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Foreign thank you okay good morning everyone and welcome to pan packs currumbin 2022 my name is Dylan kimlin and as you can see we are currently watching some of the players warm up for a bronze medal match for the.

Open mixed uh on one side of the court in the bright orange with Gordon Watson and he's playing with his partner Remy marrock she's hitting with him currently in the pink singlet they will be versing Bruce winter and then Elise Bolton um and Bruce is wearing the gray top and then Elise is wearing the bluey.

Two shades of blue colored dress now um this should be a pretty interesting game we've got these guys have just finished their playoff matches to come through to the finals we have I believe they're using an x40 outdoor ball for the pickleball Fanatics out there who would understand what I'm talking about for anyone else that.

Doesn't understand what I'm talking about typically an outdoor surface we use an outdoor ball as you can see they they bounce really well on these uh surfaces now we are currently playing at currumbin which is on the south side of Queensland in Gold Coast absolutely beautiful day it is a little bit.

Blustery um a couple of clouds hanging around but overall uh beautiful day for pickleball temperatures definitely starting to warm up and we'll see how that goes if that affects plane later on but um my understanding of this game will be a uh three gamer through to 11 win by two.

Now typically what happens there is Bruce pulls off an ATP to warm up that's wonderful footage typically what would happen there is that the uh the first two games will go to 11 and then the third game the players will swap with points of six now I'm not entirely sure if this game is being.

Officiated or not if not I will call the scores as we go along as you can see Bruce is spinning his paddle that's a very traditional method in pickleball to um determine who serves and who receives first it looks like that is having a good old chat and they're talking about exactly what.

I'm talking about you can see them pointing at the top of the paddle but whenever they've determined who is serving first we'll go from there and they're going to be making a decision now so it looks like Bruce and Annelise will be on the left side of the Court and Gordon Arabia will be on the right.

Should be good to go alrighty so the players are just having a chat penalties bottom to serve zero zero two put the net there now you'll notice that Bolton and winther are doing what is called oh we just had a ball on court it's uh one zero two by the way but uh.

Bolton and went through are doing what is called stacking so what that means is that the player with the dominant forehand typically stand on the forehand side of the court if they're using their right hand as Bruce knocks it into the net now that doesn't apply for.

Uh annalize and she is Lefty okay zero one one Remy to serve side away a nice little tab here by Bruce okay so I've had a guest randomly pop in and say hello so this uh gentleman by the name of Taylor Smith will be playing in the open mixed gold medal match after this event.

Absolutely wonderful to have you here today Taylor how you doing good Dylan how are you mate it's pretty good pretty uh as I was saying earlier absolutely wonderful day for pickleball that's amazing isn't it just that little bit of wind makes it a little more difficult but the challenge is always good on court.

I believe the score there is still one zero two as we've had a swap in server exploring those in for the attack nice reset lethal by annalize lethal and Elise yeah it's scary when she's hard so I'm just waiting to see what score is from Bruce.

One one thank you Mama man winter to serve so how have your games gone today Taylor what's the uh surface playing like and you mentioned the wind already surface is good but that change of ends at eight uh eight is very hard to adjust okay especially if you're warming down one end and you haven't had a chance to hit.

Into the wind or with wind yep but the challenges oh thank you yeah the challenge is good I think it's a good competition we had the first Gordon and Remy in the semis and we just got up 15-10 but they were playing extremely well very nice I believe it's two one two we'll wait for enemies yeah it is two one two.

Bolton to serve that's a lovely return by Gordon nice high one oh Bruce Bruce normally likes his lips are those ones he loves them that's not like Bruce all right so one two one Watson deserve one two two married to serve D so uh Taylor you will be playing in the.

Gold medal match who are you versing against we will be versing Dennis and I love the shot by annalize and then in the men's open we'll be versing Bruce who's on court currently and his partner Rock y so that'll be good it'll be a good challenge and match that one yeah nice.

Yeah it's lovely isn't it like um I've always sort of as we got the ball on Mount to roll on court I've always determined sort of um regions within the pickleball scene so this is a bit of a Gold Coast for sunny Coast isn't it uh final with yourself from the uh men's trade defensive play Here by what's in.

America oh great gets ready oh what a shot by Gordon oh unfortunately it's a very nice rally good intensive intensive play there if you actually let's talk about that Taylor how do you find if you're at the net.

What's your sort of go-to to keep players back what are you aiming for well my tactic is always try to think dink on the line at that kitchen line so I'm not too close to the net and less areas occur but I'll always actually try to push him back and forward at the same time okay that means I never probably have about three of the same balls yeah.

Is what I go for so if I do too short the next one has to be a long and just keep mixing it up so try to be a bit unpredictable yeah for sure yeah otherwise you know you can actually get a player in routine you know what I mean yeah yeah so good to know I get a bit confident and then game can change just like that yeah I'm just waiting for.

Annalize to call the score it looks like we've had a timeout by the way guys so Gordon and Remy are coming back on court a couple of quick loss of points there too so probably a great time to actually call a call out time out I believe that was five one one by annalize so typically a timeout for the viewers at home is when.

Um well that's a nice call level really typically um use the timeout when the opposition team has momentum just totally swinging their way you want to kill it is there any other particular times you might use the timeout so probably in singles when I'm fatigued but that hasn't been for a long time which is good because I haven't played a.

Singles match but typically when they're on a good run especially in the finals at Nationals we call it a timeout at eight five and we didn't lose the point after there you go which is pretty big you know what I mean so if we probably hadn't called the timeout I think the score could have been very different.

I think his face paper flying into the crowd great great catch to the people on the crowd though all right thank you so much for that 'd be a Schweppes classic catch there face so I'm going to assume this is 712.

Winter to serve I want to make one nice deep return there by Remy and as we were talking about earlier Gordon hit another long shot there to keep the pressure on Bruce and as a result uh a low percentage shot there to result in and out 181 watts in the serve oh communication yeah well middle is.

Riddle yeah we all get caught by it so 182 maroc to serve so you mentioned singles earlier are you playing singles tomorrow yeah I'm gonna give singles a crack tomorrow I've actually got half day off work which is pretty big so I'm looking forward to it I'd give up pick up order for uh for work any day of the week.

282 so it'll be exciting not many uh better reasons to have a day off work I'm playing pickleball especially here at the pan packs ah looking forward to my gym wife size 282 Mara Preserve thank you unfortunately it's just gone into the net so.

Eight two one involved in the serve so let's talk about the lead that Bolton and winter have here Taylor so when you find yourself with a considerable lead what's what's the process going on mentally like what are you trying to do to keep that pressure going well it's actually quite hard Dylan it's very hard.

To keep focused especially when you kind of on such a good run like these guys yeah perfect run but you just got to be complacent and just keep trying to do what you're doing you know what I mean yeah but you can only control yourself too exactly which is massive so but just a couple of words of advice and try to encourage your teammate if.

They're slipping a little bit but that was a great shot Remy yeah there's that down the line shot yeah mix things up a little bit yeah for sure so 1022 from Winter to serve so we'll notice here um Annelise as that goes along so it looks like it went through and Bolton.

Will get the first game and you'll notice here that the players will swap chords so that was a bit of a quick one but um yes very quick it'll be interesting to see how the uh both teams respond obviously this is a set of three for a reason yep and we've seen many comeback games.

Uh even the the match that you had prior to this with um Gordon and Remy they were on a bit of a run yeah that's a great run I think that probably won six points in a row I would say and so that actually makes you feel a bit nervous too exactly right all of a sudden they've poured some really good shots out yeah so you'll notice here that both.

The teams are just sort of having a chat what to do um if you're if you've just suffered a pretty big loss what are you saying to your partner like come on what can we do I think you just gotta probably mix it up obviously what you're doing now is not working and I know if I was working these two down they said I'll definitely.

Have some tactics maybe just try and move Bruce around try to keep low yep yeah we'll see what happens but they are with win now Gordon and Remy so we can see if this makes a bit of a difference too there's a Relentless pressure by winter yeah it's going to be side away zero zero one bolt to serve some of the.

Strongest forehands in the game party on this side over here too I was about to mention in the last game that um San Elise is a is a lefty and Bruce is a right-handed player hey you're a right-hander I'm right-hander yeah yep so obviously a lot of people that are watching at home might not necessarily.

Understand the uh the difficulty there can be to playing with someone with an opposing hand there's Gordon headset into the net so it's one zero two um obviously your forehand would be your typical your strongest shot yeah for.

Sure but uh the Remy or a couple of smashes here Gordon approaching great smash nice and deep yeah nice hit the toes yeah didn't have power but had the perfect placement zero zero two winter to serve well that one zero two not zero zero I'm pretty sure because Bolton's so close but.

Anyway so when you're playing with the lefty or someone with an opposing hand communication's so much more important oh it's crucial yeah Dylan crucial especially these two I think they did say their tactics at the start too which is kind of good Clarity at the start which is pretty big and I think they kind of know.

Um I think even though being first time together what's middle and what middle looks like exactly right which is cool so two zero two before then unfortunately but um yeah for our I guess players at home that have never played in a tournament you know they might play recreationally.

But I've considered playing in a tournament as that goes long unfortunately on Remy serve I think um you know it's something that tournament play is different it's a totally different Beast the nerves kick in you uh he's a character tournaments played completely different.

I think a lot of these people actually come from Victoria and Sydney et cetera to actually haven't really played a lot of outdoor um pickleball too exactly right I've heard a lot of people say that yeah it's a lovely Point um so that'll be two zero two uh two zero one Bolton to serve um.

Yeah I mentioned earlier in the broadcast that the they're currently using the x40 outdoor Ball but oh let's struck the player oh hey well done Gordon saved it Jordan landed in the kitchen there I'm actually curious to see what the ruling would be there because he no that would still be no he's okay he's okay so if.

You strike a player obviously we'd never endorse this but a lot a lot of the times it is accidental um the player that struck the ball would win the coin while the player that hit the ball into the other player would win the point three zero two coming to serve hold on.

Yeah is that net pressure we're mentioning Bruce comes into the punch oh yeah it was it's just going along zero three one narrow to serve oh that was a nice long serve great depth on the serve oh something at these two zero three two and are you still playing pickleball Dylan I am unfortunately I.

Don't get to play much anymore but uh we're still running my partner Emily and I are still doing stuff out of Mario field and um I've actually been a lot more heavily involved with the Sunshine Coast Community yeah awesome um got to meet the.

