You're in the kitchen all right we are back for another kitchen conversation this week we have the hottest name on the tour of pickleball paris todd joining us she is in fuego right now she has won five tournaments in a row she is crushing it across app ppa and mlp holding titles in all of.

Them uh there's no one hotter and before we get going and then bring her on i want to talk about who makes this possible which is wisdom essentials the best cbd products you can get go to to check it out they have the soothe stick which jared and i both swear by i really honestly.

I wouldn't be able to move in the mornings if i didn't rub my sooth stick on my lower back and knees so thank you to wisdom essentials let's get paris todd in the kitchen there she is guys wow i love that intro thank you thank you for that i'll take that yeah well.

It's it's facts i want you to entertain on court paris taught hottest player out there hottest player on tour i love it that's right that's right uh paris you know you've come bursting onto the scenes of pickleball uh taking everybody by surprise where did you come from where what have.

You been doing why how how did this happen came from nowhere i mean i was playing tennis at newport beach at ttc and i saw pickleball and there was a pickleball tournament going on and you know at first tennis players are kind of like what is that it's kind of a joke.

Trying to figure out like okay what is it it's a wiffle ball it's a paddle um and i actually started playing it and some of my friends were playing and i just had such a great time and i was like okay actually i'm not i'm not too bad at this you know at first for tennis players it's like they think it's so easy but it's really not so it took me a.

Little bit of time and i had no intentions of playing tournaments or being competitive with it and it just all kind of made sense after a few months and i was like why don't i just do this and give it a shot and see where it goes so now i guess here i am all right so let's let's rewind this a little bit you mentioned that you're a.

Tennis player you're a serious tennis player let's go way back right you're five years old you get into tennis uh at the age of eight if i understand correctly you go down to voluntary is that right in florida yeah exactly so i actually for my fifth birthday i asked for a tennis racket for my parents and neither of my parents had.

Ever played so they were kind of like a tennis racket what so why why did you ask for a tennis racket was there did you see it on tv did you see someone playing what was the inspiration i can't even remember what i did last week how do you think i'll remember what i did when i was five years old.

It just meant to be it was just the lord i don't know so nice okay so you go down to you were where this is when you're five years old you're living in california yes i was living at california at the time okay so do you make the move to voluntary.

Permanently do you go to florida no so what we did was i started playing from you know five to eight and just in clinics and got a few lessons and just kind of you know played for fun had no intentions of really doing anything with it and then my parents started to say oh you know what she's good at this she likes it let's figure out what are.

The best places to take a kid for tennis to really like develop them and see if she's into it and actually get her into some real training see if she'll be serious about it so they were doing research and they found voluntary academy in florida and we went over there for a few weeks at the time and.

Tried it and i was absolutely addicted to it and i think at the time the schedule was like four to six hours a day that they would put us on court and after the whole training day was done i would ask my dad hey dad i want to go back on the court will you go feed me balls and i'm eight years old so they were like okay like this is it like this.

Is what she loves so that's kind of how it all started with tennis wow that sounds like really great parents you have they're not bad not bad at all i'm good that's pretty good if my kids ask me that i might be like go do your homework um but that that's pretty awesome so so.

You take it very seriously uh something from within just drove you to the sport uh and then you had immediate success or i should say immediate success but you won just at every level and then turn pro at 14 is that right yeah so i played all of the junior nationals on the junior sanction tournaments usta growing up and i was.

Number one in the 10s and 12s in the nation and then i started to play you know some women's open tournaments and a few itfs here and there and i was doing really well at them so me and my family made a decision hey let's give this a shot and let's go professional at an early age and i started playing you know the.

Challengers in doing that and i did that for about four years on and off and it was difficult for me um being 14 and turning pro because you compete against at the challenger level there's girls anywhere from 20 to 35 years old and people are doing this for a living to to eat at the end of the day because if you don't win you don't eat.

And at that level there's not that much money yet and people don't understand that so it really takes time to get past that level and actually get on tv where everyone's like oh like you're a professional tennis player that's what you do like that's so flashy that's amazing it's like you have to go through all of the grunt work and all of the.

Bad accommodations i'll say to get to that point of like the limelight so actually explain the challenger part of it this is does this attach to the wta or is this different it is a part of the wta so at the time i was playing i don't think they have these tournaments anymore but they start at 10 thousands they went fifteen.

