Hey welcome back to another episode of pickleball tech today we are going to be looking at past present and future rule changes um you know it's it's kind of my opinion as the sport of pickleball evolves being the fastest growing sport in the world right now i think it is important to let the um rules kind of evolve rules and.

Regulations evolve and move forward at a equal pace that the sport is growing um for instance in 2021 we saw some major rule changes such as the drop serve being allowed in 2022 we saw no chainsaws served stop.

Stop no weird bud and you had better watch your mouth period end of discussion looking into 2023 we're gonna have a peek at some of the proposed rule changes and see what may be in store for pickleball in 2023 so let's get right into it this is on the usa pickleball website anybody can.

Go look at it excellent resource for what's going on in the world of pickleball i highly recommend joining it i have become a member as myself some time ago and let's take a look at the process of rule book revisions so the usa.

Pickleball member input opportunity which is wonderful i think that is one of the best resources at our fingertips that we can tap into the window for the usa pickleball members input and comments for proposed rule changes is now open and will end on june 30th so it has already ended because the.

Down here it'll tell us that the um the rules committee finishes rule writing by september 15th so they get from the end of june till september 15th to implement any rule changes so let's look at some proposed rule changes for 2023 so this is the existing rule number you can also search a.

Rule let's say we want to look at is there going to be any changes to serve all right serving serving look at all the rule one handed pre-spin serves let's look at that one so here's the existing rule number they didn't know the rule number so they didn't put it in um the proposed rule change says.

Ban the one-handed pre-spin serve at all levels a professional and amateur tournament play this would be similar to last year's ban on the two-handed pre-spin serve this would also be similar to this year's ban of the one-handed pre-spin serve by the professional pickleball association they state the reason uh when executed.

Properly the pre-spin serve leads to a large percentage of missed returns and weak returns this often sharply reduces the number of interesting rallies and point developments that have made pickleballs successful in recent years now i will agree with that um we watch pickleball and we play pickleball for the um excellent competition the rallies.

The back and forth the volleys and all that stuff so i kind of see that point um the reasoning he says is the or she says is the same as used to ban the two-handed pre-spin serve some players are now mastering the one-handed pre-spin serve to the degree of having a similar impact.

As a two-handed pre-spin serve that is true if you search on youtube you can find dozens if not hundreds of uh people doing instructional videos on the one-handed uh free spin serve basically you're putting the ball between your fingers and.

Snapping giving it a snapping motion and it puts a pre-spin on the ball and then when you hit it in that same direction as it goes over it bounces left or right depending on the spin you put on it um i'm not sure if i agree with that um i think if you can spin the ball with one hand i mean that's gonna to me that that's gonna lead to.

Just being too strict but if you can spin it with one hand and hit it and induce spin that makes the ball jump when it hits the ground i say good on you all right let's go back and uh see if we can see another one this one says serving section 4a and 4c rule change 320 let's have a look all right original.

Rule text serving the entire score must be called before the ball is served okay we all know that proposed rule change number one hold the ball overhead before serving i don't know about that i disagree with that i hold the ball up and show.

My receiving team the ball and i say the score loudly enough for people to hear it i call the score i hold the ball up i don't think over the head is really necessary uh number two he says or she says call out the score loudly slowly and clearly i'll go with that um i would just say loudly loud and clear um announce the.

Score twice not necessary do not believe that is necessary original rule says uh the entire score must be called before the bala serve you know that very well could be sufficient and without putting too much restrictions on everything i mean everything that we.

All these rules you can really slow the gameplay down a lot um if we bug it down with too much stuff hold the ball overhead loudly slowly and clearly call out the score announce the score twice i don't think so i will i think i would stick with the.

Entire score must be called before the ball is served i think that's sufficient what do you all think let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are all lines in let's see what that says proposed rule change existing rule is 6a if.

A ball hits a line it's in play this includes the line marking the non-volley zone a serve ball that clears i thought that was already a rule a server ball that clears the non-volley zone and lands in the correct service court or any correct service court line is in yeah i get.

Reasoning let's look at his reasoning this is the rule now for all lines except the non-volley line and that only and and that's only on serves there's no obvious reason why that one line should be an exemption i think it is obvious well maybe not i don't know we'll see if it weren't an exception the rules would be simpler and easier to explain to.

Beginners like the rule change about let's serves being good yeah i i don't totally agree with the let serve being a good serve um no should be not just because it's burned me a couple times but i don't know i i i'm not sure about the role in volleyball i know in ping.

Pong um the let's serve i think is not good but um you know it happens so rarely that i don't think it really matters all right let's move on do one more in the serve.

