Hello and thanks for tuning in to my YouTube channel pickleball pick apart my name is Rory if you've watched some of my previous videos you know that I take pickleball games that have been posted on YouTube and I critique the way the players play so you can watch them and learn from them in this video a 5.0 mixed doubles match played in Orlando.

Florida it features three very very good players and one player I can only describe as a wizard his name is Martin apartovich and some of his shots are like no others I have ever seen in pickleball they are truly spellbinding and kind of mystical just when I think he can't come up with something new he does and he uses that shot in this game.

You've got to check it out maybe you can use some of the shots you'll see in this game that is if you can pull them off so let's go so here are the players the lay lady in pink about to serve the ball is Lydia her partner in red is Edward on the other court in the white Santa they are all very very good players but here is the wizard right here in blue his.

Name is Mark neparovich I'm going to concentrate on his play just keep your eye on him because you are going to see some things you never see in pickleball let's go nice return stop backhand flip right there this point is over.

Oh good look at this I mean having to defend defend and defend you're eventually going to lose and they did hit it out I think that is the very first point of the match so a very well played point I think it's worth going back and taking a look so let's go ahead and do that a great way to start the game everybody.

Is ready everyone is into it let's go very deep so very deep return trying to hit a third shot drop couldn't quite make it fish shot reset couldn't make it there is the backhand flip by Mark still can't get it in really nice get by the guy in red he came and post in front of his partner hit it very high and she just hit it out.

The lady in pink had an opportunity to put that ball away and she just made an unforced error so very nice play by all parties involved that was just an excellent third shot drive with a little Top Spin on it the ball got to the net and just Dove watch how great this is perfect absolutely perfect by Sanda.

That's not an easy shot to pull off great deep serve Mark poster return trying to hit a third shot and fifth shot into the kitchen finally got that one so let's watch the uh mistake that Santa made right here and I think she knows exactly what she did wrong so let's go back and look so here's the return and.

Then she's trying to get it in to the kitchen now she does it she sees she's doing it and it was going to be effective and she just froze she did not get up watch The Body English Mark puts on this serve flicks it over now he's playing defense right here that's going to be put away no great get.

By Sanda unforced error right into the net way to hang in there Santa and another unforced error by Lydia when you get to this level unforced errors play a big determining factor in who wins and who loses nope oh couldn't get it back.

Um just not a good enough lob I guess on Mark's part one of the very few errors you will see him make look at the spin on that ball and Lydia just could not get it back she has her hands on her hips trying to figure out what happened there what happened is Mark put a tremendous amount of spin on.

That ball there's a spin again and that time Edward could not get the ball back anytime you can get a point on your serve on on a return it's kind of like an extra bonus it makes a huge difference if you can and there's another point that Mark got on his serve.

As Edward could not get his serve back very nice job by Mark kind of getting some bonus points nice job by Mark hitting that just over the net Mark uh Edward tried to reach over and get it and he hit it right into the net so that is four unforced errors on Lydia and Edward three sirs they could not get back and.

That shot right there by Edward and Mark tried a little bit too hard on that one and he did not hit it in the court now it is Santa's turn she has Top Spin on her serve very nice return third shot Drive fifth shot drop seventh shot drop and a great shot by Lydia to hit it where Mark and Santa were not again.

These are very good players it's just that Mark or Lydia and Edward have kind of gotten off to a slow start got into a fire fight there um you know I don't like getting into firefights like that I would much rather try to reset the ball I really understand they did not have the opportunity to do that but whenever I.

Get into a firefight like that I try to slow it down and there's another unforced error by Edward and as you can see he is not happy about it oh he almost hit his partner on the return put it away oh she didn't put it away now yeah that point was going to be won by.

Mark and Santa the entire time because Lydia and Edward were improperly positioned at the service line but let's watch this one more time Mark almost hits Santa on this return watch this almost got her right in the face incredible shot right there again I have mentioned that I do not like when.

Players hit lobs but nobody in pickleball hits a lob like this this is worth going to take a look at again watch what he does with his paddle he goes from six o'clock all the way to six o'clock completely flips his hand all the way in a circle that is total Wizardry on that lob just incredible let's slow it down and take a look he.

Starts his paddle at the six o'clock position right here he's going to hit the ball look where his paddle is it's at six o'clock he rotates it up goes totally counterclockwise and ends up at the six o'clock position as well what that does is when the ball gets to its apex it kind of comes straight down at a very.

Steep angle is what it looks like to me allowing it to fall in the court just an incredible shot so Mark and Santa have six points I think the other team has two points she tried it around the post didn't quite make it if I am Lydia and Edward I am going to have to Target Santa it's.

Not that she's a bad player she is an excellent player it's just that Mark has shots that I don't think Lydia and Edward can handle and there was one of them right there but Mark just barely hit it out I mean maybe by happiness that's a very very close call but Lydia did call it out and that is her call.

Nice shot by Santa Lydia could just not retrieve it goodbye yep let's go back and take a look at that again and I'll show you what Mark did here comes the serve watch this return with his backhand all the way back to the service line I think it hit the service line and there was just nothing.

That Edward could do with that he just put it right into Mark's put away Zone he was not able to hit a third shot drop from way back there nice job by Mark getting that return so deep look at this he did it again that total six o'clock to six o'clock lob they were able to get it back that time but this.

Point is over that ball was out very nice try though by Lydia she almost made it in maybe if she would have put the same type of spin that Mark put on his Lop she would have made it but she does not hit a lob like that I don't know of anyone who does but I tell you what I am going to try it tomorrow I'm gonna get on the court and.