Thousand twenty five thousand and so on it would go up so now i think they only start at twenty five thousands but think you know the tournaments the whole pod is only ten thousand dollars you're going across the country i mean most of the stuff is all international so i was in different countries i was in egypt i was.

In mexico i was in colombia i was in um pretty much everywhere you can think of that at 14 years old yeah between the ages of like 14 and 18 and some of the times i would just go with another player my parents wouldn't even go with me so because you know they have they my parents ran their business and they have.

Full-time jobs and they have other things they have to focus on um so it was a lot of adapting for me a young age but also when you're 14 years old and you're in the middle of nowhere playing a tennis tournament you see your friends back home doing things having fun living a normal life and you think.

Oh like you get fomo in a sense you're like what am i missing out on but now looking back the experience and getting to do what i got to do not many people can say that they've you know lived the life and got to travel like i did so i'm just very blessed now looking back and i had to mature from an early age and really grow up really fast to.

Fend for myself traveling internationally so it was a lot but um here i am now so all right so so 14 to 18 you're playing kind of professional tennis you're having pretty pretty good success right you're you're maybe not breaking through at the top levels of the w2a but you're winning you.

You have 85 titles to your name right mm-hmm yeah all through juniors i have exactly about 85 you did your research i like it i did i did wait so let me ask you this also you were number one in the country at like the 10 to 12 age group would you consider yourself a prodigy uh i mean i wouldn't consider myself a prodigy but.

For the wins that i had and where i was at the time i i guess you could say that yeah so sure a prodigy i'll tell you okay oh yeah because we asked ryan siri this question he was like i'm not a prodigy there's still litigation going on about that we won't talk about it exactly yeah.

He's still going to court over that no i'm kidding so you're 18 years old you're you're a professional tennis player and all of a sudden i i tell me how this unfolds but you are start a brand called wasted uh that gets picked up into macy's and becomes one of their best brands.

How how how how does that happen so i actually started the brand wasted usa when i was about 16. so i had i was in my room one day and i had this idea at the time there was a really big trend for women it was you would work a flannel around your waist and you wear it with jeans and a top and it was really cute and it was really.

Trendy so i tried to take that idea and i was like okay how can i make this better so when you are wearing a flanneled shirt around your waist there's a collar on the shirt right so when you tie that around your waist there's like a bulkiness around the back of your like butt area so i was like okay so i had an idea to just do a waist.

Wrap so that's how i got the name wasted was from the weight strap that i created so from taking that waist strap it took you know a year two years to develop it and get the samples done and really figure out okay what are the designs that i want to do with this so once i had that i got really interested in street wear and i loved the whole urban.

Scene and just fashion in general so i grew up with someone that they had a factory overseas in china and i was talking to him he's like yeah we can you know do some samples for you see how it goes i was like okay awesome so i got some samples back i think this was about so this is when i turned 18 when this happened and it was like three months.

Into actually starting the company and you know really getting into it and i was doing photo shoots and having i had a lot of model friends at the time so they were helping me with doing that and i set up my website about three months into doing all of that i had macy's contact me on my website and they.

Were like hi we're launching a streetwear department in uh within macy's and we'd love for you to come meet with us so originally i was like okay we've been in business technically for about three months now and macy's had contacted me like is this real like am i dreaming like i had to like pinch myself so i was like someone's probably.

Just messing with me right so i get her information set up a call with her and her team and i was like oh my gosh like this is this is real so a few months later we go meet with them their new york offices me and my mom fly there she's my partner in the company and we.

Start selling to them and a few months later after you get our product in their stores we're one of the top selling on the floor so that's kind of how that all started and evolved so you're not very driven you're at yourself oh not at all yeah no not an entrepreneur nothing i think it's 16 i was like playing legend of zelda in.

My in my room not starting no i mean to each his own right yeah but like it sounds very easy but one thing i've i've heard about you is your work ethic and that you have a training regimen that is pretty much second to none that you spend a lot of time on the court and that none of this.

Is a fluke this is all hard work and preparation is that accurate clearly i think anything that you want to be successful in you have to give your 100 that and you have to put in the time to get there and it at the end of the day it all pays off so it's all worth it so so.

When you told that story about first hearing about pickleball and picking up a paddle was this coinciding with covid or when when was this no so this was about eight months ago so i want to say where are we in now june so yeah around like last.

