Like I'm in a big foreign foreign foreign.

You just do something speaks so bad don't worry foreign don't worry.

You got the future on your mind no hurry now hurry let's take it one day no I'm happy thank you.

foreign thank you foreign.

foreign thank you foreign.

foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign.

foreign foreign foreign.

foreign foreign foreign.

foreign thank you I'm in a Bailey's Tony don't miss me balling like Houston hey feeling like Whitney I need a bag bruh send it too.

Quickly I'm making his dog like I'm in a big league told him that I gotta go dog I'm riding a road job I think that I'm back in my bag now so I need that goal y'all got hits when they throwing a fastball just too quick foreign.

foreign good morning everybody Dave Fleming here with Kyle kazuda and welcome to mix doubles day I am thrilled to be here at this beautiful facility and we've got some tremendous mixed doubles action Kyle welcome to the booth what are you.

Looking to see in mixed doubles today well number one thanks for having me in the booth Dave I'm just excited it's Friday it's pickleball it's mixed doubles with some of the best players in the world I'm excited to see some great competition I am as well so let's uh let's set up the match here the first match of the day is going to feature two.

People that are very familiar with Center Court you've got AJ Kohler and Cali Smith who are always in the mix yep absolutely and they're going up against um Alex lawhan who and his partner Chandler consineri and Alex this is actually his first time playing pro so one of the things I'm interested to see is how does he handle playing against.

Two veterans on Center Court first match of the day yeah hey welcome to the drive we're going to put you on Center and you're uh peer Wares to the entire viewing public so uh I'm sure when he saw the draw he's like that's a tough team and then he.

Looked at his uh Court assignment was like what okay right yeah I don't think they were looking at each other this morning saying we got an easy one no I'm excited to see him he's uh been playing a lot with some of the top players and is a soccer guy so this isn't you know we've seen a lot of the tennis folks coming in here this is a.

Soccer guy it's interesting I played basketball in college so I thought through the basketball lens how does that translate we have volleyball players AJ Kohler played hockey right and so it's interesting to see how soccer translate to pickleball no I'm excited to see that obviously you would think the footwork will be extraordinary.

It better be right hopefully he's using his hands handballs are also not available here in pickleball as he's learned in soccer his partner Chandler consonary shout out to my my City Pittsburgh she played college tennis at Duquesne which is a college in the Pittsburgh area so uh these two are.

From South Carolina I'm sure they're going to be nervous let's see how they handle that yeah with the crowd with the opportunity here and then obviously AJ Kohler and Cali Smith coming from Cincinnati I called their semi-final such a good battle with Annalee Waters and Ben Johnson just couldn't quite finish it they've been so close several.

Times so uh they're gonna be on a mission here yeah and I think coming in after last weekend um great matches I mean they're going to want to get started fast to get started I think aggressively is how they play and I think they're going to attempt to take it to lahan and conseneri right up front.

Yeah so uh just to set the the day here folks we'll we'll be here all day we go through the semi-finals and then those two winners of course will play on Championship Sunday two out of three to 11. win by two and then Championship Sunday of course is best three out of five uh we got our singles finalists and we have one of them on the court as Cali.

Smith did get through in singles she'll play in the Lee Waters so she's already got one one ticket punch what do you think you know she's such a conditioned athlete the singles gotta be in great shape absolutely I think Cali arguably is the most In-Shape player we struggle but for her I think she's.

Gonna be right on all right let's play Pickleball in the first third from consinerary a little high and Cali smokes that one so uh we're awesome foreign here on the first receiving point of his pro career I love it getting aggressive early I like that too.

like I just hit a good shot why aren't you clapping everybody AJ might have one of the best flicks pickleball it's a great shot point again we'll see a little bit of nerves from the continent to start with and.

Then they'll get in there I don't think they're gonna look to dink a lot early I think they're going to go at them the first few points press their hands all right so get the ball back now let's see what they can do with it again Chandler consonaria this team is from South Carolina.

Second serve good opportunity to just push deep zero three two ah yeah nice job of finding an angle there by AJ Kohler 301 point.

One of the things that's hard to tell on TV and you talked about the nerves is even just dinking against the world there's more pressure you see a mistake there in the net foreign 's looking pretty comfortable here so far back get rid of that zero that could.

That's a nice pressure a lever right there it's like an Advil point and not even the net is being kind to the South Carolina Duo here to start is there but kisses the net and goes wide Point regretting example there Cali reset a ball conseneri took it back to her and then she turned me into the.

Offense in about two seconds one minute all right so we've got uh continarian lawhon taking a timeout full resume game one right after this foreign thank you thank you thank you my turn.

Hey uh Katie could you pass me the creamer why don't you just come into the kitchen and get the creamer I can't I can't come in the kitchen sure you can no I really can't you can come into the kitchen as long as you don't hit the ball out of the air.

All right favorites are off and running here they are they are about to get back into it foreign point on the board and see if that can turn into two here there's that unique style of.

AJ Kohler oh boy leaves that up and Lohan smashes it I think long like that one like he liked it a lot two six one not gonna be too many more easy ones like that I'm sure now the smile on AJ's face told you all you needed to know.

What goes wide and now suddenly three in a row they use the timeout a a Savvy move for first time on Center and they're awesome more confidence right away after the timeout it feels good to get off that zero um breaking that psychological thing got four in a row.

All right thank you good a much better Point construction now they're riding out they're smiling now you can just feel the tension is sort of easing out of their body now foreign of going back behind Cali that looks like a ball you'd put down the middle.

And he was ready for the next ball a lot of times players aren't ready to finish on ball number two absolutely caught her off guard got the point five six two this is five in a row impressive you know one of the things until this point that they've struggled with early was just getting to the kitchen yes and.

In these last five except for this last one they've been able to get to the kitchen and certain war and then we saw them convert points foreign that was a good deep return too and it's a little unforced error there she wants that one back for sure as we all.

Do when we hit that seven five one every one of them you wanna just where's the rewind button please I just just stales deep and they were a mess on unwinding the stack there it ended up by formation law hun we're trying to protect so they're not gonna unwind meaning switch sides thank you sir.

Eight five two Point see that one sail wide from consumeri nine five two foreign that's a nice drop from lawhon right there got rid of the pain of the point before that quickly boy it's nice to have that Long Reach.

Isn't it it is in credit continuity with a great Top Spin drop that led to the ball being pop slightly for him to go and attack and that's one where the footwork in the swing were not set up he ran through that and sort of half swan that was a big opportunity because that was a very short return.

Yeah he's in big trouble at that point yeah and a great example there from Kohler um Callie Smith of being on the defensive neutralizing the point turning back in the kitchen the entire defense and the offense so if there's someone at home and you're like I need to win more points that's one way to do it that sure.

Is so will they be able to close it out we'll find out right this foreign parento and I've been playing pickleball for almost six years travel a lot to play in tournaments I'm always on.

Planes and I see a lot of people when I travel I need to make sure that I stay healthy I need to support my immune system so that's the reason why I use the pure way C plus okay I felt like I had always all right welcome back Dave Fleming here.

With Kyle kazuda at the PPA Peach Tree classic powered by invited it's mixed doubles day we have a new team on the Center Court and after a nervous start in this and just a wicked third from AJ Kohler coming out of the timeout two minutes six nothing to start pushed it to 6'5 and then Kohler and Smith able to finish.

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the world will get back on its feet we'll help you stay on yours for hope I get make an appointment at all right there's a good look at Cali Smith and AJ Kohler in the beautiful new video boards we have on the PPA tour looking fantastic here we're just south.

Of Atlanta down in Peachtree City and here we go hate to give a freebie right out the gate there but uh one zero two given out you hope those are minimal Point that's kind of two for EB's cop yeah it's tough to start like that it's tough to lose any points about that against a team that you you really have.

To almost be perfect against point that returns just steep so after seeing it looked like they got the nerves and everything under control tough start to game number two thank you that's a nice job by law on there because the short return you knew Cali was going.

To absolutely obliterate his hands handled it second sir yeah there's the Precision when you elevate and play the best place got to be down if it's up they're going to find a bad spot for you point and uh gifts everywhere it's December.

25th here in September one three two see if they can turn that into something here oh and consonari did a great job of being ahead in that point and then did not finish and then again everywhere this is the Santa match so far Wicked deception there by Callie Smith and you notice Kohler and Smith chose.

Not to stack meaning putting AJ on the left side of the Court they're playing it straight up this game oh and the Kohler third shot lob has come to Georgia Point why do you think they would not choose to stack here Kyle well I think it could be a couple reasons one could be they actually could be thinking down.

The road in the tournament you might not want to do that later and so that could be the reason they're doing it here foreign point right Tech wrong execution there I want him to be aggressive on a floaty third like five two two he's got to make it It's Tricky short return sets up a.

Powerful drive and Kylie rips it and then even if consonant gets that back the next shot's probably been put away yeah the returns and obviously you've missed a few now you're jittery on how deep it needs to be and then you're setting yourself up for trouble like that one that's a much better handle on the drive.

So stick in that North volley when you hit a short return so important absolutely see what uh two six one yeah Colerain Smith looks like we're just gonna play whatever side their score indicates that return was really close and I think Lawrence getting some music feedback from the crowd along the.

Baseline that they might have missed a call there thank you oh Monica sella's two-handed forehand over there from continuity sometimes you can't the two-handers can't change their grip in times yeah you just went over there and left the left hand on there usually not ideal in pickleball.

Thank you sir you know we see Cali uh Smith miss a third right there the last point though it's hard to say the vaults is slightly high it's Attack Mode immediately point not Long's like I think that was where the other one was but I didn't call it two-point swing.

Point and then when you're not doing what you want to do in the cross-court Dank battle you say what can I do to change it up and redirecting that and keeping it safe down the line in front of Kohler is a tough ball for continuity let's Reserve on the PPA we served two serves that do.

Get past the kitchen line their chat live again that's a nice thing though there's the tennis skills of consonary I I think Kohler and I've talked to him about this I think we're still trying to figure out the third shot lob is a good idea or not but he he says yes he's doing it yeah he's not stopping his lob uh volume is.

