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good morning everybody and welcome to championship sunday dave fleming here and so many great story lines first.

We've got the lady singles and anna lee waters is trying for a triple crown here in peachtree city georgia she's in singles she's in women's doubles with her mom and she's in mixed doubles today with ben johns and then it's rivalry day we've got newman and wright playing the john's boys again will we.

Have another epic battle like we did at the battle of brigham and jesse irvin and anna bright are on absolute fire can they keep their streak going they were dominant in cincinnati and we are going to close the day with men's singles j.w johnson and julian arnold that is going to be quite a match this is the best pickleball in.

The world this is the ppa tour this is the peachtree classic here in peachtree city georgia it's powered by invited let's go so we owe great times to good friends to the glasses that spark conversation to the ideas that then pour out hours came from a night like that and.

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Over 100 years that's the difference between thinking you're ready for what lies ahead and knowing you've planned for it now that's different discover the bear difference by winning all right good morning pickleball fans dave fleming here thrilled to be joined by pat smith in the booth pat good morning how are you.

Brother oh not too bad uh thanks for having me it's great to have you one of the best players in the world in the booth today for championship sunday and just to set the menu for everybody first of all let's remind everybody this is best of five so when we get to championship sunday.

You can get away with a slow start we're gonna start with the ladies singles anna lee waters who has been dominant in singles playing cali smith what do you expect to see here pat well you know nle's uh been pretty tough to beat singles this year and um so kelly really hasn't that much to lose i think so she can i think she can play.

Pretty free one thing she definitely does not want to do is have a uh have a slow start against lee i mean she should be going out firing away and seeing she get an early lead and maybe she can get in emily's head a little bit and make it a little tighter and get some points out of that yeah when.

You when you come out and you know you've not beaten her this year quite frankly she's had her had her opportunity she's had her utah fans behind her even at tournament of champions and was able to get some points going here but i think you're right just bring it and uh go for it.

Annalee waters of course has talked a lot about the fact that this is her favorite of the event she loves singles more than anything so she's going to come out motivated obviously she'd love to get to a triple crown you gotta win the first one to get to the next two so best three out of five here.

Peachtree classic powered by oh you're invited ladies and gentlemen let him hear you come on now callie smith will start the day with the serve let's play pickleball just tremendous reach from emily waters already on the first point that's some great core coverage there the net.

Zero zero two great points and that's nothing to show for it apparently returns that ball so deep close to the line and the next one goes the opposite line 1-0 and cali chose not to come in behind that return stat chooses to stay back again so she's going to try and counter punch today.

Good idea to try the lob just goes a little deep in the athleticism and of annalee waters already evident and uh nice little two-hander down the line and dictating from the get-go yeah i think you know you just mentioned that kelly is licking off to come in but i think.

It's anna lee's deep shots that are forcing this table 3-0 caught in the moment oh so cali does finally approach the net and gets a mistake from annalee water so see if she can find something to get on the board here let's see again she came in off the.

Fifth not off for third three return what's so deep one three something she's going to want to try and take advantage of a really nice serve from cali got a short return and was ahead in the point 3-1 oh wow that's right.

That's just an amazing volleyball so much pressure on that one four one cali smith trying to find something working going here uh baseline rally and then coming in at least puts pressure on analytica have to pick a spot.

Absolutely i think if kelly can string a couple points um you know the confidence is going to go through the roof a little bit and hopefully she can um make it very very close here that's just too good for mentally watered shot out so callie has chosen to counter punch a bit coming in not on the.

First ball but uh forcefully to find a way to make anna lee feel a little uncomfortable and that's the way to do it you know be patient you got to come in on the ninth pat that's the that's what you got to do whatev whatever works i would i would say in this moment but um.

Yeah maybe maybe kelly needs to just uh two four up a little higher take a little bit of pace off it you know make emily actually create her own power oh i think that was just in she could just say on the ppa tour a serve that hits the net and gets passed the kitchen is a let so.

We will reserve try and run down every ball on this court all day long her hustle will never be questioned no she's definitely gonna leave every single ounce of her energy out there like she does it every match yes.

And she'll bring the fire that's for sure no doubt so there's the danger of not coming in if you hit a shorter return then you were going to be on the defensive 5-2 that's just ridiculous i'm glad i'm about there.

I mean callie does everything you'd want to do on that ball off the tape putting it down in the kitchen how about receiver and we've got a timeout called by cats so anna lee waters is off and running cali is playing solid it's just a little too much for mana lee waters right now so.

They're going to talk about it obviously anna lee waters looking to get a triple crown today this is step number one hey uh katie could you pass me the creamer why don't you just come into the kitchen.

And get the creamer i can't i can't come in the kitchen sure you can no i really can't you can come into the kitchen as long as you don't hit the ball out of the air all right that's why stay out of kitchens.

all right welcome back everybody dave fleming with pat smith here championship sunday at the peachtree classic powered by invited this is the ppa tour and that is anna lee waters off and running here in game number one defensive.

way to scramble it and extend that point on kelly's behalf there i mean she's just trying to stay in that point as long as she physically can it's the danger for returning the ball and getting angles they got to make it but you give them one.

Boy here we go green road and that's sales steve so after the timeout cali smith is four six won three rallies in a row and is within two let's go all right so out of the timeout cali smith looking very very good so.

Within one here pat smith and timeouts can really pay dividends well you called the timeout wizard i think the first time i've ever heard that term was from you on the mic and uh funny enough it definitely it's definitely a wizard because that thing.

Turns around the momentum like crazy and you can you can be in the biggest run and uh playing absolutely amazing feeling the ball and then suddenly one time out just throws the whole thing off and just reverse storm momentum yeah it's uh it can be the great equalizer for just your fitness you run around on a long.

Point let's just not play a point where we're not sharp and now you watch emily waters come out banging balls all over the corners and up 6-2 and now 5-6 couple mistakes guess whose confidence is rising that's our friend callie smith from utah and here we go absolutely and i think a lot of people you know what's very um on the.

Utilized is a offensive timeout sometimes yes just for the same reason that you just did time in five six so here we go one point game and again callie smith waiting for a ball in that groundies battle that is short that she can approach it looks a lot like a tennis singles match here i think it's going to be a little bit.

Different with the men's yes later a lot more cat now i like the aggression from cali smith a drop shot it's got to be perfect or you're welcome oh yeah 100 especially somebody who loses well then elite just goes right back to the cali smith.

Freight train success we'll roll down boy wow now i missed return this is a spot cali has got to seize it hit a big play another one of these tennis style points where she chips and charges when she gets a short ball wow.

And callie had a huge opportunity on the ball that kissed over but in leigh waters guesses waters there so stops the the run from cali smith 7-7 tremendous return from cali smith there that's just great pickleball from callie.

Smith i think one thing she might you know when she's coming in i think one thing she might need to do is actually draw nearly in a little bit utilizing a bit of seven seven throwing it in and out of the court and forcing it actually up on the ball and having maybe an easier put away.

Oh and then that start can be the great momentum killer you hope those go your way so seven eight quite a couple seven seven yeah this one to admit that's a great it is cali that's bringing the fireworks in the second half of game one again.

Best of five what a battle to start the day seven seven this is the most important set for kelly yeah now because she's if she wins this one she's going to believe that she actually can really really do this and she's going to believe any way that she can.

Beat anybody but it's really going to boost her confidence whether it remains no doubt and then not worry about placing a ball like that one just hit it just hit out you've got the shots i stalled that out and wayne anderson that was out we do have replay if callie smith desired she does not that that.

Would be clearly wide from where we sit that's an unbelievable return right there my goodness the return game smith has been tremendous he kept it low pushed her out off the court and uh kind of drew in a little bit too and you're going to even finally you're.

Going to get some higher balls that you can pull up and punch away yeah if you let her just roam a parallel baseline step in it and punish it so good side to side big serve there and cali smith now leads nine seven nine seven maybe we'll get lucky yeah there's nothing like that.

That's a great reason cali on the dead sprint out she's okay fortunately did not hit her head on that roll so no one's tougher than kylie smith glad she's okay seven knots as we talked about she'll chase down every ball with it so.

One point after being on the deck comes flying up and finishes that's a beautiful job by cali right there unbelievable let's see if you can capitalize on this now and get a point out of it none seven so nine seven game one and that ball slides down the line and.

Hits the line and callie smith has anna lee waters is sitting so i assume she's called a timeout over there she has seven what a rally down six two early she has won eight of the last nine points here callie smith looking fantastic even been.

On the ground can't she finish we'll see when we come back my name is catherine parento and i've been playing pickleball for almost six years i travel a lot to play in tournaments i'm always on planes and i see a lot of people when i travel i need to make sure that i stay.

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Don't wait before it's too late right all right welcome back everybody this is the ppa tour beautiful look at the peachtree city tennis center it is a gorgeous day for pickleball with pat smith pat what a comeback from cali smith here unbelievable one i mean she.

Was just really just going painting lines almost and that's what it takes to beat emily and um let's see if you can close the set out and again keep that keep that momentum going and hope oh man make it a closer all the spectators she's certainly delivered that here and can't she finish game one right here oh.

Had a good look at it catches the net so and it would have come in handy in that one that would have been a nice time for that 7 10. another gorgeous return yeah come on let's go smoking which really puts the pressure on anna lee waters from the jump second chance.

Here for cali absolutely so callie smith on an absolute rampage 9-1 to end game number one we've got quite a match stay tuned for game number two.

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Real challenge at baird our financial advisors get it we'll partner with you to create a unique financial plan and coordinate with your legal and tax advisors to bring it all together so you have more time for what matters most welcome back to the ppa tour this is the.

Peachtree classic powered by invited and you want to talk about who's powerful wins game one hit the deck was down four early impressive she's everywhere couldn't get that back much shorter return there set that off for annalee waters one zero just wide and what a track down from.

