And that is a pedal I use the pursuit is a pedal I use I like the paddle I like to spin off the face and it's comfortable and it has good touch now what I saw from you yesterday there's a couple things I want to go over first okay so and I'm glad we have to take the support over more stuff usually I do one or two yeah so we'll do a couple things.

Here this is the Baseline yeah so you're at the Baseline here when you serve and when you return serve right you want to work your way up to the kitchen you want to work your way up you don't run up you have to get balls in the kitchen that are not attackable so you can work up okay about that are not attackable yeah so and I'll show you.

What those are but I'm going to explain it and show you okay so then once you get into here this is called transition you have to transition from here to the kitchen line that's your goal now you have to put that ball in the kitchen so they can't attack It Low I would still call it playing the football game on the ground.

Playing the ground if it's in the air everybody can attack exactly you want it in the kitchen in the kitchen until you're here and then you're keeping it on the ground until they pop up to you um you have a shot you can take and what it is called when he's way back and forth between the two players off well it depends on what it is if you're.

Dinking or volleying or you know so it's battling it's in the air but remember yeah we don't want that right so now in order to be able to work through here you have to be able to put the ball in the ground up there right absolutely so that's a big key for us so what I want to see what we have to do here and once we hear once we're here I saw you.

Working on deep ground strokes because you want to return serves you want to get the boss back deep but I saw a ton of your body going in right right so when I hit a ball we're gonna work through this but when you hit a ball from the Baseline and you hit up you when you when you're.

Driving through a ball you do this you can get all the way to the back easy right and if I hit with pace and get all the way to the back without really moving much and you're bigger than me you're longer than me which is more important so you should be able to just see it's smooth right so one thing we.

Talk about do that again I want you to do it right in front of the camera stand there do it again see how you whip your wrist back there's no wristing it is this so your wrist to start here today your risk cannot do this.

It could only do this only this we cannot do this okay if you get it overhead yes if you're gonna bother you can slap sideways at some point in your game but no to start your fundamental clean stroke it's gonna be a stroke where you are because this stroke lives in all of your shots right so if the.

Ball comes back if I want to drop it hard wrist drop it you need that shot you need to be walking into this shot take a step and then you're here and then when you get another ball you put in the kitchen and then you're here that's your job that's your job that's what you have to be able to do I will tell you all the.

Way up to Pro it's very difficult okay so you have to drill this ball and then you see I just did him dropped them and did them if you're by yourself drop them into them if a ball machine drop them into them if you have a partner you drill this well I call them a two minute drills we start to drill this for two minutes boom continuously for two.

Minutes until you start to get it in your hand okay so that's the thing now another thing is you muscle through shots right when you swing so you're using this you're not you've swing from your toes to your eyeballs that's this one so if we imitates you what's nice because you're left and I'm.

Ready so stand in front of me okay so if I'm like this and I'm a mirror I'm trying to see I'm showing you my left shoulder and then I'm coming back to here only not here if you don't open up that shoulder okay it stays closed right and then you step with your with your you can step with the other that foot yep and then turn it.

So that's what you need to hit the shot so you're here I'm here and I'm boom yeah you need that so that's what we got to start so we start with that nice clean forehand because that forehand is going to be everywhere okay so let's go to the Baseline I'm.

Going to feed you some balls and I want you to be the thing about it here it's a big I want to make sure I get you in this shot think smooth don't think strong okay think being hitting a smooth shot not a hard shot okay so and keep in mind you want to stay balanced so you have to get to the ball.

Stop set and swing okay so I'm going to feed it okay so see how you jerk through it smooth be smooth almost okay just like this just like this yeah yeah just like that nice and easy and I want you to have your head on the ball nice and easy right around.

Two except see how you're closing the door real hard this is your arm working here okay this is like you're a mannequin from here up stays clean and then finished take me don't close your arm here okay okay because you want to have like a little bit of space like there's like.

You're holding a baby okay so you so you're here and then around okay close that hand wash your hand watch the hand better getting better small step small step stay closed there it is see how you you get okay so I'm correcting every little thing and you'll have it I want you.