Single toss serve that one sounds interesting 4m is the existing rule proposed rule change is it's an additional rule versus a change of rule proposed changes the server has only one attempt to toss the serve once the ball leaves the service toss hand.

The serve must be completed failure to serve the ball will result in a fault sorry but i don't agree with that one either um if i throw the ball in it if i'm doing a bounce serve and i drop it and it doesn't bounce the way i want it to if it hits a dead spot um i think i should be able to bounce it again i did not take an honest attempt.

By swinging the paddle at the ball i dropped it it didn't bounce the way i wanted it or i threw it and it landed too close to my body too far from my body i let it bounce catch it and begin my serve again i believe that is not a um not a real good rule suggestion all right let's move on to the players section on page one let's.

Let's see what that is oh guidance on clothing color this should be interesting players avoid wearing clothing that closely matches the ball color not agreeing with that i think you can pretty much wear whatever color clothing you would choose to i can see where it would be tough maybe in the in the right spot if it caught the um.

You know blended in with the shirt or shorts um let's look at the comments on this one okay mr walt says i agree that clothing can be a distraction can mask the ball which limits the amount of time opponent can have to react i don't think tds should be responsible for policing clothing.

Colors for tournaments all right what does dennis say if we become concerned with being able to see the ball at all times for safety reasons are we then going to write a rule that states a player may not hit a ball into the sun so that his opponent cannot see it fair point jd says uh this rule is not.

Needed i tend to agree with jd the reference to the color of clothing should be removed from the rule book completely there we go uh michael change the rule that tds can ask players to change based on color alone yeah i think that's a kind of a weird.

Area that's a tough one all right what's this some big stuff let's find a big one something important line call rules i know that's a point of contention for a lot of people so we're going to look at this one existing rule 6 delta 9 6 d 9 proposed rule 69 revision alright he says in doubles play if one player calls the.

Ball out and the partner calls it in then doubt exists and the team's call will be in so he's saying if one player calls it out and the other player calls it in then the in-call will overrule will take trump over all other calls if a player makes an out call the opposing team may.

Ask if the player's partner was able to see the ball clearly enough to render an opinion if the player's partner either confirms the out call or was unable to see the ball clearly the original call stands if the player's partner disagrees with the original out.

Call the team's call will be in however any player may appeal a call to the referee if the referee did not clearly see the ball the original call stands nice it was short especially in pro tournaments i was you know when i'm watching them i always.

Wonder um are we gonna get to a point like we are in tennis with the camera shot of the ball on the line or not on the line are we gonna have line judges on all four corners um.

That might not be a bad idea line judges for pro matches i mean amateur stuff you gotta handle your business and um i'm not sure if this is really needed the courtesy in pickleball that i have found is wonderful and nobody's trying to argue about a call or second guess a.

Call if you're in a tournament that's a different story every point counts so i can see some need for line judges and instant replays are we getting there i don't know there was one other here game ball selection i dying to see what that one says the player or team that serves first in a.

Match shall choose the game ball the ball shall not be replaced during the match except as permitted by rule 11 echo 11 e i don't think that rule needs to change it's pretty easy all right i gotta do one more use the word out during a volley oh yeah yeah so the existing rule is 6d 1.1 while the ball is in the air if a player.

Oh this is the proposed change while the ball is in the air if a player yells out whether or not the ball is in the air or has already landed play stops but if the ball lands in then the team that incorrectly called out loses the volley well it landed in anywhere they lost they lost it anyway players may yell any other word to.

Communicate to their partner that they believe the ball may be out while the ball is in the air if a player yells out okay if i'm yelling out i'm talking to my partner i'm not making an official call and it's happened to me before i'll say out and it ends up in i'll say no that was good.

No harm no foul yeah that's a silly one hey guys anyway i want to thank you for stopping in today and um let me know in the comments below if you have any ideas for rule changes uh what you think needs changed and if you if you knew about the usa pickleball um process for changing rules.

Um if you haven't seen it before go check it out on usa pickleball excellent resource i highly recommend joining usa pickleball you can find all your tournaments and things like that in your area um.

Appreciate y'all stopping in i'm glad you made it today thanks a lot till next time
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Today Pickleball Tech will be having a look at the proposed rule changes for 2023 that will be written by September 15th and will go into effect in 2023. Some of the proposed changes are just ridiculous but some seem to be valid and ideas I had not thought of. It does seem like some of the suggestions are born out of frustration which to me isn’t a valid reason for a rule change. Let me know some of your ideas and changes that you would recommend.

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