Anna lee waters and then goes back cross court the right the line was where the shot was going to come and there's that neck what we talked about yeah because anna lee waters appeared to be on a mission there zero two that said you can just slow your roll literally.

So there you saw emily waters go for a little more on her return 2-0 that's tremendous right there and great anticipation from both players point i think she has done a great job of taking advantage of anything in the transition area that she can punish and.

Come in three full stretch cali smith still slides it down the line higher part of the net that's impressive what three you're so ready to hit the ball at a certain height and then it goes up and on two in the backhand especially you've got to bring both your arms.

Are harder to move than one boy point and again just hanging there banging balls from the baseline forcing analytica have to do more with the cause she's been passed today 4-3 points.

Go cal here we go here we go 5-3 that's a huge mountain hill i mean look at that play by callie smith she did what again here in game two.

one two three dorothy i really think you'd like the magnesium perfect i'd be happy to get that shipped out to you thanks dorothy you too.

Come on does he do that every time every time all right we are back we had a huge run for callie smith in game one we've had another one here she dropped the first three points and now she's won six straight.

Six three time in six three and that is a wicked two-hander right now so much left-handed stupid you're good i mean that's just outrageous i was gonna say i was always gonna say she's gonna pull across court because.

Back and roll is just three six tremendous stab volley from annalee waters on a really nice roller from the forehand side of cali 4-6 look at that we had an atp in singles there from deep 5 6.

It's a big miss because cali smith was in control of the point when she was serving last week with another drop shot we saw the amazing answer for six five so keeping the lead for the confidence is big here at this point super important right now to see if you can stretch the lead again.

Five six sustain that and get your legs into it to create that depth into the court just push enemy off the baseline and actually make it cover more ground with his strokes yeah so everything is cumulative and.

You exert everything you got in game one of a best of five that's going to be a problem long term we've already seen a foot a foot and a half off the return change right here it could be the fact that anna lee waters is serving a little heavier we talked about that we can feel a slight.

Breeze here a little bit what would you tell emily waters over here comes in as a pretty significant favorite she's only lost once in singles all year loses game one is seeing big runs go against her you know i would tell her just you know relax.

Um kelly's playing amazing you know she's putting pressure on her and uh there's there will always be one point in the match where you can turn it around whether it's going away or not and you can capitalize on that you can again you can change the momentum and you can really switch the whole game so.

She just stays mentally with it just plays a game doesn't get nervous about making some mistakes come in six seconds you can turn around in a split second oh my goodness there was crazy spin on that stab and callie read it perfectly but again that was true maybe it's the window a little bit.

That's another tremendous ball from the baseline from anna lee waters and now she's put in a run together eight six it's five straight for al but look at where the balls land right right now for al alpha back in the court of cali they land and and how far the.

Bulls man we've had a tilted court all day here another short return got a gift there that got out i think she needed that one get a little breather stop the al train here for a second six nine so six straight for ely waters.

And we will always continue to have a go both ways you just hope on the big points that goes your way zero zero no big whoop look up back behind the back right now again you know you see a little bit of shade in the back where kelly is and she's been in that shade she hasn't been able to step into the uh.

At all when she was heading out on the ball so again that's al putting pressure on her all boy recognizing that good come out on that return callie smith up a game and up 6-3 but now is staring.

At a 7-10 deficits so now you course correct that's what we saw there pat we've talked about she's been in the shadows the returns are shorter how do you find that equilibrium of getting back to the pace and the depth that you had in game.

One i think you just again you have to just try and stick with a big leap believe that you can do it and maybe if it's harder for her to hit deep now maybe draw it in a little bit more keep it a little bit lower a little bit of an opener also to actually hit up on the.

Ball not being able to step in and swing out of the ball and push you back but maybe play a little bit more of that you might be able to get some errors out of it because that you know it's a rhythm game and ale's getting great rhythm off the baseline right now getting some points pretty quickly so you have to try and break that.

Momentum that ale has right now yeah i think the the one point you make that i love right there is that whole idea of low and shorter everybody thinks you got to just hit everything hard hit everything hard well they're going to get in the groove like you've seen both players have in this match if it's short you got to come up and flick it up.

You're going to get an easier vote i think you know one thing i think anybody always thinks the harder you hit the bet it is just deep there timeout works it was ten seven points saved your wizard has struck a game days hi man.

Powerful oh it just stays in oh and had the court at the net again not kinda water so a couple of those at crunch time one that flicked over and then that's a clean winner that is propelled wide well there's two ways of looking at that it.

Was very kind of exactly somebody's always going to be happy yeah and in a moment i think he jinxed it a little bit earlier okay try number two here today and that'll do it so we will play at least four for sure.

Callie smith up 6-3 in game two and then anna lee waters found it a lot of that had to do with the depth of the ball from cali smith so we'll find out now is it side we'll see in game numbers what are you guys doing getting our duper tattoos oh cool.

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all right everybody welcome back dave fleming with one of the top players in the world pat smith in the booth with me today and pat we have had quite a show so far today it's been a mirror image honestly yes both sets one's up big in the first half of this of each point each game and.

Then the other person the other girl turns around and wins it and right out of the gate here callie smith zero of shot has improved oh immediately she get that she did double bounce on that what an effort though you know.

The interesting to see now zero one how much depth a lw to get on this side with her shots really the queen of this chord here tremendous volley before that because anna lee on the dead sprint hooked a cross-court dipper and kelly getting that low that hurts my back she doesn't miss leg dad to be able to.

Get there no no no look at this insanity oh my god great scrambling kelly this is this savvy veteran moment here whether she needed the towel or not she needed the towel 3-0 so again a run to start here three quick.

Ones that's good and again i think boy i think one side actually does help them out receiver um it looks like kelly when she hits the ball it's penetrating through the core more right now another early timeout so this.

Is interesting to say the least because the player on the side callie smith is currently playing has been able to dictate the points in general not every time because where the ball is landing is within inches of the baseline path correct yeah it seems like you know now again just.

Like earlier i was able to push kelly for the back from this angle this vantage point it just looks like kelly's able to push a l back again her balls are a little bit deeper again like i said they penetrate through the core.

Is able to keep going man you know even ale might feel some pressure every now and then yeah i mean this this keeps up for sure here comes a bit more breeze cali smith cannot hit a better approach than that no not at all zero four.

Look at her scamper my goodness okay so that breaks the four point start for smith here in game number three again best of five everybody so this is not a deciding game again three or four gaming roy where one of the two has a big big lead to start out the game that's a good.

Approach from annalee waters there so folks if you have an aspiration to play singles pickleball i think you have seen today that depth of shot is the magic and if you don't i don't blame you at all that's just too good there yeah singles hurts pat let's be honest hey there's a.

Reason i don't play i mean you're like it's only 44 by 20 we a lot of us like yourself and myself played a lot of tennis on a much bigger court but this thing it freaking hurts it's a lot of lateral movements and the ball does not bounce like a dozen tennis and antennas you can three four.

Step the wrong way you gotta anticipate if i was kelly i would just honestly just slow roll that ball back just a little bit of fair gamesmanship here catch your breath you know try to get four four that was just an absolutely punched perfect volley to be able to put.

That thing within two inches of the how and now we've got callie smith calling timeout so everyone's calling time out as well they should and a four-nothing deficit has been erased just like that by annalee waters we'll be back to see if she can keep it going after this.

Happy birthday matt oh thanks lucy oh wow and another one oh you shouldn't have i have one more surprise for you okay ah come on i love it babe.

all right everybody welcome back good look at anna lee waters now it is her i'm in one five four run she's got five in a row callie smith is called timeout six four that's just so good point.

Because your body position would be able to hit a two-handed backhand there you have to leave your left hand behind instead of pulling through like we saw with the cross-court two-hander before and that is as good as it gets right there pat she waited as long as she could to decide.

Which way she's going to hit that ball you know she got kelly guessing and unfortunately kelly gets the wrong way for her you know i think the amount of pressure is putting on her keeping the ball deep is um slowly even wearing down.

Somebody's an amazing shape by kelly they're fully strong and fit shut up goes for a little too much angle there does emily waters but she is rolling there's a good look at callie smith utah's four eight he's seen eight points in a row go for emily waters.

So that breaks the string right there boy you know what in this game ayla really hasn't missed much at all i mean this was yeah i don't recall correctly but this might have been the only the first two that she's missed back to back she's she's playing so clean so when you're.

Playing that precisely very clean that is sometimes you just got to tip your cap you don't want to do it but it it is reality that's what the fans want it's what we want just high level come into sunday and play your absolute best and then let the best player win six eight.

So obviously what starts the whole process of depth is going for your servant singles seven eight i think it's weight the server is definitely a much much bigger factor and more important single than it is in doubles.

And that's why from so we went i guess we're handing out packs of four here four zip two packs eight four annalee waters one pack of four cali smith and we got snowmen on the board here in september in atlanta it's.

8 8. let's see we need another full pack you know it'd be kind of funny to see that it's uh just for those that have played a solo sport tennis whatever to have that internal confidence when you're down when you're.

Being pushed it takes a lot out of you mentally too pat you know i know you coach what do you tell your students or even yourself when you are feeling like you're playing great and you got to find another level you know the one the the hardest thing i think in any kind of sport like this first people tennis is not to drag.

Previous point into the next point because you you gotta try and trick your mind and really try to neutralize that and so you have a totally fresh mind each point and again the best players can master they master that man don't worry about the difference it doesn't affect them at all and just.

By each point at a time and therefore able to really focus and execute their next shots my goodness oh she's hit that up she's even saying that was so good just came up just short on the forehand she had anna lee it seems like she is believing herself.