Significant look yeah oh and ghost two hands two he catches law hun we're looking in the middle of the Court there yeah wahan was sliding Center I think AJ Kohler saw that took it right back guards and there's the value of a good return nice deep cut from Kohler.

Had an approval over there hey two one all right he will lob from anywhere at any time and two points for moving on nine two one reaching to Clover that has a go off the end of the pack gotta go when we come back we're at the.

PPA Peachtree classic powered by invited drink water over and over but I still felt a little bit dizzy by the end of the day but once I tried to incorporate more electrolytes in my daily life it really helped me out my favorite thing about the pickleball cocktail is the flavor it tastes great I drink the pickleball cocktail every morning to.

Make sure that I stay hydrated throughout the whole day it's important to drink first thing in the morning if you wait until you play you usually eat too late you start feeling dehydrated when it comes to hydration don't wait before it's too late.

Thank you all right welcome back match point on the paddle of Cali Smith correction ten two one and a nice little third from AJ Kohler and that'll do it so if I'm law hun in consonares so much to learn from that.

What an opportunity it also gives you video to go back and watch which is a big Advantage for them it had to be fun once they got through the nurse you never liked them it's not fun to lose but uh no but it's helpful for the future like you said helpful to go back and watch they had some really good moments in the game especially in game.

One after they were down zero six yeah remember those five they got five in a row you just sliced that up and you're dominating so a lot to learn and that's the way everybody that comes into the game has to be so we're off and running it's mixed doubles day we'll be back with another match after this.

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America and thanks to you we're making a big impact 20 off your first order go to Shady now and use code tv20 welcome back everybody on to our second match at Center Court Dave Fleming with Kyle kazuda look him off that pickleball guy finds that he's got one of the best tires in McGuffin Impressions I've ever.

Seen you will enjoy it love your work there Kyle thank you thank you so let's set you up for what we got coming here in this match this is going to be a beauty for first round this is a lot of Talent on the court we've got DJ young oh you want to talk about trickery deception length at the kitchen line he is going to be a handful and he's.

Playing with Anna bright whose star just keeps getting brighter absolutely and and she actually got bronzed yesterday in singles definitely a rising player and like you mentioned DJ young maybe one of the most creative players in all of the cabal it's really fun to watch looking forward to it yeah once he's at the kitchen line there's so much much.

Deception it's just insane on the other side we've got the Winter Soldier Pat Smith's got that right bicep exposed it's always a gun show with with him he's ready to go and he's playing with an aerospace engineer Kyle Lacey schneumon this is one smart cookie and one great great pickleball player she's just coming on the scene and just really.

Hit it run it she is and you're gonna see she has a lot of power she has good touch she's a really really strong player looking forward to this match all right let's play Pickleball there's a good look at Pat Smith young shinyman and then bright thank you players all right there's one of those little.

Flicks that he's going to be doing all day long that one just sails a bit one zero so there's a good look at schneeman played some Club Tennis at USC um that was just weird everyone wondered what happened there and it's just sort of off speed pitch down the middle like young and schneeman.

Didn't even move or young and uh bright didn't move okay they're not complaining on the schnamitz side up just to get two off the off the Jump here there you see and a bright serving.

And schneem at finishing it's nice to see you in the Pro matches they're not the only ones or we're not the only ones that are the answer level that are hitting High thirds in the early part of them be like a pro everybody well that's a wicked angle there by Pat Smith well done.

Second sir that comes up just short and they'll have a second serve there's Sam Smith to serve from Wichita zero two one just steep you heard Anna bright trying to buy some love zero twos two but uh the call was correct just deep.

No sometimes you just want to yell yeah even when it's close Kyle that's a common strategy to confuse the team calling the ball out so they might think he was actually in one two two that's finished by Pat Smith there who won one for that return did not bounce at all nice Handle by Smith.

Foreign unable to recover and keep it in a lot of cross-court thinking from the ladies all topspin here Kyle there's the power and deception a little tomahawk in the middle of that from you know good hands are Pat Smith who getting the first one back couldn't handle the second one though.

That's a that's a a great thing especially at the amateur level if the ball goes High you saw Pat Smith's Point ago put his paddle down and if it's actually dig it out almost like a volleyball player Dave just like you mentioned in more Top Spin Cross Court dinking like you mentioned which it can be really hard to.

Pick that ball up if it's a good angle it's just basing the way the ball's spinning and that's nice footwork from schneeming because when you are trying to recover from uh being in a stacked position and having to hit a volley on the run and hit a winner off it behind one young that's impressive.

Nice work by schneeman let's see if they can use that to their advantage with the ball back the answer is no halfway through but there's another chance here oh one of the heaviest forehands I'm sure there's several languages coursing through his brain right now catches the tape we've all been there.

Yeah the thirds just haven't been sharp so far and that's why it's sort of been a little jangly if you will so see if they can get going two three really nice job by DJ young of knowing the quality of his ball and.

Coming to get it yeah also I do a great job on his end of being really balanced as he took that ball Schneiderman was a few points ago they usually want to hit it to the person on the move because they are out of balance and hitting the ball in a bad position the pros can do things that many cannot true four three okay.

All right thank you oh schneeman beautiful splits the middle haven't seen that and that's if you hit it from that same paddle position you can do that well done yeah she's been dinking the same way that that speed up when she held her paddle and was able to.

Put it down the middle and some deception there oh right what cannot believe it after being way ahead four four one ah second serve tied at four and rarely see a serve in the net from uh the pro game but we're seeing everything today here.

That's just a nice job by bright really putting pressure on that four four what happens and there's the bag of tricks from DJ young there comes over and flicks a topspin lob the wind is going towards bright and young it's lovely here folks.

Don't feel bad what but a ball like that gets up and will get pushed just a bit deep a lot of short points so far both teams are being really aggressive driving a lot of balls trying to get into hands battles boldly I'd be interested to see if they keep that strategy or if they slow it down a little bit.

So sometimes making that first attack I'm gonna keep going in the middle I'm gonna keep going in the middle I'm gonna go there well if it goes there in a tie there's going to be trouble so time out called by Smith and schneeman they're down a few here in game number one Dorothy I really think you'd like the Magnesium.

Perfect I'd be happy to get that shipped out to you today thanks Dorothy you too does he do that every time every time happy birthday Matt oh thanks Lucy oh wow and another one oh you shouldn't have I have one more surprise for you okay.

Ah come on I love it babe all right we are back schneeman and Smith have called a timeout hoping to slow this roll and bright ready to serve excuse me sir timeout gets a missed third you love that when you do it can we get two of.

Those seven four in the giving Department the answer is no and then the tape is unkind eight four two foreign had an opportunity to clobber the ball before that and then now you've given DJ young so many.

Opportunities so she's got a stay on that line when she gets ahead pointing there a couple of couple of steps back too so that's that's the difference to making that ball right there yeah and Pat Smith on his team floated a little bit DJ came up put pressure on Lacy who was off the line which made him more challenging.

Oh the AJ Kohler School of third shot lobs has made its way to the young family so that one just missed 14. he's doing it into the win too which is a the preferable way to try it not that AJ won't go always nice finish there great third by schneeman to set that up the great Ernie by Pat just recognizing.

The great third recognizing the height of the ball off Bright's paddle jump the kitchen one so they've saved the game point can they keep the ball for a while I'd like to see Lacey actually take one down the line her last three have been down the middle and DJ young is sitting on that right now so like you mentioned.

Earlier she got one she's trying to go back to it like to see her change it up a little bit that's a good RIP by schnee coming in on a shorter return 6 10. whatever great drop so again.

Smith thinks sails a little bit in that shame it's got to defend unexpectedly and Young's got so many things he can do with that of course is a mistake game point number two and bright yells out and then topspin says this this Baby's in so try number three game number one.

That's a really nice drop from Bright so it is bright and young kind of a disjointed game one not a lot of long points uh less mistakes and a little better quality on the thirds give bright and young game number one we'll see if they can keep it going in game number two.

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Will the 22 seed force a game three boy reaching nice digging retrieval too by bright to keep him in the point that's that's why people love pickleball right there Dino zero and a second and then Young comes flying in like one of the dragons from House of dragon right out that's just a lovely volley.

Pat Smith zero one one serve in there loves that forehand Tommy season again with the tomahawk that's a that's a fascinating shot not many people hit that but he actually looks like he changes his grip midair turns his elbow High really hard to defend.

And your wrist needs to be in some shape to pull that off yeah I need to figure out what type of uh workouts he's doing at the gym kidding sales default quickly back to Young and bright second sir you mentioned it earlier lady gave a really strong deep return Force to tough.

Third and DJ dismiss that one oh it's a talent isn't it Kyle uh but most people watching this car this telecast right now not easy to do we've all hit so many out balls it's not funny I always realize it right after it happens then my partner tells me hey that one's.

Going on thank you thanks for the update tracking across the bottom of my TV screen appreciate you oh my God so young sees them retreating and goes for the drop shot and then just is able to kiss it off the top of the tape I think what made that shot work too One The schnee DJ young he looked like he was about to.

Crutch it changed his grip last minute dropped it yes it's clever Point great reach in there by Young if if schnemann never goes behind him with that he's just going to just abort that side of the court and say I'm over here you're gonna have to hit this tiny.

Window to get it to Anna bright Obama he was sitting on that she's she's going for the middle speed UPS though still and like you meant like DJ young is fading so much middle I think Steven might be nervous of getting Ernie why she's not going down the line but I agree I think she needs to go down the line once or twice.

Took her eye off that one didn't get the bounce she was expecting three zero two today DJ Young comes all the way in front of Anna bright looks like he's gonna go ATP and then drops it and it works out with a nice finish from his partner Dave what's that phrase you always say the floor is lava the floor is lava the.

Floor must have been really hot on his half because he got the heck out of there foreign when you see the women in the Cross Court thinks and mix the one that is pushing that.

Pattern in their favor is often the team that wins and it's a subtle difference but uh Wright's been winning those for the most part schneeman nice job there to get ahead I think what you said Is Right on for the pro level the subtle difference going from amateur to Pro most of these things are subtle differences.

There's that big forehand Smith is having a lengthy conversation with himself over there about missing that one but always a supportive and great partner may take a bite out of that power later if he doesn't connect on the next forehand so the wind is really affecting schneem in there it looked like a little.

