All right we are back with another podcast episode and we have had some pretty big news break this week but before we dive into uh that news I just want to say if you guys have been enjoying the podcast we would love it if you would give us a review on Spotify and iTunes if you just hop over to one of those platforms I'm sure that's where.

You're listening just give us whatever you feel uh we're worth getting a rating for it helps the podcast grow and uh yeah we would massively appreciate it heck yeah all right well let's uh let's talk about the news you know what it is if you guys somehow haven't already heard about this yet the spinserv is basically toast for 2023. it's not.

Completely official yet one thing that people have been uh confusing is the rules committee has voted in favor of getting rid of the spin serve but how the process works is after the rules committee decides the board members of usap also have to vote and agree with that vote I think there's no way that they don't agree with this one I think.

That would be almost insane but if you want to get technical it's not really official yet it's kind of like a 50 50 yes it's gone but yeah so just know that there is still one more vote that has to happen in like October yes I don't know who's on the board but my presumption is that everybody on the board.

Does not like the spin serve I just feel like they're older people who don't care for it they're probably gotten jacked by it you know probably got aced by a few times you know so they're like you know I can't remember if I was talking to who was I talking to I don't know if it was Sarah or someone else my wife uh basically someone was saying.

They were like what if usap is just tired of people whining about it and they just don't want to hear about it anymore oh that that could be true I don't think that's actually it but I did think from my cynical view that that was kind of funny I don't know if I was usap I mean obviously because I'm for the spin serve but despite those people.

Whining complaining about it I would just been like nope it's been served stays just just to mess with them because they've annoyed me so much I would do that I'm that petty I I I I believe it I believe it so tell me tell me about just kind of like what your overall thoughts on the whole thing are I don't know how much you got to read.

Yourself but specifically the reasons they gave and then how much you agree versus disagree just with the whole decision to get rid of it okay I read it maybe like last week and I don't quite remember all the reasons but I'm assuming that they're all fairly the same oh it's unfair oh not everybody can learn this oh there's not enough space.

On the cord so you'll get hit into the fence was there anything that I'm missing in particular about the main reasonings that was mostly it I think the only other reason was just I can't remember if they specifically said it goes against the original intent of the serve but I feel like they said something.

About like it just that it goes against the original intent who gets what what do you mean you mean the original intent of pickleball in general or yeah just or how the serve was designed to not not be a weapon.

That's silly how can you when people say that I'm just I'm just thinking to myself why do you believe that this is the original intent how do you know this was the original 10 is it written down somewhere you know right right people have gone back and forth on this because I think there isn't necessarily.

Anything that says like it's not there's a constitution of what pickleball is or what pickleball should be this is decided by the community at large and because it's so divisive I mean this is why we're arguing about it today while people hate it what people love it it's so and forth I'm sure there's a good amount of people that don't really care.

Because they're good enough to return it they they play better would you would you believe that you know that they could play better and figure out how to return it because okay you and I we went to app Atlanta and then I stayed for peach tree PPA and we both played 4050 and did you did you.

Find it very effective did you get any all right first of all did you get any Aces that's what I need to know and uh doubles I definitely didn't but that was partially because we were on the gym floor I don't really think I would have gotten any Aces even if we were on a regular Court in singles maybe I got a couple there was like one or two guys.

That I played that didn't look like they were super familiar with it so I might have gotten a few on them but all the opponents that I felt like were harder to play or that like put up really good games I probably didn't Ace them I just maybe got some weak returns or a few free points from them hitting it out right and I felt the same way I felt.

That the opponents that I played that were going to beat me regardless right this mint serve didn't did didn't do much but the people that I got the spin serve with or I didn't really Ace anybody there were just really weak returns or they they miss hit or what have you regardless if I got the Spencer on them or not I felt that I was good.

Enough that it doesn't matter if I had it or not I was going to beat them like like I played better I'm a better player and the Spencer just expedited what was already inevitable isn't it Advantage yes like just with my my first round at uh app right I played against uh James Bragg you know he is a 5-0 player he won some 5-0 tournaments he won app LA right.

