Foreign welcome to to pickleball and beyond my name is Ryan my name is vino and today we’re taking a look at some paddles from pickle some of my first thoughts on these paddles is they’re all very different as.

Far as the grip the price point all totally different so starting with the launch series that’s their 65 paddle um the power series very thin that is their 90 paddle and the pickle Pro Series I believe is 120 or 125 later on that price point so starting with the launch series that was my favorite paddle out of the bunch so.

If you want to give us some of your first thoughts on that pedal I was really surprised for a 60 paddle yep 65 65 paddle um it really performed well I mean um it had good control it had good power it had Fairly okay spin yeah the spin on it was over but I mean it’s it’s not your high level but it seemed to have.

Just given you everything and doing stuff really well um I really want to like this panel a little bit more um it’s it’s the elongated shape yeah but um I don’t know I really enjoyed this panel yeah that one definitely I it’s funny is for the cheapest price it has the nicest grip out of all three yes.

Yes the grip on this was really nice I’m not really a big fan of this grip I actually kind of like I still prefer the Acura but I actually did enjoy it very personally so that’s okay on this one we um both don’t enjoy the little Ridge that’s another person but again first and all this thing but I really enjoyed how this performed um especially control.

Wise I think I got the same amount of control from both of these puddles really yes I’d say they’re pretty I think I got a touch more with this one like that one for the price point that one was a surprise on the control part but that was the best part of what would you say about resets on both of these resets I’d say were both.

Decent not bad yeah because yeah just I was right about that but um I was able to reset with this battle yeah which I I did not expect to be able to just you know reset decently well I mean um when you did the speed UPS you did not generate that amount of power yeah but again like I mean it it really did well yeah um so then in the control category.

Going to the power Series yeah this one’s definitely lacking in the control it’s yes um we’re hot it’s extremely hot where this one shines is I mean it’s called the power series for a reason if you want if you get a good smash this thing I mean yeah it reminds me of what the prokinetics uh Spade where you know it’s.

Just that super thin I mean if you hit it it it’ll fly really hard but you’re sacrificing a lot of control on this battle and and resetting with that was very hard yeah uh when anyone’s driving and you were right there the non-body Zone it was just flying off of it but anyone looking for like a cheaper entry-level edgeless battle yeah.

Definitely worth having a look yeah it it does all of that yeah because there’s not a lot actually that you see that are that really thin power oriented panel so yes if you’re really on a budget yeah then yeah if you’re definitely looking at Power Players that that’s what’s suited for yeah and I was like surprised because when I started I used to play.

With uh um a wooden paddle it almost felt like a plastic wooden paddle like you had that same amount of power and shot through control and everything like that let’s end up with this how do you like the power on this oh the power on this paddle it’s it’s okay I mean you know the shape helps get the hammer effect.

That it’s longer um but nothing over the ties it’s average yeah adaptability finally so it’s a little different for every paddle so starting with the launch series that one you know it’s a pretty well-rounded paddle actually so that one it wasn’t too bad for me to jump into Power series would.

Definitely take you know coming from a 16 millimeter control player that was very difficult to get used to but the pickle Pro it was not too bad to get used to just a little bit um I do like elongated paddles on the handle on it’s a little shorter than I’d like I have to say uh the the spin on that was a little bit more pronounced than yes.

Yes that definitely surprised it did surprise you with a little bit of that extra Spin and that grittiness played to that this definitely has more texture than both of these paddles so yes the power series and the launch both don’t generate much spin I’d say this gets a little more spin than the power but but this actually does get a fair amount yes.

I was I was I was very surprised amount of spin that you got um we were excited to demo these pedals anyone that wants to try these um in the Minnesota area feel free to reach out to us uh again shout out to chip shots for Lending us this facility to record thank you thank you very much
Join Vino & Ryan as they share their impressions and review on the PCKL Series. PCKL has come up with 3 very different paddles that play very differently. It was fun to test these out – thank you @pckl again a huge shoutout to @chipshotsmn for their awesome venue!

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