September kind of october area what what level did you see do you think you came in at when you your first kind of a couple games four oh so my it's funny because i talk about this sometimes with people when i joke about it so i started playing at i think my first tournament was a five though it.

Was a local newport tournament and i think i only won one match in doubles and we got absolutely creamed me and my partner at the time and we were like should we go down and level like what should we do and then i had one of the coaches at newport he was like oh you should play three five and i was like.

Okay like i don't think it was that bad but okay so and i think the next tournament i did was like a 4-5 or a 4-0 and then ended up i can't remember if i got second or and i was like okay like i should probably like you know move up and do 5-0's and see how that goes it seemed like it was the appropriate level at the time so.

So your first match when we played at mlp and you were holding your beer where are you guys do you want to talk about that jared i have to i have to bring up i'm very self-deprecating were you better or worse than me that day in your first time playing what would you consider yourself self-rated 3-0 just stop i'm a 4-3 duper duper plug 4-3.

I played off of what i uh tournament results i played so much better after that matt that game i think you were holding the beer i didn't think you were taking it seriously so i just kind of punted um but i picked someone to let you get some points for your duper or how that and i beat wyatt and hayden actually so.

I i want another opportunity to prove myself okay in a tournament you guys be wide and hated no we were just playing wreck but we were bought from there okay but i figured you were supposed to impress me yes oh my goodness i'm sure that wyatt and hayden were not trying very hard so so.

Moving on um you played those matches and then and then how did you get connected with with ryan sherry i so i met ryan sherry at my first pro tournament that i played in it was the uh foot solutions in arizona i think it was maybe january or february and he was sitting on a cooler and it's funny.

Because i don't usually remember things like this and i was like hey can i get underneath you and he's like what who are you what's your name and i was like oh god what did i just do like what did i just start so that's funny oh no devil himself finish the story finish.

The story yeah finish the story it's a good start so yeah i asked to get underneath him and he let me so that's that here we are now all right life is good for ryan sherry welcome how would you interpret that ryan what was yours no it's the truth i mean at the end of the day you know.

Until you get to know paris of course you can't judge a book by its cover it's a pretty good looking cover but the the pages are good too it's a good read like the girls a lot more than just you know looks and playing on the court she's you know sophisticated entrepreneur um a really good friend.

And uh not just for me we've kind of collectively kind of developed a good group of people and uh i think anybody that has gotten in her life or vice versa she's gotten in their life um has been really happy with the friendship we've all kind of built so you owe uh paris your championship from charlotte right i mean you were you were.

Essentially on a uh alcohol binge in vegas and she extracted you from the situation and dried you out yeah fingers hey i think we were me and ryan were texting and he's like oh i'm out doing this and like he invited me out to vegas i was like oh i have a tournament in a week like i gotta focus i gotta get my stuff together and he was.

Like okay i like that i was like well you should probably uh you're playing the same turn i'm in so you should probably uh start training and get ready for that he's like oh oh i'll be fine okay well you gotta start your model diet you know you want to get in shape and that's where the whole model diet thing kind of came into play and all the.

Jokes were made and stuff but i got his uh i got his butt to newport and started working and got him back on track and he hasn't had a drink since oh yeah she was she was getting up to go do some pilates at 5 a.m as i was finishing the night and i kind of just said hey let me get the.

Newport just got in the uh got we got gotten the limo got either you go to bed either 9am or 9pm isn't that your yeah exactly no in between and jared don't feel bad because i got a bad loss to paris too i mean me and her me and this partner we got killed by her.

And cameron irwin that day did she rip on you every time you talk to her about it she did until i finally got a chance to play with some singles yeah i need a redemption i need i need my shot yeah doubles is different ryan we still we.

We'll probably invite you to a lunch game soon um and just know that i uh i'm going to be ready this time i i am you can't be holding your hair though because that it throws me off so i'll be so i do remember that your excuse was you were wearing running shoes not exactly right yes yes and i'm old all.

The people now your excuse yes and i'm older and so if i'm wearing my ultra boost it hurts my shins and my knees and stuff so i but then i put my tennis shoes on and sherry you saw me i was i was good right it was better no yeah i get yeah you say so honestly oh my gosh you just paid him to say that any other good stories about paris i i i.