Oh we're gonna lose go that just drops over it's gone long yeah I got to meet the wonderful people down at Morgan City pickleball big shout out to them they were a very lovely one day to come out to one of our Thursday night sessions it was really nice so 301 I believe it is that's a great shot.

By Bolton beautiful shot greatly that's nice a lot of forehand rolls there seem to be that seems to be the common trait of this game at the moment looks like I feel like they're both pretty heavy uh hitters of the ball these guys so I feel like if it's a a fire trailer it's going to be just stay a fast rally as we say that Bruce mixes.

It up with a great shot by Gordon and let's talk about that so if it's windy conditions do you typically hit it harder probably with the wind I try to go a little bit softer but definitely going into when I go as hard as I can probably but then you've.

Got to complete oh come on oh there's that wind and that played a massive part on that looks like that was actually going quite long yeah yeah and that's landed middle court but I actually probably prefer uh playing against the wind you have Echo yeah just go along there's a wind it's uh.

Stun to play a big part in this game actually just picked up then didn't it yeah and we've had a Time alcohol so you might notice I'm not too sure so you can see it with the cameras but annalize has actually put a paddle on the ground now the reason for this is typically uh if you're like me you might be forgetful.

If you go off to have a drink of water or you might you know go on Just for whatever reason because in a Timeout you're allowed to leave the court you might forget where you actually were on the court so by annalize doing this she's placed a paddle on the ground with the ball that shows that she was the server and that's the position that she.

Was just in so as a result there's no confusion because you can actually get ping from it if you have an official and you come back from your timeout and you serve from the wrong location it's actually a fault so it's a very smart way to just sort of clever play just get yourself out of trouble.

And we're back in the game great leaders unfortunately and I've been pinned for that many times by the time you both walk off go to your bag grab a drink yeah exactly right you got no idea when you come back typically I believe that was 602 there by winter but great again what a recovery.

Uh unfortunately now I believe Bruce is using a using a Franklin paddle at the moment and because I believe he's the Australian Ambassador for Franklin I believe he is yeah a good little bit of trivia that's cool.

Zero six two it was zero sixteen there by winter beautiful shots so that'll be sideway 601 Bolton to serve such a good tactic that's short served too not many people actually have that in the game not what Gordon has yeah it's a high difficulty shot isn't it isn't it especially when on Windy uh surface.

There's a lot of recovery Beautiful by Gordon great to get back in that very smart it's a beautiful roll over there yeah 17 shot rally there in the end I think the um it's one composure there so 602 by Winter's serve.

Yeah has to be better than that puts that away beautiful shot no I think momentum's slightly going towards Barrack and Watson here obviously they are heavily down but their shots have been very solid there was a very big point before when that Gordon got the lob over around his head he's just gone.

Wrong it's a bit of positivity comes back to your mind then when you kind of win a bigger point exactly which is awesome yeah you start to back yourself a bit more hey for sure pickleball is definitely a confidence game that's zero six two what's in the serve and when you back yourself you.

Complete different player too so I can just get a little roll here I feel like they can probably do what uh that's a confident shot they nearly to us so we're talking about just a shot like that yeah that's a beautiful shot by Marriott there driving down the line that was a great shot 162. what to deserve now you might notice.

That Watson's applying the spin on his serve but uh currently in the current rules I believe the spin serve is still legal however uh that will no longer be the case I'm not entirely sure when that rule actually comes in as Bruce comes through January I believe yeah December we're.

Coming up to it pretty shortly it would be it would make sense it starts next year right but um obviously for any officials watching on the YouTube channel they can uh chime in in the chat unfortunately Gordon hits that into the net I can't wait till it goes too yeah some people despise it I am useless when.

It comes to the spin serve a lot of people can disguise it so well left to right right to left it's quite hard he's pulled the trigger a little bit earlier but yeah it'll change a lot of people's play style here in Australia oh for sure hey one two there are some people that.

Definitely um I guess rely on it a bit more for sure I've lost a lot of points on that spin surf so I can't wait till it uh leaves I imagine you're in the majority there as well there are quite a lot of people that dislike it huh one eight one wants them to serve there we go there's the spin kicking in I'm.

Sure if I liked it I want it this day though too so yeah exactly right oh if you use it I mean it's just another weapon in the Arsenal isn't it yeah two eight one get up Bang MLS does not mess around when that ball is in a green zone not on that forehand.

No to way too Merrick to serve it's a great driver 382. Gordon's just going for some Positive Vibes bit of paddle love yep good return though great return good death thereby Bruce this will be 831 say in the pickleball scene people.

We mentioned the high five earlier just dropped in it the typically your touch paddles it's our form of a high five other people I know that don't play the sport of scene that happened in the past and wonder what what on Earth are these guys doing but it's a good thing it's a.

Nice thing so I believe that's 932 when they deserve yep that's a great job beautiful shot by Bruce on the backhand and you know in especially in the Australian scene the backhand Drive is only a select few that can do it really well though yep for.

Sure I think find it quite a hard shot actually being a one-handed and coming from a tennis background a two-handed being my favorite shot too great shot so that was Match Point by the way um so we're currently three ten months so what's in America retain the serve side away be great to see a little uh come back.

Here it's three turn one get up oh well done that's just gone out for turn one thank you yeah recovered it pulled it out didn't he I feel like that's a great play there.

For uh Bruce try to get him low and bending down okay so the 19 plus mixed doubles come on here in the background no basically that's five ten two currently there's an absolutely great rally there by Watson and married six ten two here we go look at the momentum change.

Here this is massive yeah that was a absolutely brilliant third shot drop there too to pull that off 7 10 2 I believe and that shot is bread and butter for Bruce winter he will take that every time fun at the school from analasia 1071 so.

Once again match point here we go okay so group a you're going to court one Edward yep so that is now 1072 winter deserve and that was a massive net Court there by Gordon which is awesome yeah and now we've got a another fight.

Back here he likes for a comeback Taylor and here we go so it's currently Seven Ten one that's what's up so that is a great long return what a great shot by Gordon it looks like um the other guys have actually dropped their intensity down a little bit too and that's where we talked about before.

That 10-2 up can actually be sometimes a bad thing too well it's I guess it's uh that you know the constant pressure as we have a nice little shootout beautiful shot confidence surging from massive here we go this is exciting to watch so I believe that was nine ten one which means.

I'll if we get to a 10.0 the scoring system changes a little bit as that's just gone in great effort effort there by Remy but unfortunately not fast enough the wind help Bruce said yeah I just kept going further and further away from Remy so that's 9 10 2. so what happens if a uh two teams equal.

As it's a beautiful shot by breweries if both teams get to 10 you play to two so essentially the the winning team would have to win by two points total so typically it's 12 10 for example but as a result the games can go for a lot longer than expected great tank oh that's a speed up versus cop two of those this game oh.

Bruce you just keep your body out of the way bro see so that's ten nine two it looks actually looks like that was probably going to hit Back Fence on the floor there by God but it's never never a bad acting not that you try to hurt someone obviously in pickleball but one of those things.

Yeah I mean the speed up is definitely utilized it's a great Drive Paul Remy I smashed her last game accidentally and that's you know all over Red Rover It's a Wonderful shot by annalize it off sorry the bronze medal will go to Bruce winter.

And Elise Bolton but you know full credit to Gordon and Remy there that was a good fight back that was a great fight back yeah we've got seven points there to their one at the end so hold on Bruce yeah good job mate that's a wonderful effort on the comms mate I'll put a good word in for you.

So no thank you so much Taylor for jumping in I think you that was awesome you imagine your game's on very soon I think I'll be a couple hours I think they might try to get a couple of other uh divisions off I believe our mix is at one man's is it 132 and I look forward to joining you at the uh women's doubles Yeah by all means jump in for that game.

That'll be awesome but um okay so um well we're just sitting here waiting we'll uh obviously think the uh I guess the sponsor of this live stream that's gem life you know I know the pickleball scene has been wanting to watch games because I.

Know there's a lot of players that can't currently make it to Gold Coast but you know at least we have the privilege of being able to watch so thank you so much for that that's a great idea yeah and I will say if you are local and you're not down here you're missing out it's absolutely beautiful day that wind has picked up but as a result we're.

Currently sitting under the shade and it's quite nice isn't it lovely be a good day for fishing yeah if you are in the area I think uh two o'clock is a start time there's gonna be some really good games actually happening so and the good vibe is actually going on too which is awesome it's really uh relaxed everyone seems to be having a.

Good time lots of laughing you can hear in the crowd and I think uh everyone's just having a yeah yeah just a nice way to spend your Sunday really oh it's great beautiful day who's to say who's young who's old compared to who age is complicated you see most people really stop getting.

Older at age 26 but their bodies just don't get the memo so a little hidden inside most over 50 year olds is the Soul and Spirit of a 26 year old with the same loves and desires and hopes and dreams Justin slightly different Packaging why waste time wondering when you could be him shopping it's your life and life.

Is what you make it so what are you waiting for foreign foreign shoot without you without you thank you.

Foreign you foreign foreign get knocked down but keep going sometimes you're traveling around A.

Thousand Miles feeling so tired but you know I can't stop now can't wait real good but I won't give up I accident that I gotta keep my head up so I ain't going nowhere I run this town yeah been through a whole lot but we overcome.

Enemies in our face but we ain't gonna run foreign okay we are live back here at the uh Tampax Roman 2022 and currently what we are watching is 19 plus mixed doubles on the left side you've got shooting and Bergen and they reversing the Nicholson Duo now.

This game is a playoff match as we go straight into it oh Janine's copter ball there but I'm just waiting to hear from the score from Janine one zero two thank you Janine now I'm pretty lucky and then I have another guest speaker with me today who has just played in the game that we just.

Witnessed with uh the bronze medal match for the name of Bruce winter how you doing Bruce great to be here Dylan thanks for the invite no thank you for sitting down with me it's uh I think I'm pretty blessed we've got a very good seat here to watch some good pickleballs it's good fun yeah absolutely as Hendrick has absolutely plummeted that.

Ball you know it looks like it's been a side away while we've been talking away so I think it's going to be zero one two I'll just double confirm yep so zero one two the Nicholson Geo to serve that's a lovely deep return there by Hendrix they run us through your game Bruce how do you find the um you know.

The conditions obviously the wind came into playing yeah look the conditions are pretty tricky because the wind is blowing heavily down one end to the other so um uh you just got to be careful when you're hitting with the wind you don't overheat it well that's a that's a put away so that would be two zero one.

And then when you're heading into the wind you've got to just hit that a little bit harder a little bit higher so you make sure you get it over yeah but uh you change after each game or after eight if you're playing to 15 so it evens out yes yeah exactly right I think the uh it's just the condition.