About 18 inches apart no further okay as you get out here now okay so let's talk about when you when you did to self-defense you do like hand-to-hand combat like fighting and boxing yeah so when you bop so for here I'm standing here if you hit me with the right hook right right if you hit me with the right hook.

You're not gonna move right you're going to generate everything from here exactly you're not going to go like this no because you lose all your power you lose all your base of power so if you're here and I Duff you have me you wanna hit it right uppercut you go like this you don't go right so as you hit these balls keep those feet like that like.

You're boxing boom keep them clean and small because that's how you generate clean efficient power you never tear your rotator cuff you never hurt your wrist you don't get tennis elbow because you relax the hand hands got to be relaxed so you're standing boom that's the shot that's the shot stand here yep there it.

Is now you got to catch the spot see how that pedal's tilted that's it correct that's the correct respond but this is a flashlight where's the ball go swing again boom and then come up and around twist that wrist the other way hold your wrist right like you'd open it.

Okay yeah good now I did it so put your fist out I'll show you okay put your fist out for me so I hold it boom so I'm going through so you put your fist here I'm going to go through your fist push it and then I'm going to go over so you go through two balls and over so when you look at it like this.

It's through and over yeah so now you just do an arm now turn your body turn your hips yes turn your hips yes turn them now look at this now if your paddle face is here it should be up here don't change that grid okay so Continental put your hand like this.

Put your left hand like this don't go like this that's your grip wow soft don't squeeze it I'm gonna squeeze it into it yeah don't because you you're losing power yeah I didn't even realize and you're generating what you call that Tennyson and golf elbow no easy easy.

It's all hips and that's how you generate power it's all hips so you start to get smoother and smoother and smoother but you have to do it you're going to be tight in the beginning like that and then you start smoothing out because these big steps you got to make them stay close get close boom.

Get right in there right in there right in there so come closer come closer to transition I want to really work on the stroke I'm gonna feed you here we go that's it that's it smaller stretch smaller step get in close yes right do it again watch the ball yeah see how hard that is because your muscle through.

Smooth smooth through finish up finish up yes see where your paddle is up here so when we finish we finish here we catch the pedal and be ready for the next okay so catch that paddle in your right hand now we're talking okay Small Step Go sorry.

Don't speed so hard easy yeah there it is yep now you're closing these yeah brush the ball if ready brush it see how much power yeah how much juice small step clean straight across yes okay again watch that straight through the ball.

Straight through yeah you're gonna they're both in a trajectory right so you want to go through that trajectory then up okay push straight through enough you smooth okay right there yeah.

And overstepping over swinging because now you feel the tension of the distance okay there is no distance okay there's two things there's no distance there's no net okay no distance no net because there's when you look at how our game is played if you played any other sport right no matter what the sport is there's a Target.

If you're a linebacker that's a running back yeah your quarterback that's a wide receiver it's always if you're baseball player there's a gap you can hit through this is the strike zone of your pitcher there's always a a locational Target the catcher moves his glove because he gives you a Target right there is no.

Target the only target you have is the net except people hit the net because this is what you see right right or you pick a distance or you try to get distance right you don't try to get distance that's all back here in your lizard brain it'll come to you okay okay don't think distance think.

Precise clean stroke okay step back small remember you step in small let's step in that's good here yes yes again here look now make sure you finish up finish up okay yep again small step in boom yes straight across straight across step in straight across and up straight across enough so.

Ghost one show me a ghost so so see how far back you go not that far back here show me your shoulder back just hold you right now my wrist is still here right you can open it up the thing is once you open you have to open it for you right exactly so it stays open okay.

Does that make sense yeah but and if you want to hit them off hard like a straight you go straight and it stays straight that's kind of a push but here I'm teaching you that different ground stroke okay so take it think about this for a second when you when you're turning I for now.

Hold your right hand on the path so you have both right yeah keep your right hand pedal turn right now let go and then hit and catch it with your left hand again you're going to terminate your heart with the pedal boom that's how you do it the ball up in the.