Deception it was the old swing once misses and hit it again a whole bunch of Bugs Bunny at the plate there but got it on the on the next try so she was smiling about it good right out again I think the wind came in on that right the ding floated a little bit but then DJ young went for it but.

The ball pulled away from him he misses it goes High point just why that's a nice uh nice RIP by schneeman right there love that forehand she's got one four one foreign that's the no-go Zone usually with DJ but uh gets away with it.

Two four one second serve yeah if you're gonna drive it near DJ it's got to be lower he is just gonna absolutely punish you in the transition area one more Inside Out.

Went picking up a little you can probably hear it in our microphones uh again going diagonally across the court towards Pat Smith and Cal bear in a bright to serve there it is Lacy foreign and even though it took four shots later the ball behind changed the entire.

Pattern and put them ahead that's a nice job of recognizing what's going on in front of her absolutely got DJ young back it got in a bright back and all of a sudden they turned the dinky rally into an offensive possession of the game there she goes so she needs seeing what we're seeing over here look at that inside out.

Young almost straddling the middle of the court so can they take that and put points on the board get the ball back with two nice job Shots by schneeman okay what so even though he's on it and now uh young is talking to himself so a lot of personal conversations deep thinking going on he's got to be saying you're doing a great job just just get.

Your next one you're right there just make it he's taking heavy swings at it some of the best advice I give myself is just hit a better shot Kyle you're doing fine that one not what we had hoped for but make the next one better four four one so nice comeback here in game two from schneeman and Smith big.

Serve just the confidence change they're naturally right lazy streaming gets two down the line then she comes in and she's being more aggressive you can just see it in her body language really great play there by her another error of DJ young and look at this we've got a.

Timeout on the other side of the court so after having a big leading game number two early at Smith and schneeman on the Rampage foreign I think it's 120 milligrams let me check on that really quick.

It's 125. oh it's 125 milligrams UPS or FedEx for this one FedEx they deliver on Saturday it's three minutes on high it's pound then the number orange evokes energy and vitality stuff that's always right no shows unknowns things that are unclear we need to we need to dive into the yellow.

Warmth all right welcome back everybody Smith and schneeman on a rampage young and bright call timeout let's see if they can slow down on their scheming going down the line again and bright pulls the backhand wide two-handers it's hard if you get a ball off the tape and it jams you because your natural swing.

Pulls the ball to the right what uh oh second sir I hate to break your own run with a missed serve the wind didn't help it pulled it a little bit extra but I think it might have been going out regardless foreign there so.

Keeping young audits keeping him what out of the middle great job by schneeman let's see now young corrects let's go we're seeing that same pattern happen over and over now that sheamans identified that line they're able to get some points off it and now DJ young can't slide as much middle because.

Sheman's a threat down the line but dig it's a great point now the points are getting a little higher quality and you saw some great defense on both sides and then Wright kept them in really nice stab volley there that again on the line behind her opponent one.

751 Pat Smith lives in Wichita oh my goodness from shoe tops hello schneeman that is nice that is really well executed shot of the day Lacey schneeman right out same girl all right so the deficit is one three second third Young comes flying in.

Ambitious Choice looks like he may have made that decision before he actually got to the ball he was attacking that foreign she goes down the line after a pattern of cross-court dinking Pat Smith maybe just tripped up slightly and puts him in a different position and she ends up getting the point because of it.

Foreign that wins that Cross Court battle so that has split the switch here 86 one so a couple times the wind is messed up the timing for schneeman foreign just you know always want to do what.

Will set your partner up there's a there's the big forehand and boy yeah Pat Smith recognizing the return with short approached the ball you you're aggressive took it right at him as a winning the point so schneeman can't connect on that one so inching closer can they One Stop the.

11th seed who took game number one schneeman and Smith hoping to force a deciding game three Point that's just a great tank by bright and schneeman just sees the presence of young and I think she's like I gotta get that I don't know that I can get this past I'm trying to go down the line but that was a really difficult ball to.

Redirect there you know part of what makes the pickleball so amazing it's also the same reason that makes it so frustrating right you go on a run you feel great then you miss a third or you miss a thing and uh I think that's part of the reason it's growing so fast it's so addicting in that way and angering in.

That way too see there oh I missed third they have a good returns yeah it's sort of like the golfers that don't have a good round but you know hit a green on a par three and you're like all right let's go all right especially on the 18th right before you get off the court exactly everybody saw you you're like yep I'm.

Good yeah that's who I am nice second third I'm not sure the call here like that got just deep seven two so we're at nine seven two oh my Pat Smith had the perfect read but didn't just snap the paddle straight down and pushes it deep beautiful third set that up we always talk about shake and bake but you can shake with a drop.

Not a drive seven nine here and now eight nine off the nice low drive so uh schneeman and Smith were sitting at nine one at least four points there they weren't able to get to that 10 that puts extra pressure on your opponent but the wind just pulled that one on DJ.

Young and he went to swing forward it got pulled back he saw him throw his hands up that's an unfortunate ball coming at you there's a nice rolling attack from Smith so they do get the ball back their lead is but one but they are only two points again one forcing game number three all right.

And Schneiderman does get it behind young and it stays in there beautiful job young could only watch it game point one for Smith and schnaaman Tommy season foreign.

thank you little thing.

Thank you all right welcome back to the ppa's peach tree classic powered by invited look like the 11th seed we're in great shape I'm Dave Fleming with Kyle kazuda they're up a game in four zip and game.

Two were bright and young and then schneeman started going behind DJ young and just that little tweak really raise the confidence level of these two and we will play this third game to see who's moving on thank you Pat Smith checking the win after that I.

Saw a ball that was slightly floating then he slightly floated it longy thank you that's tremendous defense from Young and the Deep Lop forced a tough overhead with Schmidt an accomplished tennis player was able to handle but if the court was open and young turned that.

Into an opportunity quickly that's impressive again young did not have the ball that he wanted slight change there that middle dinks became a part of that point we'll see if they continue to do that Pat Smith wants that back she took a big swing on that one I think he knows maybe.

A little bit or less put that ball down on the little Duolingo uh lesson in the middle of that to put that into Google translate see what he said seeing middle balls here well you saw schneeman gets so comfortable that I like the young and.

Bright went and talked about it like what's going on let's make her at least not just be so hitting the same ball and just not having to move love that change see if they continue with it tough ball in the sun there too a little bit for Pat Smith you see him shaking his head as he comes back to grab a.

Towel it's a good point anytime your opponent starts to get comfortable in a specific pattern consider changing if it works and a lot of times it does go with that for a little while before you consider changing it again they're sitting on some of these balls actually even speeding up she's still applying pressure with her chips so.

You're like I'm sitting on it but you've still seen quite a few misses just because of the pressure applied no her percentage of winning on those has been good as long as it's especially if it's on serve where you're not affecting the score by going with a slightly riskier strategy a good leave by Young there.

Again we'll switch sides at six which is a little bit of a factor here today with the wind and the sun three one one make it there right in trouble threw up a lot that's a nice overhead backing up by Pat Smith got a lot of it's like overhead practice.

Here for him here in game three the one a few points ago you mentioned it was awesome he was on his back foot just like he was there a fantastic overheads both sides foreign making sure she is in the proper position there Ben Lacey and Laura smart are our.

Referees we got double laces on the court here today as Lacey schneeman lets that sail deep so one four one the hole again for Smith and schneeman but uh weren't impressed with it in the first part of game two there's Neiman aggressively attacking again in the middle and.

She has been sort of the dictator of the points thank you that's just wide I'm sorry wait I think we had a uh you have to overrule on the call so we do have an.

Overrule on the call there so Pat Smith is clarifying who declared that that ball was in here so hey was that in or out and it's the referees say I saw it in and we will play on big call right there right out you got to throw that away as.

Quickly as you can that's frustrating yeah Pat's still pointing to the spot on the court yeah that he saw point so the difference there schneeman has to slide just a little bit because the ball's more in the middle and that creates a jammed up paddle and it flicks it deep one point from switching sides here.

What a lower turn that's got some nasty cut on it that's a hard one to pick up it's one millimeter of the above the ground and spinning at a bazillion RPMs well done Pat Smith foreign nice job by Pat Smith of reaching you want to go in the middle you want to go in the middle okay here I am so nice job.

Of Pat Smith course correcting there and caught DJ young sitting in the middle himself Pat Smith with a little point at his head that's a hard ball to hit because this return is so short so short and so low too that's one of those things if you actually just played an entire game and.

Let most balls go most of them actually probably would go but they're so low at times they don't look like it so of course you hit them and the Pat Smith overhead Clinic continues that was more of a sky hook deceptive little shot from young but great athleticism from The Winter Soldier.

thank you young finishes so it is the get to six first so we will switch sides and see if this time they're able to keep the lead they were not able to do so in game number two.

Weapon not today it breaks over they drop something that's a wicked backhand all right welcome back we've switched sides bright and young up here in game three looking two move on looking to hold on to a four-point lead they were.

Unable to do so in game two are you trying to like shame my disability I don't want to have to take the shot to save my life and that sounds deep off of Pat Smith's paddle and they're at seven times man what a pivotal moment that call overturn was we were going to be at.

Three instead it's now eight two and a timeout is called so all right Kyle how'd that happen missed a couple balls here if you're in the corner of schneeman and Smith what are you telling them I'm probably talking about what worked in the past but now we're at 2 8 so you might not want to go as risky.

Because of the score but when you get the ball back especially on the one I might try to attack a little bit be a little riskier and then the wind has also changed so we'll see if that has any Factor as they've switched sides but I'm also just saying hey let's stay calm I got your back let's see if we can just work back at this one point at a time.

Yeah you've you've shown the ability to come back so let's let's remember that and then bright and Young on the other side okay we've made a little change the middle has worked for us they're now feeling the pressure let's not let them back in this like we did in game number two thank you.

Longest point of the match right out of this timeout and Schneiderman's ball does just catch the line there so uh big big point to get now can they build on it of concentrated and it's in a bright that's sped it up haven't seen that I don't think in this.