She is a very good spot even though it's a close match she put an error that she wants back she probably misses that one out of a hundred and uh what a great response to come back and get the server back did exactly what you talked about just that was over.

Relaxed that's one of the things that makes annaleigh so good if she gets stretched on that she can roll crosscourt on both wings and it makes her dangerous because she just has all the options in that case and her back and rolls probably on the run the best truck she might have.

On top of that not a lot of people have guy or girl 88 that's what it takes and she's got the fists come on decibel level is going up so the snowman and olaf are proud that 88 has maintained its presence i guess we broke the cycle here so far.

Just a tremendous point of women's pickleball singles right there both players stretched i mean again she waited as long as she could to decide to see which way kelly's moving and what else are you going to do if you can't you stay today he's getting these amazing trucks back.

And another one comes and another one comes gonna play the next point and put pressure so the serve and return game has again gotten her back at eight all right again that ball looked like it really hey through the court there and um you know.

This court is a little different than some of the other ones it plays a little bit differently and that stays in from cali smith we are covering sideline to sideline ball's hitting the line this is nuts we've met leah jensen say well point yes uh one of the best singles players is sitting just to our right and.

When you get other pros going wow that and that tells you that special there we're good you know it's interesting with singles matches sometimes you don't get a lot of energy because the points are shorter somebody is dominating one way or the.

Other this is as good as it gets right here because of the quality these ladies are playing it and the hustle and determination fought out the who wants it more points that's the thing that floated it gave ale a lot of time.

And you saw callie smith dejectedly say stop moving she moved too early there we talked about anna lee will hold it but at that time she telegraphed where they're not 99. just ridiculous come on cali smith are you kidding me boy i mean.

I think that's worth coming out straight towards the hill oh and those those come on they they have a recipient in mind there's no doubt about it it's absolutely there she probably has one of the best best come on stare downs in the game and it's part of the package isn't it and look at this.

Anna lee waters pushes that deep she came back and was up eight four and it is now game point for callie smith at 10 10 sometimes the easiest balls are the hardest one to hit and again beforehand inside out saves it i love the aggressive point that wasn't.

A tight point by cali it all went for it not ten points just wide in the net it is a factor it's going to take more than 11 pat got a one by two wouldn't you just wish you could straight make it a lot easier yes it would.

And that was a point where we've seen callie take one of those shorter balls and she dictated and pushed the pace now we got a game point on the other side i think on that one i mean it's easier than done but i think she could have come in she had two tremendous gallons of deep returns pushing in.

She a have maybe seized that opportunity but again easiest than none so we got uh there you see anna lee waters getting instruction from her mother what a battle here and this is just the first of five finals today we'll be right back with the conclusion.

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Does he know all this stuff that's all right unknowns things that are unclear we need to we need to dive into the yellow war not today break's over you drop something that's a wicked backhand welcome back everybody.

The level is extraordinary the tension right now is extraordinary will we have an extraordinary point to finish this callie smith had a game point played it aggressive just got beat by a better shot there are zero time times you're good.

What a great show these girls are putting on fantastic 11 10. oh and that just says very few errors from cali down the stretch but at the worst possible time pushes a backhand flies it deep and it is anna lee waters up two games to one so.

Back and forth and back and forth we'll see if callie can force a game five when we come back you don't get the moments everyone talks about without the moments no one sees early morning practice.

Late night drills running it over and over you don't get the crowd without the quiet everyone sees the glory the metal the podium but every winning shot starts right here paddle tech.

Let's go again a lot of us missed hit the ball i know i miss hit the ball a lot um we are invited bringing people together since 1957 we are the largest owner of pickleball courts nationwide with 973 courts across the country our members.

Enjoy an incredible lifestyle beyond the courts with 3 906 holes of championship golf across the country exquisite dining first class amenities and extraordinary experiences we are proud to hold this event at the peachtree city tennis center and the clubs of peachtree city in georgia.

There's what they're playing for and boy are they having to earn it here this morning dave fleming with the great pat smith in one of the best singles matches i have ever seen because of the level and what's at stake here pat absolutely i mean these girls are just leaving it all out there kelly.

Has done an amazing job and just deep there we've seen games of runs we had a charlie smith an 8-4 lead for annalee waters in game three and lee waters then saw herself have to stare down a match point that's all that out or excuse me a game point and say i think one of the best video challenge.

so we've got a first challenge yeah championships down here and i thought it was out anna lee thought she saw her ball in so let's set the referees we've got uh the referee who's been calling the score walt hooker and isabel gautier are the second referees stan brown's our.

Tracking referee and this decision sits in carolyn duncanson's hands as our video referee so gotta have a timeout to challenge obviously we're 0-0 so everybody's got their timeouts available interesting place to use you know you always you know it's it's nfl sunday here do you challenge a.

Five yard call in in the first quarter this is the same thing zero zero but if you if you're sure you saw it in why not because you don't lose the timeout if you're right absolutely you got a couple so why not use it we haven't seen one yet and it's been three games so it's been a very fair cold match and uh.

A lot of lines hit so if you really believe that falls in then uh go for it why not yeah there's a mental component to that too pat because some players if you miss a call you might internally go oh no i you know like you lose that laser focus that these two ladies have had absolutely.

It's also a big point for cali right if she you know the ball is out and she called it out and she wins this challenge loses it then she goes up on zero you know so only 10 more points you have to win for this game exactly i mean.

We saw it you had to go extra pickleball in game number three it took 12. so we got the referees huddling up to make sure we got the score right yeah she would only need three more to get the four magic four exactly it just felt like 12 had to win when we.

Were going in fours i mean exactly thankfully the players paid that off so i like when you guys do that for me thank you ladies all right here comes the call the call is overturned the ball was in and lee will be serving the score is 0-0 all right so annalise saw something.

Challenged it wins the challenge so guess what scoreboard doesn't change it's zero zero so um and there are no video challenges no no hopefully it doesn't affect kelly now right because you're calling zero zero.

Caught the line great to open the hill and just clobbering balls in the middle of a point for 10. that's just wide point two zip handling waters it was out two zero and now there's shorter returns of.

Getting absolutely punished with low penetrating ground strokes you know it's um let's see let's see what how bad does kelly want us now i'm sure she wants it really bad what's in the tank to deliver the best yeah she needs to figure out how to get that foot off off the gas for al.

She's definitely slowed the pace here and anna lee waters is frustrating 3-0 that's okay as long as the rip doesn't say anything yeah boy explain what you want to do anyway you're not i know you're pointing a little bit yeah i mean all of it matters especially in a.

Singles environment there's four zero people on the on the court period oh and the net won't kiss it all right anna lee waters five straight to start game number four and she's got a team of games to one league smith will call timeout so emily waters coming out very hot after.

Saving a game point in game number three will she be able to keep this train flying down the tracks we'll see after this so john's what do we got parento another one shame third one this week any suspects.

No yet we'll send these to the lab all right let's take a look what do you think bring me the jigsaw all right welcome back everybody dave fleming with the great pack smith and my goodness anna lee waters is on point here to start game number four.

Five straight to start callie smith's called timeout here we go oh and i miss return hate to do that when you were the one that called timeout yeah definitely uh can be very demoralizing let's see i mean.

We've through the air with the forehand punch finish there that's well done callie smith okay runs have been the name of the game here let's see if uh cali's got one of her own it's been six though zero six.

So the net gets involved going both directions sometimes that's the little catalyst you need one sex very very true let's see that's just that's a really good volley by callie smith and anna lee waters was like thank you and i'm going to punch that out of.

The open court there's nothing she's wrong there no she just yeah y'all just guessed right and 6-1 you know that anticipation is such a huge part of the sport singles and doubles and you can't play at the highest level if you don't have it and that's too good.

Boy if you look up just pure filth in the dictionary that's what it is right there in crossword roll short hop it callie smith is counting the number of holes in the dura fast 40. the answer is 40. she got to about 25. really playing slow now back to the.

Receiver 7-1 i'll recall that score 7-1 point she's begging her legs to be able to drive through that is cali smith.

8-1 look at that hustle still but emily water swaps that away with disdain i am on this reservoir must be tapped here so the deficit is 9-1 obviously anna lee waters is feeling very good as she should if you're cali what do you do.

I don't know right now i think you just have to i try and stay with it you know or maybe you get a lucky break you know that might change it again and uh but it's a very very very steep mountain climb right now three points away from championship.

Winner yeah i think we're actually at 9-1 so 9-1-2 away here and the you know you push yourself till you not that you break but that you just.

There's no more to give and the the match that has been delivered here you know it takes two for a great fight yes if one person plays great good for them but it's not a fun and entertaining this is the entertainment business cali smith has put on an unbelievable entertaining.

Show she's going to try everything she can to get the ball back but the level for anna lee waters has been able to stay at the same cali's just not quite where it was earlier let's see if she can get back to it right here absolutely thomas do a couple quick points maybe save those legs.

Gets a big tissue gets the ball back that's step one timeout works for one nine again callie smith's back to lee waters here 9-1 goes deep in anna lee waters has a match point ten.

Finishes it in a tremendous battle from both players huge cap tip to callie smith but it is anna lee waters your singles champion at the peachtree classic powered by invited what a match we'll be back and hannah johns we'll talk to the winner at baird we offer a different more.

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Let's go ladies the world will get back on its feet we'll help you stay on yours what's your secret oh it's no secret it's the expert help i got it with solutions make an appointment at. well welcome to center court i'm with a very excited anna lee she's come away with her first title of the day anna lee walked me through this cali played just so tough she won that first game she was up in the second game what were you thinking at that point yeah well cali.

And i have played in a final i think a couple months ago but it's been a couple months since she's been in one so i think she came out here ready to play she came out firing balls that came out a little slow i think overall in the entire match i was getting better as the match was going on and in the end i finished on a.