Really good player and I got him the first game right you had him pretty good in that one I don't think you aced him but he was definitely he would guess the wrong direction and hit a weak return or he'd hit it long or wide like first game you definitely had him good with it right exactly but second game third game third game He adjusted and he destroyed.

Me like it wasn't yeah yeah it wasn't an issue at all so I thought you were gonna walk over him too like after that first game because I don't remember what score wise you beat him but I don't think he got more than five points did he I don't think he did I believe it was 11 and four and I thought so as well but once he started getting warmed up and then he.

Was hitting his shots and he was feeling confident he was just letting them rip you know I couldn't do anything about it honestly and I don't know it's been served to me I think it makes better players better if they practice it and it it just I I feel like it is a hard wall or a hard ceiling in skill level right.

Because if anything in my personal opinion it increases the skill ceiling for pickleball players and I personally like it because I feel like it is unique to pick a ball compared to the other paddle sports right so those are just my quick takes on it am I going to be sad that it's gone sure am I going to be.

Um you know all up in arms no I don't think it really makes that much of a difference but it was fun I I definitely share a very similar thought process one at this point in this stage of the game I really don't get that many aces the only time it happens is if I play against someone who is clearly never played against the serve which doesn't.

Happen often occasionally it does but not that often and usually people adapt pretty quick like I was saying in the video that I made about this I probably haven't gotten half as many aces this year with the spin serve as I did last year because people are so used to it I'd almost be willing to bet you I haven't even gotten a quarter of the.

Amount of Aces that I got last year which to me shows big Improvement on people's ability to read and return these because last year there were some people I could almost just be purely off the serve and I see a lot of people arguing on the forums right now like yeah there's people who their whole game is just the serve and I'm like who.

Like is it a 4-0 kid playing three O's and the 3-0 doesn't know how to return it because it in my opinion 40 plus doesn't just really doesn't struggle with the spin serve that much anymore unless they've never seen it and someone's good at it that's like the only scenario I'm seeing right now at least from my personal experience where.

That would happen and I don't even I don't win any games based off my serve like I similar to what you said I think if you take my spin serve away I can still beat people with or without it my life is probably a little bit easier if I have it you know you get some let's just say it's singles you get some weak returns you move them off the.

Court and then like your third shot or your fifth shot is like you finish it or whatever like that can totally happen but I can't tell you in the last six months someone that I beat with the spin serve that I was like yeah if I didn't have that I couldn't beat them right exactly and right now as I am playing better and better people.

Um like my buddy Alvaro and you know even my friend Gavin and whatnot when I do the Spencer I I don't even do it that often anymore I find that because they can read it it's almost not worth it because of the variability and because sometimes I hit it out it's almost more effective for me to try and hit a harder.

Deeper serve against them if anything the spin serve to me is a chump check it's kind of fun to do obviously you know you want to use your discretion when you use it against new players maybe older players yep um but if somebody comes at me and they claim that they're 40 or 4-5 and they claim to be really good or whatnot I throw them a.

Spin serve it just to see how good they really are and it's it's a hard chump check because if you really are good it's not going to bother you and yeah even if you haven't seen it before and it gets you the first few times after a game or so you can see it and if you are actually skilled you'll be able to return it and because most of the times.

My spin serve lands uh mid or a tad bit short and it's just a short serve and then better players will just you know dominate or crush the return back but if I hit a spin serve deep which is I think fairly hard I think it's definitely harder to do than a regular serve for sure for sure hitting a spin serve deep is actually very.

Difficult at least for me I have gotten it a few times but even then most people don't get faced by at least the people that I play don't get phased by it yeah I I just I really do think it became significantly less of an issue and I see people all over saying like oh well you haven't seen the guy at my.

Court do it and here's the thing I am I'm sure there are people out there who I haven't seen this been serve and maybe they truly do have the most ridiculous spin serve I'm not saying I've seen the absolute best but I have definitely played with some of the best served spin serves in the game My Brother Isaac has your brother ridiculous a good one yeah.