Air back here that step puts me back there that's a big thing here so you're up you're here and I'm ready to paddle up ready to go okay because it's gonna be it's a fast game yep yep so here we go step in your right hand on as long as you can.

Okay turn turn again no no just let it go to hit oh let it go keep your hand here like that just like that let it go to hit and catch it again okay you have to engage your whole body yeah no yes yes okay yes okay and be on your toes you're on your heels oh okay be on your toes everything yeah there it is there it is okay 502's got.

To be a little smoother okay follow through it's got to be yes so you're going down whatever plane you're on I know this is a ton of information but you're going to watch the video yeah I am I would never do this in a single lesson what we're doing now okay because it's a ton of stuff.

Okay I'm watching it yeah and now I'm gonna stop doing it this is the last thing we talk about this okay so what I need from you is to come to the net all the way to the net all the way here now I want your hands right here like this you take that paddle we're going to.

Marry each other ready go like this you might see your blade by blade head there it is so now so now this is what we're gonna do act like you've got a golf ball under here hand out cool yeah so have your hand out have your hand no no have your hand out like that.

Now we're just gonna do this catch it in your left hand okay yeah perfect do you see you close the door that way yeah you're going to want to close it towards me we're gonna pick up and this is what we're going to reason I do this little net then it's because you have to be out front and out front is everything and this.

Stroke here is just a part of this drill we are creating one long stroke and from that stroke you're going to parse out a million because you can have this stroke just part of History but you want this one first because this one's one you're going to use where you can really put the quality because when you do that ball you can put it short.

Same exact thing even longer it's the same stroke do we have to work on so let's pick up we got tubes we'll pick up we'll start again there's anything that doesn't make sense to you or anything that you think hey I want to go through this differently let's do that because I want you to have all these no I just want to make sure.

That my uh my my position the body thing the body yeah position it myself so the big Okay so your footwork has to be very clean and very compact if you step out you lose your balance you lose control you have to stay here so your feet are bounced that's huge for.

You because you step big and on your toe heels and you have no balance and it's harder for you to make good time that's the first thing that's the thing that we have to take away number one okay foreign foreign so now we're up at the net.

So now we're up at the net we're gonna so what I want to do is I'll have you face me this way so you can see yourself did she play no did she she don't know come up to the come up to the net again we're just gonna do this drill kit all the way close to the neck get your hand out in front of me yes so now you're out front and that's a great position to be.

In and that's exactly right so why don't we just want to hand feed you now keep in mind don't change that grip you keep changing okay because you need to have both all right so it's like this here right yeah okay go like this with the paddle show me enough now you have a good backing squish that back.

It's fine okay okay straight okay okay straight you're not what you need now see how close you are to your body pretend you're holding a honeydew melon it's got to be out here okay that's why I want you add the neck with your pedal in front so we can do this now touch it for him let's go point at me yes yes now.

Again see that watch that ball yes again again a little bit let's go push yes look at that right there good excellent good again good okay now take two steps back same thing same thing there it is good.

See how you spread out slide you slide left to right slide boom yeah go yes yeah that's it come on that's the shot that is a shot with Thompson that has a shape that falls down nowhere none whatsoever and this is the game you have to play this is how you win games so now no.

Matter where the ball is you have to be ready like you are when that ball goes there paddle back the paddle's ready first then you move like this boom okay so stay guys get back to the middle now the ball goes up slide that's it okay back go back get slide.

Stop yeah you see you have to be ready that ball this is where you have to be when that ball bounces on the ground okay they call it being ready on the bounds so you know where it's going go get it stop ready do your hands back leg nice shot Nice Shot just like above the net okay.

See so that's why come back up to the net gotta get it back in your hands again now now you see it you push it away right yeah and out front hand out front there's a there's it that's right yeah okay yeah like that like that see how that is right there right there okay.

Yeah so you can see it okay earlier reaction because you're looking at me yeah here okay that's what you got to do so you got to get through the bus this one's in the air yes again Watch The Lean watch the lead you spreading out your legs are going like this yeah oh that's right okay so.