Good note but the beginning was definitely a little interesting well this is one of the hardest matches kelly has pushed you in i believe at least in the last six months does this only motivate you to get stronger faster better it definitely does i'm very thankful that my mom was on the sideline coaching me because i.

Was doing a couple things that i don't usually do so hopefully next time i play i'll be back on my game and it won't be as close as this time well this takes down one of three titles today for you you're gonna vie for the other two later on today which of these titles would mean the most to you i think probably the one with my mom would mean the most.

To me just because last term we didn't do so great and i love playing with her and i want to play with her as long as possible so i want to keep our confidence high and i always enjoy getting titles with my mom she's back here looking for revenge guys well with that we're gonna bring curtis quant from invited country clubs on court now to.

Present your trophy curtis hi there on behalf of uh invited the petrie city tennis center the community of petru city congratulations on your win give her another round of applause guys we'll be right back with our next matchup don't go anywhere.

Are you looking for content are you looking to up your game by watching some of the best content in the game make sure to go over to the mcguffin pickleball club youtube channel you can check out educational videos you can check out my vlogs with my family or you can check out the mcguffin show subscribe today to the mcguffin.

Pickleball club so thank you.

not yet buddy new people pickleball this.

all right welcome back folks there's a good view of this beautiful facility this is the peach tree classic powered by invited and this is one of their wonderful properties throughout the united states thrilled to be here on the ppa tour and pat smith.

This is sort of the match-up that everybody wondered would we get here you certainly didn't want this you would have loved to have been playing definitely not what you wanted to see when we last saw this match it even got a name the battle at brigham it was one of the highest octane men's.

Matches i've ever seen he's currently running matt number five and riley we're firing every ball that they could speeding it up what do you think's going to happen today on the other side of the court to kind of squelch some of that i think ben and calling differently very very smart players you know they can.

Analyze and read the game very well and adapt um obviously if colin has amazing research and then you know to say anything about his hands and the power that he has he can generate and the way he reaches it he reads the game i think they're going to anticipate matt and riley.

Um trying to bang the balls at them again like they did in the last match and uh taking a weather storm and slow it down i think that's gonna be the key who's gonna decide if they can play uh say more chess yeah and um again whether the first attack from rightly and uh mad but i do anticipate these two.

To i think this first game is going to be interesting and this again on the other side pickleball is on the rise now we have body paint we got match got four fans with his name on it as you can see on the screen there so we got everything going on here but i do think this first.

Game you know riley newman caught hey they want to establish that again and if ben and colin you know they have this circle they didn't get a chance to get them in cincinnati because riley newman was out throwing a first pitch in seattle so this will be fun this is uh this is a.

Bragging rights match as well uh 100 and it's basically the two best teams i mean they've established that let's see what they have today was one of the later ones i think it would be a bit of a different game just because it's gonna be warmer the ball's gonna.

Slow down a little bit it might benefit ben and colin a little bit more to slow the ball um but again this is going to be a absolute amazing match and uh can't wait to see what both sides have in store for each other yeah if we get the same entertainment.

Level that we got from the lady singles we are absolutely in for a treat you know you did mention and we'll go to that j.w johnson and dylan frazier had a ball on jw johnson's paddle on match point that he just pushed deep and then.

Newman and wright were able to finish that off so that's how this goes you can be fractions away from moving on or playing in the backdraw and it was literally a quarter of an inch was the difference we've all beamed in it's cool i mean it really is um but uh i'm actually kind of excited uh to see these two teams battle out again.

Um especially after the battle of brigham so let's see who's got the better strategy now let's see we were able to adapt if colin and ben were able to adapt to their loss and bring him yeah matt wright played probably the.

Best match i've seen that man play certainly in 2022. his speed ups were on point picking the right spots and he was really dictating the play when he got the ball on that forehand let me ask you this dave you know brigham obviously altitude.

Flies through the ball a little bit faster you think that affected it compared to here yeah i mean i think there's no question that uh yet altitude colder here it's gonna be warmer a little slower you would think that would favor.

Colin and ben let's play pickleball okay and the uh the the painted boys are going to be bringing energy the get-go i love it oh my okay so we've got four rowdy fans with tt on them and.

For matt and riley that is going to just add even more to their usual interaction with the crowd to set the players if you're new to this that's ben jones crusher he's the top player in the game but the younger brother to colin johns who's in the one zootopia side a very.

Accomplished tennis player there you see riley newman and that's matt right and here they come point you know be interesting to see if colin can play with some confidence here yes you know because he's so good 202. he.

A little less i hate to use a term passive but a little bit more aggressive at times against these two questions him on a ball he's going to absolutely clobber but clearly in the kitchen there i'm not sure riley really needs to take.

That one that was right there man is one of the best points in the there's a game move by colin johns known as cj so if you hear us refer to one two one of course would be colin johns we can't say.

The last name over there because they're brothers and that was the pattern that was working consistently in utah we talked about the battle of bring them that was at brigham city matt wright speeding it up setting up either himself or his partner riley newman.

Saw them two one one second service that's what we're talking about colin being a little bit more aggressive i know his first you know his first instinct is always he wants to do all but he's got a very good counter himself and he needs to trust that's it hands by riley newman riding.

Along the rope that is the kitchen line one thing that riley does very very very one two you know when he attacks he slides middle immediately and if you're pounding it's most balls are naturally just going to go down the middle and right he reads that pattern so.

You know ben and colin can actually punch behind right a little bit to keep him honest one and also whether that point in the middle there this is the start that human and right definitely wanted they're up 5-1 early returns got to be better because they're.

Going to be attacking every third matt wright's live game on point to start they are talking to everybody they got painted up teenagers over there this is the recipe for wright and newman next one too going oh they got what they wanted dad that.

Feeling 161 don stanley you heard his call in the kitchen earlier that'll wake you up if you're not paying full attention second serve see again down the middle the counter one six two have that paddle out in front and just try to go straight down.

The line if possible a couple of missed thirds here from ben john's earlier so this is 6-1-1 the concoction that newman and wright would have wanted to start with um definitely some of the best for the best in the game but so does riley.

We'll be back after this i said once ben you've got to give it up you're stepping out of bounds i'm so close parental it goes all the way to the top talking refs commentators food vendors but how can.

You prove this it's so simple bring me the jigsaw dave fleming back here with pack smith and pat the johns don't use timeouts a lot and usually when they do they just sort of hang out lengthy conversation right there between.

Ben and colin see what was on that agenda certainly not that well they got a freight train running away right now i mean they're just getting overpowered oh running in live second serve high confidence level of one million.

That's a that's a eight one point right there i've never seen a running actually oh now it's skipping off the line and staying on point so it's gonna be real important for the john's boys to stay together their family when they lost that match they got separated a little bit their.

Chemistry was not ideal that's a good ball by ben john's there so we talk about sometimes you may not get all the way back in a game though certainly capable but to stamp your one on one these are patterns that we want not the pattern you guys are dictating can still.

Happen here in game one i think one of the most important things with ben and call right now is you know even though they're down eight one nine one second serve it's more finding a rhythm honestly about this you're winning this first game it's finding a rhythm established themselves in this one not two.

In the match more than winning this first game shut up and there is just losing confidence as riley newman swats 911 oh my matt right point everything going their way we are at a game point in.

Record time considering 10-1-1 opponent on the other side here looks like matt and riley have a plane to catch you and some interesting second fire decision choices are the only thing not going there's a lob and crash there pat again a 10 one point ten one two three.

That's exactly what it is look at the left hand get by riley point game switch ins and that kisses off matt right there so they do get the ball back but the mountain is enormous 110 one point down the middle of the river sometimes.

That was a good riddle there the riddle is hard second serve i mean 2 prancing around this court just wide on that sort of inside out.

Flick you know but again forbidden call right now matt and riley playing very into they're making their shots you know can they stay in mentally turn this around if somebody can it's probably those two point 110 is now 4 10.

14 2. not able to get that one back over so third game point here timeout receiving team 10 4-1 using boat timeouts in the game i don't know if that's happened in months so.

We saw some loose choices at 10-1 let's see if they come back and do it by the book at 10-4 we'll be back to see that after this one two three i already told you.

Matt wright is my lawyer well matt wright isn't here is he i've got nothing to say to you we can do this the easy way or the hard way bring me the jigsaw.

All right welcome back everybody dave fleming with pat smith third shot at game number one for tommy human second serve okay missed third what's the first 10-4-2 most of the time the.

Returns go there so the fact that matt even got one so four chances two missed thirds they have to do anything out of the timeout you want to talk about the timeout wizard that was the timeout sorcerer right there yeah didn't it is that nice sometimes i mean.

Bitcoin and then really appreciate that and there is what we talked about off the air during the time timeout we saw our how's the chemistry with the brothers look good they were actually laughing with each other now colin lights one up and gets a winner weighs return and.

Careful six ten i think one thing that you said one you know one thing a lot of people understand they don't see um you know colin doesn't get as much credit that i think he deserves because it's very difficult to be a right side player at times because you don't just.

Get many balls so when you actually do get a ball you get the occasional thing or you get a ball much better and it's uh being able to be alert without hitting a ball and staying in rhythm is probably even harder to play with the right left side and it is eight come out receiving team.

Out of nowhere right and newman are having a call timeout at 10-1 we saw a crazy loft crash move from matt wright and now four game points saved john's have used two timeouts and they are at 8 10 1. and we got the magic number four again.

So it is the number of the day and my goodness the problem here if you're right in newman is that a little bit of tension and uneasiness gone from the from the john side what would you tell matt and riley here.

Nobody wants to miss that but you really want to every point matters because it can turn around in a heartbeat and a loose hockey in there can really fight you in the rear end very very quickly yeah you know bring your best stuff here tommy hey ten one.