Like anyone who plays him yeah Porter Porter's from what I have heard and seen myself his is one of the best in the game I have been hearing about a number of next-gen kids that also have pretty ridiculous spin serves and I don't doubt it I'm sure they do I've even heard a couple people say they actually had a harder time with those kids spin serves.

At next gen than they did with Porters so obviously I haven't experienced it firsthand I'm sure I'm sure there are some crazy ones but in my opinion if you know how to read it you solve most of the issue are you still going to get weak returns yeah but I just don't see why that's a bad thing when you have someone like decobar or who's super tall.

And can basically hit the ball where my like almost my chest is right I'm like is this not unfair like my way like he's hit like striking the ball above the net right yes I agreed there's just a lot of things that go into it that I don't think it's nearly as unbalanced as people make it sound and one argument was that you know like only.

A few people mastered it I think more people are capable of learning it but a lot of people didn't put in the effort and I asked I've asked a lot of people like at the beginning of the year like oh you're gonna learn the spin surf now it's legal and they're like nah it's totally gonna be banned by 2023 so why bother putting in the effort.

And I feel like that's why you didn't see as many of them I think you would have seen more people get used to it returning it and doing it if there wasn't this looming thought like oh it's just gonna get banned so why bother putting in the effort right which is unfortunate because I would have liked to see it.

Develop more honestly and the real reason why I think people really hate it and it it goes back to which we talked about before which is I guess my four hierarchies of pickleball which is like receiving and perceiving and then it's positioning shot selection and then it's execution I think the spin serve attacks all four of those because.

It's really difficult to see and receive or perceive the ball it gets you out of position if you don't know where it's going to kick right and then your shot selection kind of goes out the window because right now you're just worried about getting the ball in right and you're not really aiming for a certain side of the court and then after that.

Executing the shot that you do decide is rather difficult but also at the same time I'm just curious of how many people out there actually work on their returns right very few but very few because everyone but a lot of people not everyone a lot of people view the service just to get it in get the point started right.

Exactly so your your return it's some people I think view the return almost as like uh simple as the serve where it's like well I gotta do is get it and play and then we'll start it after that it's like the first two shots don't matter right exactly what they do yeah they do they totally they do they matter so much.

Especially at the higher level so yeah these last two tournaments was my first time playing Five ho and that serve and that return matters so much it dictates the rest of the tempo of the point end of the game right you get that deep serve or you get that that sweet return and you can you can kind of go in or or be ready or get them out of position it.

It really does help and dictate the rest of the rest of the game I think and I think a lot of people are not giving enough credit to the serve and the return and in the future I believe what I I honestly think that's why a lot of people but feel so strong about it is because prior to the spin serve it's been.

Something that you've you've been able to get away with not caring about so that you've built this mentality of like this shouldn't this isn't supposed to be hard this part of the game yeah you got away with being bad it's okay let's put it out there people got away with being bad at the game like if you're listening to this and you couldn't get that spin.

Serve back in it's because that's the level that you play at and you're bad at the game it's just real talk right there well when holy moly I wouldn't have gone that far will with the straight up Savage and if you're actually getting it it doesn't matter because you're gonna beat me anyways.

That's just how it is yeah it's yeah I don't know that I I think I think my general consensus as many reasons as I feel like I have that I think it's silly that we've got rid of it and that I feel like we could have gotten away with keeping it I also understand getting rid of it in the long term like I do think what the game has been conventionally.

Known for where like it's longer rallies um the serve is not a weapon like you've obviously got elderly people so if you've got like a 12 year old kid showing up and he's just like has absolutely no mercy because at that age you just aren't maybe as socially aware and you're just like I'm just gonna Ace every person here you're now making it a.

More frustrating game for people so I think there are fully valid reasons for getting rid of it I think some of the ones that usap listed not so great I honestly think they could have just said you know what this goes against the original intent of what we think pickleball is where the serve isn't a weapon we don't want the game to go that.

Way I think you could have just dropped it there but making the argument that like oh a couple not that many people could Master it so guess we'll just get rid of it right I remember you making the argument to like some people can't Ernie so we should just get rid of it right right it doesn't make any sense.

