Hello and thanks for tuning in to my YouTube channel pickleball pickapart my name is Rory I take pickleball matches off of YouTube and I critique the play on the court usually I just spend a little time talking about what you are about to watch in this video I need a little more time to explain exactly what you are about to see it's very important.

That you listen to what I have to say so your undivided attention will be greatly appreciated first thanks to Mike Hall for posting this video on his YouTube channel secondly this game is played in Opelika Alabama the pickleball facility there is just absolutely fantastic the city has invested a lot of money putting it all together and they have done a.

Fantastic job a tournament was recently played there and this is the gold medal match mixed doubles at the 4.5 level and to be honest it's really shocking to watch this is not pickleball this is not how pickleball is meant to be played what this is is recreational pickleball in this game there is not one third shot drop hit there is not one reset hit.

There are two dinks but that is all at no time are all four players at the non-volley Zone hitting the ball back and forth and waiting for an opening there is no touch there is no finesse it's simply a game of hitting the ball as hard as a player can hit it it's like Bam Bam get the point over as quickly as possible there are 38 exchanges in the.

Game out of those 38 exchanges only once is the ball hit back and forth more than seven times to me games like this are no fun to watch and they are no fun to be a part of and I really think it's sad that in some parts of the country this is what 4.5 pickleball looks like at least in this tournament now I truly believe if these players were to play 4.5 level.

Players who play Pickleball and not recreational pickleball like you'll see in this match neither of these teams would have much of a chance at winning so if you're new to pickleball don't be fooled by watching this 4.5 match and thinking that these are really great players sure they can hit the ball back and forth across the net but to be.

Honest not one of these players shows true pickleball skills I mentioned earlier exactly what they did not do in this match again don't be fooled into thinking this is how pickleball should be played it is not learn a third shot drop learn how to reset the ball into the kitchen learn how to be properly positioned at the non-volley zone and.

Dink the ball back and forth waiting for an opportunity to put the ball away learn those things and you'll have no problem beating 4.5 pickleball players like this I'm just being brutally honest and I'm telling you what I am seeing in this game so check it out in this match Daryl and Anne versus Lynn and Eric I have no idea who is who so I am going to.

Refer to the players like this in the near Court the lady in the Pink's skirt the man in the striped shirt in the far Court the woman in black and the Man in the black shirt as well so let's go a nice lofted deep return very nice getting that ball all the way to the back of the Court and she hits it right into the net so a.

Good start a very poor finish for the unforest error right into the net unforced era number two why there's many things wrong with this let's take a look the first thing you need to look at is exactly how far back he is when returning this serve that's at least eight if not 10 feet behind the service.

Line there is no reason for him to be this far back but the reason he is back like this is he is just trying to put as much power on this return as he possibly can a return that is not going to get him a point so it's a total wasted effort to try to hit this back as hard as he possibly can and Watch What Happens he's running forward as he hits.

The ball and he hits it right into the net it's really really a funky return his body motion was just not good and even if he hit it over the net he was so far back there was no way he was going to get set at the non-volley Zone before the third shot was hit back to him so a very poor decision to be that far behind the service line when returning a serve.

Do not stand that far behind the service line like he did nice sir hits the ball back and as you can see where she is right here she is just not getting to the non-volley Zone quick enough that's because she did not put enough Loft on the return to give her enough time to get here the lady in.

Black sees that she hits it at the lady in Pink's feet as she is not set all she can really do is make an effort to get it over the net the lady in Black gets it back gets it right to the guy in the strike shirt and he misses that shot now let me show you what happens here you see that he hit it out right there.

And the reason he did that is because look where his paddle is his paddle is at his waist it is not out in front of him ready to take the shot still is at his waist he has to go over to try to get it and he's just not able to do it so very poor paddle placement not in the right athletic position to get this shot back.

Wow not even close to getting the serve over the net they were dominating the start of the match getting out to a 3-0 lead and losing all momentum making the unforest error into the net there's really no excuse for that thank you all right let's see what she's going to do right here obviously she's not going.