Entire match her going with Pace behind Pat Smith he's sitting on it three eight one great recess a little reset Center there multiple resets into the kitchen you'll see that actually happened more than you would think she resets it she resets it she resets it and then DJ trying to be aggressive ends up missing one.

Thank you bright has brought Pace to the Smith backhand now two of the last three points and he was more than ready for that so the lead is but three what sir tough Miss there from Pat Smith reaching in this morning good run there though let's.

Even do anything here on the two at the ATP saw it now is wearing her paddle as a hood ornament and the lead is butt too stays in so my goodness things have changed rapidly here timeout sup the lead is just one what a battle.

To the finish here we'll be right back with the conclusion Johns what do we got parental another one shame third one this week any suspects not yet we'll send these to the lab all right let's take a look what do you think.

The jigsaw all right welcome back folks it is a tight race to the finish line here Dave Fleming another big run by Smith and schneem and like we saw in game number two can they keep it going thank you.

Wow the answer is emphatically yes I mean they were at 2 8 before the timeout we talked about what are they talking about well whatever they were talking about it worked now they're right back in this match snowmen everywhere at eight eight in the third and Pat Smith is on a rampage.

Seven points in a row for Smith and schneeman this is the big one 10 put so much pressure on your opponent gets the cross court date that time and we are at match point for Smith and schneeman oh good dude and Pat Smith come all the way back from down a two.

And are able to finish and they will move on what a comeback from Smith and schnee unbelievable the 22 scene we're gonna have a lot of mix for you the rest of the day I'm gonna go play some senior pro ball Kyle will still be in the booth have a great day everybody more pimple ball after this.

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thank you foreign okay the proxar pickleball paddle answers the.

Angel question of how to get paddle speed and control with the same paddle and one grip and this is it pro XR gives you more spin greater control and quicker reloads on every shot in the game because you always have that constant feel for that leverage and control and paddle speed that we're all looking for pro XR is the most.

Revolutionary technology in pickleball foreign talks about the moments no one sees early morning practice late night drills running it over and over you don't get the crowd without the quiet everyone sees the glory the metal the.

Podium but every winning shot 's right here paddle tech let's go again a lot of us miss hit the ball I know I missed it the ball a lot um.

all right welcome back we're on mixed doubles we're getting started here with Ben John's Anna Lee Waters Rachel wrecker and Alex Newman each other one second third.

All right Kyle so it looks like this is a Ben Natalie's first match of the day here coming out of a buy zero zero two foreign nice aggressive move there by Alex just coming over taking a strong forehand putting nanolee into the tough spines of hitting the ball out and uh get the chance to play against.

Number one mixed doubles team in the world how about that for round two yeah I mean they're gonna they're gonna release the opportunity point Alex got away with one there Newman left a dink a bit High then John just missed it slightly right.

side out yeah zero two one foreign looks like John's and Waters are not coming to dink do a lot of Dink and they're going power right off the bat three players who are going to be.

Looking to impose uh oppose themselves as quickly as possible on the point to the fastest hands in the sport you know so they're really going to want to test their opponent's hand speed long there oh just out loud I like the loud play though I like it too throw it in every once in a while.

Three two two foreign from Alex Newman there turns into a miss it from Ben Johns so they'll get the side out here and uh see if they can make some progress two three one I went right behind Newman there he was lean in Middle she went to his backhand.

He almost caught the ball with his other hand yeah Annalee is so good at sitting on that backhand and she'll she'll put it right back at you if you give it to her bounce fitness yeah John slides all the way over and then pulls it super tight back puts Rachel Rector in a tough spot ends up.

Sailing long good counter from Rachel there yeah got a paddle on it it worked second ball they've gotten a little bit away with with a Miss hit or a body shot there great block it's set up and finished with Alex Newman there he uh did a nice attacking.

Ball to the middle and got the got the finish on the next one like to see the aggression I mean aggression tends to pay off in mixed doubles and and that's what we like to see two three one point foreign.

You can tell Newman is looking to be really aggressive on these thirds he's coming over he's driving balls looking to be aggressive and not it looks like not a lot of long points coming into this yeah this is a classic uh mix double setup strategy where the both uh both both male players are going to be.

Stacking so they can primarily play that left side and uh use those four hands in the middle so we'll we'll expect to see that one throughout this match here as as a Rachel ships over second third that's a good spot there by Newman put Emily Waters in a tough spot she was running forward tried to pick up.

The ball never quite got her balance and ends up missing left foreign back into the net on the reset by John's great shot 4-3 Waters and Johns side out good lead there record looked like she was about to swing big and then she let.

It go last second yeah good good heads up play um they're doing a pretty good job of um keeping this close not letting it get out of hand giving themselves a chance I like how aggressive they've been early too right just like we're not gonna probably dink all day with Waters and John so let's go at them a bit they've.

Won some points like that yeah I mean one thing that I always feel is so important wow around the post come Alex Newman uh Ben gave him a little bit of extra Top Spin on that role and he did a good job of uh waiting waiting for it and just pushing that two-handed backhand into the court great shot.

Four four two steps way around for the foreign I think Waters saw that yeah before he even ran around that and hit that and she just puts it down and if any Waters gets a forehand or a backhand for that matter and she's already sitting on it it's over yeah I like it though I mean I like like to your earlier point I like that.

Alex and Rachel are playing on on their terms you know yeah um you want to play your your game he's so good at closing down that middle I mean it seems like one sidestep and he can cover half of the Court shot loud you know the last match with uh Lacey schema Pat Smith schneeman had been.

Dinking cross-court cross-core Cross Court and then DJ young was able to slide like your point was able to slide middle and take balls out of the air it was it wasn't until she went down the line kept DJ young honest I'd be interested to see if if Rachel Rector does that here with Ben Johns crate counter from Anna Lee Alex a.

Little high on the attack but again like he's sticking with his strategy and um the matches is still close so we'll see if uh six four two they keep that strategy going forward not not a bad lap attempt just maybe not the best thing all right got a timeout here at uh 742 I think.

Well we've been coming back the peach tree classic Atlanta Georgia right after this foreign Ben you've got to give it up you're stepping out of bounds I'm so close parental this goes all the way to the top I'm talking refs commentators food.

Vendors but how can you prove this it's so simple bring me the jigsaw all right we're back at the peach tree classic in Atlanta Georgia 6-4 Waters and Johns seven seven four I believe yeah and Newman here we go point another point so now now that now you're.

Seeing uh Ben and Italy kind of uh do what they do best and separate that lead was there a missed return point and that's that's gonna hurt so we're at 942 now uh Ben and Italy are going to be looking to close this game shortly here foreign Ultra aggressive right now coming over looking to really attack these balls.

Yeah it looked like he wanted to get a hold of that one that Anna Lee uh kind of stole from him there he was Ben was winded up for it and Italy stepped in and took that backhand I was actually wondering if that was a deception tactic yeah it couldn't tell he really took a big wind up for it so but uh Newman and Newman and Rutger get.

The side out here so uh try to put some points on the board and uh put this first game back into contention sir you gotta have thirds down if you're even going to be in any of these points I know Rachel Recker wants that one back rolledness from Ben Johns so uh it's.

Definitely got to be his wrist it's definitely he's holding his wrist right now so Newman and wreck are able to put two points on the board here they are on second serve reverse stack position for retro and Newman here so this should be an interesting point oh he gets the Newman gets the ball he.

Wants um just sells it and you gotta think that if that were his forehand and they were in the reverse stack positions where they want to be that he'd be able to put that ball away nine six one six one on a play that he uh he set up perfectly.

Nine six two next point it was a good spot there put record in a tough spot jammed up in the middle yeah third shot drive one minute difficult to know what to do with it exactly 1062. we'll be right back after this timeout.

Foreign already told you Matt Wright is my lawyer well not right isn't here Izzy nothing to say to you we can do this the easy way or the hard way.

Bring me to jigsaw all right welcome back Peachtree classic Atlanta Georgia powered by invited see if they can close this game out his first game six ten one.

Gets shot lob goes wide second serve I think he's been watching a lot of AJ Kohler film saw AJ Kohler hit a number of those in an earlier match today on Center Court yeah between between AJ um and Matt Wright with the third shot lobs I'm loving to see that new aspect to that to the game you know let's just.

Add some Flair a little bit of excitement Ben Italy get the side out here and they'll have two more chances to close out this first game thank you I could leave there by Rachel records it's tough to see that right at the body uh just long wow.

Towards very shallow bounce so uh Rachel and uh Alex will get another chance here I have to believe that's how we drew it up that's how he was thinking it was gonna go even for the top of the net Court yeah risky but High reward second serve so so speaking the winner of uh this match is going to move on to face Cali.

Smith and AJ Kohler in the next round so that'll be that'll be a great one to see and we'll see if handling Ben can close it out now to get this first game on the boards cheers they gave it a good run six points against the best team in the world is not a bad game.

Jonathan Waters takes the first one we'll be right back after this we are invited bringing people together since 1957. we are the largest owner of pickleball courts Nationwide with 973 courts across the country our members enjoy an incredible lifestyle beyond the chords with 3906 holes of Championship.

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Coordinate with your legal and tax advisors to bring it all together so you have more time for what matters most all right we're back going into the game to Ben Johnson Waters Alex Newman and Rachel Jones and Waters took the first and 11-6 let's get to game two here we go really aggressive uh core positioning.

Looking for the poach there uh annalize smart enough to put it put it back behind him really smart heads up playlist point it's tough one of the things you don't want to do is Miss returns Miss serves and she wants that one back especially against a team like Ben Johnson Waters.

Yeah it's it's tough when you lose a game and you know you feel like you want to do everything all at once you want to get all your points all at once and and um if you start to feel a little bit rushed do you put a lot of pressure on yourself and uh that's what the the best players do best is is they stay calm and play their games so I expect nothing.

Less from from Ben and Annalee and uh let's see good setup uh we see the birds jumping the kitchen in front of Italy now you know we technically I guess you're right that is a bird I mean I call that slow motion I mean he was basically standing on that side of the court so I think if we're keeping status.

I give him the bird I think you're right I just it it was a weird one yeah yeah it's really interesting because because Ben steps over so far kind of birds when you actually basically Ernie um I go in front of your part or jump the kitchen correct yes yes Rachel has a really nice forehand right.