Unfortunately that just goes into the net just a condition you've got to work with hey and I think as that looks like 301 from Janine unfortunately but um besides that like obviously uh I I was fortunate enough to have Taylor sitting next to me and we're sort of chatting about how um Annelise was Lefty and you're.

Right-handed that's right so we had a bit of a tactic we'd be really thinking about how we'd play because that was the first time we played together and when we watched Martin and Sarah play who are the top doubles players mixed doubles players in Australia Martin on the forehand he hits the the big forehand drive and then Sarah comes across with.

Her left hand in the middle and tries to put it away and we would try and emulate that we're trying to get me to hit a decent forehand towards the middle of the court and then uh and then and then Annelise to try to come in intercept and put it away yeah and look at work some of the time yeah yeah no that's really good to know I believe that's going to.

Be 602 Hendrick and Janina they're hitting with the wind at the moment so you can see their serves are going quite deep oh no the old middle got the left-hander but no that's really good to know from a um sort of a strategy point of view absolutely a lot of players you know if you've if you've only played one or two.

Tournaments and you sort of want to take it up to that next step that's a lovely good job yeah um this is the sort of stuff you're going to talk about hey is that's right yeah yeah and we were stacking as well so we were taking advantage of the fact that we wanted that forehand in the middle as much as possible so um.

Annelise was trying to stay on the um forehand side as much as possible and I was trying to stay in the backhand side as much as possible to keep the four hands in the middle again yeah and I did briefly mention it during your um game sort of what stacking is but essentially that's as I was talking about earlier for the viewers where you.

Essentially want your forehands to have majority of the ball if possible that's right yeah yeah and you're playing to a street you're trying to get them to play to your strengths exactly rather than them taking advantage of what might be a potential weakness uh it's 161 by the way Nicholson just did a beautiful serve down the middle.

A bit of a dent rally here this is good oh unfortunately so always who's going to be the most patient it's actually quite interesting to see who who goes hard first in a dink rally and often they're the team that loses the point place I believe that'll be side away six.

Two one uh Henrik I played against Henrik yesterday and he's got a good heavy serve and and when he's hitting with the wind it's going to be quite difficult to return yeah he has a leaf of forehead too there you know that's a good example he's hit the back line it's still pushing through.

The air and very hard to return no we um it's a interesting thing I brought up with Taylor earlier he was saying a couple of the guys that have come from Interstate were struggling because they typically play on an indoor surface yes yes yes yeah and um and the tasmanians in particular I think quite a few new.

Zealanders are playing mainly indoor as well it's quite different you know you've got the wind you've got the Sun but also the ball bounces a little bit differently you'd use a different ball too yeah so I must admit even though you don't get to play indoor much anymore I prefer it because you get a very consistent bounce yeah but we're playing.

Almost all the tournaments outdoor now yeah that's fair buenos we've got a sort of ways I believe it's 272. Nicholson to serve unfortunately that's just gone inside so when you're serving more might as well talk about this rule while we're talking sure um if you you have to serve in a diagonal motion if it lands in the.

Other side of the court or out or in the kitchen for that matter oh that's a beautiful shot it is a fault unfortunately that's happened that's a great rally there baby guys and shooting will now serve 722. but yeah talking about that so because uh something similar happens.

In the game previously but as I the players are currently swapping sides so it must be a game they must be playing to 15 yeah yeah so it's eight two two and the reason we do this Bruce kind of touched on them earlier but um the wind is unpredictable but usually is either favoring or or being a pain to one particular song that's right so you.

Want to even add over the course of the match yeah and look your tactics are quite different when you're heading into the wind you really do have to hit it make sure you hit a little bit harder but also deeper higher so you want more elevation so the ball goes over the net if you hit harder it's just going to hit.

Into the net that's a very fair point and that's just gone out so it'll be three nine one so what have you been up to with yourself Bruce lately you're still involved with state level or Club level committees yeah look I was paq President pickleball Queensland president uh.

Secretary sorry for uh three years but I'm on the committee now yep um and enjoying it you're trying to run the Facebook as much as possible trying to try to share what the clubs are doing so that's mostly the big thing I'm involved in keeping an eye on what every Club is doing in Queensland and if they're doing something interesting on.

Their Facebook then I reshare it um we actually had 3 000 reads just in the last seven days which is fantastic a lot of people um checking it out and re-sharing as well I believe that's 931. yeah so we I'll come back to you in a sec but yeah if yours at home that might have just seen that if a ball strikes.

The net while serving that is legal I know there's probably a lot of tennis players watching that thing that's absolutely sacrilegious but uh no in pickleball that is loud that's only a recent what last two years or so it is a relatively new rule but no there's no talk of changing it though no I think it's I.

Don't have a problem with it personally but it's very seldom that it really does favor the serving side exactly right it flicks top takes the top but it still makes it still makes it playable oh yeah it's so it's 1232 shooting to serve it does uh gives you right about his servers is uh getting a lot of points with it yeah.

But um yeah fair enough that's really good to hear that we're having a lot more sort of social exposure that's a lovely strike uh nice to know that we're sort of um you know getting a bit more notice throughout the country and internationally as well absolutely that pickable podcast had.

Um last time I listened to it they were talking about having uh listeners all over the world and one of the highest ones was a little Country Town in America yeah there you go that's wonderful all right so I believe this is three eleven two nice good surf that's a kitchen call good honesty there.

We'd love to see it so you'll notice on the uh Court the maroony color or rather the let's go the big Square that's closest to the net dad there is known as the kitchen or the non-volley Zone if you strike the ball on the full unfortunately Hendrix couldn't reach that in time but if you strike the ball.

On the full and your foot or paddle or any part of your body for that matter uh touches the kitchen is a fault that's lovely honestly there by Nicholson we call that and that side away it's 3 13 1. it's crazy Bruce like obviously we were both in the PHD committee a while ago.

And just the growth from then to now how much the sport has has just gone nuts well I think we started perhaps two years ago with only three clubs Brisbane Gold Coast Noosa but we've got 28 clubs and businesses and Community Affiliates now and we're getting inquiries every week from different different groups and you're hearing about tennis clubs that.

Are converting um courts into pickleball courts so it's growing very very quickly it's just gone along there by Hendrick I believe it's 13. 3 we will check when Hendrix gets the ball sometimes these last couple of points are the hardest to get oh that's where that pressure builds up.

We talked about something similar that's a great shot by Janine we talked about something similar to um when I spoke with Taylor about the sort of mental mental game that comes into play when you've got a lead because we mentioned in your game um we had a solid lead and then they came up and we're getting started to get.

A little bit nervous yeah just gotta calm down take a breath a great job oh and Hendrix gets it oh well done well put away lovely strike that's why the use of the timeouts is quite interesting I'm not a big one for using it myself but I do think there's definitely some value in just having a breather for a minute even if it's just.

To to calm the route the um the routine or the rhythm of the side that's winning all the points yeah that's three fourteen two unfortunately we were talking about the serve so that the wind is coming to play there and it's just gone long but Taylor and I did mention something similar to to what you're mentioning now Bruce that's a.

Great job oh it's gone into the commentary desk I must have to say some more uh nicer things about Janine hidden balls that way but uh no we did talk about the timeouts and there we go for viewers at home it's just struck the net but it's play on it's going out so Nicholson's gain a.

Couple points here 5 14 2. well unfortunately I I in the exact same boat on that sort of strike when you've got all the time in the world and then uh well the wind held out the ball yeah so she wasn't in in the end wasn't close enough to be able to strike it properly we've all been there that's a beautiful.

Shot by Hendrix to win the game nice to finish off with one like that yeah it's confidence booster so that'll be 15-4 yeah and uh word um to Burton and Sharon I've got Janine's coming over so I don't know if she realizes that we're live but she's uh having a good yard there's such wonderful people these guys always got.

Time for him and I believe they're in charge of the new play side of things with pickleballs so they are yeah supporting local pickleball groups it's always a nice thing now I believe we've got another game coming straight on um I imagine the players will be on in a tick.

So getting back to that club the number of clubs we're around 28 now and there are a lot of inquiries from all around the state and it's interesting to see so many clubs and groups in the far North Queensland oh they they make they're not necessarily large groups but they're playing in all these different sort of towns around the place oh beautiful and.

Cairns Townsville yapoon Makai Cardwell so they're all involved and they're really actually helping out their tennis clubs and lots of those places now the Tennis Club the tennis club that might have been falling apart and lacking members is now finding that they've got more pickleball members than.

They do have um tennis tennis club members and and that's great because it keeps the community in those small towns alive yeah I'm I personally lived up with the effort and tablelands in North Queensland so I've got a bit of respect or a bit of love for that uh that side of the the country and you know it's.

Always wonderful I I fully intend hopefully next year to get up and you know go to places like yeppoon and Townsville for their sort of qpt events yeah well I played in Townsville this year and it was a terrific event um people came from Cairns to play and yeppoon and of course Brisbane and the Gold Coast Sunshine Coast and yapoon has.

Got a marvelous setup with eight purpose-built courts they're putting some shade structures down now they're also setting up to build eight more courts so that could be the largest facility in Australia very soon you'd love to see it I think um you know we've said it for a while that the sort of Greater Brisbane region including Sunny.

Coast and Gold Coast and that has sort of being the The Hub of pickleball activity for a while now but I I don't think that's going to last I honestly you know we saw at APC how strong the you know the South Australian teams and the Victorian team that's right yeah and I think part of that's to do with cobit so.

In the southern states and in Victoria South Australia and New South Wales and even Western Australia they were constrained more by covert restrictions and um they weren't able to play whereas queenslanders even though we did have some restrictions we were still able to play most of the time outdoor and even indoor and that's and we grew very very.

Quickly but I noticed the other day pickleball Victoria's just hit 300 members and they were hardly hitting it all they only really only had one base they were playing playing out of and now they're playing all around the state biggest Club in Victoria is in wangaratta yeah right there you go about 80 members.

That's awesome and I think it's a like I know uh my my friends they often say I'm like a bit one of those people that like a random Niche thing like uh and they say Dylan you know what's this pickleball I'm like just give it time uh eventually it'll be everywhere like we're already seeing it getting involved with School.

Curriculum and uh more Grassroots level uh with just mainstream I guess you could say it uh it's only a matter of time before it's across the state I remember at APC we had even players that come from um Perth you know wa you're about a dozen from Perth and it's quite big not just in Perth itself but in some Regional Towns close to Perth there are.