Keep them close okay do you ever see those bands they have that they tie your ankles together yeah do you have any of those I gotta get them I'll get them on Amazon no because I I have them okay and I use them to do this games in them because I couldn't be too spread up now you can spread out what.

You can okay like I have guys like Amanda she plays like this yeah because she does yeah she was like feel happy player and this is how they were raised she has no problem playing like right you go off balance I do so the problem is that I would never tell someone hey you have to be close in if you play better out cheap I'm telling you she's.

Like this and there are players who are like this and there are players who are like this but you cannot be upbound okay so I don't care what it is you can't be upbound so now watch my paddle face okay that's right now when you miss like that you.

'll wait you're going like this and you're looking at your target already oh look at that ball spin it up okay it's all eyes that's all I yeah that was man because you're looking at something else right yeah bam yeah I'm watching the ball Z so you have to your paddle follows the.

Ball that's right you can eat five balls over here your paddle is ready come front though out front right let's go it's got to be out front here we go so you're not in the in the line of the ball watch the line go in the line better go on a line and push it straight in that line.

Oh the line the line the line of the ball the line of the ball so the ball's gonna travel in the trajectory it's going to be like that's nothing like this this content is a very short period of time so their averages are much lower when they have money.

Watch it yeah yeah you see that now that wrist up yeah you still want the same struggle okay punching boom yeah yeah that's it so you have to move to get to that struggle go get it go through enough yes through enough yes throw it up yes a little bit more.

Now let me see a bad thing because I think you're switching ribs yep you are switching grips okay make sure you stay like this okay you're missing the ball you know I am because you're looking at me okay watch it yes now watch it hit again stay focused watch it move move yeah.

Yeah just be very active same game same game watch here we go yeah that's why okay cool so the reason your hands out front hands out front Blossom like this so when I stand here my hands in the kitchen right and you pull you're holding that thing with the death grip.

But you also awesome so here we are I'm left hand I'll be with you right okay same thing now I'm here this boss here I'm sitting down welcome and I'm pushing it up and then I definitely I'm giving you all four hands right right so I want to see yeah to get it up.

Here you're catching it in front remember and right here I'm gonna keep doing that that's right we're going to keep doing that this is something I gotta keep doing yeah yeah because what I'm trying to get you to do is approach the ball right.

Through right right in any case where I went crushing so say for example the balls are the lines if you travel on that line it's traveling like this like you know how the planets have that sort of Revolution so it looks like the same ball Comes Here Comes Here comes here right right when you hit that ball.

I like the way you did that you have to hit through two balls right two of these balls and then up so now if you're in the contact Zone and then up but not this way yes so here we go get on your toes shroud chest so your eye and you're pushing up yeah.

Don't change that grip change the group yeah you'll get it the reason you're doing this move your feet are stuck in the ground okay so we're here I move a little all the time every ball I'm gonna move to be able to watch I got it.

We watch that paddle ball paddle ball pad straight that's still too high yeah I'm trying to make the record we'll go straight yeah yeah so it's a paddling now you get to the ball nice so we just it's okay you're missing because you're letting it get too close to you.

Gotta be out front out front up front wait so think about this keep this out yeah keep it like not so locked out so I'm short and I have short arms so if I'm out here for my body to this thing's about 40 14 8 to 15 inches to be out this far so when you the reason you miss a lot you think about.

Your vision this is much better exactly right here okay that's what the net is for that's when I put you in front of the neck you never miss you never miss because you've seen it.

Coming everything's coming you see me you see everything think about okay so think about that thing and you get them right on the line and you hit it here you see everything you see the top ball you see the paddle you don't have to come in now.

And these are the things you are here and you're able to have like less stroke here you have these big Strokes here and that's all you need small clean stroke so those are big big differences right okay so you want to make sure we get a good angle on you so.

As we do this right step back it wasn't bad I'd like you to keep this ball okay yes what's wrong with that yeah I just thought I had to be straight to you no you well it's you're keeping it lower which is better yeah no no no no this is you happy you.

Have to see a million bucks man here we go okay oh man that's pretty good though yes get better because now we're working on working through this and I was like I was actually thinking keep the pot in the front keep it in front good yeah good you're gonna have to think it yes.

