Hey there my name is Tyler loong and my name is Megan Dizon welcome to Top Court in this class you'll learn everything you need to know to get started in pickleball the dink is the shot that you will generally be hitting when you're up here at the kitchen so you really want to get comfortable with this shot today we're going to talk about the mechanics.

Of the third shot if you make it in the kitchen then that ensures that you can move forward since I'm further back in the court I'm going to need to use more of my legs to generate power and it's going to be a little bit bigger of a swing out front boom.

Even if you've never played pickleball before even if you're an ex-tennis player ex-basketball player X baseball player whatever it is wherever it is you come from this class is for you it's such a great sport to be social and and everyone can pick it up the main thing is getting out there.

Getting outside your house moving around learning the sport getting better oh throws it up I generated most of my power just with the snap of my wrist just a slight little change paddle up boom goes over his head and that's the love volley everyone's loving this Sport and top court is just taking this to the next level the future of pickleball is.

Here welcome to top port foreign
Meet your new pickleball instructors, Tyler Loong and Meghan Dizon. Step onto the court with your newest instructors and PPA Tour professionals as they share the ultimate guide to the sport taking the country by storm. You’ll learn the shots, the scoring, and strategy to step onto the court with confidence.