A lot of people playing oh it's awesome and with that development of the the leagues in um in America we may well see a lot more televised um pickleball too you can see it fit a lot on on YouTube of course but uh with the yeah you could see some networks putting it through and we'd be able to watch that on our pay TV systems as well.

And and we should probably follow that up like I mentioned it earlier we're really happy with gem life for you know sponsoring this live stream and Bruce is nailed it I think the the more exposure we have with the players and the clubs it's only a good thing for everyone involved so we'd love to see it but um.

It looks like we have an 18 plus game going on right now just just warm it up so um I don't know viewers at home you probably can't really see the net wobbling too much but the wind has definitely picked up a little bit more.

It'll be interesting to see how the players adapt I'm interested always in what happens when they toss to see what what people do because you can choose to serve it or receive and you can choose or you can choose to take the end and Annelise and I had a quite a lengthy conversation about what we do and yesterday when I.

Was playing with Ray in the men's doubles we decided if we won the toss we would choose the end where where we were hitting with the wind and that really helped us in fact we LED every time we changed we led by quite a bit and I think the wind actually helped us that's awesome to know because uh Taylor and I actually had a bit of a chat about that.

Because we could see when when your game was on the players were having a good chat yourself included regarding exactly that the spin and we're talking about you know why what's the reason for it it's a bit of a quirky thing you know some some sports do it coin toss or something similar but um but there's a bit of strategy.

Involved oh definitely yes yeah absolutely it's amazing how many sides give away to serve I always like to take this and get a chance to win a point exactly right but a lot of a lot of teams do give away the serve and choose to choose the end instead on a re and regardless whether it's windy or not.

So I don't know if your viewers have noticed that the when their people are warming up they don't warm up end to end like they do in tennis they actually warm up down the line so that the two pairs uh hit down the line with each other and they practice that way rather than in tennis where they'd often hit hit to the opposing team now they're.

Going through their services now and they're just about ready to start what uh Queensland team I think um I think the team in purple is from Sorrento in Victoria so it's great to see a group there I think there's about eight or nine of them coming from Victoria to play in that there's another group of victorians from Hampton tennis.

Pickleball Club as well we've got about a dozen from new New Zealand and about the same number from Tasmania playing as well maybe four or five Americans so there's a good range coming right right around now we obviously these guys are doing a bit more of a um a longer warm-up let's talk about warm-up Spruce what's the.

Purpose of it why do we do it well often you're waiting for quite a while uh and um you really do need to you know you might viewers might think it's not a game where you're pushing your body too much but there's a lot of stretching and bending involved so it isn't really important you warm up just like the.

Ground strokes but also getting close as well to the net and practicing your dinking getting your your back muscles and your knees bending um I know after a long tournament my back's usually pretty sore not used to bending so much so so it's important that you do warm up well and even they're practicing the service now.

Getting a feel for how much the wind is affecting their service and how hard they have to hit it and it's funny I recall you and I both went to that PCI course with uh Mark Renaissance that's right we talked strictly about this the warm-up and how players you know don't necessarily do it enough or they don't Target certain things enough it's very.

Interesting so here we go Bruce we talked about the determination of the serve so let's see what happens they're going to toss a coin okay so it look it looks like the team from Sorrento in purple had chosen not to serve they've chosen to take the end instead so for the viewers at home in the purple.

We've got more and langenborg and across from them in the white shirt and the blue shirt we've got Hilbert and goodie so I mentioned to the viewers before the team in purple are from Sorrento in Victoria yeah nice and uh the the other team are from Sunshine Coast you'd love to see it I I love these I.

Mentioned it to Taylor earlier that there's little regions that's sort of coming up and you know I I don't want to say rivalries but you love to see ah there's rivalries zero zero one by the way we've just had a side away oh yeah that is good example of the wind.

Taking a ball out 100 and it happened earlier and I think she might have been hitting from the other end when she was warming up yeah okay that's interesting isn't it so it's one zero one and that just flew away is it coming into play so it should be one zero two.

And we've all done that exactly what's happened we've all been there yes it's not fun but just part of life the comments though because you've got a hole in your paddle and look some of them have now yeah in fact the fellow who's returning now he's got a hole in there so he's got an excuse.

He's got back out of the kitchen so he doesn't doesn't uh break the rule did well zero one one nice couple of nice shots there so what we're trying to do when you're returning is you're trying to get a nice deep return um as Mark renison was telling us it.

Doesn't need to be hard it doesn't need to be quick oh that's a great so you want it as deep as possible keep to keep that side back as far as you can when you're coming to net and in fact if you hit it a little bit higher a little bit deeper gives you another millisecond or two to get to net and to scare them when they see looking there right on the.

Kitchen line so it's one two two and let's talk about that so Taylor and I mentioned something similar that's a nice shot about the uh the presence of the net and how thus far just from the couple of games we've watched already yes majority of the points being won by the team at the end I think the win.

Comes into play as well because if you have that long long amount of distance to cover and you've got to you know big uh Gale coming in either for or against your your shot certainly a lower percentage shot to strike and we can see this here the team in purple are dominating at the net and usually they will result with.

The point I'm saying as long as the team at net can get the ball deep uh it's very hard for the the team at the on the Baseline to hit a winner exactly right we just got more distance to cover today that's right yeah and unfortunately as we mentioned earlier the serve has gone on the other side of the uh on the line.

I suppose you could say because you have to serve in a diagonal motion so as a result that is a fault one two one and it's just going along I've already I'm already seeing a trend here Bruce the there's been multiple serves from the guys in purple that have gone long that's right yeah.

We just had a a double bounce like a second shot on the full rule I think that's what's happened the server's actually got to let the ball bounce for the third shot except off the bounce rather than hitting it on the full but he came in very quickly he's Keen to get in but he hit it too yeah too quickly and there's another.

Long ball yeah it's definitely coming into play but let's go into that rule a little bit longer so when we're teaching newer players um the first three shots of the game have to bounce so uh the first the serve uh when you're when you serve to someone the returning player has to allow it to.

Bounce that's known as the second shot I believe that's one three one currently and and then the third shot so when it returns back to the serving side they have to allow it to bounce out as well once that ball has been struck and it goes over the net and it's a fair strike you can then hit the ball on the floor the reason for that is it's a pop-up.

Good reach oh unfortunately there but the reason for that is uh I think pickleball is one of the very few sports in the world where serving you're almost at a disadvantage because you have to allow for that third bouncer there's the bounce and now the players can hit on the fool that's right so antennas uh especially in the.

Old days when we're mainly on on real grass there was certain volleys so you'd want to serve and then get to net as quickly as possible and try and put the ball away but in pickleball that doesn't happen at all you give the advantage if the if the returning side actually hits a good to deep return then the serving sides actually actually at quite a.

Disadvantage and that's why we're trying to get players to hit that third shot there's not always a drive that's a softer shot that gets gets the team coming into net um having to hit a half volley yeah fair enough so that's great to know as we have the ball there we go gentleman next to me save the ball so.

That is one three one but no that's um and I think when we're teaching players we definitely come into play while we really push oh that's a great oh nearly nearly 43 but we really push for um long deep returns for that exact reason we've already touched on it it's.

A harder shot to play but also gives you time to get to the net so you'll notice he is it's a 132 so there's another long one there's another long one I think every serve she serves so far has been just a little bit over so she's got to try and modify that not quite a hit it so hard and if we were playing.

If I was playing with my partner and that was occurring that's when I would take a timeout and sort of say okay what's going on rather than doing well you don't get too many chances to win points no and every chance you do you you could have take advantage you've got to get the ball in play yeah and for.

The viewers at home that have they might have never played you could only score a point if you're on the serving side um so obviously Bruce has nailed it you want to be ensuring that you make the most of your opportunities now we've just had a ball on court and that's three one two.

That's a good serve unfortunately now we've already mentioned in the past that you can't step in the court if it's on the full or in the kitchen or on the kitchen sorry if it's a volley shot now on that play there unfortunately that's just going through that the ball bounced before the player stepped in the kitchen.

To strike the ball now that is legal so you're allowed to step into the kitchen and this is a very common misconception a lot of players and that's gone long and if you don't if you don't understand that rule it puts you to a distinct disadvantage because if the ball drops down there and you're staying right.

Behind the kitchen you not going to reach it exactly right yeah so don't be afraid to get in the kitchen but just allow it to bounce first and that's a serve that's gone in there you go so we'll see if this can build any momentum three three one.

Three three two so the reason why we call the third number is that's just gone wrong so people a lot of people that would not watch pickleball or not played pickleball probably think our scoring system makes no sense uh let me tell you I played for years now and I still think it makes.

We understand at Dylan but we're not happy about it so you know there is some another way to score a course called rally scoring where you just in a point either way and look at the interesting to see what happens when it's uh pickup was on uh on television a lot more because that would be a lot more interesting I think for uh well.

Understanding for spectators to see uh just winning if you win a point you win you win a you win a rally you win a point yeah um I mean this match has been going for quite a while now I'd say 10 minutes and we're only three three yeah that's a very fair point so so three three one um we just had a wonderful little rally.

There by the players but oh nice put away but um Bruce has has nailed it this is uh I mentioned it was slightly controversial because this is a topic that is currently talked about a fair bit now the second or the third number that's called in the score so usually it's three so in this case it's 23. the third.

Number that's called is which server it is no it's gone now three three one now the one there the player in blue is signaled they are the first serve oh that's just rolled in that was a brilliant Gap but as a result so now to be four three one so the third.

Number is either is always going to be either one or two and you're simply signaling whether you were the first player in your team to serve all the second players because each team unfortunately that's going out each team gets to serve twice they get two opportunities so a man is having a bit of trouble with.

Her serve that's Hibbert she's uh it's not not hitting through in a pendulum swing and she said it hit a couple of serves out to the right the pressure we're talking about and there's a ball okay so the ball's on court have you explained that Dylan no I haven't okay so we're pretty careful about Ballers being on Court and uh.

Impeding um play but also just it's dangerous if there's a ball behind you so we have a very strong rule whether it's indoor or outdoor if there's a ball anywhere comes on your court or behind then we stop playing regardless of where the the position of the rally is and you replayed the point that can be.

Incredibly frustrating at times especially if your team is in a setup position to put away a a point but it's the fairest way it evens out over a long time and it's definitely a safety thing so it's 351 and Bruce has nailed it I think um there's another long ball the uh the players in the no I mean they ended.

Up side of weighing anyway but typically if you are dominating that particular point and the ball rolls on it's very frustrating that's a great shot good forehand four five two so as I mentioned earlier it's the second server from this team I know without a bit of a.