Agree with what you just said about you know can't judge a book by its cover first time we spoke actually first time i met paris was that uh tuesday night in america at dreamland and i was like yeah she you know you told me how cool she was like yeah she's you know kind of cool she'll stand amish and then we had that call and i was like i don't know.

And then we met and and the more i get to know her actually she you really i actually now think you're a really good human being uh and very good the most part you're very kind um but sherry what else do you got no i mean at the end of the day i don't know what you all talked about.

Previously but um i think for her it's just it's amazing to have the second one you might your points for uh was it usta atp i bought them atp boy you know no but i mean for her it's just exciting because you know she's got an opportunity a second chance at i don't say life but a second chance at.

Athleticism and the sport's growing and she's making an amazing name for herself let alone you know to be able to carry a brand i mean you see all these big-time brands coming into play on a business standpoint she actually sees the long-term goal of the sport she actually understands value i mean i love all these pickleball players death love.

These kids but you know a lot of them are kids and there's nothing wrong with that but they don't understand that for a real brand and a real company to put money into you but they expect a return on their investment and that's one thing i know paris is juggling a lot of you know opportunities right now and different people trying to you know.

Brand with her um no different i mean jared how many phone calls and texts and i don't want to read how many texts you sent me hey is paris come with a logo she's going to wear the logo she's going with logo and i'm just not supposed to i really got to the point where i was like you know what i don't even care she wears a logo and then she.

Now i think it's been a great a great partnership you said yeah but you know to be honest and he's frozen again but paris uh the more i get the more i get to know you the more i'm i'm i'm proud that you are wearing the logo um because because not only are you.

A great player but you know i think you're a really uh sound and solid person and so i'm uh i'm i'm stoked that you are wearing it just wanna i've told you that before but i just want to say it publicly now oh thank you i might you know joke around with you a lot but that's just part of my personality so i.

Gotta i got a heart somewhere in there for sure playing in two jared for the logo so say that again she has a tattoo she's playing for the logo as well so oh yeah it's going to be i think we are lunch game bet actually i'll get wasted uh tattooed on me and you get when you get the kitchen.

Tattooed on you if you when you lose oh i think i'll be fine but i think good spot for you uh sherry any any final thoughts honestly i'm good like i said appreciate you having me on appreciate everything you've done as a friend ferris everything you've done for the sport and.

Look forward to seeing a couple weeks and make sure my laundry is nicely unfolded i will definitely will he literally today he left the airport and he left two of his bags and i think in one bag he probably had about 50 paddles we took a look and we're like okay and the other bag is just a bunch of dirty laundry so.

We're gonna have to wash and fold his laundry for him but just another day with ferry just just great strategic leaving your bags behind to have your laundry done i know that trick yeah yeah i love you all right thank you safe travels uh so paris i have a question um.

You uh where was it was it sang san clemente your singles title no yeah which one yes last week san clemente you're like okay and that was the one versus anna lee i i've been traveling so much yes that was one it's all a blur but yeah san clemente was last week.

So anna lee has been i mean i think she's kind of been the goat right since she's coming to the sport um and she's you know she's 15 years old she's a total beast um and i think maybe she's lost a couple singles uh finals to catherine um i i i'm not exactly sure but.

I think you came into that match in most people's eyes is a pretty big underdog predictions and i think i had like under 10 to win yeah it was like 12 but yeah it was it was right around that and i actually talked to kyle yates um before the match and and i was like you know what do you think her her chances are he's like i think she's got a good a.

Good shot and so what was that like that wasn't the first time you had played her but that was the first time you played her for a gold medal right right yeah what was that like um and i just i'm just curious to know what was going through your head pre-game what was the experience like and and you.

Know there were it was somewhat controversial and i'd love to hear about that as well well i have nothing but good things to say about anna lee and i think that she i for singles this year she's i'm almost 100 sure that she's been undefeated and single she's won every single title that.

She's played so first of all that right there just to be able to go out and continuously win and be undefeated i mean that speaks for itself um she's been you know not only is she a good role model for kids but she's also very marketable and she i mean look what her and her mom have been able to do and brand and it's.

Just it's absolutely amazing i really look up to it and i know that there's a lot of kids that look up to her and she's done awesome things for the sport and she's she's a really great player i don't know her you know off the court yet we haven't really had a chance to get to know one another but.