Down that right down the pipe in the middle off of a uh often aggressive attack to her body so uh it's a great resolver on that rally second racial record maybe called that out but then change the call looks like yeah we're gonna find out here so yeah Alex is being floated a little bit and then rolled it so it had an.

Incredible amount of topspin so it did dip at the end oh another Network attacking attacking uh the world number one down the line I'd like to see it and I think they just called out a winner I don't think they they put a star on it and said stat sheet that's a winner.

Great deep serve right off the back line I think that I'd like to see Alex and and uh Rachel keep taking their chances on these aggressive plays I think that's that's what's doing the most so I'd like to see if they're keeping to it even even if um it's not working every time you gotta like like their chances uh.

With that strategy Ben just so good at reaching in um and taking those low balls in difficult position for his opponents because Rachel was all over that ball but the trick is dude because it doesn't even look like he's gonna you know potentially topspin roll it looks like.

He might just dink it and then last second he rolls his wrist puts you in a tough spot like you mentioned correct yeah over overhead uh drop shot you don't see the very often the ball bounced just over the head of the net and Ben just kind of popped it right in and Rachel couldn't quite try to have a drop shot.

Five one two taking the time out here time out at 512. coming back in a moment we'll see if wrecker and Newman can become more aggressive and make a run here.

Look if we don't figure out this gravity situation all of those astronauts are gonna die and the proof of alien life will be gone forever but we've tried everything um we haven't tried everything.

Bring me the jigsaw attention security lockdown welcome back we're in games he steps over here from the opposite stock position that was uh that was a fun little point to.

See Emily step over and take that that ball there six one two interesting play foreign basically in front of his face and just punches it back it was a great shot by Newman even better shot player by Ben Jones kept it pretty low but but Ben was able to uh bend the knees and put that ball just straight down.

You know watching Alex Newman one of the things it's fun to watch him do he gets so low on his ding spend his needs to be really intentional about every shot he's a really good player because of it so it's nine one two we're in a Timeout we're in game two Frank if if you're Rachel and Alex right.

Now and this position 11691 what are you talking about really smart to burn their last time out here they might as well burn it gives them something to think about but I think you want to go out there you really want to change too much give yourself a chance and just stay alive as long as possible you know this.

Is you're on Center Court you're playing the number one team in the world uh so I say keep that match going as long as you can and keep fighting you know it's uh it's an opportunity just to be out in court and uh you want to keep it alive yeah what did you think back to this entire match what is what is John's and Waters done so well that an amateur.

Watching would be able to take away from this match that they're going to do in their everyday Rec game well I think you alluded to it earlier where you said you don't really want to miss returns I don't think they've missed any returns um they've they're really putting good shots in really great positions so I think it's true that the basics win you.

Know even at the pro level that's that's what they're doing the best oh point there we go so we're gonna set up a match point here one two ten one two Point yeah 11 6 11-1 over Alex Newman and Rachel.

Rector their tuck team to beat yeah and uh like we mentioned they're gonna move on to play uh Cali Smith and AJ colder in the next round so look forward to seeing that one that'll be a great one a good match indeed we will be right back Peachtree classic Atlanta Georgia see you soon our new EV rental Fleet is the absolute.

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Foreign not yet buddy new people pickleball.

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Got Matt Wright and Lucy kovalova going up against Elise Jones and Spencer Smith I'm sitting here with Frank Anthony Davis I'm Kyle kazuda and as we go into this match Frank you know two different teams two really high level teams what are you interested to see from each of these teams yeah Kyle thanks for being here um I'm.

Super excited to do this with you this should be a great match I'm looking at the results here we had Lucy kovalova uh getting their first win of the day this is their second match of the day they got their first one of the day over J Coos Miner and Brooke Buckner and Spencer and Elise got their first win over Shelby Bates and Kristen Alshon.

Of uh singles Fame from yesterday who got fourth place in singles so good to see him playing doubles as well um seems like there's a bright future in the sport for for uh Mr Christian Hall Sean um but yeah Matt and Lucy obviously one of the best top teams in the world out of Wichita.

I think Spencer and Elise are a Utah team so kind of cool to see that and um we'll look forward to seeing one kind of deal with uh zero zero two the pace and attacking ability of writing kovalovo here we go that first point might have been indicative we're going to see a lot of.

Which is Matt Sarah a very aggressive Duo and Elise Jones has made a name for herself as one of the better defenders in all pickleball so yeah I love watching at least generally she's so Scrappy never gives up on a point you love to see it she reminds me of you a little bit on the single side right just every.

You're in every point I was telling her that yesterday I said um I said you know we tend to play very similar Scrappy points you know we're both very uh short compared to the other competitors out there sometimes it feels not fair but that's okay you know we we do what we can with what we have.

It's a great mentality good leave from Spencer Smith and there is the forehand from Matt Wright sales just a bit wide zero zero two oh just just catches the line off the net so that will be 11. and he misses he misses the uh his second attempt at a serve there so I was fencing and at least get the side out.

Zero zero one second serve unfortunate for uh Spencer that that ball called the record he was kind of sitting on that attack a rare mistake there from kovalova just catching the ball floats up on mine a little bit maybe a little bit higher than you.

Expected um counter does sell wide so essentially at least put another point on the board you know Kyle I uh one one thing that I love about watching uh Mr Matt Wright is is the way that he returns is so uniquely wow break a thought here to celebrate that.

Lob from Elise Jones right over the head the overhead Miss and it lands inside the line oh gosh that was good what a great what a great lob from the kitchen line there thank you as I was saying like I think that Matt Wright has one of the most unique returns in the game he slices the ball.

Uh so aggressively and you can actually see the ball change direction of the air it's really something cool to watch I love watching this slice a good spot there by Spencer Smith Wright gets caught reaching a bit not able to pick it up yeah I think I think Lucy and Matt still feeling this this first game out here.

To get used to their opponents a little bit great counter there from Elise all right we got some Cross Court dinking with the ladies here good to see I love how low Lucy gets she she really gets low to the ground neck cord wow great kick great hands Battleship defense by Elise.

Jones wow what a point you know one thing I'm interested to see in this match is Elise Jones Matt Wright and Lucy kovalova specifically um they like the lob a lot off of uh dinks out of the air so I'm interested to see if we get more of those over the course of this match yeah I feel like the lab is so exciting.

It adds such a fun element to the game you know you get to see some flashy overheads and some maybe some track Downs uh just you know wow just at least goes for the uh little attack push down the line and it just to go as wide referee unable to re uh change the call.

Um on the challenge there so the call Will Stand could reach there by right really really good job of Matt getting himself involved in the point there I mean he's one of the best to take at uh taking the forehand and then following one changing directions with it uh really good Wings fan and just great anticipation.

Let Lucy with the uh great block reset to get her partner Matt up to net out of the air goes behind Spencer Smith which then just puts him in a tough spot ends up hitting the ball out it's a smart play there by kovalova yeah and very difficult to read when she hits that forehand she hits it a little bit Inside Out Mr Rex so um tough to know.

Where the ball's going second sir you know one thing's hard to tell on on TVs you're watching this is how skilled they are to be able to block these balls to block these balls or reset these balls and then get back to the kitchen it's much harder than it looks and they make it look so easy yeah the pace of pickleball doesn't show up.

That great on video um and I have another lob I'd love to see it backhand overhead from Lucy kovilova and the perfect reset for Matt Wright foreign stacked good defense by Jones alive.

To see the hustle from Elise what a great point this is shut up she just can't quite get that one it seems like she thought Matt might have been in the kitchen but uh he wasn't a great great point there love to see the hustle Place probably my favorite point of the match so far yeah I agree with you on that one.

Yes second with the rep to make sure they're on the correct side after the lengthy point it's easy to forget what's the score what's the size they check veteran move there to check before you do it you know make sure everything's right and we can have a good point here my first tournament that I ever played I didn't.

Know you could do that so my my partner and I were having constant conversations what side are we supposed to be on we didn't know we could ask you can't ask the rep will tell you if you're not sure always ask side out for uh Spencerport news here as uh Lucy's third shot Drive sales long so we'll set up at least with the second.

Serve here at 332. such fast hands from that right those were great attacks that he was able to counter great Gathering families very she got that one very low a good a good foot and a half below the height of the neck chord um Matt just couldn't couldn't get it back he was there with the paddle but.

It just framed off the edge so it's so important to pickleball to uh when you get those counters the pace is is not quite as important as the as the the uh the height of the ball you get that ball low it doesn't matter who you are it's going to be very difficult to deal with another LOB.

Oh just catches the line oh no it didn't catch the line calls it out Jones with a great block lob there it's fascinating how good Matt is at so right speeding up and then just engaging second third ball there yeah and that's the thing Matt is is so his anticipation is quite incredible um he can step around the forehand and be.

Ready be ready for a forehand he'd be ready for backhand and it's just um the attacking ability is is uh very fast seems like uh something distracted Matt during that point um sure what it was but um great little great little shot from uh Spencer there every once in a while you.

Roll one down metal I like to see you to keep you importance on their toes and uh variety is is key to success and good wall foreign pickleball Cross Court dinking with the ladies here to see it great leave there by Spencer Smith and.

We talked about this earlier on The Telecast it's hard to leave a ball uh if you were gonna share maybe after this point how do you know when to leave one will watch this point first yeah um it's a very underrated skill is uh letting balls go out in pickleball and I think it's something that um is the only.

Experience can you teach you guys have to be familiar with the depth of the core the you know the dimensions of the court and um you don't know until it goes out so I think I I always recommend to people to uh let some fly and see where they land and just just keep getting experience yeah.

Drive just sales along there so it will be a side out for that let's see foreign Matt was lean in Middle Smith saw that went wide back I love that uh that two-handed technique there from Elise Jones really using all of the length that's available to her to put that dink into play.

Thank you third shot drive into the top of the net you know I that's one thing I you know we talked about earlier is is that consistency on third shot seems to be what what separates the the best from the rest um so as this match goes on we'll try to pay attention to uh what's happening on.