Just practice that I think Lydia just hit that shot that was out and if you notice What's Happening Here well that's the first shot they've hit to Mark he did a backhand flip and put that away watch this backhand flip boom there it is right at Lydia point over very bad decision to hit it to Mark and uh Edward is just flipping his paddle.

Over saying why did I do that why did I do that why did I do that I promise you they're not going to do it very much more if they're smart great drop there it is look at the spin on that ball watch his paddle watch this look at that look at his arm motion it's worth going watch again I promise you you.

Don't hit like this turn his hand completely over in that clock position from like six o'clock to six o'clock and Lydia just has her hands on her hips saying what in the world was that nice job bye Edward to hang in there so obviously Lydia and Edward are way behind in this match what they're going to have to do.

Is get the ball in hand and make a run let's see if they can do it look at that sir and there it is that spin again little backhand reset into the kitchen hitting the ball at Santa and a good move by uh Edward to do that.

Again Santa is an excellent player but if I'm gonna pick on somebody it's not going to be mark it's going to be tough for Lydia and Mark to win this point yeah they were just again not in the position not able to hit a third shot drop or to reset the ball a lob was tried and as I have said before unless.

You are marked into partovich I find that lives failed about 80 percent of the time just fantastic I mean Lydia has her hands on her side again just saying why am I doing this she hits it just too high into Mark's uh put away Zone he puts that English on the ball like he did when he was a ping pong player.

If you don't know Mark played very competitive ping pong for about 25 years and he has brought his ping pong our table tennis skills to pickleball just like that right there look at Lydia's body language look at it she just does not know what is taking place I mean I know she knows who Mark is I'm sure they play together and.

Against each other quite often but she just looks flabbergasted as to what is happening they trapped Sanda at the Baseline and Santa could not reset the ball good job bye Lydia and Edward that would have been a good serve if it would have been in but it was not an.

Unforced era on Lydia's part that's not going to work so let's look what Edward did there is very smart on his part he tries a lot lab is not going to work fifth shot Drive seventh shot drive he has an excellent forehand he was able to put just enough on it to where Santa could not handle it.

Unforced error by Sanda now Edward and Lydia making a little run here they're serving as long as they're serving the other team cannot score I hope this is not going to end good that's that's gone just can't win from the service line you have to get to the net.

Oh nether unforced era going for the winter just could not get it in the court I'm not too sure about that point I think rather than trying to get it over soon with a shot like that you have to be a little bit more careful and be a little bit more patient and he hit no I think there was ball.

Interference on that shot nice shot by Mark going right down the middle excellent shot to hit it right between uh Mark and Santa neither one of them could get to it very nice play by Edward she hit it out again she keeps trying to.

Hit it over there again I don't think that's necessary I think she should be more patient let Mark get in on the action so what's happened now is Lydia and Edward are making a run so Mark took over on that shot he was way in Lydia's Court I guess that's because he was able to hit that third shot more effectively.

Than Lydia is and she makes the unforced error right there I think I just heard Edward say the score is 9 10. he had the opportunity to serve the game out and he makes the Fatal mistake of not getting his serve over the net at crunch time like this you can just not do this now it's Mark.

And Santa's turn to win this game and Mark makes the unforced error right into the net so a chance to win the game and both of them make some really poor shots Mark's going to come over and get it again there's one of those lobs that he could just not get in not sure why he didn't hit a third shot drop or a third shot drive right there.

I think it's nine ten one it's crunch time oh and he got it to bounce off of the tape and when that happens there's not a lot you can do about it very unfortunate for uh Mark and Sanda well the score must not have been what I thought it was because I thought it was 10 10. obviously it was not because now it's 9 10 1.

So watch What's Happening Here has decided to take every third shot from uh Lydia let's go ahead let's go back and watch this there's the serve here's a return this is obviously Lydia's shot Edward knows that this is crunch time and for some reason I think Lydia is an excellent player she is very capable of hitting.

This point but Edward decides to take it from her and he hits a third shot drive right down the baseline or almost right down the Baseline it causes Mark to have to stretch out to get this ball and he hits the ball out so let's see if they return the ball to Lydia and if so if Mark poaches it.

Wasn't her Court he kind of did post but not as much as the last time at that point right there is over so there it is hits it up and goodbye nothing that Lydia can do absolutely nothing third shot Drive fifth shot Drive got it back great get great get again and she just can't get that one back.

Two fantastic defenses by Asanda but the third time was the charm for Lydia and Edward I think it's 10 10. unforced era by Lydia trying to reset it into the kitchen 10-10 Santa has the chance to win the match right here let's see if she can get it done Here Comes Mark oh what a incredible shot to win the game watch this he again.

He puts that incredible spin on it and is able to keep it into the court right over Lydia's head for most people that ball would have been out because he had the spin on it it landed in one more time just for fun I'm gonna slow this down and show you exactly how he did it watch his hand position I know it may be.

Difficult to see but look right here six o'clock up over to the left side of his body here comes the ball boom Falls right inside the court for the game winner a very competitive game again from three very very very good players and a player who I think is a wizard 11 to 10 Mark.

And Sanda win it over Lydia and Edward Lydia and Edward did a great job of coming back but just fell short so there you have it three very good players and one player who has shots that the other players just do not have it ended up being a very competitive entertaining game and I hope you enjoyed it if you did I hope you take the time to like.

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In this video, a game a 5.0 doubles game with three very, very good players and the wizard, Mark Napartovich. He hits some shots that other players just do not have. Check out his incredible play.