And I know and and there are a lot of people who argue against that one they think it's not a valid argument and to some agree I think that's correct I don't think they're uh a one-to-one example with the Ernie you have to have a certain shot hit to you or you have to set up the shot in order to hit the Ernie it's you can't do it at the start.

Of every single point with the spin serve you dictate that shot a hundred percent of the time no matter what there's absolutely no influence except for you so I think I think that argument's valid but I think you put yourself on a slippery slope when you say ah well this group over here most people can't do it so just get rid of it.

Right most people can't Ernie it's true have you ever need no just yeah yeah yeah yeah I I hidden Ernie while I was playing today and it was a great one thank you very much Patrick looked at me and went wow he can hit an Ernie it just it just reminds me of uh of uh the app in Atlanta or in Griffin.

Where uh they ask you hits an Ernie against Julian Arnold and then Julian Arnold it's it's the Ernie right back and he was like yeah little people can do this too I was just it was so funny I I really do think that's super funny but yeah I mean I think that's most of my thoughts on the spin serve like there's probably a handful of other.

Random thoughts on it but I guess do you have any other thoughts on it before we move on yeah now when I since the people out there when I do beat you and I can say you just need to play better and you can't say [__] to me yes yes I I do I do think I will definitely to some degree enjoy people not hanging that over my head because.

There are so many people I have beaten that they're like you only beat me because that's been sir okay yeah I'm like yes it made my life easier I get it but I can beat you without it right right it's not a big deal honestly I I I also think that I don't know why USA P or the rules.

Committee just makes everything a drop serve right why don't they do it yeah why don't they because nobody can regulate the Folly serve nobody can see your wrist or you you know some of those parameters that you have to meet different a proper volley serve you can't.

You can't enforce that I definitely think at some point our only serve in the game is going to be a drop serve I I would I'd almost argue in the next two years it happens and part of me really doesn't like that because I feel like it takes a sport that some people already view as looking silly and.

Now for your serve you're dropping it on the ground like a kid would to like learn how to hit a tennis ball so I I feel like it gives us a weird look but I don't know I I think it's going to be the only way you simplify all the rules hit it however you want but you gotta drop it I think it's fine I don't care if we.

Look weird or not we already look weird I don't think it's gonna get any better I mean we're hitting a plastic ball over a net into a box it's just there's no have you seen the faces you make when the photos I took I hope some of you guys out there have you seen the real that crisp edited edited together with his face and all the funny contortions.

He makes gosh I was silly I I wish I could just relax I feel like if I had a coach like a high level coach saying they would be like everybody in or bone in your body must be tensing when you hit that ball and I'm gonna need you to just stop I looked at all the pictures of you could hardly find I maybe found one or two where you looked kind of.

Silly but generally obsessed I was actually upset that you didn't get any funny faces of me I was like where am I I know I make some funny faces so I was I was just dude you just don't you just hit you just look normal that's ridiculous it must be nice it must be that nice to not look stupid when you play Pickleball.

Oh my gosh but anyways yeah that's kind of our thoughts on the spin serve probably gonna be gone 2023 almost guaranteed at this point I'm still gonna be acing people just just I'm working on some different serves right now I've got a tournament this weekend uh you'll all hear the podcast after that tournament happens.

But oh I'm gonna I'm gonna let him rip uh we're we're definitely gonna make sure that uh people get their last couple months worth of these spins sir yeah you're right me too oh yeah I'm gonna let it rip as well it's it's you guys are gonna be aced left and right until it's officially banned just know it right now I'll I I will I should make.

A video of myself like a minute before midnight doing my last spin serve of the year probably hit it into the net or something stupid for New Year's you're gonna give it a proper eulogy to the Spencer you know dig a grave yeah oh my gosh Barry Zane in it.

You will be missing um but yeah so we have you just got back from another Atlanta trip I was unable to go to that one because my anniversary was in between the tournaments but it was just right after the golden qualifier app then PPA had one just like 40 minutes outside of that one yep tell me tell me about how that went okay so.

It was in a suburb of Atlanta called Peachtree City and Peachtree City is a very interesting suburb they have over 100 miles of golf cart track and almost every household I feel like had a golf cart and you could Traverse through the city between neighborhoods through some nice wooded areas you can go to the Chick-fil-A you.

