You're out of Diet Coke Joey Joey Joey Joey Joey Joy slow down Joy all right so this is my friend Joey from pickleball Pirates he's famous for it was a kind of good good stuff great stuff but also also recently he's famous for like a little bit of a paddle there's a pedal Chuck we're gonna call it right it was a.

Pretty you can't it was a throw throwback it's all right all right we need an intervention we're gonna do an intervention with the video this weekend into pickle I'm sitting down with Joey we're talking about how to deal with our minds folks because listen it's not just Joey it's not just me who gets a 10 on the court I know you're getting upset on.

The court I mean so we shared some stuff I'm sure everyone threw a paddle once twice once or twice so we share some ideas right Joey on how to keep the Mind straight when you're out on the court oh he's teaching me I don't know how to do that we'll see ya check it out into pickle we'll see you there
Watch intense advanced level 4.5+ pickleball men’s double recreational game
Mark Napartovich (red shirt, GRUVN RAW-16H) and Scott Graves (pink shirt, Gearbox CX14H) vs Clifford Joseph (white shirt, JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion CFS) and David Nel (black shirt, JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion CFS).
Pickleball game At ClearOne Sports Centre – Orlando, Florida.

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I started this channel quite by accident, I was recording my games to do film study and get better. I did not have time or money for lessons from pro pickleball coach, so I started watching all my screwups. People that I was playing with started to ask if they could watch too and I said sure. That helped all of us a lot to improve our game, strategy, mental toughness, and techniques. Now we have new pickleball videos published several times a week. We occasionally have pro pickleball players on the channel. Mostly its non pro pickleball players on their quest to 5.0 pickleball. We have all levels come through the channel, but we concentrate on the 4.0 pickleball, 4.5 pickleball and up to 5.5 pickleball with the pros.