To attempt a third shot drop third shot drive right to the lady who is waiting for it um basically what happens now is look where she is she is totally in no man's land she has absolutely not much of a chance to do anything with this shot I mean what is she going to do she's probably.

Going to pop it up no she hit it right into the net attempting to hit it into the kitchen she could not execute it so uh you know I guess you can call that an unforced error getting another opportunity here let's see what she's going to do another third shot drive that did not.

Work now she's hitting a lob and look at this that is a 20 percenter that got in if she is going to continue to use that strategy and think she can win a game by hitting lobs she can't lobs fail eighty percent of the time getting another opportunity and I don't even know what that is it's not a third shot drop it's not a third.

Shot drive it's a very poorly placed return and the guy right here is should put this away oh the guy in the striped shirt tries to poach the shot and he is not able to do so third shot drive just hit it as hard as you possibly can and it didn't work as the ball is hit into the net so at this point it's very.

Obvious that like I mentioned earlier this is not pickleball this is recreational pickleball and the objective of both of these teams is simply to hit the ball as hard as they possibly can and get the point over as quickly as the possible can possibly can now I want to show you right now.

How pickleball should be played and how different it is from what this match is all about so let's go of course so here you have the best players in the world Ben Johns Simone Georgine Annalee Walters and Yates so let's see if this resembles anything like you've been watching get something really productive third shot drop right.

There Anna Lee with the third shot drop the players in Opelika never hit a third shot drop just are not capable of doing it now all four players are at the non-volley Zone where the four players in Opelika ever at the non-volley Zone all at the same time the answer is no following back and forth right here trying to find an opening did the.

Players in Opelika ever do this absolutely not the ball has already been hit over the net about 15 maybe 20 times by now the most it was ever hit in Opelika was once it was hit more than seven times here we go look at this what's gonna happen here a little fire fight waiting for an opening and the point is over this is.

How pickleball is meant to be played this is not what is being played in the 4.5 gold medal match in Opelika that is recreational pickleball it does not even resemble anything like these players are playing at the pickleball Pro level third shot Drive.

Oh okay that love went out and I told you that lobs are not going to serve her well it's quite obviously she has no ability to reset the ball into the kitchen to be a 4.5 level player you have to be able to do that she cannot but again they're playing in Opelika Alabama in a tournament and this is the gold medal.

Match and what is claimed to be at the 4.5 level can't get the third shot into the kitchen fish shot Drive in the shake and bake because the lady in the pink shirt just popped it straight up so that is an instance in where hitting it as hard as the guy in the black shirt possibly could it worked.

Oh I thought that ball was out I guess not oh just couldn't get out of the way that ball would have been so far out it probably would have hit the netting back here foreign.

Error that wasn't even close to going over the net another one this is just really poor play I mean seriously how can this possibly be 4.5 level pickleball play I really have no idea and if I and the team in the black in the far Court I am hitting every shot to the woman in the pink skirt.

and that shot is long so that is three unforest errors in a row third shot drive again and it's hit out it's just amazing how lacking these players are in touch and finesse it's all about power and getting the point over as quickly as possible okay what is she gonna do here this.

Point should be over at this point there's nothing she'll be able to do with this there you go uh oh that ain't gonna work here we go again you can only defend until you cannot defend anymore they are not even trying to reset this point because they do not have the ability to do it they should be trying to drop this.

Ball in the kitchen and reset the point instead they just continue to pop it up right in the other teams put away Zone goodbye oh well they're doing a great job of Defending until they can anymore they've got to put it into this yeah it's just.

It's futile it's doing the same thing over and over and over again and expecting a different result just that is just I have no idea what she's trying to do with that shot.

As she hits it out four or five feet past the service line now she's so frustrated she's calling a timeout they're going to try to regroup they are losing by the score of one to six and to be honest with you there really is no regrouping at this point they're too far out of it to even think about coming back I mean look at their body language.

His hands are on his hips he is just kind of confused at to as to what to do at this point they have not shown the ability to compete in this game all right the timeout is over let's see if they figured it out now it's the team in Black's turn to show you that they are incapable of hitting a successful reset.