Can go to the grocery store there's actual parking lots for your golf carts and some people had some souped-up golf carts I saw a golf cart with rims yeah that sounds so cool though it was no it was super cool and they had LED lights you know shining they were having a good time over there right exactly but.

Other than that was great first of all because you weren't there you know I was sick and tired of you from the previous weekend no we missed you just I this is this is you remember when Shea was like who hurt you yeah it was these these I'm gonna save these clips yeah I'm gonna be safe every time I hear one of these gonna.

Time stamp it so at episode 100 you can be like here's a tribute of every single time it's will made fun of Chris well we we uh we replaced you with Kyla kazuto that pickleball guy Kyle is better looking than me so that's probably an upgrade in some ways yes Bush better looking taller better pickleball player you know more funny.

I mean he's better than all of us so nobody was better than all of us because he beat me and Shay in 5-0 singles um he was you know phenomenal player he also helped Jake get gold in five Omens doubles so out of the four of us Kyle is definitely the best of us for sure yeah and he's hilarious he can also rap kind of many many talents a man of many.

Talents a man of man of many many towns but yeah other than that the tournament was great the venue was or at least the grounds was really nice I don't know if I like the venue that much compared at least to the app prior because they didn't have enough dedicated courts so some of the courts were taped and they're really squeezed really tight how.

Many dedicated do you think they had three plus four they had seven oh so that was probably just the pros pretty much yeah I I didn't get to play on any of the at least any of my tournament matches on the dedicated courts so I will say I have only been to uh two wait hang on I I think I've actually only been to one.

PPA but my the people I've been to now the one you're talking about and other people's experiences that I've heard from it feels like the app is a lot better at getting dedicated Courts for almost everyone and PPA goes all right Pros you get the dedicated courts everyone else you are on double-lined tennis courts right which kind of sucks.

I mean so when I went to PPA in Texas last year in the Texas open uh there was a decent amount of dedicated courts that I also got to play on and then of course uh Foot Solutions PPA in Mesa Arizona uh was it Bell Bank yeah Bell Bank Park that's four like 40 plus dedicated dedicated courts uh almost entirely at that tournament so okay okay maybe it's.

Just a gamble it's just a gamble on which site that they have but it was a good good tournament a good shake up for some players we had some breakout performances uh you're more Christian Christian Alshon who I decided to just roll up to you at the app Griffin and was like hey you want to play like some wreck games and you were like how did we.

Not tell the story I'm thinking about this now how did we not tell the story on the last episode we didn't did I thought we did I thought we maybe we didn't okay okay well let me let me tell the story so at the app in the week prior I saw a guy I haven't seen before and he was playing the pros he was playing Pro.

Men's doubles and I was like oh wow he's pretty good and then I saw his hat and there was a UVA hat uh which is a university in Virginia which I'm familiar with because I lived in Virginia pretty much all my life so after the match I went to go talk to him and I was like hey did you go to UVA and he went to UVA for one year to play.

Tennis there and he transferred to I believe he said Chicago shortly after but really good tennis player he actually I think I mentioned I feel like I mentioned this but he won a state or national championship mixed with Anna bright yep and now he lives in Florida so he gets to play with the waters or whatnot but.

At app uh in Griffin Georgia he just rolled up real casual in like a tank and whatnot and he asked you he's like hey can I get you want to play can I get some wreck games in with you guys and Chris you had no idea who this was absolutely no idea you guys were in the middle of a game I was just watching I was the only one not playing we.

Basically had five I was just waiting to rotate in he rolls up and asked and I was like yeah sure like yeah I want a hit I didn't care who it was and then he got his like he says let me go get my paddle quick so he runs out and will goes do you know who that is yeah I don't know who that is and I said Chris you.

Better bring your A Plus game your best game you've ever played ever because that guy just played Pro and I watched him and he's a beast yes and uh we did play and I got mopped you got mopped are you you held your own though I will say I I wouldn't say it's probably the best singles I've ever played I don't think.