You know i think going into a match like that for most people i was talking to some of the other women player other women players before i played the match and they were asking me to like where is your head out with her you know they're asking me do you think you can beat her all these things because she's.

Been unbeatable all year and my answer is always if you don't think that you're the best in your sport what are you doing like what why don't you think that you're the best if you don't think that you can beat everyone that you step on the court with then you shouldn't be on court so that's.

Where my head was at and i think a lot of people are like oh you're so new to the sport um how did that you know make you feel with you know not having that much experience and i was like i've had over 15 years of tennis experience and i have been through the toughest of moments the easiest of moments through.

My whole career not only in sports but also in business and nothing is easy no matter what you do so just depends on what you choose to do and focus in on it and you have your ups you have your downs it depends on how you get through them and how you carry yourself at the end of the day so.

I was talking to another high level pro about that when and um what we both kind of saw for your for your future in the sport and i i we kind of alluded to that that mindset um and just the the attitude that you have and i think so many people have.

Struggled to beat annalee and struggled to be ben because they stepped on the court and they think they can't win and i i applaud you for having that mindset i think it's uh i certainly don't have that certainly not yeah uh and and so i i'd love to figure out how to tap into that um but i don't.

Even think it's it's really i don't know i think it's amazing i i think that is going to allow you to continue to beat or to be the best um and so and then at the end of that match there was a there was an interesting moment um annalee from what i understand she challenged.

The paddle that you were playing with which was a yola ben john's hyperion paddle right yes um how what how did that all shake out um before we go into that it is perfectly.

Within her right to challenge that right like this is this is the new ruling now is that if people have confused if they think that one might be overly gritty or illegal in some way there is a process and that is part of the process is to challenge the the paddle and if it comes back that it passes.

She will now have to pay a i believe it's a 250 fine uh and each time you challenge it goes up from there so oh really yeah so yeah to my knowledge it is it's a 200 fine if you test the paddle or test your opponent's paddle and you are wrong but i believe that i also heard from.

Connor pardo that if you do it three times and you lose all three times then i don't know if you are um your band for a little bit you get some sort of like slap on the wrist i'm not really sure what that whole thing looks like but i know that there are consequences i just don't know to what extent that those are correct that's.

Right that's right it and it goes up significantly and and uh we'll we'll post what the actual rules are um along with this but yeah i mean it's so so making that challenge you probably should feel somewhat you know validated in that so a couple of things about that one how.

Did that make you feel it did end up passing correct it did yes i still have the trophy to prove it and the other things like okay let's get into this you're a carbon player right and obviously when carbon had their issues uh and players were not allowed to use carbon you switch to the eola uh.

I assume that's a temporary switch um but you're still continuing to play with the yola at the moment and you've had a pretty good run so yeah so let's go back to the other topic before we get into this one so with the whole paddle situation the whole paddle testing um you know.

With all the new rules that they have now in my opinion as a player the all of the associations not just the ppa they should test every player's paddle at the start of the tournament or before every match because at the end of the day it's not the player's fault with the paddle test over.

Because it's the brands that give the paddles to us or we buy the piles or whatever that may be i think it needs to be fair at the start because say you go and you beat someone with a legal paddle the player probably doesn't know that it's illegal and then all the blame gets put on them and i don't think that's right.

So i agree it's not like a performance-enhancing drug or it's not like you're stuffing up the paddle yeah exactly i mean a lot of people players are getting the power off the shelf well and the funny thing is that i actually the yolo that i was playing with in the final i bought from a pickleball central tent.

So it wasn't even given to me by viola or anything like that so i mean is i i wonder what would have happened had the paddle not had had it failed and then because anna lee's partner was also using the paddle right and then it's ben's paddle as well yeah oh you know get into the whole thing well should we test your partner's.

Paddles or how should we go about that so you know it wasn't the best of experiences for me personally but at the end of the day if she had any doubt in her mind i'm glad that it was confirmed and it just shows you know that i'm able to get away with the win with a legal paddle and it you know looks better on.

Me at the end of the day and that your spin was that nasty i guess i just have a lot of costume i mean i don't know what else to say so i would have challenged your ground strokes if that was legal i think that challenged my shoes too i mean yeah now you played great that day and uh it.

Was i mean i could understand her frustration because you were painting lines with power and honestly i don't think anyone's seen a female play like that other than probably anna lee so her facing that was uh you know but even still it's a different style right like i think i think you're gonna.

