I shall keep thy gift in thy heart where it shall stayeth forever if of all the things we can be doing with our time why do we send it playing pickleball to meet women here I am oh Sheldon it's not about being right it is about having fun we find the fun.

One week for today on these very courts I will be sponsoring the perfect pickleball gold medal classic participation in said tournament will not only change the way you play the game who wants to be better come on what's up ladies I'm Larry and I'm a 2.5 yeah.

I'm Billy I'm a 2.5 I'm Spike 3.0 I'll show I don't believe in Raiders yeah my name is perfect I broke the scale.

Because my killer return is faster than the speed of sound my opponent cannot react cannot get out of the way cannot run and what he cannot see until it is right between his eyes
The Purple Rose Theatre Company presents:
a world premiere by Jeff Daniels
September 30 – December 17, 2022
Directed by Rhiannon Ragland

In a wild comedy about America’s fastest growing sport, four below average players must overcome their own limitations in order to achieve greatness in a game that has nothing to do with pickles.
Contains adult content.


Ryan Carlson
Caitlin Cavannaugh
Kate Thomsen
Lynch R. Travis
Jonathan West

McClure’s Pickles
Secret Crisis Comics
Michigan Arts and Culture Council
National Endowment for the Arts

Set Designer: Sarah Pearline
Properties Designer: Danna Segrest
Costume Designer: Shelby Newport
Lighting Designer: Noele Stollmack
Assistant Lighting Designer: Brodrick Whittley
Sound Designer: Robert W. Hubbard
Prod. Stage Manager: Dana Gamarra
Reh. Stage Manager/Prod. Assistant Stage Manager: Patrick Ian McCall
Reh. Assistant Stage Manager: Karen George
Artistic Director: Jeff Daniels
Managing Director: Katie Hubbard
Video by: DubzMedia