Ever been interested in tennis but felt that it would be too much pickleball may be the sport for you John Davis the community relations director says pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the U.S and in North Mississippi it has been around for quite some time but it's just now gaining the attention that it deserves it is the fastest growing.

Sport in America and it is arguably uh the fastest growing sport in North Mississippi because of the craze with pickleball OPC has been hosting tournaments every quarter and has noticed that the sport is not only popular within the older age group but younger as well it's huge and it's also catching on with the only students I'm.

Standing here at Oxford Park commission where pickleball games are taking place if you're looking to release Chris get in shape consider using this yellow pickleball they use this as a workout to burn calories to you know to get in better shape to get better Mobility Neil White says he plays for the entertainment it is the most fun anybody.

Will have and you can come out the first day and have have fun and play it but has also been able to lose weight I've lost 30 pounds since I started playing pickleball if you're interested in participating in this sport then visit Oxford Park commission between the mid-morning and late noon Monday through Saturday I am the lake in Crawford news.

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