minutes you're playing a friendly but a competitive game of pickleball it's not without risk as you can see I'm recovering the fast movements the acceleration forward backwards the twisting the turning all the mechanism of injuries such as tennis.

And soccer at a very fast pace so if you're out there playing pickleball today make sure you warm up carefully make sure you stretch when you're done and have a safe great time
Pickleball is an addicting, challenging sport that is taking over the nation! It is not without risk. Much like tennis the rapid change of directions can cause acute and chronic injury. See my blog post https://herschmd.com/pickleball-crazy-fun/