There's a way for me to accurately know that but I felt like I played much better than I would have expected to I only got two points but there were a lot of side outs in there and the points I did earn at least from memory one of them I know I played very well and maybe the other ones were his errors I don't know either way.

I feel like I did pretty good but he's a very good player he was so good yeah you you held your own against him and Christian had an amazing performance let me let me go through the list of who he beat on his way and he only got fourth he he faced Ben Johns and the winner of that would play I think Federico uh staxrud for bronze so let me let me go.

Through the list of the people he beat uh at least the ones that I remember and that I know Hayden Patrick Quinn pretty beat him pretty soundly then uh I forgot who he lost to but he then played Rafa Hewitt beat Rafa Hewitt big win big win against Rafa and then he beat Jay devilier big win and then he beat Dylan Frazier.

Like what and then in his match against Ben Johns he goes up 7-0 he was up 7-0 but he was just he was earning Ben he was hitting lines he's just passing shots but I don't know he couldn't sustain that level and Ben just kept it in there worked his way in does things yeah Ben just did Ben things and uh yep Ben took.

It and it was uh I guess it was a little heartbreaking for him maybe but I it was his first time playing Ben this is the second Pro tournament but he's made a name for himself that's what I was gonna say we have to remember Atlanta the one I went to was his first pro tournament been playing pickleball for like three months and then this is his second one.

And he goes up 7-0 on Ben there's established Pros who have been in the game for a long time right who don't go up 7-0 on Ben let alone beat some of those names all in one tournament right so exactly he's he's gonna be a name to watch first no for sure and he's trained he lives in Florida right now he trains with the waters he knows them these kind.

Of like their training partner so you know he's going to be good let's see let's move on to some other people uh I'm gonna give a shout out to Mr alvo Tyrone you know a Tulsa Titan you know homies you know the Tulsa Titans but Alvaro also had a great performance at least in singles I forgot who he played in the first round but.

He eventually goes up against I think it's his third or maybe it's his fourth match he goes up against Tyson McGuffin and he gets pickled the first game 11-0 and I don't know about you if I get pickled I'm I'm already I'm probably already checked out yeah I was gonna say I'm gone I'm gone like what do I do you know.

Like how can I even play oh my gosh I don't belong here I need to play better oh my gosh I'm three five at best you know most of the other things you know but he comes back and he beats Tyson I don't remember the scores but you know that's a huge comeback like to come back crazy I mean to get pickled and then win the last two that's really good right.

Here's a cool story about that so obviously you know and probably a lot of you out there know that in uh in the app in the week prior I went oh and two and I'm like oh my gosh I need to get a win I can't leave Georgia without a win so I get off the court and I won my first round against uh pickleball wall shout outs to pickleball wall you know.

Pickleball I don't but I know the name okay pickleball pickleball does the halftime shows for the PPA and he just like rap songs about people that guy that guy that guy no super cool guy super cool guy uh so pickleball well means pickleball wall that's right circle ball Waldo.

Pickleball Waldo all right we'll have to find somebody we'll have to find somebody new pickleball we'll all do but I get off the court so I had to win against against pickleball wool and as I was leaving the court I get a call from my buddy James and my friend Katie and Katie was like will.

I have good news and I'm like Katie what it is Alvaro just be Tyson the Guff and I'm like freaking out I'm like what and as soon as I say what I turn my head and alvro just gets off the court he's like five feet in front of we make eye contact and I'm like what and then we're all on the phone on speaker and we're just like congratulating Alvaro and it.

Was just it was a good time it was it was a moment you know yeah it was a moment I mean that's a super that's a super big win right and I feel like singles is really starting to get to the point where the competition is it's just so high across the board you've got so many talented singles players.

That I don't know if one person's gonna be able to be that the time dominant thing the whole time I just I'm sure someone will you know maybe maybe Ben will keep it people love to do this thing where Ben doesn't win one or two tournaments and they're like oh my gosh he's falling off no yeah like Ben is still going to be Ben he's.

Obviously still amazing at Singles but I think with so many people coming into the game it's getting so hard to play against everyone and beat them so I I'd be curious to see how the next year of single shakes up right exactly and to sustain that level and that consistency in singles it's it's hard you know I.