The middle is where it's safe inside that's pretty much a neutral zone colin showing me i could attack this nice lob wouldn't hold that one up see ben not in a hurry just caught the line i feel like enough eruptions come in here whoever takes this.

the line after a very patient point at 9 10. my goodness as long as it could second chance to tie it great tribe and that is why and they have come all the way back unbelievable nine straight still have.

The ball emptied the ten two and the focus is significant on the brother's side i think the two draws have arrived in this final and that is right and we are at a game point for the johns yes ladies and gentlemen it was 110. 11 10 two.

The other way unbelievable 11 points in a row for the johns brothers that's what a comeback looks like that's what championship sunday looks like unbelievable will newman and wright have an answer in game two.

Each shot has its own strategy each player their own style whether you dink it drive it blob it drop it bang it or spin it is entirely up to you but we do keep score we recognize the winners.

Podiums are earned if you want an edge you best work for it electrum earn your edge match point it's all up to me nothing can get in my way and when they ask what are you gonna do next i'll say i'm going.

We're going to margaritaville you can go to margaritaville too visit dropping a lot of money on sunglasses here's a great look at the finish of game number one and it is the chest bumping coming up from the john's brothers and not writing.

Newman so let's just reset what just happened there 10-1 newman and right they got body paint in the crowd they're high fiving everybody they're lob crashing and they just lose 11 points in a row from the other side and they're a game in the hole unbelievable the biggest.

Difference was that you know colin started countering likes at the beginning yeah you know he didn't quite not expect it from him all the time you know because he resets all the time and he keeps it short but one zero two you have to be a threat absolutely nice little roll from colin there so you know we said oh we were watching.

Them from across the court what's good i called that second time out and they were laughing so the chemistry's there for the brothers and my goodness is the game there what a defense of the atp by colin and a great lead by ben john's there he's got confidence now that was i was.

Talking to you earlier in the break one one one confident player he needs ben to be feel like ben's in his corner at all time even with himself missing point that goes well out as you saw colin faded to the right and so 2-1-1 location was right just the depth of shot too much.

two one two there's the middle of the court they know they can't get hurt there and it's john's now firing away when there's a dink that's up a little if.

They let their neutral good ones on the other side then why bother so colin really stepping up his game here and the scoreboard shows it another counterfeit he's waiting on it you know he's expecting that to come now it's a different he's sliding right and there it is going on between the players right now.

Look at that drive my goodness great handle matt right which is handled by matt right there colin has really upped his level one four one you don't see ben law baby now i was stunned by that choice i wish he did that on his knees second sword and a much better stuck.

Fourth by colin john's there too if you leave that in the middle you're one for two there mercy a good volley you were in control he was on it just a little off the line two four two i think one of the biggest difference.

Right now also is that you know ben and ben and connor are able to extend the points yeah how long they're slowing it down and they're keeping the balls a little short and unattackable for riley matt to pull the trigger so even more do you want to pull the trigger they have a bit of a tougher shot and then you bend.

And come both countering point from all sides and then i go to get the ball down and there you saw a drop in the middle less dangerous riley felt the need to speed that up and it squashed quickly by ben oh scorpion mode but just got on top of it.

There knew it was coming a more aggressive approach though which is what you've been calling for and he's been executing sought so unable to add the lead there they've been tripping back and forth two five one oh my games are starting look at this.

You've got more talking this whole this is this could be a fun one look at that cat bent john's the hands that were ridiculous in his face it's so hard to deal with that ball in that position that's not riley newman usually just.

Lays it caught matt on the move there so longer points dinks in the middle 5-3-1 colin countering see if that continues if you're just resetting the answer to that the guy that's resetting it's impossible.

To keep making those you gotta counter i know middle again look at that again colin with the atp defense he's so calm of it that's coming back this is gonna get killed yes sir.

Colin yelling at ben ben valen beckett colin we got chest bumps from the john's boys today it's about time we see some more emotions in this game enough of that so we were hoping we would get this level of everything now we got the level there we got.

Strategery going on this is beautiful what a start to championship sunday the ladies singles was remarkable seconds are patient which is very easy easy for us yes to say yeah and the difference in um is the length of these rallies.

In utah the battle of brigham that we've talked about they were just getting balls and firing maybe one or two damage no dink points whatsoever today much different story i mean essentially you always want to start your style for your game right and right now at the beginning of the match you saw.

632. riley and matt forcing ben and khan to really play their style and now it's kind of reversed so the question is can matt o'reilly reverse that again and shorten the points get a couple free points and that's what they want the john's boy three six one to get get ben a ball in.

The middle just swatted it into the net that's just huge second sir the john's boys definitely are going to continue to return the ball to riley it's just you know three six two well riley's more if they return to matt is more of a threat to crush good hands battle there won by wright.

Newman four six two now they've gotten a within two and ben jumps for the ernie and his feet were good for the next one but uh it couldn't execute and now another nice little run for ryden newman but ben looks like he's having a lot of fun because he's smiling a lot which.

Usually don't see much of a facial expression not in a gold medal match for sure this defense by newman oh matt right it's a shot he likes he wants that one he's back six five one so the lead's about one saw a couple of those that uh matt tried.

Over tyler loon yesterday that were just hammered he broke up one of those as a matter of fact lincoln hit it as hard as anybody ass can't bend that's very live second serve and just as we talk about lobs and overheads you felt a little gus come in there seven five two.

You almost blew me away here well if you get blown away dear lord where will i end up great handle by colin what to get by riley newman then it goes for the ernie this is nuts he's back but can't get the next one and a lot invested in that point so it.

Is right and newman that we'll call a timeout we've got chirping we've got ernie's we've got lobs we've got everything body paint we'll be back right after this always seem crazy to me i'd wear them a few times and then i'd lose them or break them.

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Go to now and use code tv20 folks we are back in championship sunday is actually over delivering so far an incredible match with callie smith i mean eight foot two waters to start a 11 point comeback in game one for the.

John's boys down 10-1 and then this game is incredible here in game two and that's the risk of attacking that ball down the line for riley newman is not bob two you gotta keep it inside the sideline as well i mean cold faded and got skinny real quick yes side out reaching there so get the ball back but.

Careful five none one they gotta put a run together of their own right now do right in newman that stayed on the line overhead practice is now over matt wright comes up and attacks that backhand and gets the ball you know that's very smart for matt because.

He's right six down one into the sun for being you could help him couldn't really put anything on it because he was just trying to make contact and he said keep it deep without trying to put anything without missing that is what past battles have looked like if if the john's boys put the ball on the.

Outside seven on one is going to have the opportunity to do what he just did right there and now they're within two i'm gonna i think it's gonna happen again they're gonna go middle again it'll slow it down second serve keep it uh in the neutral zone.

And um yeah when you have a known target it's safe it's so good to be able to just keep putting it there and then find one for yourself put ben john's able to handle the ernie come out serving team 971.

Okay so we get a timeout on offense i really like that ben hit about 397 overheads there so just you know we actually talked about it during the women's singles match calling a timeout on offense why would you do that pat catch my breath 100 there's nothing to do with changing momentum it's just literally if.

I feel like i'm a little winded right now because these points were long i had to move a lot i'm gonna be moving again as much time as i can on a very very important point especially now at what's at nine five nine six nine seven they need to win this point keep the pressure on matt and riley and force them to do something they're not.

You know go above and beyond what we usually do so very reclaimed from ben and ben does a lot ben actually uses i think he might be the one that used the most offensive timeouts in the men's game yeah it doesn't call many on defense because he doesn't want to give you the idea that you are make forcing me to do.

Something they were forced to do it twice in game one because they were so far behind and they were able to come back from that put a new ball and play just letting everybody understand that that definitely can change things if it's a newer ball come in so not seven one nine seven here we go.

What a response from colin and riley there you go and that is not a good place to be bringing the ball you're below the net ben is literally waiting on it and we are at a 10-7-1 to go up two games to.

None who would have thought down 10-1 in game number one that it is ben and colin johns that are up two games to none we'll see if they can run it out in three after this it's a gas card you can always use gas always wait but you have a mm-hmm.

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An eight i sure can try all right welcome back everybody dave fleming with pat smith and we are at the beautiful peachtree city georgia location this is the petrie classic powered by invited what a what a great setting we got a little grassy amphitheater the.

Crowd is packed in around the court and the john's boys have found it haven't they well they're bringing energy today they're definitely bringing the energy now i mean they you know took a while to arrive to this championship it's on their match but.

They certainly have arrived so if you keep going middle and they slide that way then you can push it back to the side everyone knows he's not in trouble by going for the earning because he's got big baby brother right next to him i think one thing that happened they.

Also you know ben pushed riley back a little bit that thing was a lot further back to dry his feet out and you saw colin pull his paddle out because he knew ben was there and bent chest 0-1-1 really important for wright newman to find that energy and get going.

Oh and it sits on the top second sir it doesn't come over i think the girls used up all the ned love zero one two what did they ever so many women singles shout out the rare return to matt was the short though we talked about in the singles.

Picking up a little bit now and again this day on the side now where the wind's kind of holding the ball back point so if you're matt and matt and ready right now and you go down two games to love what do you think you what would you do i think you got two zero one all right.

So colin's been countering all right he's still got to be the apple of our eye on on the speed-ups and see if he can keep it going just like that and just make him defend thank you boys i like it talking about something that they do but that's got to.

Be it i mean ben's playing awesome too i think they need to figure out too if they can take those middle dinks and do something more than just throwing it back there because just you're not doing anything with these balls and then the john's boys are happy to extend these points because they're not going to miss a deck.

No they're not i mean it's painful okay so counter and chirp from riley there it's you know zeal two one no we need that with a scramble by riley newman there another one second serve.