Bit of a discussion on court so they were definitely correct so it's four five two so that was going to be interesting because uh they had the wrong person about to serve and luckily the opposing side let them know that if they hadn't and the wrong person served they would lose the point straight away so that was.

Very good sports machine from the returning side we've already seen multiple instances of really good sportsmanship we had a kitchen call uh earlier and that's you love to see it it's just good Fair place that's Firefall one let's surf goes in the comfortable net.

Oh unfortunately done it's a good rally okay so this is the side that Amanda's having some trouble serving from let's see how she goes this time she's been hitting the ball to the left she needs to get that pendulum swing going and hitting right in the direction of where she wants the ball to go there we go we've got that one in.

All right that's a good put away I'd have been going out but it took the player instead I mean you copped a couple of those I dropped a couple in but I do have a good memory so I believe that's five five four okay disregard that that's just going on good leave okay so the the side that's.

Um serving at the moment be pretty happy with their where they are they're seven four two up and they're hitting oh it's great it's good put away they're heading into the wind so if they let they let they take the uh they go in and change ends and they're leading it eight five eight something like that then they'd be pretty happy with the lead they've got.

Henning with the win which is a distinct Advantage well I will say though that unfortunately though it's just gone wide but the the team in purple they um I would say a lot of the points that they've you know haven't capitalized on because they've hit it too far oh absolutely.

They haven't tempered their shots it might be beneficial for them to swap as well may well be actually right yes I believe that's 472 as it's just going into that unfortunately so are you playing any other events today or tomorrow yeah I'm in the final of the Open men's doubles in a little while.

Um Ray and I are playing uh Taylor and Caden so the the 60 year olds versus the I don't know 30 year olds I suppose and uh and then I'm in the mixed doubles age with annalize again later this afternoon beautiful I've been playing a lot of singles this year but I'm not playing singles in this one I'm trying to protect my body because singles is a lot.

Outer game oh it's brilliant um I'm playing in the Queensland applicable tour finals at the end of November at beenleigh yep um I mean the single was mixed Anna and men's doubles in there and I'm looking after my body until then so no singles to my no singles tomorrow no teams event um but but there'll be some good players.

Playing singles and I'm looking forward to hearing how the team's event goes because it's the first yeah it's the first teams event I think we've had in Australia yeah it's a good thing I think um you know mixing things up is never a bad thing as we can see the players they're currently uh swapping so this is a game to 15 so they'll be swapping at.

Eight um but no you're right I think the personally I've also been trying to get into singles a little bit more myself and I have so much respect for the people that play singles all the time because it's it's grueling it is grueling you've really got to force yourself to get to net you cannot stay.

Back and expect to win because even though it's a the pickleball court is a small court that you might viewers might realize that the distance between the bass lines from one to the other they're about half the length of a tennis court so that means the ball is coming up coming back roughly twice as fast exactly right and it's funny you.

Mentioned that because we just had a great shootout by both teams there and that ball flies I think uh the camera angles might not necessarily do it justice with how fast that ball is coming so I believe this is 842 but uh see this critical time now for the the tide that's down they can't let.

The other side get away so Amanda said another one of those serves that's going to the left to serving size got one more chance to establish a strong lead four two so it's a good volley so I'm curious to see what the result is with the serves because these the purple.

Sides were hitting it out a fair bit last before the swap that's right let's see what happens that's a beautiful serve oh unfortunately crept up a little bit too fast and they've capitalized on it so it should be four right two a five nine okay.

Yes we will be covering all the singles matches that Bruce mentioned I'm not too sure if we're doing the team's event or not but singles will definitely be on so tune in tomorrow now it's a Monday but if you have your lunch break or want something to uh it's a good put.

Away to get you through your Monday definitely tune in we'll be streaming it and there has been a lot of good putaways this game hasn't it these teams are not mucking around when it comes to the high balls no no let's put it away yeah let's not give it another chance that's very better it's probably a good thing that they're.

Um especially with this windy these windy conditions we've just had a great great job there did you hear it yeah yeah it's very good that we've had the uh those put aways because of the wind is definitely coming into play as as we say that they've done exactly what the other team.

Were doing last but no look um this game has gone on for quite a while but we're uh you know very thankful to be able to live stream it so thank you to gemlive for providing the opportunity for such I'm not too sure what's happened here because that was uh I think they thought.

The ball might have been coming across but it went over the fence instead fair enough it's a fortunate there on the virtual drop however 692. oh and it's just gone long that's the time you want the breeze to kick in that's right.

Unfortunately it wasn't there 961 oh yes however I do like that they were transitioning to Gwinnett or trying to just uh it's one of the hardest things isn't it when you're you're moving to not thump the ball you wanna get it softer unfortunately that's going.

Wide again that's right yeah I mean we're trying when you when you're coming to net you want to try when you hit the ball to be stationary exactly so and not moving too too much so it's just that balance between getting to net and planting your feet trying to hit a good volley oh there's a net pretty high when it.

Hits the top of the net though but um no it's definitely for players that are you know have only just sort of started playing or of wanting to to sort of Advance their skills there are multiple coaches throughout the state you can.

Speak to unfortunately that's just gone a bit long but also there's plenty available I know we're streaming this to YouTube as well um by all means after the streams just have looks here around on on YouTube to what what's available there's so many tutorials and guides to you mentioned warm-ups there's a lot of.

Warm-up YouTube clips as well if you're interested in making sure that your body's properly warmed up there's some great matches look viewers might think when they watch Ben johns or one of those top players from America playing the ball look it looks a slow game and you'd be very surprised when you.

Actually were involved or you're watching Ben johns or Anna Lee Walters playing live the ball is moving very very quickly and their skill level is quite amazing so it's 972 and and Bruce is nailed unfortunately that's just going to be a while but the uh it's actually we've had a timeout.

Here so two timeouts allowed and one minute each for each side uh you can use it for a water break like this this side is is using just because it has been a long game I reckon they've been going 20 minutes by now or you can use it as a tactical maneuver as well to kill momentum yeah I think um talking about.

Uh like the Tactical side of things so if anything I think because the team in purple they are now on the side that sort of is more beneficial for their serves uh you well you mentioned that let's wait and see what happens and it's definitely happened I think it's around seven nine now and um they're right back in the game exactly right so I think um.

You know taking that time out to have a bit of a drink have a bit of a breather because we now have seven nine two it's not a bad thing and one thing especially regarding the heat you mentioned uh when it's a long game we quite frequently see players cramp up um especially when they've been playing long games all day I just definitely.

Hope you know that doesn't occur for the event today but utilization of timeouts is so important cool and that's come under my desk but no we talked about how fast those balls are coming I think that there's a great example uh despite the fact that you know ready position was pretty good um it's hard to stop a smash especially.

When it's coming straight out here yeah I experienced that twice and I'm bearing the scars I don't know if that went in or not no just out don't it yeah they've just gone out so but it's funny like we're talking about getting hit by the ball and whatnot I know a lot of players are now wearing.

Eyewear to sort of protect their their eyes you know particular glasses as that's going wide so that'll be eleven seven one but um it's understandable I mean if you're copping a ball that's absolutely flat stick you do not want it to go into your eye no one of our players at Noosa caught one in the i o a year or so ago.

And she did have a little bit of trouble had to go the ophthalmologist and have some tests and a little bit of treatment um I mean obviously no players are trying to actually hit you when they hit the ball exactly right um but we're not a binge on standard we're trying to win a point and.

Sometimes we might not actually hit it exactly where we want to I believe that's 1272 12 8 12 8 ones okay okay so Four Points in it that's a nice thing big Point here they get 13 8 and they've got a second chance as well great effort.

Okay so this is a critical point viewers 1282 and they've got the momentum if they get 13 off to 13 or 14 then the other side is going to be wondering where they're going to go it's gone out that was a really good return though right on the uh it was service foot um you love to see it and I think that's.

Definitely more uh promoted so we'll see if the serve once again another serve in oh the net roll they're the kind of ones that if the opposition does it everyone says sorry no one means sorry not sorry yeah or maybe sorry I didn't hit it better yeah someone up at Noosa is very very annoyed if you don't say you're sorry.

No we won't name it oh there we go they got them back with another net roll of Their Own it's 8 13 2. he has a frequent joke that a lot of players especially within the in the Brisbane pickleball scene um they always say that the net would go.

Over in McGregor and that's a it's a funny joke because the the Nets there are a little bit wonkier a little bit looser yeah yeah shout out to the mcgregories so that's thirteen eight one yeah it's funny when you're playing uh sometimes you get the rubber the green the sun shines your day and you can be.

In a match where you you might actually get three or four net chords against you in the same game and it can be quite frustrating what have I done today and often players will actually check that net and make sure it's as tight as possible yeah well we are let's talk about that we are blessed to have.

Uh great strikes we are lucky to have um purpose-built courts here I think well and and then that's here a stationary Nets that are solid and they've got very good uprights and they've then they're taught and most of the places we play at have uh Nets you were wrecked and they are a lot looser and um much more prone to heading neck cords.

Yeah I agree and I think we uh as someone who has organized tournaments myself it's it's an absolutely nightmare to try and get um you know get all the tape down get all the Nets set up so yeah I know the tournament directors here'd be loving that they can just hop on and get into the games.

Now they've called a ball on they've this is a we talked about good sportsmanship now they've had an absolutely wonderful strike there to win the point however the player defending it has accidentally run into someone on the opposing court because of the angle of the strikes right yes so they've just said let's do.

A replay yeah now you'd love to see it that you know they could have definitely been a dispute there but um you know this is one of the great things about pickleball um I played a lot of tennis and well there was a lot of good sportsmanship I I feel that in pickleball there's a lot more people are willing to commend the.

Other team for a good shot they're that's that's fallen short they've given the side of the side out again and they're willing to commend the other team on a good shot and be a good Sportsman in situations like that so oh that's another one of those serves that she's struggling with that service currently 1482 but no you're spot on.

Bruce I think um I've always advocated for how how nice and how positive the community are um even just behind us we have you know an army of volunteers helping out the tournament director Mike pressure has just gone long okay so the site that was leading then has given the server away.

I believe it's 9 40. currently well unfortunately bit too much Top Spin there yeah so 914 to currently but no the community is so wonderful I think um you know it's nearly Christmas time whether you believe in Christmas or not but I think uh it's wonderful to get.

Everyone around together I know clubs around the country will be doing things having dinners and catch-ups yeah celebrating the another successful year in in pickleball and the growth just a bit wide there I think yeah but I will say the purple side have been serving a lot better since they've swapped over so they have good on them.