Mean just look at Alvaro he played Dylan Fraser next round and he was coming in hot but he lost to Dylan Frazier it's still respectable I feel like it was 11 7 11 8 or something like that I asked Dylan afterwards and Dylan was Dylan said I was like that was a tough match right you know for him so I mean if Dylan is giving you props you're good.

You're on people's radar so two players to look out for Avro and definitely Christian for sure I think you know after those wins they're they're on the map you know yeah yeah and no that's that's huge for them right um let's see what else happened oh I got to play against Rafa and Mark price that was kind of cool yes.

Tell me tell me about this Rapha story okay so uh a gentle boy named Ben Bramlett he goes on social media as a 41 media he does a lot of the videos for Mark Price I think he also edits or records some stuff for pickleball journey and I can't remember if Alex Gomez does some stuff for them as well but shout outs to Ben and Alice you know.

Some fellow creatives videographers and Ben was like hey will you want to play because he was busy just taking photos and doing videos all day I was like yeah man let's play Let's Play so we're trying to get some some people to play but it was Championship Sunday everybody kind of wanted to watch or everybody was just warming up to either play or.

Whenever mixed and whatnot so we didn't really get a chance to play but in the corner we see a big line right and it looks like people are playing around the world or something but really they were playing King of the kitchen and on that Court was Mark Price which is um a really notable coach yeah he's on.

Instagram right probably saying his stuff right I think is he on YouTube as well or no uh I if he is on YouTube I haven't seen anything I haven't really seen him well him he was there and Rafa was there and they were all playing King Of The Core there's a big line and basically I mean not king of the king of the kitchen you start in the kitchen you.

Ding twice and then anything pretty much goes and if you make the mistake or the ball lands on your side and the opponent gets a winner you're out right and you just get to the back of the line so in this regard the game is not really like your partner isn't really your partner because you can kind of sabotage them right and I just remember Rafa was like.

I'm not leaving and he's trying to sabotage people when somebody hits a lob to his partner he tries to like block their view so it would mess up you know that's so Savage I know it was so Savage but it was also hilarious so after that you could totally just feed someone like a cross-court shot that feeds them in Ernie or an ATP to get your partner.

Exactly but here's the thing you don't know if like if you fed a lob like a bad lob yeah you don't know if it's gonna come to you exactly so you you have no idea you know if people made alliances or whatnot I know if you played this game you would totally be trying to game the system and trying to find the ways to you know beat everybody or make a lot.

Of you only me yeah everyone else the rules are fair but with you uh there's some special rules when you play the game I wouldn't even be worried you're you're not even that good oh we're gonna you know what when we talk about our upcoming trips here we're gonna play this game the four of us in Nashville okay okay okay.

All right I guess it doesn't quite work because you technically need more than four people so maybe we'll rain check that but we'll figure something out we'll figure something out anyways so when I got on the court I I went immediately after Rafa because I wanted to to see and I wanted to get him out so I got him.

Out the first two times and then the third time he was out for blood he was like oh no and then he got me back he does this I don't even like a pancake shot and he's he's really just toy with me and I mess up and I was just really upset because the one time that I asked Ben to capture stuff on video I mess up and Roth was the it was Rafa's idea too.

And here's the thing Rafa watches our stuff because he saw me playing and he was like hey you should be youtubing this what's going on and I was like wait what like that's it's so crazy to me I mean we had we've had a number of people some pros say they watch our stuff now and that's crazy to me I genuinely wouldn't have expected.

Obviously everyone loves pickleball right we're all right we're all nerds we're all trying to consume as much pickleball content as we can but when I think of the pros I just don't think of them consuming basically anything that you or I make right exactly so if you're a pro and you listen to the podcast yeah.

Shout outs to you but send me or will a message I'd love to know who else listens to this because I think didn't AJ Kohler tell you who he listens yes I was just gonna mention that so AJ Kohler uh so Shea was talking to AJ because he was trying to do a a short little Reel with AJ he knows AJ I think he was in one of Shay's videos but yeah I go up to.