It's riley and matt we need to make sure that they're together here shut up good opportunity for matt just goes deep interesting though matt the last time these teams played got a few there so that's been changed up a little bit.

Second serve that time it's colin that leaves the dink up and it gets absolutely lamb basted by 2-1-2 riley newman another thing cj just needs to really trust himself again he can't counter he can stay in don't back off too much from the line give them too much space.

Boy and it's just gonna be grind grind grind till we get something we like three one two this was the question when matt and riley became a team who's gonna play the left side of the court wow neutralized these are the balls that matt wright.

Absolutely wants that were the difference in the last time they played and he's not making them both softer yep big big difference four one two there's also revenge is uh matt and riley won in atlanta not in this place but uh farther north so uh revenge in the state of georgia and the.

Atlanta area was certainly on the minds of the john's boys as well as they have not played them well here in the past i think riley is uh one last three and yeah petry corners i know unfortunately one last year i'm laughing because i know why you know.

That so uh mr smith was right there i feel the breeze and i also see 142. you know we saw a little fraying of the john's boys just a little at the beginning now i'm seeing it a little bit on the right newman side they got to.

Pull that back together be a team not individuals absolutely it's all about chemistry 242 closing the holes not giving an inch ever whether it's mental or the court newman knows they hit an outball there but uh we'll never know for sure but one.

Thing that's going to wind up in calling what you can see when they in between points when they walk back together you know they don't go just immediately to their own spots there yes welcome back down the middle together and there you go okay.

Shoulder bump there and uh a yell and collins level five two one this is something as you and i talked about rare sight here but it's something that's necessary i think it's great for the sport but also for them when they are pushed.

Mentally and emotionally by another team give it back what and that was a disgusted paddle drop there by riley newman so they got to dig out the grind is real and the johns are winning look.

If we don't figure out this gravity situation all of those astronauts are gonna die and the proof of alien life will be gone forever but we've tried everything we haven't tried everything bring me the jigsaw.

welcome back everybody there's our body paint crew trying to get their guy over the top here but there's a lot to do the johns boys have never looked more determined i think on a pickleball clerk it's just.

Ever since they were in that gigantic whole game has been small i took two chairs and executed well it has been full of emotion and they are feeling it confidence big time big time difference especially when calling again you know stop you stop blocking every boys out of countering yes.

Yeah and that makes ben feel good because now you're getting set up as opposed to just having a day he's getting those winners in the middle and then he's chirping and another dink rally goes to the john's boys 7-2-1 and even if it's not the most ideal.

Choice there by colin johnson changing the pace by attacking on that one and they're three points from running this out in three second serve but you know you're seeing matt and riley talk the entire time now with each other and i'm not sure if it's um what they're really saying there but.

They it seems like they're a little bit flustered i think they're a lot flustered actually cat i think i'm trying to be swift i think they're trying to find it i think they are looking at each other's shot selections and they're two points from being sent home.

With a silver there's a lot on that there's a message in that okay so two nine obviously we saw the bigger comeback than that in game one gotta start somewhere back to the returns to riley oh that's a nice ball by the.

A way bit on ben there yeah that's the thing you know you don't three on one make note of the fact that all these danks are coming but where those dinks end up they're not attackable okay so here's one on one oh that is an insane gift by riley.

Newman right there but can't get the next second serve and just oozing frustration right now or not that was a unbelievable gap i mean might have been the best kit you'll see at this tournament or maybe all year so.

Far behind them oh well left-handed off the arm good call and johnson riley newman caught it just to make sure everybody saw it but finish there from uh riley newman a lot of work still to be done punch goes deep so.

No paddle taps just walking back to the to the corner there matt right trying to find one level again drop it in the middle and we're safe oh my second serve ben got what he wanted because he got it popped up dank there matt takes us not but relief.

Breath down in the corner i think that was a little shorter than you wanted to have but i think that just dipped enough yeah the word shallow isn't used enough in pickleball closer than that you can't do anything with that it up gets squashed and we are at match point.

For ben and colin john yes sir ten fought two i don't know if the crowd knows what to do with themselves here oh i don't think anybody expected a three-game potential win after that start of that match and the first missed ink i think in an hour.

When it happened to happen at match point so things have happened as game one would show you will we go to the upside down or not oh my that's a frustration swing one second trying to do too much matt comes over and gives him a.

Little tap someone starts coursing through your your thought process you're like there's no way they just have a match point right now we were killing them john's is up to the task in the head to head hands battle match point number two coming up ten five one.

I'm having the first drive cj hit all match second third all right two saved will three be the lucky number for the john's ten five two you see middle middle.

In a row they come to life and they are impressive they are impressive they're pointing at the crowd right now and to win that matching three completely unexpected well done in column how do you get what you want eric weimer.

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Between thinking you're ready for what lies ahead and knowing you've planned for it now that's different discover the bear welcome back to center court once more i've got colin johns ben johns our titleists for this tournament huge congratulations to you both guys 110. you came back and won game one 12.

10. how does that happen yeah we always uh we always believe we can win no matter how far down we are we've done that before um and we came back from 9-0 in the fourth game against those guys in atlanta so we're never out i'm just lucky to have a partner um that's as good as ben i mean i was playing as bad as i can play early on.

And he picked me up and he showed why he's the undisputed number one and i'm just lucky to have ben well guys you've built up quite the storyline with matt and riley so far and what was your focus coming into this match i know how badly you wanted to come away with this uh yeah you know i think it was uh going.

In you know we wanted to play definitely a clean match a few one fourth stairs uh be aggressive and be fiery because you know both those guys are gonna are gonna bring that as well um so yeah i know most people don't see cj fired up like that usually but uh it definitely worked this time and i was just glad to see him get uh pumped and play like he did it.

Was awesome yeah it was rare to see so that much emotion out of both of you on the court and how much do does the banter and the mental tactics come into this matchup oh it certainly comes into play i mean pickleball is a small court so some chatter back and forth all in the heat of the moment and good spirits is.

Is always welcome um so with those guys you know they're gonna they're gonna bring it both uh the physical skills but also the mental side so i feel like we came out on top today and uh we're gonna continue that well certainly fun to watch we're gonna bring curtis quant from invited on court now to present your trophy curtis.

Guys congratulations on behalf of invited the petrie city tennis center and the community of petrie city great match today it was a lot of fun to watch all righty hoist that trophy boys that's it from us down here dave over to you.

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all right everybody welcome back dave fleming here and i've got a new special guest thrilled to have cameron blackwood the hero player and great analyst cameron welcome to the booth for championship sunday thank you happy to.

Be here steven's showing up in commercials before we bring her on well played so cameron this has been an epic day already it happened and we're only 40 of the way through here we had anna lee waters who will see in a minute push to the absolute limit by cali smith in singles we'll see if that takes a.

Toll she's playing in all three finals today so let's start there how do you keep putting yourself at the highest level especially when singles singles is hard anyway let alone having to play two more gold medal matches i think it just starts with her daily work and her daily routine she trains for this she prepares for this every single.

Day when she wakes up she trains with a purpose and you have to to be the best and she proves it time and time again that she is the best and it comes from her preparation and so i see her being able to recover quickly getting her nutrition right getting some good rest and coming out here and being the best.

So speaking of the best jesse irvin has been playing just beautifully here is elevated to the top of the standings she and anna bright while the four seed were absolutely in my mind the team to be coming in here played fantastic in a grand slam in cincinnati in a bright new air quotes to the scene not new.

Anymore she has arrived let's be clear she has and i was at her debut earlier this year when she won her first matches and she has not looked back this should be a great match and she really feeds off her partner so having the experience of jessie irvin on the court really lets anna set into the match and play her game and once she's.

Fired up she's hard to beat yeah there's a lot of fire on this court the water's lost to these two in cincinnati so revenge is there let's play pickleball again best of five and that is set just wide so you know we're gonna have great fire fights you know we're gonna have great.

Defense it's gonna be a beautiful day here little wind at the backs of brighton irvine second center it's actually swirling around here there's there too there's not a bright to serve if you're new to the players jesse irvin.

Lee waters and annalee i love when they do that for me and what a nifty little winner from anna bright great placement she didn't need a lot of power the placement worked perfect placement of i even have a shirt with that phrase on there thank you.

Cameron so the two-handed backhands are in all four quadrants on this court today they will dictate who wins today yeah and look for anna bright to throw the first punch she loves to speed up that backhand and she slides immediately for the counter just catches the line.

Hello miss bright she's ready sorry before she's fired up yeah the the just you want to get like what does an intense face need to look like she is number one oh and then out who's getting that one little indecision there yesterday they were going back and forth on which side.

I like ann on the left better just because of the two-handed backhand you mentioned i expect they'll switch to that here and they do again we mentioned just a little wind at their back and it holds it in that's something you're just gonna have to adjust.

One three one second sir that will not trickle over and the waters yesterday started with mama on the left and then quickly moved to anna lee on the left we'll see if they just play it straight up or stick with that here nice finish by jesse and you saw they chose not to.

Unwind the stack there themselves so a lot of chess early here cameron it isn't and i like that it's early on in the match we're settling in and figuring out the patterns of who's going to play which side as you look there what anna bright does so well she.

Doesn't even bring the paddle to her body or behind everything is out in front she's able to counter so quickly and finish those points and it's not something people hit often because they think it's going to kill their partners but if you can hit it at the right speed and the right placement it's very effective.

You got to have variety in your game they certainly have that so irving goes for the big swing from the baseline but a nice start for bright and irving again best of five here up three that's just a really good point from the waters there and mama waters got the fist bumps up early so uh we've been seeing fish.

Not flying at faces but playing in the air today yeah let's hope never missed a turn there and that's the danger when you're playing with waters they win six points in like 48 seconds sometimes just the pace they play at.

