Hello and thanks for tuning in to my YouTube channel pickleball pickle part my name is Rory and yes I am a pickleball player and in my journey to be the best pickleball player I can possibly be I have watched hundreds of pickleball matches on YouTube so I thought I'd create a pickleball YouTube channel dedicated to teaching you how to.

Become the best pickleball player you can possibly be by learning from watching others the video you're about to watch features a mixed doubles match between two 4.5 level teams I'll show you what the players did right and what they could have done better you will see their strengths and you will see their weaknesses and you'll learn what to.

Focus in on and what to avoid so you'll become a better player so let's go here's a match I stumbled upon this is from April of 2019 Chico pickleball I think this is Chico California it says 4.5 Division I have not seen this match I am going to be seeing it for the first time I'm going to give you my analysis of what is taking place I will stop and.

Go stop and go so let's go ahead and get started but before I start I want to just point out a couple of things I'm going to call this team right here the team in purple this is the team I guess I'm going to call this the older team because it's quite obvious to me that the team in purple they look to be in their 20s this team right here they.

Look to be I would say 50s maybe 40s but I would think they are in their 50s so right off the bat this team may be twice as old as the team in purple what that means is the purple team has much more athletic ability they have quicker reflexes they can get to the ball quicker than the other team can and I really think the.

Only way that this older team would be able to beat this younger team is if this older team uses better strategy than the younger team does so let's see what happens again this is the very first time I am seeing this match so let's go foreign but look at this return this return is.

Very weak it is not deep it's barely over the no volley Zone when you are making a return your goal should be to hit that return as deep as you possibly can to keep the serving team back he did just the opposite he hit it very shallow so this player in purple has the option of hitting a third shot drop which I would not advise at this time simply.

Because it's such a shallow return what she should do is hit a third shot drive right at this player here right to her backhand and the point will be over so let's see what happens okay she made a mistake instead of hitting a third shot Drive she just put it up in the air she locked it up right to their slam zone so what they can do.

Now is just simply slam this ball at these players feet and the point will be over let me point something out both of these players I'm sorry this player is right-handed and this player is Left-Handed so there may be some question as to who is going to take this shot right here since it is to both of their forehands so let's see what.

Happens again they should slam it at one of these players feet and she headed into the net so right off the bat three eras let's go ahead and review them one more time decent serve very poor shallow return pop-up and a slam into the net so era era era I know it's just the beginning of the match maybe they are a little.

Nervous they're not warmed up you should warm up before you start a match but so far not a good start for either team foreign so a little back and forth here not a bad point so far this ball has hit just a little bit too high let's see if she takes advantage of it and slams it at their feet.

Okay she missed again so that's another unforced era by this team and the other team a while ago as well and they're supposed to be 4.5 division players already I am questioning that thank you it's side out okay so if you notice that serve was much much deeper than this person's uh serve was earlier what that does it.

Allows this player to get to the no Valley Zone it is hit to the woman's forehand so she is she has three options she can hit a third shot drop she can hit a third shot drive or she can try to lob it over their head uh from what I've been reading a lob is only effective about 20 percent of the of the time so she's.

Really in a pickle here I would imagine she's going to try to hit a third shot drop to this player right here instead she drove it and that was an excellent shot the female player in purple was cheating a little bit over to the middle her player her partner was right here maybe she should have been a little bit.

Further over to the right but you know what sometimes you just have to tip your cap to your opponent that was an excellent shot uh by the other by the player the older player the female player on that team let's go ahead and watch that again I think it's worth watching again because again it was just an excellent shot and there it is great.

Job by her 3.0 okay the serve that time was a little bit better it's still not deep enough uh it's about mid court or so again not quite deep enough so uh let's see what this player is going to do he should hit it as far as he can to the back which will allow him time to get to the no volley Zone.

Not bad so again they're both at the net she drove it right into his wheelhouse she should have done a third shot drop and he has hit it right between them and I'm assuming neither one of them are going to get to this ball she tried but she didn't quite make it simply because the older team did not get up to the no volley Zone they were.

Caught in no man's land again a very shallow serve it's probably not going to work out well for this team nice deep return and did she hit it out yes she hit it out but you know what whenever you are returning a serve and trying to hit it as deep as you possibly can occasionally you're going to hit it.

Out but in the long run the advantage of hitting a deep serve will outweigh the disadvantage of sometimes hitting it out okay still she's not getting her serves deep enough both of these players are at the no volley Zone and he smacks it right into the net.

All right it's the older woman's serve let's see how she does with her sir she's taking quite some time to serve it again not deep enough she's just going to have to hit the surf deeper if she wants to have any chance of winning this match and what does she do she hid it right.

Into the net and I can tell you exactly why she did this let's go ahead and review uh here is the serve coming up and once you will watch this do the younger woman in purple she is going to be running forward when she was trying to hit the ball basically what happened is she was expecting a much deeper serve but because the older woman hit it so.

Sharp it was effective it was such a bad serve it was a good serve and that happens sometime most of the time you should be anticipating a deep serve let's see if she gets it deeper on this effort she did she got it a little bit deeper right there so good for her he should hit it as deep as he possibly can and.

