What is going on pickleball crew man today in this video we're gonna go ahead and be breaking down this 4.0 55 plus mix doubles peakable match all right so we're going to be seeing what they're doing right what they're doing wrong some things that they can improve and again like I stated in all these videos this is again for educational purposes.

Only I'm not here to pick on any of the players I probably play worse than them sometimes all right happens to all of us so we're just gonna pick a part of the gameplay all right not the players not the individuals just the shots they're making all right so let's go and get straight into it huge shout out to the pickleball pirates for posting these.

Videos these are great there's a lot of these channels out there I'm gonna go ahead and Link those in the description of the video huge shout out to them for releasing this video but let's go ahead and check it out all right so as we can tell this team is serving right there that's a decent serve pretty good return there this is 4.0 so I'm expecting it to.

Be pretty good play right there that's a good dink right out of the air this lady is doing a great job in mixed doubles oh wow that's even better oh no oh dang they got it now now they're in the middle let's see what happens she's this lady in the black right there played really well there she had a great.

I think it was a backhand dink or it might have been even yeah it looked like a backhand dink that went far in the corner this gentleman just lobbed them and was able to win the point right there he served it out that's that's the worst thing to do anytime you're playing and you return a serve out it didn't look like it was out by that much.

Happened to all of us just a few little mistakes that you can fix up those at the 4.0 and I would say even the 4.5 level is gonna cost you a lot it's just the un4 stairs but let's go in and see what happens during the white serving pretty decent serve nice and deep has a little bounce to it decent drop shot he moves into the.

Transition zone and he didn't try to dink it I don't know why he tried speeding that thing up there's no reason he had a decent dink the lady was able to return it and it makes most of the time the ladies are gonna get all the shots oh actually this guy's going after they dude and then it's back over pretty good reset right there what is she doing.

Why is she trying to was that a lob was this supposed to be a dink or a lob let me go back let me go back we gotta figure this out I don't know let's see was this supposed to be a dink or a lob oh yep she was trying to lob why is she trying to lob there that makes absolutely no sense if I'm this team I'm targeting that lady.

That's just what I'm doing especially if it's a gold medal match I don't care what kind of metal match it is if you're playing in a tournament target the weaker player all right you're trying to win I assume right this isn't right play where you're trying to improve you're trying to win so yep there you go why is this dude keep going at the guy I don't.

Know maybe they have something against each other I don't know man they were beefing before this match but anyways they won the point there his paddle was up couldn't really do much nice deep serve the lady leaves it really high he puts it up even higher I don't know why there's so many lobs in this match oh my God he puts it up even.

Higher she she kind of took it off her backhand both hands right chewing it back in and then just dug it straight in the air a lot of lobbying going on for the 4.0 level I do not recommend lobbing ever okay there I mean you can lob it's just you got to be really strategic and make sure.

You're good at it again that's a high ball they should have attacked but she's back into a cross court dink battle she's doing a great job with her dinks just as I said that she won with the forehand dink out of the year messed it up uh that thinking requires a lot of patience so I don't I don't blame her.

There man that's all good right there decent that is a terrifying return actually it worked out in his favor but that is a terrible return why is it that short the return was in the kitchen he just brought the lady to the kitchen for no apparent reason I don't know doesn't look like there's wind they got windscreens up.

So there's definitely no wind this lady is just hammering it at the lady wow and he misses an easy one there at that point whenever you keep hammering at the one person it's good to sometimes switch it up and hit it at the player that's closest to you for that guy it would have been this dude in the black would have been good to switch it.

Up it seemed like he was ready but still take that chance rather than going cross-court oh that's a nice little dink right there that was a nice little Gap from the dude in the black and then he messed up the dink so again right now I think it's a lot of unforced airs what happened whoa.

Guess we're having some spew with the ref what happened I guess they're switching sides there's no win why are they switching sides this is interesting a lot of people in pickleball tend to say they can't see I don't know if.

That's just uh I don't mean to sound mean when I say this all right just an older person thing I don't know they get affected by the lights a lot now this is 55 plus so I'm not saying they're old but maybe maybe that's the case who knows maybe that's why they switched because it doesn't look like it's windy but hey.

You're allowed to switch I don't know if that was it didn't look like that was a game and there's no way this has got to be like the halfway point they did not score enough points for that to be game but uh we'll go ahead and see what happens now they go ahead and got a return out that's a pretty that's a pretty deep.

Return let's see what happens and he's returning it deep that's that's decent that's a decent return it was pretty far can't lie let's see let's see how our serve is the serve's good nice and deep and let's see what she does oh nice small thing and she's not able to.

Run let's see what happens next man this is a this is really interesting what a serve nice and deep drives it oh that's a that's a pretty little dink right there and who put it into the net I guess the lady in the black just went ahead and put that thing in the net I guess that's how it goes.