Okay here's another chance for a hit the Hibbert team to to get a point and win the match match point 14 9. yeah and that's going to fall in That's a classic example of the sort of social camaraderie we all have despite the fact that the team lost the point they were clapping them because it's.

Like yeah talk Dylan about with friends about why pickleball seem to be a more social and friendly sport than tennis and maybe part of it's to do with the fact you're actually closer to your opponent you make more eye contact I'm not sure but certainly there's a lot more friendship there's a lot more.

Camaraderie and it doesn't it's not an age thing it's not because we're all oldies playing it happens with the youngsters as well well I think just what I know I was involved with baseball for a very long time and um that sport you know we're nearly opposition where I played I played Centerfield so I was down the middle of nowhere.

And I barely knew who was hitting the ball whereas I think you're under something Bruce because if you oh that's a good effort if you have a close if you have a really good shootout with the hands are flying and the ball is you know it's a long rally regardless of who wins the point usually you clap your hands so well done yeah.

The adrenaline's flying and people are enjoying that that opportunity to being involved in a rally like that disappointment if you don't win the point but you still enjoy it Gee let's just hit the Baseline very nice long return there okay another chance we're just waiting as players are.

Hopping onto the other court for their game 1491 match point I put away is another net stroke to win the game that was a good game good half an hour game which is quite a bit longer than most games usually you'd expect a game to 11 to go for about 15 minutes game to.

15 to maybe go 25 but that's been a good game yeah and those long grueling ones I'm personally a fan of them playing in them um yeah especially if you win them yeah well but even then you're getting your you just it's a it becomes more of a mental thing I think those long games because you've got to be disciplined.

With retaining the team strategy and what you want to do that's right and look if it is a long game there are going to be a lot of side outs where you don't win points and you've got to not let that get to you you've just got to keep on as you say sticking to the strategy being positive so it looks like the tournament.

Directors are getting our next game ready to go so as you can see this uh this event they're trying to get through games as soon as the Court's ready they plonk someone else on and we're blessed to just be able to sit here and in the shade and watch it all so I'm not complaining this is one of the best spots to watch it in yep.

I'm happy I'm happy but now once again we'll thank gemlive for the opportunity for uh allowing us to live stream so and while we're waiting we're just going to go to a break sensible it's just two four letter words.

Stuck together another word for boring sensible shoes sensible hat sensible life just a word to get you to do what everyone else is doing but what if you aren't prepared to settle for a sensible life because you've already had one what if you want a whole new look well what are you waiting for.

Who's to say who's young who's old age is complicated most people really stop getting older at age 26 but their bodies just don't get the memo hidden inside most over 50 isheroles is the Soul and Spirit of a 26 year old just in a slightly different packaging why waste time wondering when you could be enjoying what are you waiting for.

do you think we'll catch anything doesn't matter okay and we are back So currently we have the 19 plus mixed doubles we're still doing the round Robins and we've got Janine and Hendrick from Team new play.

Just currently warming up funnily enough when uh uh Bruce and I were talking about the warm-ups and how crucial it is now this particular event uh will be against the team that we just watched so we've got more and langenberg longenberg sorry um and they're also warming up so this.

Is a bit of a tricky one because obviously you've just had a you know close to a half an hour match and they've barely had an opportunity to have a drink of water and they're straight on again now uh suppliers at home you might you might be able to see but it is the sun's out to play today.

Um we do have a couple of clouds around and it is windy which is it is a nice thing that it it cools it down a bit but the uh oh we've had the ball roll under me there goes your name um but the uh the sun definitely comes into play I mentioned earlier to Bruce that heat stroke is very much a real thing where.

Constantly encouraging the players to keep hydrated keep that um the water going and eight uh either eat appropriately to make sure you can keep keep going through the day but tournaments for those that haven't played in a tournament um.

It's a long Affair you're here for a long time this definitely takes multiple hours um when my partner Emily and I we go to tournaments and we're playing we take an Esky basically with you know we take wraps and muesli bars and all the amount of water that we require because you need it you can't be relying on don't.

Get me wrong utilize the cafes and the best rows of wherever you may be playing but do people do be prepared to take your own food as well because it's such a long day little things like lollies red frogs are always popular I don't know if uh Leanne Griffin is watching from BBC but she always has frogs and snakes on.

Her and because that kind of stuff you need that sugar to get you through now it looks like the players are currently having a chat regarding who's going to be serving first you'll see this as a reoccurring theme throughout the tournament because as Bruce was talking about it it's.

Actually a lot more strategic than you may realize now Hendrick and Janine were on fire during their first game that we streamed against the Nicholson Duo we'll see if they keep that form going is the paddle spin so it looks like can't exactly tell looks like Hendrick.

And Janine will be serving first and this will follow the same rules as what we've had in the past with the uh games to 15 swap at eight so shoot and deserve zero zero two now the person that was uh commentary commentating with me Bruce unfortunately that's just gone long has uh had to go and get some food in funnily enough.

We're talking about food but he has events later on today so I can totally respect that now we're looking at popular themes or reoccurring themes that's a great shot there by Hendrick but um the duo in the purple were which is more in londonburg Were Striking the ball out quite a bit on.

This side of the Court obviously and once again it happens again and that is to the viewers at home that's due to the wind be curious to see whether they adapt now that they've sort of had a game as a result and that has just gone long oh no it's managed to roll through the.

Gate we've got Hendrick trying to get the ball back but um thankfully someone in the crowd was there to collect it nice deep return Hendrick has a wonderful serve oh lbw unfortunately just struck the knee on the way through so shooting and we're gonna run a bit of.

A run here that's five zero two absolutely flooring it at the moment and Bruce did talk about this the the benefit of serving first is that sometimes you can get a bit of a run and catch your opposition off guard now we're at 602 so it's definitely fair to say that the.

Team that elected to serve first uh they they got their money's worth from it now side away so it'll be zero six one we'll see if we can get our serve in unfortunately she's headed a bit soft there but it's definitely going to come into play here in the back of your mind because they were striking it a bit too.

Far and the wind was carrying and for players at home that might only play on an indoor surface this is sort of stuff it's a great shot there by Janine Down the Line This is the sort of stuff that you have to be aware of um because obviously a tournament as Bruce.

Mentioned if you can't score a point when you're serving you won't win any games and unfortunately I know they've called the ball out okay no they've called it in as I thought yeah Janine's ball was definitely in so now there's six zero one shoot and deserve.

That's a nice long return there to put away for the Finish oh no there's that hole in the paddle that we were talking about earlier coming into play so that's quite unfortunate now the uh lobs and whatnot uh typically seven zero one you typically don't want.

To be using them in windy conditions because it's super unpredictable however we are seeing quite a few happen today 702 as a result a lob earned a point earlier on today now that's just hit the top of the paddle bit of a chaos Ball but it works.

Zero seven you'll notice she's utilizing a bounce serve so in pickleball you don't have to hit the ball oh that's a great shot there by Janine you don't have to hit the ball on the full when serving now you'll notice for any of our tennis players out there watching players are serving underarm.

Impeccable you are not allowed to hit the ball above the hip so you'll notice this player here is hit the ball on the full and as a result he scored a point from it nice serve the one seven two now as long as he is striking the ball under the hip let's drop their budget in.

It's a legal serve now his partner is striking the ball with a bounce serve now I believe it should be seven one one side away Bergen deserve we'll see what Bergen does with herself whether she doesn't bounce or striking on the foot okay so she striking now she's hitting.

Thank you Janine she's helping my little serving tutorial here and she has struck the ball into the kitchen now that is a fault now in pickleball you don't get any double folds not in our tournament anyway return Hendricks has returned the lob the.

Windows kept it in oh that's great defensive play there by the side in purple love to see it now score is now these players should technically call a serve or call the score before they serve the ball now the reason for that is that it's not only helpful for.

People such as myself to notify you all at home but also it's beneficial for the other team because then everyone kind of knows where we're at that's a ball on court because Bruce and I were talking about earlier you just stop playing immediately and do a replay eventually that's just struck the net.

So it's 272. there's that bounce serve that we're talking about now the players move in Janine has received a lot of balls here today that's Bergen oh that's a great shootout good hands from both teams but I believe that um Bergen has won most of the shootouts.

This game but that one there the the duo in purple managed to get up so it's 372. strike now what the team of purple here are doing this is called freezing out so they are deliberately trying to freeze uh shooting out of the play um and that is because Hendrick has quite a lethal forehand now a lot of people would say I mean.

It's a controversial topic whether this is a you know it's a a well-mannered sort of playstyle to deliberately not Target someone and now we're up to eight points so the teams are going to swap but the reason for it is that if you have someone that's dominating.

You don't want them to get the ball it's as simple as that now in saying that Bergen is definitely hauling her own with it but now that we've had a swap of courts or rather they've swap sides of the Court we'll see how this affects the play because the team in purple I I believe they've definitely served better.

Than they did last game from that side of the court and they actually gained several points once they rotated in the last game so we'll be curious to see whether they can you know repeat that again well Janine with a shake and bake so what a shaken bake is is when you strike the ball quite hard to the.

Opposition cause a pop-up and you follow through with another hard strike so so you kind of set yourself up with your own pop-up it's a um pretty pretty cool technique okay so while I'm sitting here rambling on we've just had another person jump in to have a chat with me how you doing girl good Dylan how you going oh pretty.

Good and uh you've you've had a couple of games this morning yet yeah we have yeah nice do you want to um sort of explain who you are where you come from and what you do uh what do I do okay well regarding coaching anyway regarding coaching yeah okay well this morning I've had the the.

Great joy of playing in the open yeah nice and um my partner and I have actually it's the first time we've played together yeah beautiful yeah so we've been having a lot of fun out there and um actually through to the gold medal match which was pretty good yeah so you'll be playing later on we will I think two o'clock or something oh.

Beautiful well you were most likely for the viewers at home we're most likely going to be watching Gail play and I'll be commentating and so best of luck with your game thank you thank you thank you as for for what I do um part-time pickleball coaching yeah on this side yeah so let's let's talk about that because we have had we've uh had a.

Couple people already sort of sit in but um a lot of them like we had Bruce and Taylor said in and they they're more from the bruises I guess the administration side of pickleball and Taylor's Advanced playing another pickleball talk to us from a coaching perspective like what's uh obviously we we look because I do coaching myself I.

Love to see the potential in players and how they can achieve their potential but absolutely what what got you into coaching like why yeah look at um I think for me it's a simple one I have been a tennis coach yeah for 25 years oh there you go yep um but only because of injury I had to stop okay.