Those third shots uh Elise Jones left out in a little high kovaleva took advantage you know one of the things when you watch Wright and kovalova anytime there's a ball that sits a little high off the ground for right she's attacking it he's going at you yeah forehand backhand doesn't matter he's he's.

Um he's gonna find it mostly um attacking two obviously it's a low attack but he's mostly attacking to the body which which I think is a great play the quarter the pickleball Court's very small so you don't want to mess with with hitting to the lines too much and risk missing he trusts his hand speed.

And there's another great example of just that you got a job Matt and Lucy seem to be seem to be settling in here finding their groove five six two and uh let's see how the later half of this game goes it seems like they're settling in a little bit foreign.

Moves over you know occasionally you look to be super aggressive Wright moves over he takes one of those balls you put yourself out of position he got burned that time playing the odds a little bit yeah Spencer Spencer made a great play there but I think uh getting Matt likes to to get his opponents to hit to his side of the court so.

Love to see it wow at least Dives I play another dive because every time I see what these Stones play she dies one to two times first one here former volleyball player who will put her body on the line to save a ball great point there amazing dedication she Dove hit a forehand perfect reset dink into the into the.

Kitchen and unfortunately uh Spencer was able to uh wasn't able to get the next one back and play but a great point lob over Matt Wright's head goes in counters with a lob I've been thinking a lot about that llama as a player I I think when you take it out of the air like that at the kitchen you just put people off balance.

As we saw there yeah variety misdirection it's great to see great overhead from Spencer that was not an easy overhead hit it was over his backhand shoulder and he went um inside out with that overhead really really great uh technique and uh chord.

Positioning we're going to switch out the ball here that ball May uh Spencer may have broken that ball there with that that overhead so we'll get a fresh one in here great counter from from Elise they're really uh catching man off guard let me get the side out yeah.

Okay block there by kovalova Smith went right at the body just blocked it put him in a tough spot end up hitting into the net third shot just catches the top of that chord and Matt and Lucy will get the side out of here oh yeah it's a beautiful day here in uh.

Peachtree City um very temperate weather seems like there's a slight breeze but nothing too crazy uh so I think the players are very comfortable out there now it's really good conditions to play a torment in at the PPA tour oh wow so Spencer hits a pretty good Ball.

Lucy counters it a little high Spencer tries to leave it and it catches him in the shoulder I hate to see that but uh good on Lucy for getting Pace on the ball unbelievable defense wow a little half volley reset from Lucy there wow and Matt finishes it with the overhead and.

That's a good that was a defense to offense in a matter of seconds kovalova picked up two or three balls there before turning it classic uh Wichita point from Lucy and Matt Wright really that's that's what they do that's what they do best they turn defense into offense and and uh you'd love to see it Point different difficult mats floating.

Those those backhand drops right to Spencer he can't do too much with them um really good drops there we'll be right back after this time out here at Peachtree City PPA tournament foreign.

Foreign Georgia we got a great match up here at Matt Wright and we see kovalova versus Elise Jones and Spencer Smith yeah good to be here with you Kyle I'm Frank Anthony Davis and uh we got this great match here the winner of this matches is going to.

Play the winner of Catherine parento Riley Newman and Leia Jansen Tyler so uh that'll be another fun match here we'll see you can get through another Dive by Elise uh that's a tough one um that hit the net cord and really get kind of trapped under that within the.

The frame of the net is so she really had to make a tough tough get there all right foreign of that point felt like it was in control by Matt right in kovalova and we just saw a great defense extending the point and also Jones and Spencer Smith were able to come out with it.

Yeah Lucy looking to be the aggressive off of those oh good attack to the middle a little bit a little bit off guard from Matt there he I think he was looking to be a little bit more stretched rather than at the body but um is that a 882 here thank you.

Jones went for the lob there yeah um great put away from Matt there it looked looks like he uh just caught the line with that backhand overhead 881 coming down to crunch time here good step over from Spencer.

Baseline lob Spencer and Elise working hard to keep Matt and Lucy back at that Baseline see if they can work their way forward here you know one of the nice things that Wright and cover love but they didn't rush to the kitchen they stayed back at the Baseline and they just they just played defense for a moment three four.

Balls and then they got a good drop and when they got their good drop then they approached the net and they neutralized the point and they end up winning that one yeah they didn't force it they didn't go too early they really earned their way up there and um that's classic pickleball you want to be at the net to win points.

982 here so uh Spencer and Elise really want to look to get this side out it's starting to get close oh stressed out there Matt gets the opportunity to put that ball away uh maybe not expecting it to be be there and um floats it a little bit long eight nine one big Point here big Point dispension release we're really gonna.

Lock this down from the kitchen line sales just just long I like the idea um just a little bit too much depth on it they'll get another chance to score a point here at 892. they're playing great points they're really they're really not getting overpowered they're um the the strategy is is working so I think I.

Think from both teams here we just want to see who who executes better oh wow shot there great Point all together so so Matt had Matt had stepped over quite a bit to inject pace which which was um a great move he was in good position but uh Spencer Elise made a great play and went behind him and he left just a.

Little bit too much court open so 992 here we got a real uh real nail biter in this first game right there it's tough It's hard to get a ball passed Elise Jones you're really going at her and going out here and going at her continuously she blocks she resets and.

Then she re-attacks game point here for Spencer and Elise wow Spencer goes for the poach and it pays off Matt is unable to get that backhand to land on the court so Spencer Smith and Elise Jones win the first game no that's that's uh that's great to see so um we're gonna see what Matt and Lucy can do to turn this turn this around.

Here all right Frankie Anthony Davis I'm Kyle kazuda that's game one Elise Jones and Spencer Smith take it we'll be right back how do you get what you want Eric why mayor blind man wanted to climb Mount Everest my man crazy but he believed it was possible we're gonna do it and.

Because he believed he became the first blind person ever to stand on top of the world Guaranteed Rate believes in your dreams that's why we treat everyone like we treat our own family and work extra hard to get you the lowest low rate possible because if you believe you will foreign.

Elise Jones serving after winning game one foreign towards the end of that game really really stepped up a level um I think I think both teams uh feel we're feeling each other out quite a bit.

Through the first half of the first game but the quality was very high at the end so uh hopefully we can look forward to uh to that quality continuing here uh it's interesting to see it's great to see um Spencer Smith and at least you just get that first game Matt and Lucy are the.

Favorite here they're the number two seed where Elise Jones and Spencer Smith are the number seven seed so not quite expected but um but they played great they earned that game and they're giving themselves a chance to move on to the next round here they're one game away oh that lob just high enough to.

Give Spencer Smith a few problems he yeah himself there yeah I mean that's one you want to make but he knows as we said earlier he knows how how um how good Matt and Lucy are so he wants to put the ball away from him and just goes for just a little bit too much so Matt stepped way overhead beforehand but uh he ended up not having to hit it.

As as Spencer's dink did sail out there I I kind of love the way Matt steps around that forehead that backhand to hit the forehand um it's it seems like I know he doesn't but it seems like he has more time than everybody else doesn't it because every time I feel like I do that shot I hit it down the line and it gets punished back.

In my face and you feel so rushed but it just seems like Matt's like camping out over there and it's just really uh credit to his anticipation skills is a great example there it was it was a solid drop it landed in the kitchen but it Down's tight enough that the kovalova was able to attack it and then she did.

Putting Spencer Smith in a tough spot yeah those attacks straight to the body not unless you really like and it's it's so effective um because we tend to look for for attacks you know outside of our body it's a little bit easier um but they're so good at jamming people up and and they know that even if you.

Get that that jammed ball back their hands are fast enough they trust their own hand speed so it's a great strategy at least with these resets man it's it's it's really something to watch they just just skirt over the leg chord and she really makes makes her opponents work hard to win the point you love to see it.

I haven't talked to Elise Jones off court she trains that like crazy she's talked about that and every day she's working the dad so it's no surprise that it shows up in these matches wow that return I see it right here that return just caught like the back part of the line with all that that spin I I thought it was gonna sail along but it.

Did it did catch the line so Matt unless he will get the side out off of a great return and they'll serve here at uh three two one at least you know she she got pulled wide uh ATP was there but it was a little bit too deep in the court but um so she she sails just along on that forehand though but we gotta love the.

Shot attempt great counter for that right there and he seems to be ready on both wings that was a great shot by at least challenge she was going behind Matt as he was sliding middle yet he still put his paddle out and got it that was a great shot by right he seems to always have the paddle ready.

Whether it's forehand or backhand it's it's pretty impressive that's a good point with the right he anticipates and expects that every single ball is coming back and never lets up never puts his battle down that way Spencer's return sales just a bit long there so uh.

Then Lizzy uh starting to pull away 622 in this game here Spencer and Elise are going to want to make them work a little bit harder in this game um and keep it close timeout receiver as I say that at least uh I jinxed Elise and she misses the forehand dink into the net um and immediately takes the time out so.

We'll be right back here with a continuation of game number two thank you foreign thank you thank you thank you my turn.

Hey uh Katie could you pass me the creamer why don't you just come into the kitchen and get the creamer I can't I can't come in the kitchen sure you can no I really can't you can come into the kitchen as long as you don't hit the ball out of the air.

All right we're back at the peach tree classic mix doubles day Frank Anthony Davis I'm Kyle kazuta it's a Friday and we're playing pickleball this is great yeah well we're not playing pickleball right now but we're watching some of the best pickleball players in the world on the PPA tour so I'm pretty happy with my front row seat here and um we'll look to.

See how the rest of this match goes uh Lucy kovalova and Matt Ryder up 7-2-2 on Spencer Smith and Elise Jones at least with a kitchen lob there Matt's able to put it back into play really cool to see that lob as this point continues great point there Spencer and Elise get the side out there.

Off of a great two-handed backhand counter from Elise there and they're going to want to put some points on the board and make this kind of game a little bit closer get uh get in their groove a little bit what uh what type of strategy do you think um Elise and Spencer should should inject.

Here since they're since they're trailing a little bit in this game Kyle we'll give that one up to this next point it's you know a lot of teams have taken a lot of strategies against right in kovalova um like you mentioned at the beginning the.

Basics reducing on four stairs yeah and and their levels High they're playing really well so I don't know that they need to make too many changes great resets another lob from Elise at the kitchen line Spencer with the overhead keeps it alive yeah.