Well that lasted about five shots back and forth no one has hit a dink yet no one has even attempted a date that ball is hit out very very nice job on the gun the black striped shirt he finally got an opportunity and hit a shot the team in.

The far Court could not get to just a humiliating shot when that happens to you oh excellent get is able to get it in the court and puts it away because the lady in Black was pinned to the back of the Court oh they hit it to the one look at this.

Shot look where this third shot is hit do not play Pickleball like this if you do you have no chance of winning your only hope is that your opponent makes an unforced error oh got the roll and there's the unforced error right there but the team in the near Court just got lucky as that ball barely rolled over the net.

Look at this return this is just absolutely fantastic and at this point this point is over I mean what is she going to do she's already proven there's no way she can hit it into the kitchen she could hit a third shot drive but this player is here waiting for it she could try a lob but lobs fail 80 percent.

Of the time so this serve is so good I would imagine this point is over there you go another humiliating shot by just dinking it over the very first dink that I've seen or maybe the second one in this game all right let's just see who can hit it.

Harder don't try to reset it just stand up there and hit it back and forth as hard as you possibly can I think that was called out I don't think that ball was out but hey whatever it really doesn't matter at this point I'm gonna stop it here for just a moment and I want you to look.

Where the guy is returning this serve he is probably 10 to 12 feet behind the service line I have watched thousands of pickleball games both in person and on YouTube I have never seen a player stand this far behind the service line to receive a serve not even players who play against the.

Best players in the world look how far back he is when he's hitting the ball as he comes up to hit it look where he is when he's hitting this ball so all he's trying to do is drive it as hard as he possibly can which this team will be able to get back this is just an absolutely horrible decision by the guy in the striped shirt.

To be standing 10 to 12 feet behind the service line when receiving a serve and he hits it directly into the net because his feet were not set and he was moving forward when he hit the ball if that is his strategy and that's how he wants to play Pickleball then it is a very poor decision do not stand 10 to 12 feet behind the service line when.

Receiving a serve and moving forward this is what's going to happen to you if you do and that ball is hit out for an unforced error by the team in Black there he goes again another era into the net that inner paddle I think it did here we go.

Now you see what happens when a player cannot effectively hit a third shot drop they are append to the Baseline these players are at the kitchen line all they should do is continue to hit this ball at her feet that's not really well hit that's just kind of like softly hit he should have hit that shot.

A lot harder but let's see if she can reset it of course not she's going to try to hit a lob which simply is not going to work keeping him back and that's a really good get by the guy in the striped shirt no but it's just hit too high oh and she gets it back in his foot away.

Again this is what I call no fun recreational pickleball because again this is not true pickleball you saw by the little clip I put of the pros playing how pickleball is meant to be played and this is not it and there is another unforced error foreign great job hitting it to the woman in pink again.

Just a horrible third shot now she's out of position she'll probably pop this up there it is and another lob that's all she could really do to be honest with you because her third shot was so poor the USA pickleball rating system shows that to be a 4.5 player a team must be able to reset the ball they also must be able to hit a third shot drop they must.

Also not make many unforced errors and none of these teams neither of these teams is playing at a level that would qualify them to be 4.5 I mean that was not even close to going over the net the game is just about over and it ends in another unforest era so there you have it again that sets pickleball way way way way all the way.

Back to the Dark Ages no not that quite far back but still you don't want to play Pickleball like this just a note this was a three-game match the team that lost this game actually came back and won the next two games to win the gold medal so congratulations to them I'd really like to know what you think on my comments about this game am I spot.

On am I way off base am I not reporting what I am seeing so please take the time to leave a comment in the comment section below I'd really appreciate it that's it from pickleball pick apart again my name is Rory I really do appreciate you watching this video If you learned something from watching it I hope you take the time to like it.

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In this video, a 4.5 Mixed Doubles Gold Medal Match played at the fantastic pickleball facility in Opelika, Alabama. This is a perfect example of what 4.5 pickleball looks like in some parts of the country and it is not howv you should aspire to play pickleball. I give my brutally honest opinion of why you should not model your game after how these players play. Check it out!