Reinvent the game um the single the singles game and i you know i think there's a lot of tennis players coming in but um it's gonna be interesting well yeah and you know the whole thing is um i'm not the only one that's going to come in and give people a run for their money and people are going to come in.

And give me a run for the money and it's better for the sport overall the more people and the more players that get involved especially that were a high level of tennis players and have a name can come in and really help shape the sport and evolve the sport i mean i think that in itself is what what it's going to all be about and.

I also had a thought too of the whole grit being at i i think it's 40 right it's max grip 43 at ppa 40 is the usapa right 43 at ppa so my thought is well every sport over the years has evolved right tennis evolved from it was a wood racket and now it's made out of what it is and the strings and the spin the game.

Is where it is now because the technology that tennis has allowed in other sports to evolve so why not pick a ball why can't the grit go up like change in that way why can't it evolve i've had this conversation with with people at usa pickleball and with ppa and if you've ever played with someone who uses and i'd say illegal but there.

Are paddles out there that are made to be quiet um that are rubberized and if you ever play with someone who can hit a rubber top spin forehand it's a different game completely like the ball the ball is like a curveball it just dives down and it's a different you can hit it as hard as you want and the ball will go in so.

It completely changes the game because you can absolutely rip it and you would just never dink a ball because you can rip things and keep them in and and it changes it changes the game considerably we're not talking about rubber paddles we're talking about like let the great go up to 45 and.

I don't know i i'm with you paris i think that i think that um that uh innovation is good for for sports and for you know just sectors in general and i don't know i thought the spin serve to an extent is good um right.

Here well here's the things that equipment wise right like i think golf went through this with v-grooves and you know just some of the technologies when you can out hit the course all of a sudden it's kind of detrimental to the game and you know college baseball with metal bats and things like that where they've brought the game back to the way.

It was intended to be uh because technology's so good that yeah if we allowed it to go a certain distance it does change the game and not for the better um but i do agree i mean it's the different style of game but i think that at some point the essence of the sport needs to be.

Protected um and not letting the technology get so good that it becomes a it becomes tennis essentially yeah i think there's boundaries for everything but at the end of the day it's still a wiffle ball and there's only so much that you can do with it right yeah well but just food for thought well there's certainly only so.

uh this past weekend at bobby riggs and i i've heard that you're not playing singles in l.a why so first of all i'm not a machine um i mean many people may think that you know it's.

It's easy but it's you know with the pickleball schedule and how it the scoring number one works and also how the day goes but i don't think people understand how grueling it is on the body and sometimes after you finish a match you can go on in five minutes it's like very quick and you can play.

You know your next match could be a three set match you can you can be on the court for an hour and a half for almost two hours and then 10 minutes later you're back on and you're going through the same thing so in one day to do that let alone three days in a row at three events it is a lot on someone's body.

And i in the last two months playing i think this is my at bobby ray's last week was my eighth week straight up tournaments to play three events in almost everything i thought you know what let me just focus on doubles for this event i've done fairly well the last few weeks in singles i've kind of proved myself a.

Little bit let me focus on the doubles some people were doubting me on that side let me make sure my body's 100 for those events and see what i can do and i was able to with two partners that i've never played before i was able to get bronze so it's just things like that and scheduling and.

Learning your body and learning the tournaments and how you feel it's just a part of the process of growing and making a schedule that's perfect for me and playing a certain amount of events that i know that i can handle so that i'm 100 there for myself and my partners so that's kind of the thought behind all that i think jared can absolutely relate.

To that because occasionally we go to these tournaments and we work a booth and just stand there for three days and jared ends up on the trainer's table every time he rubbed down with cbd complaining oh we we also played but yes i was on the that's not a lie.

I i i uh i can admit that so uh you you got bronze with uh the net lord susanna barr right the net lord yes and with in with alex newman who's also another kitchen kitchen uh sponsored player or partner um what does your what does the rest of the year hold for you.

Have you even thought about next year who what partners will you be playing with yeah i have i'm really excited for a partnership in particular with uh kyle yates the go i'm excited we have a good amount of tournaments um i have you know mixed it's pretty much figured.

Out for me i do i have been talking to a few players back and forth to see the possibilities of doing some things together this year but also talking about next year and trying to like i have my eyes on two people so we'll see how that goes um but you know like would you like to share who they are.