That one is not going to come back great point there um you love to see the way that Matt and Lucy can transition from the Baseline to the kitchen and and uh with relative ease and and just they're so calm in doing it three one yes sir I'm gonna recall this floor seven three one.

Louise Jones with the overhead that'll set up 732 for Matt and Lucy here seven three two you know they say it's interesting she she's actually the percentage chance of her winning the points on those lobs is actually pretty high right now she's she's not losing many points when she.

Throws up when Elise throws up that kitchen lab it's uh interesting to see she's she's hitting it really well yeah wow Elise Jones reset reset put away great shot there playing with passion uh love to see it she's she's really engaged right now and and uh trying to give her and her partner Spencer a great.

Chance to to uh win this match another point we'll miss it by Mount right popped up I mean both sides Frank they keep points alive they extend points over and over and over and then that leads to these amazing you know rallies that we're seeing here he has a very few short points which is great to see.

A little three-point run here yeah expected the timeout from that and Lucy there after Spencer and at least get three in a row of levels high and we got a game now five seven one and um we'll be right back here after this short time out.

all right thank you foreign parento and I've been playing pickleball for almost six years I travel a lot to play in tournaments.

I'm always on planes and I see a lot of people when I travel I need to make sure that I stay healthy I need to support my immune system so that's the reason why I use the pureway C plus all right we're back Spencer Smith Elise Jones just made a great little run got a timeout from Matt.

Ryan here at the Peachtree classic I'm Kyle kazuda alongside me is Frank Anthony Davis six seven one six seven one game two here we go right here another lob from Elise Jones wow what a point from Elise Jones there she uh does a great job to keep that that cord ball in play and uh again she.

Throws up the kitchen lob and wins the point yeah it's it's been consistent over the course this entire match I mean she's got great hands we get a tight game here Kyle all Sails Long by Spencer Smith got shot there by kovalova sets up 772 with Ellis Jones serving yourself.

Alive yet again another kitchen lab where the point goes her way I mean that one ends up going her way because Matt Wright stepped off of the kitchen line before he hit his overhead did not re-establish that foot so we got 872 here and it's getting down to crunch time with a great third shot.

Drive uh they're they're scoring points faster than we can commentate Kyle we're at nine seven two one what a turnaround from from a 7-2 uh deficit that will cause Matt and Lucy to burn their final timeout um as Spencer and Elise has put together a huge run here so we'll be right back after this short break.

had to always drink water over and over but I still felt a little bit dizzy by the end of the day but once I tried to incorporate more electrolytes in my daily life it really helped me out my favorite thing about the pickleball cocktail is the flavor it tastes great I.

Drink the pickleball cocktail every morning to make sure that I stay hydrated throughout the whole day it's important to drink first thing in the morning if you wait until you play you're usually it's too late you start feeling dehydrated when it comes to hydration don't wait before it's too late.

thank you one two three all right we're back here it is the peach tree classic we got Spencer Smith and Elise Jones who just took a 9-7 lead.

Against Matt Wright and Lucy kovalova I'm with Frank Anthony Davis I'm Kyle kazuda Frank's a big moment 972 crunch time another kitchen lot from Elise Jones foreign so the number seven seed Spencer Smith Elise Jones setting themselves up for a match point against the number two seed.

Losing over Matt right here we go Nice Shot there by globaloba and Lucy able to get the side out but they are not out of the woods yet this this is going to be hard work to to get this game they have to get this game to stay alive thank you it looked like kovalola was going to.

Cover Matt's back and got out of position slightly Jones took advantage second serve here Seven Ten two foreign gets the ball that he wanted he set the point up perfectly and just a little a little casual maybe with that volley and sounded a bit.

Another kitchen lot from Elise that one does not work out the way that she attended unofficially Frank I think she's like eight for ten I've been marking it down and it's a great shot didn't work that time it's interesting though she's been able to actually recover even though she's occasionally missed a few of them.

Um but hey we're sitting here at 9 10 2. that's correct Spencer Spencer Smith and Elise Jones did take a time out here to uh trying to you know slow down Matt and Lucy they're in a little bit of a run here and Spencer and Elise can get one side out they will have two match points so I think worth burning in time out here smart play uh set yourself for this.

Play a really good point and I make him earn it because they put themselves in a great position so um it'll be interesting to see uh this next Point here this is a big one um see if Elise Jones goes with another kitchen lob I think in general it's been working.

Um more more so when they're serving when they're when they're the servings a little bit more difficult when you're the receiving team and a point is on the line my scoreboard point is on the line so um I like that she's sticking with it though you know you've got to have faith in your strategy and play on your terms so nine ten two kovalova to serve big.

Point here nine here we go is here very patient Cross Court digging action here with the ladies nobody wants to give up an inch three points great point there Matt right able to inject some pace and finish with that forehand down the middle.

Great point and uh you got to think Spencer's thinking about that um that uh forehand he floated earlier at uh 10 8 now it's uh they get the job done they get the sign out but Matt and Lucy did Cover the scoreboard so it is 10 10 one if you're not gonna have a match point here they will have to win one more point before.

They set up a batch point back into this Cross Court Gotta Love the Way Matt uh preloaded to eject some Pace there he really stepped over really far uh once this game wants to make him earn it space release with another shot here at 10 10 2. yeah I think at least Jones looked like.

She took a ball that may have been going out but she still was able to get it low enough it would put Matt in a tough situation Match Point here foreign occasion the kitchen light does not pay off they were in a good position there I liked I liked the play they had an opportunity but then Lucy able to get.

The sign out and give themselves a chance to salvage this game yeah Matt Matt uh did a good job of stepping over got a ball that uh he could have done something with um just settled a bit long I don't mind the play I think he does need to be involved in the middle there was a pretty impressive lead for Matt it.

Was on his on his left shoulder there and um it looked like it could have went in but um great great smartphone 11-11 too big point yes point a rare Miss hit there by Elise Jones good dinking there by kovalova and we have our first game point for Matt Wright.

Reset for that right there that catches the line great Reese that's my kovalova took a shower what a point the number two seed Matt Wright and Lucy kovalova saved two match points to come back and force a game three after winning the second game there what a.

Match ladies and Gentlemen let's see we're going to be in tune for another great third game here we'll see who wins this match we'll be right back here at the PPA tour at the peach tree classic foreign.

thank you we owe great times to good friends to the glasses that spark conversation to the ideas that then pour out hours came from a night like that and somehow.

Survived the morning after to make our own tequila wasn't meant to leave our house but since we made this for friends we thought it wouldn't hurt to make a few more grab a glass Amigo our tequila your tequila our casa is your casa foreign guys look at that forehand she's clearly.

A 3.0 guys come on I'm at least the foro yeah fair enough ratings don't have to be hard duper optimized for accuracy optimized for fun download the app and claim your free profile today all right welcome back to the peach tree.

Classic here in Atlanta Georgia and if you're just joining us we're about to enter game three Matt Wright and Lucy kovalova just with an incredible comeback in game two against Elise Jones and Spencer Smith here we go game three yeah they saved uh two match points so um probably happy to be a little happy to be alive right now and really liking.

Their chances in game three Lucy with a kitchen LOB don't go down point Lucy very happy with herself after that point she played a great point there and uh one zero two really feeling good about this right they're really her.

Matter really getting in the zone right now really feeling good Spencer comes way over mag counters with two lobs great defense oh the wind really picked up on that ball after it bounced Lucy lobbed it into the kitchen and it went about a foot forward in front of Spencer very typical to catch up on that.

The wind was swirling um as the ball went above the windscreens there great defense from Lucy and Matt they're zoned in here another kitchen lap from Lucy which just just sounds long you can just see the back corner of the Court there and uh at least really I don't think she wanted to hit that ball I'm just gonna land right.

In the corner but it did sell off second sir zero two two points Spencer uh third shot Drive uh catches the net cord straight into Lucifer's body she's unable to adjust and defend unfortunately chord there but it will put a point on the board for Spencer and Elise.

Thank you Lobster Elise Jones the kitchen lab specialist great attack from Lucy there what do you think about that attack Kyle it just changed the pattern ready they've been cross-court thinking the ball was a little bit high and Lucy kovalova just an inside out forehand behind Spencer.

Smith which was tricky he couldn't get his paddle there in time he was angling forehand it was a backhand shot gets the point yeah Lucy really laid off on that it was an off-pace attack which I like to see that variety point all right Spencer uh Smith and uh Elise Jones here they're uh they're gonna have.

To work really hard to keep this one close and um kind of forget about that last game you know they're still they're still live in this match they gotta um great shopping yeah that was um one of those rare situations where we get the reverse stack um Lucy on the left side and that came.

Over very far and they ended up on the opposite side there so cool to see that doesn't happen very often but Lucy proven she can play Both Sides second third four one four one two here right serving to release Jones quality counters Jones gets.

Her and her partner the sign out and they'll have a chance to uh I think they just they don't have to overplay here I think they just got to try to stay close and give themselves a chance you know uh because their level is still high their level has not dropped in my opinion.

Netcord Spencer gets it off the ground playing a little bit of kitchen game here excellent Spencer Smith there really gets the job done yeah great point and I think you know maybe Spencer Smith just had two or three points that he was frustrated with himself on hitting a couple balls into.

The net the win came on on the one point and it's another good one to regain some confidence moving in this next point most underrated skill in pickleball is uh having a calm mentality and uh believing you can win not letting the emotions get the best of you Matt Ryan misses a uh return off of Spencer so it's a very deep serve that.

Catches the line great sir from Spencer second served netcord does not phase Matt right at least Joe's counter does sell why three four two how important is the the partner communication with the self-talk in between points from your angle everybody's different I think it's.

Important to support your partner in in the way they want to be supported in that and that's uh you know different with each individual you know I think uh showing negativity can be difficult but um everybody everybody is different so Point great call score digging there from uh Elise Jones and um.

Matt's really looking to step over and inject himself into the into the game and don't blame him for wanting to do that because he's great at it but um at least showing a lot of patience with her thinking they get to side out but not after a great run 5-4 for Elise Jones and Spencer Smith.