And then just it deposit itself exactly okay I'm hitting it because it makes a big difference it does man you're right man you got I got confused with um right yeah I was told to step in on a certain swing yeah so.

Now I'm thinking like I'm listening to you I'm gonna watch the video and I'm gonna be practicing also well when you're back here anything back here you have to step you should step in okay oh when you get up front you can't step in so that's the thing like it is a well you are at your Baseline.

Okay that's 100 right okay and that's sort of I was watching that and I wanted to make your Strokes smaller because I saw you play too and you looking at my size when I saw you play games right oh I saw you I just know that that's good you were back there and I was watching that's cool.

Because then we had talked y'all just watch people play so I can sort of have something okay and I see you live in the air okay a lot of balls High yeah uh and your balance was really off yeah so what you're doing think about me and Amanda that I really like is that we approach we will approach the same issue.

In a different way but we're saying sort of the same thing and that's why we both have a lot of students because sometimes we have car cross-pollination all the time because we sort of go through it together and to clean up each other's stuff okay you're doing this because people have to practice they do so you can't just be like oh here I'll see you.

Next week some people yeah come a couple times and I don't want to be a jerk about it like oh you've got to pay me to do it but I don't care like I packed all the time put it out there you'll get 50 people who say they want to practice with you yeah okay I see you at nine o'clock it's like chirp chirp nobody wants to see it.

Play and that's great because this is a playing game but you want to advance yeah you need to practice exactly it's different so so now let's get back up with the net because I want to wait just one second see how you're holding the paddle do you like it that way it seems like you naturally go that way.

Often yeah you should stay there okay it also flattens out your pattern okay so you don't have those crazy things you're doing okay plans it out so you can do that okay yeah I'm gonna stay this way yeah so do you like the paddle I'll do it try a different one no I like I like it I like this one it's funny sometimes when you feel them in your hand you sort.

Of God I like it man it's crazy if I go if I go to a skinny one and I get a better result I don't know but I don't like the skinny I think this one my wife loves it I know a lot of people who love it I need the space me too bro on the side I need the space so I like it yeah so here we are front again way up front for you right now this is good so now.

Give me some back hands right how far for everyone see how clean that is oh I'm going back again yeah okay okay that's clean that's what you want now whenever I go to your body whenever I go here it's not that shot 100 of the time see how you see much better shot it's.

Higher quality shot so this is how I practice this too because you have to get your hand out front here to get used to doing this everywhere and that gets used that good clean no shot back against you than before okay but I want to get your point clean okay because this is how you work your ways.

In the kitchen so when you notice what we'll talk about tear back is mostly you've been hit more back beforehands and backhands more forehands exactly bam and then when you get to here it's all a lot more backing on forehand back hands and that's a general rule right because here when I'm.

Here I don't like this shot nearly as much as I like this guy right I like that job better because I'm walking in with my forehand and I'd like people so great Drive hard I don't third shot as well my wife's third shot's great it was a great shot so okay so when when you serve they.

Return to you you have the next shot you pick you up in the third shot back right so we get to work our way up one bounce one bounce boom and that's something everybody else so if I'm working my way in my wife has a better shot that third shot soft drop into the kitchen than I do so return to me I drive right in hard.

So you don't want to return to me return to my wife that's how we sort of work that system up but it's but that will work on later here I want that clean forward Strokes get back together now get back into transition transition right there.

Yep and then now hit that nice clean forehead yes now I want you to turn those feet turn them yep there you go now that's a very small stroke turn give me the whole stroke okay nice and slow turn nice and slow yes now you're turning away yeah a little bit lower right there right there right there.

Yeah much better sound straight at me watch watch you stop watching don't stretch out don't stretch out move oh that's this okay yeah that was the part yeah okay okay so in the body Turner oh at the body wait was that's what I'm making him come towards yeah.

That's perfect yes yes yes that's it so you ready this way coming through the body no no no no no don't criticize that okay don't okay to perfect okay just have to be flat okay don't criticize shots that are on them progressing towards good okay that's progressing towards the goodness okay.