Second stage anna bright with the final answer there is mama waters is coming out hot i think they know they need to be a little bit more aggressive especially because anna bryant and jesse even play on so much emotion and when they get louder they play better so silencing them immediately in this first game is.

Going to be key for success you saw just as wicked a two-handed backhand you've got maybe the two best with annalee and anna bright so anna's watching you probably have a good tune or backhand in your body somewhere that's just wide five three.

One denise smith our head referee here and those are paddle tech paddles on the ground cameron and that means we've got a waters timeout they will not take those home with them they use them better than anybody so really nice start for irvin and bright can they keep it going and win game one.

We'll see after this so so all right welcome back beautiful sight beautiful day beautiful pickleball dave fleming with cameron blackwood the.

Pro player and she's on point with this she's played against these ladies she knows what's coming there's no better way to understand what's coming than having faced these ladies yourself so water's call timeout let's see if they can get something going and boy you hate to miss a return after you call timeout.

So momentum not stopped actually adding two here oh and wow jesse irvin just sent a bug into oblivion here and just like complimentary pickleball and bright finishes it off so sorry insects of the world they are.

Focused on everything here as a team just deep and i think we saw the evolution of anna bright's game there when she came out she could hit the ball hard beautifully but you got to be able to reset to play against these ladies and showed it so well in that point second serve.

And the pressure she's putting on lee right now i know she does like to step a couple feet off the line but when you have anna bright's backhand straight up with you you almost need that little bit of time so i'm looking for her though to almost pressure anna maybe take a step in and counter it quicker look at that.

Hustle here's the cal berkeley tennis explosion there shown this is a high level tennis 381 court south carolina gamecock lee waters jesse played at a very high level of tennis herself and then annalee water's not old enough to go to college i think she's doing all right.

Look at this insanity and it is lee waters with the last answer there as they played defense for 20 minutes to finally get to the line she stepped in that's what i was wanting her stepping in asserting the dominance and finishing that last ball great pickleball five one.

Pull within three and that point ball ends up deep and i think there was confusion as anna bright had an overhead and she said you you to give a two-handed more of a swinging volley rather have the overhead if everyone's keys are set that's why we like the word mine yes i think you sometimes creates.

That confusion when you say mine it's your ball to get here we go 782 comebacks have been the name of the game all day and the waters are forging one of their own here and lee waters with a loud let's go over to her daughter.

And anna bright has walked to the chair right in front of us that means one thing cameron timeout has been called so here we go timeouts on both sides eight eight snowmen everywhere in atlanta we'll be right back no way she gets this.

let's go thank you thank you thank you my turn call 9-1-1 hey uh katie could you pass me the creamer why don't you just come into the kitchen.

And get the creamer i can't i can't come in the kitchen sure you can no i really can't you can come into the kitchen as long as you don't hit the ball out of the air all right that's why stay out of kitchens all right we want it epic we're getting.

It so far here jessie irvin i think was like that's out but let one go earlier that stayed in and no she needs to punch down on that and it comes up short there and just out of nowhere we got a game point anna just needs to regroup right now.

I think there's a little confusion coming into the front jesse went to go in front of anna bright and the most violent one-handed backhand volley in the game is coming through at a most opportune moment one game point save to get the ball back.

Oh and bad luck there off the tape i think is jessie all right she seems to be okay the other interesting thing here is they've decided at this point in time to switch sides and put jesse irvine on the left and a beautiful setup daughter giving her mom a late mother's.

Day present there game point number two and that returned so deep so break and irving in complete control earlier in this game and then it is the waters that call timeout and they find their best stuff so game one of this best of five.

Is all about the h2o the pro xr pickleball paddle answers the agent question of how to get paddle speed and control with the same paddle and one grip and this is it pro xr gives you more spin greater control and quicker reloads on every.

Shot in the game because you always have that constant feel for that leverage and control and paddle speed that we're all looking for pro xr is the most revolutionary technology in pickleball you don't get the moments everyone talks about without the moments no one sees early morning practice.

Late night drills running it over and over you don't get the crowd without the quiet everyone sees the glory the medal the podium but every winning shot starts right here paddle tech.

Let's go again a lot of us missed hit the ball i know i missed hit the ball a lot um all right what's up everybody dave fleming here with cameron blackwood and.

Uh what a comeback from the waters here we have a beautiful vantage point of this center gordon right need to find their best jesse irvin to serve here we go and that is the last thing they needed was a net cord that sets up.

The waters for an easy point they do go back to their original plan which we talked about off air you were recommending why did you think that's the right thing to do i like the matchup of anna bright up in front of lee waters i think it's a good look i think it's a good fit for both of.

Them and it gets anna bright little bit more confidence that i think she's lacking right now once she gets settled back in look for them to take this game too they're not done fighting no of course not and then uh hello lee waters what an angle is that nice see how she pronates the wrist and puts.

One into the dj booth those are usually out that was nice like to see a little bit more emotion from anna bryant jesse irvin i know they need that point yeah but they need to create it in order to get that energy and get the momentum back on their side like and it is lee waters who is forcing the.

Pace and she'll she'll attack from anywhere and be ready for the counter and she set it up well she took a step back knew she was going to hit the speed up slid immediately and finished again with the forehand that's that knowing what that second shot is going gonna be and that is beautifully rolled into the.

Corner and it is lee waters star of the show right now that off baseball is so hard to read and so effective inside out so that was all about lee waters couple misses from analy actually get the ball back for irvin and bright and irvin has seen enough and sometimes when you want a shadow meaning you want.

To put yourself in front of somebody in that arrangement breit was not in front of lee waters because she had been playing the left so now they've got that shadow see if they stay with that point i like it i think that's where they need to stay as far as the game plan goes in the.

Strategy one four one flash the fake ernie there she catches the line lee waters got the ball she was expecting just punched it deep 2-4-1 and so now they're going to switch out of this so watch this okay this is.

Chestnut checkers so back and forth with the strategy here cameron oh and that ball kisses the tape and goes wide so court position changes all over the place here four two one i was ready to just absolutely clobber.

It but mom get that two-hander out of there that's beautiful when you're playing the waters your patterns have to be on point the strategy you can't think twice about it and i think in that first game and starting the second game they were second guessing their shots they're.

Second guessing their strategy are we gonna play straight up are we gonna are you gonna come over and stack and i think settling in right now i'm seeing a little bit more calmness with them picking their spots a little bit better being more relaxed and then picking their moments just like anna bright taking a little bit off seeing it sing.

The waters part ways and then finish that fall down the middle it is sunday so waters can be parted and there's a little emotion that you were calling for as well cameron so and the minute they hear that emotion it's like it's ringing in their ears and the water's like we aren't letting that get going so.

And they can't quick timeout paddle tech paddles on the ground we'll be right back up and down back and forth here in peachtree city my name is catherine parento and i've been playing pickleball for almost six.

Years i travel a lot uh to play in tournaments i'm always on planes and i see a lot of people when i travel i need to make sure that i stay healthy i need to support my immune system so that's the reason why i use the pureway c plus dave fleming back here with cameron.

Blackwood and again this has been a day of runs we saw the john's boys come back from a 10-1 hole we saw emily waters in her singles match go way ahead get behind come back here we go again great start for the waters now bright and irvine have tied it up it just shows how much chemistry is key.

441. a lot of times it's not about playing the ball it's about finding that right chemistry and that movement within the team that creates confusion or chaos on the other side where you can create those runs and that's what you're seeing with the waters good return coming out of the timeout let's see if they get a second one.

Just deep so definitely went for it 542 and a brightest second only to dylan frazier and number of paddle rotations on the spin before she serves it and two missed returns so they hit a great one to start and then two misses so.

They will take all the gifts available wind is definitely swirling around a bit too the ball that was going to hit the pro xr pickleball sign there but uh we'll never know it's great placement when you're going to hit that speed up always go forehand side shoulder chest hip creates a pop-up almost every time.

Just like that right to the shoulder it jams them if you hit the backhand side you can counter easily but on that forehand side it jams every time five six one so the cross court attack again effective for lee waters now in the lead lurking in the middle and that's the dangerous area here for bright and.

Irving in the middle they don't play this way and they get a miss i love that setup though when you see your opponent both of them almost on one side of the court you want to keep the other one honest it doesn't need to be anything hard i would have just liked a nice punch or a nice roll to the outside.

Comes out firing that was a ball that anna lee waters would have loved but the anna v and it goes to bright there 662 just rope fast there from the waters the movement is just so fluid and when you train with someone every day and your family of course you just have that sense of comfortability and it shows on the court.

In every point they play good fight from bright there to keep it alive and then that's usually the no-go zone there but uh just hits the top of the tape so six seven one waters creep in front they got game one in their pocket second serve right goes inside out with.

The big swing there highest part of the net unfortunately for her phenomenal scrap there and they do get a mistake after all that defense 77 772 yes sir inside out.

That wind almost held that in because that was a big swing a little bit a little more cloud cover than earlier in the week and anna lee waters is questioning why on earth did i do that because that ball would have sat up off the bounce 772.

And that unfortunately for her carried over into the serve so ball back no harm done seven seven that's pretty from anna bright exactly what she was needing to do seeing the creep in by there getting a nice high ball not doing much just flicking the.

Wrist back behind annalee waters yeah when she's straddling the tea or worse just put it over there with a little pace use her pace well done and a bright 872. oh that set off by when i said oh dear.

Because the third was so high it was like a 303rd there but uh they almost scrapped their way back to the kitchen line that's nice so you can do that shot with the two-hander if the ball's high enough right just roll that left hand over creating that roll right behind your opponent.

and all that defense pays off again with the wind swirling a couple of those just didn't travel far enough for the waters to tattoo them and what i like is that both teams do so well as they take their time in that transition zone some people think you have to hit one to two shots and rush the kitchen don't hurry.