Waiting at least John's with the overhead put away uh on the floater there so great uh great shot um they're keeping the quality very high they're really making Matt unless you work for these points which is what you want in this situation you don't want to give anything free great job there bro I.

Think it's safe to say whoever wins this match is gonna have earned it for sure and uh great shot diving a little little leaping backhand Ernie from Matt right there with some Flair going cross court with it um such athleticism really great to see I don't know that's what I was behind Matt.

Unfortunate Spencer did everything right in that point except for um Mrs put away uh I believe Spencer and Elise caught a time out there and we're gonna hang with you through this timeout um I mean we got a um oh that's the side the side switch so we're switching sides here so that'll be.

A six five for Lucy and Matt when we come back in I think this is what you want to see out of a third game you want to see the players keeping it close yeah it's great pickleball I mean the points like you mentioned earlier have been high quality throughout the entire map you've seen runs uh Jones and Smith were down I.

Believe 2-5 they made a run back and we've got a great game three here six five white and kovalova and I think coming back into this I mean I don't even know what advice I would give both teams right now I would just say continue doing what you're doing it seems like to have a great points in one team it's just popping winning the last.

Ball right now come on yeah this is this is uh this is what you want to bring quality because it's it's it's difficult the nerves start going it's crunch time six five two here wow Matt sets himself up for for a fifth shot volley but does hit into the net unfortunately so we'll just do earn that.

Sign out and we're five six one okay resets are on their way to the kitchen thank you great reset from Spencer Elise would be around the post Spencer finishes with the overhead what a Point Police Jones with an ATP in the Spencer Smith overhead wow at least hit that overhead.

Uh so far back that she knocked over the Margaritaville Hotel and Resort sign she's practically at the Baseline hitting it around the post shot what an incredible forehand from Elise Johnson yeah tied up ball game here at six six one wow so Kyle uh what's happened yeah the.

Second time having kitchen lob from Elise Jones the kitchen lab specialist throws it up there and Matt pushes off the line with his left foot before he hits the overhead which um as we know you do have to re-establish both feet before hitting the ball After exiting the kitchen thank you.

Seven six one I'm making a little bit of a run here at least just uh really uh courageous and approaching the net there trusting her hand skills getting the point um going head to head with not right love to see it eight six one point wow are these shirts are going for.

It just plain so good now she's going to draw the timeout from Matt and Lucy here nine six one uh the level is incredibly High I can't wait to see the finish of this game so we'll be right back after a short break and time out Dorothy I really think you'd like the Magnesium perfect I'd be happy to get that shipped.

Out to you today thanks Dorothy you too does he do that every time every time happy birthday Matt oh thanks Lucy oh wow and another one oh you shouldn't have I have one more surprise for you okay.

Come on I love it babe all right welcome back we are here with Elise Jones Spencer Smith where's Matt Wright and Lucy kovalova coming down to the end it's nine six Smith and Jones first serve kitchen Live From The Specialist okay second sir I like the attempt.

Keep the variety good 962 coming up here this is a big point for men and Lucy to stay alive Steve Spencer and Elise can get some penetration the way that Elise can reset the ball down in the kitchen making it bounce forcing her opponents to hit up on the ball sets up another match point this.

Will be their third match at 1062 third match point that's okay you want to go for it at that time Matt with a really good tough lead one six ten one let's see if they have another comeback left in the tank the number two seed here facing the number seven seed looking for the upset.

Foreign so a forehand attack from from least there maybe a little premature but um Matt ready to to counter it and they put a point on the board starting their comeback here at Seven Ten one um Spencer and Elise are opting to take their time out now before the bleeding gets uh gets too deep.

Um smart play um really trying to calm down and capitalize on the opportunity that you've created for themselves they're playing great ball great ball and I know Spencer Smith wants that last ball back it's hard not to go for it when you have game point you want to end it and uh Great lead by right right had another.

Good uh counter attack on his last point 7 10 right now they're still in the game with Matt Wright and Lucy cover low bro you're never out of it and we're gonna see what they do here yeah I I uh you can't I think you can't count them out you know it's uh it's 7 10 1. so they still in their first serve so they can still play.

Um an aggressive game they can still play fearlessly and um I think Spencer and Annelise are really going to have to work hard to get this ball back and um I'm excited to see what happens here kovalova to serve 771 all sailed Along by Smith yeah Matt Wright injects himself into the middle puts a pace on the ball and Spencer just.

Can't get it to drop um had a chance at it but it just sailed long 8 10 1. they're going to want to get a point here this is this is crunch time gets so low solo her and at least both really impressive Point Elise goes for the ATP on the forehand side a little bit tight there.

Just misses the line uh great point though um they're gonna have to work hard to uh get this ball back because um it is nine ten one Matt and Lucy are one looking like they're don't want to go anywhere Richard catches the line what a deeper turn another net cord kitchen lob gray lob.

Bounces Lucy and Matt in the reverse stack positions we don't get to see this very often and Lucy this is the backhand Valley tank into the net great point from Elise Jones the kitchen law pays off yet again yet again okay here we go Frank nine ten two nine ten.

Two sales wide that will set up Match Point number four Spencer Smith and Elise Jones they've got two if they need it first one's in play forehand swing goes wide from Elise Jones Matt with a great leave there let that ball Sail Away.

Here we go setting up match point number four for Spencer Smith third shot Drive goes out on the fourth shot volley from Lucy the number seven seed has upset the number two seed Matt right and let's go a little what a match such part and uh passion from Elise Jones congratulations to them incredible to be.

Here commentating that match with you Kyle uh congratulations Elise Jones and Spencer Smith what a match good luck to Matt and Lucy in the back draw thank you very much everybody thank you for many of us we just charge ahead because planning for your future takes time and right now thinking about your.

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Duper tattoos cool hey Cameron how's it going almost done perfect can't wait to see your number duper because ratings shouldn't be a surprise download the app and claim your free profile today I haven't even started yet oh well welcome back to Center Court.

Everyone I've got Elise Jones and Spencer Smith me after a huge upset on Center Court number two seeds go down to this team how big does this Victory feel how good are you feeling right now it feels so good to get that underway um just for me personally I'd like to thank my sponsors Yola and pickerel I couldn't have done that game without them so.

Thankful for that and Spencer of course Spencer's a fabulous partner oh yeah Spencer too Spencer talk about game two you guys almost came away with a victory in game two but unfortunately you weren't able to convert how tough is it to mentally refocus dig your way back into that game three and still finish yeah honest that was pretty tough.

Honestly I think we were up 10-7 but we just we just regrouped tried to stay positive tell each other we we got it we're playing well and yeah it worked out in the end well Elise you've almost patented that dive and roll routine we love seeing it you made yourself so many fans with it should we all be doing that how do you.

Do that no you shouldn't be doing that if you're a volleyball player then go for it because you know how to dive but I know how to dive right so I'm never hurt so don't practice it at home you heard it here guys you guys look phenomenal we can't wait to see you play your semi-final later on today back over to you guys.

YouTube one more time weird things here we go all right we're coming back at the peach.

Tree classic and we got a a great matchup coming up versus AJ Kohler in Cali Smith it's gonna be a great one Frank Anthony Davis I'm Kyle kazuda about to give this underway zero two I know all right so zero zero one good to see.

Uh Annalee and Ben Johns playing again we got to watch one earlier today interesting to see what uh Cali and AJ can do can bring you this match net cord ball does land on the line hate to see that happen but um still a good shot still counts for a full point I gotta be honest with you Frank I kind.

Of like when it happens when I'm the one hitting it that's true from from AJ Kohler's position there you might not like it yeah so uh Kohler and Smith able to two zero one their previous match beat Arena Sarah schenko and Chuck Taylor eleven eight eleven five that's how they got here.

Um as we know from our last match the uh Ben Johnson three zero one Rachel Edgar and Alex Newman six eleven six eleven one so this should be a good match here two great teams two top top level teams time is it receivers right at the body of Cali Smith.

Thank you to our two uh two great legendary referees in this match we got Don Stanley and Stan brown two veterans uh really great referees I'm happy to have them on the PPA tour I appreciate you guys for being out there all right so a quick start here from Ben Johns and Anna Lee Waters tally Smith and AJ Kohler are going to.

Talk it over yeah I've been in Italy so good at playing on their own terms and opposing their will um it's very difficult to deal with them I have no doubts that Cali Smith and AJ Kohler will will find a way to make this match very competitive 4-1-1.

Four one one Clark my bad wrong score three days so yeah I called the wrong sport we did get a wrong scores call there but the referees are going to fix that and uh we'll Replay that point no harm no foul four zero one five third there.

Puts it away four zero two four zero two reverse stack from startup does not pay off but I like to see analy make that move and uh zero four one poster two-handed backhand on her opponents oh another another let cord from Annalee to Kohler he uh he's starting to get a.

Little bit annoyed with that now but I think we know it's underneath that smile it's a frustration yeah sign up Kelly Smith's third shot Drive does not make it over the net and that will earn four zero one Italy and Ben John's to sign out for four zero one great out of the air roll from Cali netcord Ben's there Ben is there.

Anna Lee just relentlessly attacking off the ground um really really not afraid to pull the trigger five zero one second sir yeah we'll see really contrasting Styles in a lot of ways just played in the previous match where at least Jones would often reset that.

Is typically re-attacking every ball uh yeah that last attack must have clipped AJ as it stand out I just I didn't see it clutch his paddle but uh I guess it did and and once again um Anna Lee relentlessly attacking you to the body we're on a little Tearaway here seven.

Zero one I'd be surprised if we don't see a timeout soon here to stop the bleeding what a counter for Manley that was that was pretty good I think he I think she kind of bailed John's out there an attack right at the middle that they read well Great Exchange here off the net.

Wow and Elise steps in takes the overhead away from Ben Johns puts the ball away she says why do I even need benjons I'm the number one player in the world please relinquish my court nine zero one nine zero one off to a flyer here against a very good team this is not an easy team Relentless attacking from Italy finally.

Hits the net she has no fear she smiles she shakes it off not zero you're gonna have a second serve here so I'm not able to roll that forehand below the reacher then John's YOLO paddle uh great little role they're gonna have a chance to uh game competitive here at Cali