You don't even have to push that back it goes back on intelligence because I hit it so hard okay just yes you like that you know that ball uh hands out hands out too close too close hands out okay here we go yes you're right you're right but you're stretched yeah.

Step in get your body in when that Ball's coming to you why do you need to go out it's coming to me it's coming okay let it stay here okay now I'll give you a couple Four Hands okay okay turn your turn yes yes right now put your palm points towards me oh okay.

Who's that that's right okay that's right okay we we all do it okay if it slows this because you can drive it if it's fast that's his best one okay see that was fast and you had it because you look look oh my bad it's okay go ahead up front keep it up front yes out front yeah it's too close yeah well I saw it.

Too yeah there's good progress there though okay that's good good morning how are you good good good take a lesson with chip yep foreign yeah you have to dry it people don't realize that you could actually dry them.

Play the other day with long pants on yeah yeah that was me so you're new at the game very new you like it I love it it's going to be my thing man when I retire I'm tired next next year how you like it I wish I.

Started playing it 20 years ago that's okay that's why that's what he put it for us so we could if you're 50 and older you can pay 50 and older it's great it's still competitive and you still learn especially got the best teachers because Verano has got one of the best uh in the group in the community Toronto's.

Got the best now do you live here how long I just moved in not too long ago you like do you like it like it you love it it's my retirement home man how about you hello I think July will be two years July two years that's how long Brown's been here no no.

I moved in a year and a half ago July we bought our house we uh be bought it in we put down on it basically we close and in May but we moved in in July this year July this year yeah it's a couple more minutes all right so.

I'm gonna get that machine man one thing I'll say about the bottom jeans before it is you it's a great practice tool probably the one of the best practice tools if you don't have a practice partner don't try to do so you just change your grid yeah yeah don't try to do and I'm.

Having you push here it's not a push it's a deferred and a swing through although that is a shot okay that is not the shot we're working with that's the shot so I just like how you keep the apparel from moving like that's amazing I just gotta keep working on that it is it is a practice skill you know what I mean like I do it I do.

It by myself I do it in the house yeah and I do this and I make sure it bounces bounce because you have to be on your toes right you can't be flexible you can't Optical so when we talk about hitting a go to transition so if you're in transition and you're hitting a good clean forehand stroke right you go step into it hit it.

That's right yes yes see how you just you're trying to baby it over you're looking at trying to get that Target over the net no Target you're talking about a precise stroke we're working on your precise stroke we don't care where anything is nothing here it's just your stroke just.

Take a couple steps back we want a clean stroke step into it boom look how big that big that strap is yeah paddle back first that's a nice stroke paddle back first so see you're way out really get in so when you're here you're here you're here whoa okay.

Get in position and swing through okay get in position you have plenty of time get in position swing through see that paddle's got to be back okay paddle back paddle back see so you're holding the paddle like this okay you're not coming back first thing moves to pattern okay first thing moves the paddle go to your location and you're already ready to.

Swing you have to be ready paddle back first so if your pedals got to go back pedal back that's how you get cleaner paddle back makes a cleaner shot paddle back even on those giant mistakes you make there with a giant wide thing your paddle's ready you've got to get that ball in so.

In our stroke mechanic you can make a mistake until it's a good shot but that paddle great locked and loaded so to speak up go paddle back yes watch that battle paddle back the paddle back so hot hit it low straight.

That's all right that was that was my a bad beat on my part here we go feet wide slash through smooth pedal back it's the sound you want straight and low straight and low okay yeah you had to back up to let it bounce out front everything's out here.

I go back smaller steps paddle back small steps yes paddle back yeah all right small get your feet together so your paddle base is starting to go like this yeah straight through yeah that's right now just do that do that.

Now you went up right don't go you're still trying to get over the net don't try to get over the net okay swing straight through straight through that's it you see how much cleaner that is and how that sounds just straight through straight through straight okay so you go off balance and you've.

Got to work so we see so here this is why when we go through it again the whole day of forehead yeah thank you man so text me your email address
PGA Verano 12/14/2022