Um and the Hope had been that maybe I could get back to that at some point but um unfortunately the rehab required a very specific sort of discipline on my part okay in terms of just Little increments yep and it was getting very hard to find players to do that with you good enough fair enough so um I went along the world pickleball.

Day I think it was uh 2020. that's right yep yeah and thought wow what a great game yep um yeah and and of course as as you might well know there's many aspects from the racket side of its play that you can bring from tennis into pickleball but there's also another whole skill set that you have to learn.

And for me I remain a learner and I love as you said to just see people improve yeah exactly right yeah so from that perspective the business is called right start great finish there you go um it's giving people the foundation they need and I'm just excited by the number of all ages and when I say that I'm talking about chronological age of.

The Hunger for people to learn and just again in that regard they deserve to be given good foundation yeah I agree yeah and I think um you've sort of nailed the head uh nailed it on the head there that the age is irrelevant in pickleball like we we see so many people that um you know they might be from a.

Uh like an older demographic that have found a second life within the space of pickleball the and the beauty of it is here we are at the Masters yep and oh it's a nice rock there and the players are having an absolute ball yeah and a lot of these players have only found pickleball like kind of like yourself yep in the last couple of years.

Absolutely and I mean isn't it it isn't it the case that what we see out here is so many variations of style yep and it's not style doesn't win it yeah but you know I've said to some players because they say how do you do this well it's like well this is how I would do it yeah so you know what I say is if if something's.

Working then don't try and change it exactly right wait till it's broken and then try and fix it yeah I had a game out of Morrow field this week that uh we had someone from a table tennis background versing someone from a squash background yeah it was chaos on the court but I was like this is pickable welcome.

So yeah to the viewers at home that might be watching I'm just my other we had a bit of a breather there this has been quite a long game already but um it doesn't matter if you haven't uh played any sport before if you have if you have played a paddle or racket sport in the past you'll get it really.

Quickly but I came from a baseball background my partner comes from a netball background and it you know it only took a little while this is one of those games that's easy to learn but very difficult to master yes and I think that's the pleasure of it is learning how to get good yeah.

Yeah absolutely yeah and and as we've said you know the the age expense age in Truth for the most part doesn't have a lot to do with it it's all about skill and you know for someone I'm about to turn 67 yep and I'm thinking man this is such fun competing with these youngsters I mean my partner's in his 20s there you go you know but it's just the beauty.

Of such um what would you call it it's a real compliment yeah you know it's I mean my partner's the power player and I tend to go for the soft um yeah so it's it's just delightful yeah yeah as I believe the score is Seven Ten one as we've had a side away but um you know it's so good that you.

Mentioned that because um gem life have sponsored this live stream that we're currently talking on yeah and I know there's probably people watching that have they might not have ever heard about pickleball or they might have had friends or family play and think you know I'm too old for that oh I can't do that I've never played.

Sport believe me guys guys and girls watching this is a a wonderful Sport and once you get into it it's very hard to to stop playing but it's as Bruce mentioned earlier it's also the community as that's mob has just gone in it's such a wonderful group of people I've made so many friends from this Sport and um and I'm sure you have.

To go absolutely yeah it's just nice to yeah it's the kind of thing that once you finish a game you know you have a chat with the people you've just Versed and you know you find out how they're doing what's going on in their life what's you know cool things are happening yes if if someone has a new little Bub they bring it in and everyone.

Celebrates it it's a real family within pickleball it is indeed and again you know this weekend I'm here with six other folk from up on the Sunshine Coast we're having a blast of a time together yep just you know staying in an apartment it's just a real food yeah that's exactly all ages again yeah yeah I think the thing Dylan that I'm looking.

Forward to is the sport becoming so popular that we start to see schools picking it up intentionally because of all that can be gained from learning the skill set exactly uh you know it's again I've I've worked with most of my coaching life has been teaching the fundamentals to make sure you've got the strong Foundation to build on yeah and.

When you look at the advantages of this from all of what the body requires it's not just you know the mature age to have a lot to gain from it but also the youngsters exactly right I I was involved a little bit with the school's curriculum program with baq and as someone who worked in child care extensively for a long time I can see.

The benefits of the five motor gross motor skills that little ones can pick up yeah as uh I've actually got a family coming out to more Airfield this week and they message us like is this a sport that I can play with my family it's like 100 you bring your little ones down they can get out there and have a whack and and.

It's not only not only is this a very fun sport but it's also healthy that's it yeah you know it doesn't it's uh it's the pickleball is commonly referred to as fun cardio because you're running around you're having a good time but you don't realize it till about two three hours in jeez I'm actually pretty sore this has.

Been a good day that's it yeah yeah yeah I think you've just raised another very critical point that some we we really need to be conscious of just what do I need to do to keep the body moving around the court exactly and you know it's vital that I know for me today again because of my age I've had to come off and uh.

And be prepared to just take a bit of time to stretch so I don't stiffen up too much so it looks like the game has just finished out the guys are just having a bit of a chat and this is exactly what Gail and I are talking about the players are have just had a hard-fought game and straight away they come together shake.

Hands and wish each other well on the remainder of the event so I imagine the directors are just getting the next game going as you can see the players Nichols the Nicholson Duo have already we've seen them today already they've just hopped on for a game.

But uh once again thank you to gemlive for providing the live stream for us and um we'll just sit here and just enjoy the shade Gail well we can age has nothing to do with a number it's about a state of mind.

A decision to seize every day and make it yours some people have been alive for ages and never really lived but that's okay they'll figure it out or they won't what are you waiting for foreign.

The Way You Got Me Hanging On baby alrighty we are back here um So currently we've got some players just warming up once again we're watching the 19 plus event for the I've just got tournament director Tony.

Showing me which games we currently have um yeah so currently the 19 plus mixed doubles and we've already seen both teams playing today this should be a pretty solid game same with the Nichols Nicholson Duo will be up against uh Hibbert and girdi um yeah so I'm still sitting here with.

Gail we're just having a good time having a good chat we are and uh so we were talking earlier Gail regarding sort of the warm-up procedure what's your go-to when you're playing with your player with your partner yep you've got 10 minutes to go before your game begins what what do you like to do I think it's important to start Dylan at the front.

There just start getting the feel for the dinking keeping that ball in the non-volley zone and then progressively transitioning back and just working what we call our third shot drop which could be a fifth shot drop seven shot drop but just getting the feel of getting that paddle head down and just lifting the ball and trying to keep it in that.

Non-volley zone and then really going for your stroke from the Baseline then taking a few serves if you've got the opportunity even in the process of transitioning back just trying those third shot drops it's good for the partner doing that to speed the ball up every now and then for the person at the net to just really get their eyes in.

Because as we both know there's quite a bit of speed that can happen at various times yeah that's great feedback I think um it's something that each team it's it's sort of a personal thing isn't it you know what you want to work on and what you want to get your eye in yeah um and you mentioned the serving it's been a bit of a hot topic for this event.

Thus far especially the 19 plus we've seen quite a lot of serves go out of bounds and I I think the wind has come to play a fair bit in saying that though it feels like the wind has dropped off yes but but she raised a very good point I say to my partner before what I had found.

Um as we both know it's so important to get that serve in let's get the point going but I too were struggling with the wind I just said to him I'm going to start dropping the ball rather than releasing it from the hand made a massive difference there you go yep and again focusing much more on topspin yeah just to really work that ball in yeah.

And we talked about that um earlier when uh we had the team that just finished up the couple in purple they were they'd transitioned to a more of a drop serve like what you're mentioning yeah I've already talked during this broadcast how we can do a drop serve and also hit it on the floor as long as it's you know.

Blow The Hip but it's interesting you mentioned that like here you are a esteemed coach and even you're struggling with the wind it's good to note for for the players at home that serving especially getting the hips or getting worried regarding your serves that happens to all of us yeah so um yep but you you're 100 right just making.

Sure you get it in you can't get a point if it's not in that's right and again you know you you've got to deal this is the other element of just you know the thinking process we've got two different games being played on the one chord yep you know our Northern end their working power and this end down here they're really having to work on control yeah.

All because of the wind yeah and I think your spot on Bruce did mention that regarding the strategy of who serves first so we've already seen yep it's now cider bases zero zero two uh currently with the team that are uh serving would be a Hibbert and goodie and there's that wind coming into play so they're already automatically going.

For that harder ball to try and get it over the serve over the net side yep zero zero two another thing that's probably an underrated factor with especially with outdoor play is that the longer we play with these balls they gradually degrade um that's something that I think comes into.

Play too the the newer balls fly they're a lot more susceptible to swing and spin yes uh whereas the older ones they get that doesn't necessarily happen so that's one zero two um what's your how do you as a coach go through let's say you're halfway through your playoffs you've had a couple wins have a couple.

Losses what's your sort of thought process with all right how do we get to finals what what do we do so I guess for my partner and I what we've done at the end of every match is we've reviewed okay yep so is that what you mean yeah is it yeah talk us through it yeah so we've we've reviewed what was working and what wasn't okay.

Um and thus far that's been very helpful in terms of how we go into the next match yeah yeah I'm a big believer in reflection myself and it's nice to hear someone else's too so that's that's nice I think it's I'll just catch the score from the Nicholson duo in the blue zero three two thank you um okay so you you sort of reflect can.

You give us a rundown like what like if you use an example of what you've already talked about what's something that you may have reflect upon yep I think there are some players who just love power yep you know if you put the ball in The Hitting Zone my golly gosh you've got to be really bearing down at the net to be able to manage that in.

Blocking it back so we're looking at you know combinations from that perspective you know is one liking a soft game and the other locking a hard game and consequently making sure our play is pitched to what they don't want exactly yeah having said that you know you have to acknowledge you've got to have a skill set that can.

Actually adapt to that yeah adaptability I think is a underrated trade as sort of Gail and I mentioned in the past we might have people from badminton or squash or tennis table tennis someone who's a rugby union player coming across uh as a result everyone has their own play style and.

Adaptability to your partner space especially in double singles obviously you have to adapt to your opposition indeed but uh doubles yep it's more relevant to who you're playing with indeed and it's if I be very honest and say that for my partner today as him being a younger person he's very much into the power play so for me it's just.

There to support him and to give him the space on the court he needs to shine yeah we talk about a terminology claim and shine okay and that is understanding which part of the Court you're covering at any given time throughout a point and that can change many times but it's understanding what your role is as you shift to that different part of court.