Up to lose the point take your time hit maybe three four seven eight shots then get up to the kitchen work the point and get that finishing ball yeah we hear about third shot drop there's nothing wrong with 13th shot drop there's not and and that's how pickleball is evolving right you can take your time you can create.

From the transition zone now absolutely listen up people cameron's spitting the truth that's that two-handed backhand when the ball goes off the tape you gotta get two things to the right spot the wind held it right there so it is the waters now calling time out again so.

We wanted drama we wanted a tight match and we are getting it we'll be right back i felt like i had to always drink water over and over but i still felt a little bit dizzy by the end of the day but once i tried to incorporate more electrolytes in my daily life it really helped me out my favorite thing about the pickleball.

Cocktail is the flavor it tastes great i drink the pickleball cocktail every morning to make sure that i stay hydrated throughout the whole day it's important to drink first thing in the morning if you wait until you play you're usually too late you start feeling dehydrated when it comes to hydration don't wait before it's too.

Late one two three all right welcome back everybody what a match we have going on here dave fleming with cameron blackwood and up and back we go who is going to get to.

The end the waters got game one this is game two time nine seven two and they get a mistake from lee waters who can't believe it says wow and a game point for brighton irvin 10 17. yes to five today and lee waters pulls that wide so a couple of mistakes from lee at the end.

Of game number two and we will play at least four here today irvin and bright were dangling on a 2-0 hole in the middle of that game but they were able to pull it together game three will be pivotal who will take a 2-1 lead.

We'll find out we are invited bringing people together since 1957. we are the largest owner of pickleball courts nationwide with 973 courts across the country our members enjoy an incredible lifestyle beyond the courts with 3 906 holes of championship golf across the country exquisite dining.

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Have more time for what matters most all right welcome back everybody one game on each side here cameron what do you expect to see in game three i think both teams are now settled in they can adjust quickly i still like the matchup of anna bright in front of lee waters i think now they're reading each other's games a little bit more i'm.

Looking for something to change um go behind anna lee a little bit more maybe a little bit harder push jesse off the line see who's going to get the lead here quickly it seems to be whoever gets the the lead right at the start is taking the game so here we go.

Second one now you always hope those even out jesse engaged focused ambitious zero zero one point what i get by jesse irvin there well they were defending like crazy and.

Get a miss i think enterprise might look like it was going up from our angle finally hit again out on her end yes a big swing by lee waters catches the net again it's that off-pace ball that sometimes.

Is the most rewarding that you get and then you have the other team thinking is it going to be a speed up is it going to be a role is it going to be a dink just changing up that pace creates so much confusion on the other side just like that right off the bat she followed in her mom's footsteps knowing hey that was the best ball to hit that.

Off speed really created the confusion let's try it again and uh while that's going on this is when the waters do not need a technical issue with the referee but that's what's going on off camera right now quickly fixed they want to race to the line and play race to the line and play we just hit some beautiful balls.

Let's keep this going one zero one am i coming to the middle of my knot and then that gets her a ball and it creates just like jesse did she almost flew off the line for a counter and it was that off-pace ball versus sitting in and countering it right there.

Jessie irvin has great hands it keeps the ball keeps her paddle way on front of her to finish something like that but because of the change of pace the waters are now creating we now have brian irvin unsure of themselves for that next shot inside out a little half roll there from ely waters.

Comes up short so they do get the lead to start game number three second star good take from amanda bright just got to make it cool and laney and jessie irving walks immediately to the left side of the court there was a message there michael papira and lainie hassell wow.

Floor is lava and it's anna bright who finishes one two two waters shoulders slumped on that like come on for italy not even be able to get it you know that was the perfect rollover breitner will happily accept.

Unbelievable get by lee waters and now that it's like a hockey goalie being screamed there i don't know how she saw that ball come through her daughter but maybe she's used to that at home go with the lobster again second sir.

Yeah people like why would she hit a serve so short and slow just don't be predictable and make it especially with the wind too when you hit that lobster you make your opponents then have to create the pace and create the movement of the ball so sometimes when you're hitting just a nice hard easy serve it's a nice pace.

For them to then create the point right off the bat so i like the change of pace i'm also surprised that we haven't seen a lob yet because it's now a key shot in pickleball and it's a third shot law the law from the kitchen.

Line um but i think that's just due to the wind but i would like to see if it settles down that change of pace and a nice ball from lee waters because she has a beautiful lot that she can throw in and you certainly saw anna bright come flying in there and take over that last point so that'll give her confidence.

And lee water stepping away and trying to find her game here and a very elongated high-pitched note of hannah right there as she just got everything she wanted and it's now trying out for the voice in the middle of a match here four two two.

And that ball eats up lee waters and a lot of talking hidden behind the paddle on that side there there's the note from anna bright nice job from the truck and the waters go ahead guys what emily waters does so well is if lee misses a shot maybe here there she has the.

Capability and the shots to just take over the point take over the match as you saw just there great gut having a couple of problems with that forehand running around it and backing off and what a gut by jesse irvin though that's a really good angle from lee waters.

And that goes just wide out irvin and bright now walking with some pep in their step again five two one they were down early they've got five in a row in this run second that's just too good down into the a6 5 2 2.

Point another forehand mistake from lee waters she seems a little frustrated as you said annelie waters trying to pump up her mom good look at jesse irvin always goes through the routine of bouncing the ball a few times to be set for a point everybody has their little routine it's like oh anna you had a shot at that.

That's what lee waters needed get out of her funk she needed a point let's see if they can get something going with the ball back yeah you talked about being under control coming in emily waters usually is but uh racing in after a good punch volley from right there.

and a big swing and the hands in the air from lee water so she's trying to find it and now she just tosses the paddle down in disgust so water's a little frustrated anna bright and jesse irvin looking to get to the finish here in game number.

Three dorothy i really think you'd like the magnesium perfect i'd be happy to get that shipped out to you today thanks dorothy you too come on does he do that every time every.

Time happy birthday matt oh thanks lucy oh wow and another one oh you shouldn't have i have one more surprise for you okay ah come on.

I love it babe all right welcome back everybody the water's a little uneasy the waters are rough right now can they get that smoothed out they certainly have many times in the past mess-ups there let's take a time out let's reset we have a game plan that is.

Successful let's get back to it serve off the tape here on the ppa means we will redo it as long as it clears the kitchen and not what they wanted there seven two.

And one bright sprints back to serve now and a bunch of balls off the tape and banana bright fire power and fiery personality is coming right now do not look for it to go anywhere it's only going to get louder yes still got some america's got talent auditions for her later in the show.

922 down the line from jessie irvin great movement i was hoping that's exactly what she was doing she's fondly out wide lay out wide then you see annalee water start to creep in start to cover for her mom leaves the line wide open.

Impressive display there there's a good look at anna brighton we got a game point here in game three so they get a stop we saw a 10-1 comeback in the men's match so 10-2 you're one one spot closer but that is a mighty mountain they're not afraid to climb it that's.

For sure they're not they've got all their their gear 3 10 1. there's another carabiner right there for the mountain climb so uh lee riders trying to get the crowd behind her after she hits a winner she knows she has not had her game where she would like it to.

Be but it will come back oh and then ball off the tape sorry in record time from anna bright and we're gonna keep playing 4 10 2. does just that second chance of the game right here 10-4-1.

And a nice little earning from flea waters cameron i liked it she pinned jessie irvin back in the back and they almost suffocated her you saw annalee and her mom come over i really liked that play yeah they were only playing 10 feet according that one worked out and there she goes again.

So three game points saved great rally here and anna lee coming over makes you want to put a ball over there which gets her more involved and then comes back blue waters didn't know where to go.

Our formation paying off so brilliant pickleball from annaleigh waters will we see another crazy comeback it is starting the mountain is high but the munitions are gathered i think it's 120 milligrams let me check.

On that really quick it's 125. oh it's 125 milligrams ups or fedex for this one fedex they deliver on saturday it's three minutes on high it's pound then the number orange evokes energy and vitality black shell soft how does he know all this stuff strength.

That's awesome unknowns things that are unclear we need to we need to dive into the yellow all right welcome back the mountain is still significant but a timeout immediately called from irvin and bright.

Making sure everything's right denise smith is our lead referee 4-10-1 second second first drive a little high puts the whole operation in a bad position 5-10-2 waters has been instructed by herself to straddle the tea and get everything it's.

Working out it just over rips that third so try number four second serve and that's what she does she's sliding left she taught you to go behind her got to keep it inside five.

Game points here here's the fifth uh oh careful careful on a couple of attackable balls and anna bright has a great look at this one cameron what i like there is you could see emily lurking i want to finish this while i want to speed it up and it just wasn't.

The right time and the patience she has and the knowledge on the court is just absolutely incredible i'm gonna keep you honest says jesse irvin okay you go ahead and crawl over there what a great ball that was gotta go on two deficits still four and she's luring them into the trap is it open over there maybe it is maybe it.

Isn't it's not she wants the point on her paddle and now they're to eight and you can feel it they've called one time out will they call another one they choose not to here a ten-two a hole comes up short so anna lee missed a.

Drive on the last opportunity and a drop their sixth game point here i would like them to go back to their original game plan where they were able to get so many points is pressuringly and waiting for that pop-up and lee waters hangs in there waters finishes.

Will it be lucky seven cameron they hope so yeah for sure oh lobster i like that it wide come back sunday continues can they get all the way there 8 10 1.

Okay so this ball oh that's close yes all right so they choose to challenge so here we go what a pivotal challenge this is denise smith our lead referee first but the video referee is the key to this and it's kathy postal wait who is going.

To check this out and see wow 9 10 1 o