Today we're playing pickleball also known as the fastest growing sport in America we've got the red team versus the blue team but we're going to spice things up a bit every time the first team reaches a new increment of five the ball is going to get bigger first team to reach 21 points is the pickleball Champion now let's get to the court.

First let's pickleball no this is not a practice golf ball this is the world's smallest pickleball nice.

Do you not see are you it's in there my favorite part of being a YouTuber yeah move on to the next ball baby I have allergies next up we have the normal pickleball ball once you got the real pickleball I'm gonna slice 60 baby call me Roger.

Federer of a pickleball baby yeah yeah um let me know down in the comments how many you guys eat bananas with the pills still on thank you thank you.

Yeah I'm literally right here I got you dude there you go there you go next ball is the orange ball ball thank you you like that out of here.

yeah very good next up the biggest ball like this what am I supposed advantage thank you he's not doing nothing bro.

Oh my gosh wow thank you nope hit it on our side oh yeah you hear on their side oh for sure and you know that 100 oh yeah nothing just proof nice all right you know.

excuse me the Curve yes on you TJ single-handedly team Tom and Joe are the victors let us know what we should do next we love you guys subscribe like comment see you next.

Time bye
Today we are playing Pickle Ball but with a classic SquadZilla twist! Every round the ball will get bigger. This completely changes the game and you wont believe how heated this game got!

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