Uh well i've been talking to zane a little bit i'm excited about that to see where that goes because we played mlp together and i feel like we really gelled and we really mesh and he's very supportive as a partner on court and i think for me personality is a really important thing because it's almost like a relationship you know you have to be.

Able to manage the person not only the playing style and gel with that but also the emotion side and there's a lot of people that you know you just don't gel and mess with even though they're an amazing player but you might just not have the chemistry i think that's the most important thing and be able to play like week in and week out together and.

Really understanding one another is that's why long time partnerships they do so well together so i think that was our problem actually at mlp when we played that rec game it was just the chemistry piece you were too bossy you know it just wasn't the right yeah it was definitely me definitely me i just didn't take enough.

Of the chord as what i want um well that's cool and and uh and so you mentioned kyle tell us about mlp what was the experience it was one of the best experiences of my life and just especially in pickleball it was the best event that i've ever been a part of just.

You know them taking care of the players and steve kuhn how much he really cares about the sport and cares about the players is it's just amazing you know and there's some a lot of tournaments that we go to that we don't really feel you know.

Very taking care of and i think there is the sport is so new and there's so many things to learn still from the tournaments and from taking care of the players and everything i think it's a process but for mlp to only be in the second year of doing this and do such an amazing job and it's just.

It's awesome and for the prize money to be the biggest person pickleball i mean they really care about us and they're really wanting to see the sport evolve and get it to the next level and there's so many players that pickleball is not their full-time job yet and they're still doing you know their full-time job and playing pitbull.

I mean it's a lot and all the training and tournaments that we have for us to be compensated accordingly and appropriately i think i think is amazing and that should be like that that payout that we got that should be for us every week if not more than that it's like we deserve it we're working our butts off.

So i think it's coming i think i do i think it's long term for sure but it's definitely headed that way and duper and mlp and you know app and all those guys they really they have been a ppa as well you know i think the prize money isn't quite there on the ppa side yet but they're building towards that and.

There's a lot of new things happening and it's uh it's really cool to see and kind of be in the middle of everything so yeah has ppa reached out are they are they courting you i've had some discussions with the ppa guys uh we'll see where that goes um but yeah i'm just keeping my options open i.

Think that i don't really want to get locked into anything as of now and just kind of see where the rest of my year takes me i think the most the biggest thing for me personally is just the experience of playing a lot of tournaments this year and figuring out what tournaments i liked what tournaments i didn't like and then.

Making schedule for next year and really getting some solid partners i think is going to be the biggest thing for me so jared's available next year just letting you know okay jared let's go i'm starting to train now okay i'm getting my aim back you know model diet the training schedule.

Everything amen i actually before i know we might get off soon but funny story about the ppa saint clemente tournament um so they gave me a trophy at the end of the day or not at the end of the day in my match and you know i had never won a ppa title.

So i didn't know what to expect so they handed me the trophy you know i took my pictures with it they let me have it my parents were there with me at the tournament and after i took my pictures with it i gave it to them to take home and i was in the locker room about like 15 minutes later after my parents had.

Left and one of the ppa ladies was like oh paris you have the trophy and i was like yeah i have the trophy it's on its way home she's like that's for everyone and i was like oh my gosh are you serious so i was freaking out i would call my parents i said can you guys come back with the.

Trophy so like okay yeah we're on our way back so then i saw the ppa lady like 10 minutes later and talked to her i was like i'm so sorry she's like you know what actually you can just keep it it's fine i was like are you sure they're on their way back and she was like yeah no just keep it i want you to have it i was like are you sure.

And i was like okay so i ended up taking the trophy home and then all the players were upset the rest of the day i didn't know i'm sorry guys so you know what's so funny you know what's so funny is that i was watching i look at paris i was watching that feed and someone won and they said we're trying to track down your trophy.

Sorry i don't know where it is here it is yeah you actually she paris texted me said i have a funny story and she sent me a picture of the trophy all strapped into the back seat of the car yeah it was uh backseat and seat belted in so it was safe.

Let's see it again it's actually really heavy i was really surprised so it's definitely so not all the players get that just only one only paris hey i guess i'm special i don't know i'll take it if they say keep it i'm keeping it she literally took it that trophy on the line for lunch game.