That is how it goes let's see she's that's a pretty decent surf see what happens next she's lobbing it oh my God she's lobbing it even higher nobody is feeling what are they doing why is nobody finishing this point this lady in the black tried getting.

Cute and uh she paid the price in that situation if they're lobbing you the ball just keep them in the back there's no now I know that lady right here in the black can't really run that fast but still just keep him in the back because she went for that little you know ding shot and ended up putting it.

Into the net not saying that's in a hard shot to hit but takes a lot of precision and clearly she did not execute that shot so let's see she dinks it again what happened there the amount of fuse this team's having over the ref or whatever is going on it's kind of crazy.

Can't lie this team do be getting in a lot of feuds man middle of nothing and still still fighting I guess they didn't say score nice steep return right there she goes for that's a beautiful Drop right there by that lady and then now it's perhaps.

A lot of balls are just getting popped up I don't know why I'm assuming it's a metal mat so they played a lot of games before this so it can't be rust like them just getting out and playing so let's see that's a beautiful ding right there and he dinks it out trying to aim for the lady right there that's.

How it goes man we've seen throughout this video on four stairs and leaving the ball High let's see again a little bit higher they're able to recover and how did he miss that one as you can tell he's really pissed at himself that's an easy shot that he should be able to make.

He knows he might cost his team after that kind of a shot let's see what happens he's deep they're able to return it and again same thing balls popped up high anytime the ball is popped up high you're gonna expect it back in your face let's see what happens right there again.

Hi she does a great job of hitting with a lot of power again it's high even higher the ball just keeps going higher with these thank you what is this dude in the black dude why is he slicing that uh the issue there was the dude in the.

White was further back than lady I don't know why they kept aiming the ball at her they should have been aiming at the guy in the back so if you're in that situation you're at the net and one person's moving up and the other's staying back put it up the person that's back because they have a likely chance of.

Popping it up even higher oh my God this I don't know if that thing was going out this what is going on here was that in no way wow this lady in the black is going to cost this team right here to this lady she's gonna cost him because any ball she gets is just being.

Popped straight up back into the air decent serve there actually that's pretty short let's see he goes for a drop gets it they're able to move into the transition zone and oh that's a good dig now they're up to the kitchen way too high right there way too high yeah that that dink is uh no bueno.

You can see they're making signals they're going to be staying they're not switching so usually when you have an open hand that means you're switching you're seeing on the back of that dude in the white see what happens right there another oh my God she puts.

It back up high again what is going on she's speeding them up how did they miss that one oh yo no way this team in the black and white over here is probably gonna lose just cause they can't figure it out again she goes back to putting oh.

Oh my God I I can see who's trying to get out of the way but damn man that's tough it's a tough one brother that's that's how it goes at least he was trying to get out of the way short return let's see that's a good thing come in and slam that away oh I don't know man he looked awfully close.

To the kitchen there come on ref you're not gonna call him on the football and again same same thing we've seen all all along balls that are high get put down they are going wow this lady is clearly she wanted to speed it up at her for some odd reason.

And then gets smack back in her face you're gonna speed it up make sure you're ready to at least return that thing let's see what happens here gets it up again that's high she leaves it even higher so that's a decent thing high speeds it up.

Guys able to get it back wow these are so good the dude's had enough at that point yeah this this team in the blacks most likely is simply because at the 4.0 level if you can't think or at least keep the ball low when you are dinking You're Gonna Lose that's a great return.

Right there again she hit it soft so they're able to move into the kitchen and now we're back to the dink battle and the lady pops it up we're seeing a similar Trend here both the ladies tend to pop balls up if they're dinking it and it's just a matter of time before someone finishes that point.

That's a good dink right there they should be moving up there you go she's still back I don't know what she's doing and this poor guy had it coming straight to him after she left it up a little bit higher yeah I don't know why the lady over here in the black skirt did not move up there oh that's high and that's gone.

Welcome to this game baby 4.0 let's see what happens here he drives it at the lady and wow she's getting them there you go they're keeping her back let's see if they do a good job he's just attacking her he's like every boss every single ball we've seen has been at this lady and that's it I don't think a.

Single ball has went to this dude in the white he's out here clapping internally he's like what the hell is going on here I haven't seen a ball in like 10 minutes but the game probably is going to be over right here we'll see another great catch she just puts it up higher and higher every point.

Oh good get by the guy all right the guy's getting involved that's good and there we go think that's match right there look like like what we expected again at that 4.0 level I don't know if that ladies preferably for I'm not saying anything bad but just from this game happens some maybe she had a bad.

Game she's just lobbing him up too high man the ball's high you're gonna get smoked all right that's how it goes keep the balls low
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