Get to the no Valley Zone which is exactly what he did he's on his way made it and another unforest era by the older female player and I can tell you right now when this older female player gets into a gunfight with these two she simply is not going to win this could probably be a strategy by these two to.

Always hit it to the female player because it looks like she is the weaker of the two players and I will tell you at this point there is in my opinion a very very small possibility that the older team is going to win this game I would be willing to bet the younger team in purple wins this match if you're finding this video helpful and.

Informative I hope you take the time to like it subscribe to my channel and click the notification Bell so you'll be notified when I post a new video deep serve and that's just she couldn't even handle that return so yeah this match if it's a three set match best two out of three the purple team's gonna win in.

Two I don't know if it is it may just be a match to 11 or to 15 but again this uh younger team is going to take this match there's no doubt about it come on and that is just uh an unforced era let me go ahead and make a couple more comments it says 4.5 division you need to realize that sometimes when you're.

Watching videos on YouTube of pickleball the classification is nowhere near correct this is not a 4.5 match these players are not 4.5 players the team in purple maybe a 3.5 the older team I would say 3.0 I don't even think they're 3.5 and the reason is they have yet to hit an.

Effective third shot drop and to be considered a 3.5 pickleball player you have to be able to hit a consistent effective third shot drop and I have not seen it from them there is no way either of these teams are 4.5 players again the purple team I would say 3.5 the older team 3.0 and there you have it again when they're.

Getting in a fire fight they're going to slam it every time at the older female player and it's just going to be they're just going to crush her they're going to continue to do that if they continue to hit it high in the air and um the game is going to be over rather quickly demon purple's having fun fall Oh I thought the ball was out she.

Played it good for her I guess it was close and she said I'll go ahead and play it nice drop though into the kitchen yeah I mean they're obviously are picking on the older female player which is you know that happens in Devils pick on the weaker player and that's exactly what they're doing.

Nice third shot dropped by the female in purple and she hits it out an unforced era again I think I'm pretty right on about the classifications I just gave these players the older team is a 3.0 player they are nowhere near 4.5 I have no idea why they would be playing in a 4.5 level match.

Nice deep serve pop up uh try to drop it into the no volley Zone hit it a little high and again just an era of hitting it into the guy's smash Zone and he just slammed it right down the male player's throat nice serve to his forehand let's see how far he drives it.

Uh mid-court just not deep enough now let's see what happens he did hit it right in the middle of the Court which is a great idea they call it the divorce Zone and it makes them decide who's going to take it it looks like both players are going after the ball let's see if they're able to uh have one of them take it and successfully hit it.

Over the net they did and he hit it out the truth is the younger team just has too much power for the older team and they're gonna win that was just an unforced era by the younger female.

No he did a good job there he hit it a little bit deeper they are both at the no volley Zone again her opportunity here is to hit a third shot drop maybe a lob I wouldn't try a lot but let's see what she does third shot drop very nice and she let it go you can kind of tell their heads are.

Kind of hanging they're kind of jumping around full of energy again just not a deep enough return I could not stress it enough she hit a little soft lob half court and this guy is going to hit it hard to her opponent got him totally out of position a great shot by the gentleman in purple and that's an unforced error I mean.

You're going to hit a serve out once every 50 times if you're a good player yeah try the third shot drop from way back because the return was excellent and he was not able to do it oh well he hit it on the court the problem is he hit it on the court across the fence you can tell they're very.

Discouraged um they know they're not going to win this match so what I'm going to do I think you get the general idea of what this team is doing wrong and what the other team is doing right Let's watch One More point and that was just an unforced era so just to review the team in purple.

Is serving the ball much deeper than the older team the older team is not returning the surge deep enough not allowing them to get to the no volley Zone whenever they get into a battle at the net and they're in a shootout they are targeting the female player she cannot handle the power of the younger team and is not able to effectively.

Return those uh the Rockets being hit at her and again the team in purple is going to win I'm just going to go ahead and uh fast forward here we'll do one more point and then we'll go to the end of the match and we can watch some shake hands we'll watch the last point just to make sure that the team in purple did win.

That was an excellent point you probably just got to see the best point of the match won by the older team congratulations to them they hung in there they played effectively they gave him some competition it was a very contested point and they ended up getting it so it's side out I think he's probably.

Serving for the match right here and there you have it uh that is the end of the match the older gentleman is just putting his hands on his hips like he's really exasperated like did I really hit that out and I played so bad we got killed in this match I'm gonna say the score was probably.

11-5 perhaps again I could have gone through the whole mess but you saw the mistakes that the older team was making you saw that the team in purple was playing very well and again something to take away from this match number one these are not 4.5 players so they are nowhere near it I would say again they are three five and three oh I enjoyed.

Watching the match I hope you did too so there you have it a detailed analysis of what these players did right and what they did wrong I hope you learned a lot from watching this and I hope it makes you a better pickleball player I also hope you take the time to like this video subscribe to my channel and click the notification Bell so you'll be.

Notified when I post a new video so that's it for this edition of pickleball pick apart we're picking apart a pickleball pairing off provides perfect proficiency for principled pickleball play I'll see you next time thanks for watching
In this video I critique a 4.5 mixed doubles pickleball match. I point out what the players did right, and what they did wrong. You can watch this video and learn how to play most effectively so you can be the best pickleball player you can possibly be.