As well tattoo lunch the trophy equity and wasted and equity in the kitchen we'll do it we'll that that's on the line too sounds good to me you better start training now i am i.

Played this morning i think my cheeks are pretty red i'm ready we need jason to start training jason are you training please please jason has some metal jason has some medals behind him what do you want what level that's atlanta what did you guys win in atlanta look at that wow i can bring out my medals from this.

Weekend and all my medals if you want to see them well i didn't play this weekend but i did win around robin on sunday thank you congratulations nice was jared your partner or something no that's why we won stop we got we got fourth in in austin we did okay how many teams were five yeah there's.

Like 24 it was more than that i think it was 26 or 28 yeah 2018 so yeah paris nice awesome i might how about this next tournament we're at together that i play will you come out and be my coach for a fee i'll send you an invoice later but you might know i'm done done okay perfect sky's the limit.

What else any any other play this is a weird question we asked everyone um what questions do you have for us do you guys have a favorite pro player other than i hope you say me but do you guys have a favorite i have a lot i mean i think um.

I i think there's i i actually love a majority of the pros that i've met um i think that there's this magical element of of approachability of the players at this time and i don't know if that will continue but everyone for the most part is super cool um they're down to get out on the.

Court and play with people who are you know not quite as good they'll make fun of them um and you know but but i like looking at like the younger players like i'm very high on on the wyatts and hayden and and uh i gave tardio i think is a beast.

Um but yeah i mean there's so many and i've become good friends with a lot of them and so i don't know if i have a favorite but i think for the most part there's a couple that i don't love i won't name dynamic duo love it i do also want to talk about the carbon situation because i know that you.

Guys had asked me about it so a lot have you know been asking me on instagram you know why are you playing with the yola what are you playing with you're showing the carbon uh first of all i just have to talk about how my relationship started with carbon i actually so one of the first people i started playing pickleball was garrett gosselin.

And he is one of the owners of carbon and i started playing with his paddle um when i was playing with him i actually didn't know that he had owned carbon and i'm really glad that when he asked me oh how do you like that paddle that i didn't talk any crap about it and then i said that i loved it.

So just my relationship with him has been absolutely amazing and he has been so good to me and he believed in me before i started having some success in victory so he has been nothing but easy to work with and the whole carbon getting banned.

Situation is super unfortunate and he did not in any way make the paddles illegal or plan for a bad batch to be tested over because at the end of the day he is running a business and he really cares about his players so why would he ever want to put them in that position nor would he.

So we obviously when the uh paddles were banned i had to talk to him and say okay are you gonna you know be okay with me trying out a few different paddles and he said absolutely of course we're here to support you whatever you need whatever you feel comfortable with.

Um we'll try and get them you know back to the standards as soon as possible so i was started testing out a bunch of different paddles and i tried the eula and i i liked it from the get-go i didn't it's hard to switch paddles and people don't understand that all of the tournaments that i was.

Playing sometimes in between tournaments i only have like one or two days to practice so especially when i'm traveling so it's hard in that one or two day period to adjust to a whole new paddle and it's more of a mental thing at the end of the day as well because especially when you've been.

Doing really well with something you want to stick with it so i have been you know on that in between stage of okay i've only had a few days do i really want to start playing with this so they 100 support me and are behind me so i'm going to continue to you know rep their brand and support.

Their brand and absolutely love them so that's where i'm at with the whole paddle situation so let me ask you this you're on a street i think you've won four singles titles in a row is that right plus mlp in between yes are we waiting for this are we waiting.

For the streak to end and then you can go back to carbon it's never gonna end well okay all right so but no we are um in the works of me adjusting to back to the carbon paddle and there's been you know a few things that kinks that we're.

Trying to work through but ultimately he garrett one of the owners of carbon he supports me 100 and he's working with me so we're just like going through the process and trying to figure it out together and what makes the most sense for the both of us but that's pretty much where we're at with that.

All right fair enough well paris thank you so much for your time and uh in all the success we we hope that streak never ends me too we continue uh yeah lots of trophies to rack up and uh hope you make more room on that mantle.

Because i think there's a lot more of those to come even if you're not allowed to take them you're going to take them i'll have to take those two medals behind you and add them to my collection well we'll play for lunch game lunch game we'll throw it in the kitty okay well i was on the line for that some medals.

And some tags let's do it i like it thank you guys thanks paris take care bye bye you
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