I think that's absolutely like just a great terminology I think um I've always sort of gone off of more of a I guess support play style I'm always trying to support the more power players myself yeah um oh unfortunately in that role into into the knees there but um.

Yeah it's it's definitely something if you're playing with someone with a gun forehand yeah you uh you do what you can to make sure and especially if they're hot yes uh we had a couple of games earlier on today where um I was explaining what freezing is when you freeze someone out and as a.

Result um Janine Bergen was responding and she was playing really well she was like nah it's my time to shine yes that's what you're saying yeah and um yeah you know they ended up getting the win as a result of that that's a great shot so I think keeping that in mind it's I'm just trying to score before we continue.

Talking four two two I think it's um that's a great serve the you might be a gun power player with a forehand that can you know tear the skin off the ball but you at times have to be assisting your partner because they might be hot that's exactly right yeah.

Yeah and it's equally important so I know um yesterday for my partner and the ladies we were you know there's those moments where one of you can be off the boil and you really need to just be so encouraging each other in that um it's so easy to get down on yourself.

Like I know I tend to be very hard on myself yeah yeah but but the encouragement factor is really really important and it's delightful when you both happen to be firing at the same time but it's not always yeah but it's not always that way no yeah and I think uh as we've gone to a sideway I believe it's.

262. yeah um the communication aspect of pickleball I think has actually not talked about enough yep especially in doubles I think the uh the players generally will have a bit of a strategy when they go into a tournament there we go communication.

Form the ball out as a result yep they get the side away so it's 621 but um you've already mentioned like multiple things that you've already talked about are directly relevant to communication with partner they indeed um let's talk about communication from a coach's perspective so if you were to then do reflection with a player after a.

Tournament you know what kind of things would you say okay this is what work this is what didn't work yep yeah good question I'm very much into the whole thing of first of all tell me what you did really well and it's been delightful for me I gotta say I've been so excited.

It can hurt too can't it well Bruce and I were talking about it that's why everyone wears glasses but yeah the where we were talking about yes what would I as a coach it's been delightful here various players come up and say I did what you told me and it worked and I I get so excited positive yeah yeah yeah.

And do you know Dylan sometimes things it doesn't have to be hard because you and I both know one of the most difficult things is to keep your ball keep your eye rather on the ball right to your pedal if you do that you've got percent greater chance of getting the ball over it's yep you know you're spot.

On and I think um I learned something recently through um went and did a coaching course yep and just the simple fact that where you faced your paddle yes is where the ball goes that's right you know it sounds like such a common sense thing and I'm here I am doing coaching for years now for multiple sports but it's.

Something that once you now exactly to sort of touch up this is a great little shootout yes it is beautiful block that gentleman beared down beautifully athletic stance it was fabulous it was a real brick wall uh touching on what you mentioned where I did something where I like it's what I wanted to work on and it started working.

As a result you know my dinks and drives I can now actually I'm a little more accurate with them and it came from a simple that's just gone white a simple coach's suggestion yeah yeah it's I think uh people that don't ask for advice or at least feedback uh Limited in themselves you know so much to be learned absolutely it's again only to.

Bring back one other simple tip that I say to a lot of players it's important to see the ball off the opponent's paddle and there's a response that we must give that acknowledges we've actually seen the ball yeah and that's the split step okay where you are activating so you're up coming up onto the balls of your feet.

Then ready to move forward backwards sideways whatever but it's so important because it says okay I saw the ball off the opponent's paddle now I keep my eyes focused as I'm shifting to wherever that ball is going yeah I think that's very good feedback and it's um especially when pickleball is so at the net especially it's so fast but I think what.

You're suggesting is probably also very prominent in singles you've got to be able to see exactly where they're going to be striking the ball at least yep determine it yeah and uh react appropriately and we will for the viewers at home we will be streaming singles tomorrow as well uh once again thank you to gemlife for providing us.

With that opportunity to do so but uh exactly what you're talking about is going to be directly relevant in that particular event yep as we could see the players have I think the uh a common theme that I've seen with a couple of the guys in this particular draw is uh there's been a fair few serving errors now if you were.

To talk to a new player or at least someone who um you know has played a couple of times but they might get The Yips because if you are watching from home and you do struggle with the serve don't stress there are a lot of people that do um go what would be your suggestion to someone who might be in that sort of.

Category where you know I only get 50 of the balls in or only what what's your like go-to tips for serving see Dylan so what I mean by that is there is a particular stance that will provide you with more accuracy than not okay um and if I said to you if we look at.

The Baseline what I say to players is first of all I want you I want to see you place the ball in hand and be you left or right dominant so for me I'm right dominant I will have my ball in my left hand and I will make sure that when I set up that that hand is over the Baseline so that my hand is inside the court okay yeah and I will be either.

Releasing the ball out of the hat and I'll hit it on the foot or I will bounce it from that point so I'm going to drop and bounce yep but again it's all part of the routine so frustrating we touched on this earlier it's all right yeah so that's the start point it really is if you don't have routine what I see happens so.

Very often is people's Foundation what do I mean by that is their feet move a lot yeah and that causes a lot of error because you need to be able to push down up through your feet to start to generate some power yep no I think that's oh that's a great stroke yeah yeah that's what face the paddle pushing that we're talking about right between.

The feet yeah yeah I'll just catch the score eight five one I believe I just heard it and and I think you've nailed it I think the um serving is often a underrated like you know whenever someone with a good serve you know it yep you're in trouble straight away yep um yeah that's very good advice that.

You've provided they go I think the if the uh what if you're a good server and you want to improve your you know Arsenal um we've already touched uh Taylor and I talked on the spin serve getting removed um you know throughout the process but what's uh.

What do you like if you are a decent server but you want to like start hitting certain Targets on the court if you want to hit to their backhand or you know what what's your thought process there or what would be your recommendation to someone yep you really need to understand the principle of topspin yep.

Um and I I think you have to weigh up risk in the serve in terms of will I just get it in yeah or will I intentionally practice a particular location obviously you want to be looking for is the opposition weaker on the forehand or backhand stroke and for me that's where I Target in the serve.

But certainly with the uh sorry yes no it's it's great again that net but yeah continue please yeah yeah so really understanding topspin first of all because we want that ball to remain in yeah yeah I think would be true to say do you think that listeners would understand Top Spin is brushing up the back of the ball well.

Let's assume that no one has ever played a paddle or tennis a racket sport so could you explain just in the briefest terms what a Top Spin shot would be yeah well you certainly want to start low with the paddle yep yep and you want to actually brush up the back of the ball that's what you want to do and if you were looking down at your paddle as you.

Start the beginning of that stroke let's say you're going to start from round about knee height yeah the paddle face is partially closed so the palm of the hand is partially down okay and then you're going to quickly brush up the back of the ball but again you have to drive from your feet that's where your power comes because the quicker you get.

The paddle head through the stroke the more spin it creates at the upper end and you'll see Arc as the ball goes over the neck that's that's absolutely wonderful uh just advice and insight to the game I think oh unfortunately it's just gone long a lot of people I think don't realize the um.

I guess the science yes that's right yeah there is a lot of science that comes into play with the pickleball yep uh scene and we are starting to see it more especially with new paddles that have been brought out yep that deliberately Target sort of that spin and what they what the paddle could do with.

The ball in relevance to spin indeed yep absolutely yeah yeah I I think um as with tennis you know biomechanics counts for an enormous amount um I've said to players that and we said this at the very start that you know if something's working.

Don't change it exactly but I have said to players this weekend what I'll do is this I will look when I get an opportunity to watch you playing to see whether there's a technical issue and if there is we can come back and focus on it exactly yeah but don't get hung up about it no yeah and that is actually one of the hardest things to do isn't it.

Yes especially when the pressure's on and yeah even in rack play um quite often we see people and I've done this myself where you get grumpy with yourself like oh come on you can do better than that but understanding that this is all learning um yes you mentioned it earlier we're always learning that's it yeah and I am.

Too yep I love it I just love this so much to understand about it yeah and I think that's we sort of touched on the beauty of the sport earlier but once you realize that everyone's learning that's when it becomes a fun game because we're all in a classroom yep but we're out here having fun not not to say the school can't be fun but uh yeah that's a.

We're going back into Dylan's history there but yeah but no out on the courts when you're learning and everyone else is learning at the same time like here we've just seen two serves that have gone long yes all gone wide rather so it's like okay yep we're learning immediately we've seen the immediate feedback of said.

Serve yep why has that happened yep well you actually gave the answer before if I just reflect upon those couple of serves which actually went on the other side of the center line it was more about where their paddle face was actually pointing when they struck the ball yeah and we've just had the end of the game.

There but no I think um I think you've nailed a Nick Gail and this is the sort of feedback that I really want to start promoting more with uh live streams and just people understand sort of the more technical aspect of the sport I think um we've we've definitely touched on uh we talked about stacking earlier today for.

Example things like that which a lot of people wouldn't know when I talk about stacking it's like what on Earth are you talking about yeah yeah well it really is it's understanding what is the strength of your party and again I am with a left-handed a left-handed flower exactly right so we.

Want to make sure because he loves really taking off firing off on his forehand um we we want to make sure that we position him to do that so consequently we we will be stacking.

Foreign you say what is stacking so for instance with my partner as a lefty what'll happen is that at various times when he's serving will both be on the same side of the Court yeah and the same for myself and that's all about making sure.

That he has that forehand down the center to really fire really benefit on their strongest hand and I think for players at home that might uh often stacking comes into play where someone might have a weaker backhand now if you are if you if you're sitting watching on the couch or whatever and you find it all.

Yeah that sounds like me this might be something you could look into but I would personally recommend rather than actively avoiding using your backhand learn how to use it absolutely because uh especially when you get when you start climbing the ropes and and I find this is very relevant in that sort of 3.0 to 3.5 yes a category where.

Players start they start using the fundamentals more they start coming to the net more and start dinking more Yep um or getting into volleys at least yep your back end is going to be needed indeed yeah yep so would you have any tips for anyone that might shy away from a backhand stroke yeah number one I would say exactly what.

You said try and take on the mentality of it's it's a good thing to learn how to do that and in fact at the net you're going to be using a backhand more than anything else because it's easier to get those shots coming at you fast so I just say to people if you can imagine your paddle in a vertical position that it's just really important to take a look at.

That just stop and take a look is my paddle vertical right now so just up and down if you can just really bear down on the ground and you really do have to use your legs here just come down a little lower so you're strong you're a brick wall in that position so it's not as actually as hard as one thinks and I think to learn it from the net and then.

Work your way back is the best thing