Shea to ask him something and then AJ was like hey your pickleball will and I was like what you're like you're AJ Kohler yeah exactly yeah exactly the crab himself yeah and he was I thought maybe he saw me from the podcast and he probably has or do you know how funny it would have been sorry.

To just go be like yeah I'm pickleball will who are you okay that's subtle that'd be a flex I don't I don't know if I'm ready for that yet but that would be really funny maybe maybe yeah I've never heard of you are you do you ever make it on like Championship.

Court if they had a bad season or a bad tournament they don't make it that'd be that'd be a dagger yeah that that would be a little yeah a little twist in there yeah yeah oh so yeah okay last person who at least seen some of our stuff is Jade JW Johnson and.

Come on this is the best I'm going to go into this story first of all okay so for those of you don't know JW Johnson uh makes it to the gold medal match right and I am I guess the gold medal you may see the gold medal match in singles against Julian Arnold and I'm sitting watching the stream I'm not.

Watching the stream I'm actually watching the game but I took a photo of his paddle in his water bottle and it's the new Franklin paddle and I send it over to I send it over to Chris right and Chris his immediate thought this is this is what his mind goes through he's like yo take his paddle I'm like what why I was like have you no morals okay.

Whoa whoa whoa whoa before we can make me look like a total criminal let's make it clear that I said as a joke let's make that perfectly clear okay I didn't say let's commit actual crime okay I'm I'm embellishing a bit but he did say you should make a you should take it and then you should make a video he says how I stole JW Johnson's paddle.

And then so I was like wow this man Chris Olson is really for the YouTube cloud like for real it would have been so good good it would no it would have been so good I guarantee you that video blew up if you did it guarantee no you're right it would have blown up and then I would have asked you to uh you know do some RPM tests with it for sure.

You know I would have said it to you afterwards we would have mailed it back again it would have been fine it would have been fine um but after he wins and he comes off Court right he sees me and I wasn't really planning on talking to him or anything but he sees me and then he was like oh.

Hey you're the guy and I'm like huh he was like you're like what guy as a good guy or the bad guy so you're the guy from the clip and then who's my mom who almost blew out her eardrums and I'm like what you saw that clip funniest thing and then uh I was like hey let me let me take a selfie with you.

And he's holding up his uh his trophy and then I'm saying I'm gonna do a clap right here I don't know if somebody is good as your mom and then I got the biggest smile from him the biggest reaction from him that I've ever seen because you know I see JW is just you know everybody kind of sees him as that stoic dude you know and I just thought.

It was the funniest thing no but now now that you got you got that picture yeah and put that up with a caption yeah now what happened after okay okay yeah so I took the photo I posted on social media and I was like yo congrats to JW Johnson for taking gold I'm here trying to applaud or clap for you I'm sorry that it's not as good as yours and I tagged.

Julie Johnson in which is his mom and you know everything's going good you know I'm feeling good and then truly Johnson messages me back right and calls me out and he's like she said will you're so busted I saw you clapping for Julian Arnold the whole entire stream and I was like oh man and she was like I'm gonna tell JW and I was like please.

Do I'm here for the drama seriously something I love about pickleball one at that any pro listens to any of our content doesn't matter what it is that they watch any of our stuff the interaction you had with Juliet MLP which turned into a podcast clip which turned into her responding and like interacting with it and now JW.

Knows who you are Julie knows who you are and now it's kind of just turned into a joke there's no other Pro Sport where that would happen and I think it's just absolutely hilarious no I totally agree and there's also no other Pro Sport where I feel that you can get so close to the pros as they're competing no yeah definitely not when when I was.

On uh on Championship Sunday I was sitting in this corner and I must have gotten like seven or eight texts from people who screenshotted the stream and they they saw me they're like will is that you that's you and I was just like yeah that's me how are you guys seeing me because there's multiple cameras and everybody it's like find Waldo on the.

Stream right exactly find pickleball will and I guess it was not hard to find me because I was wearing this exactly I was gonna say that Isaac even told me he was like dude did you see will was on the stream he had his pink hat I think your pink cat's a little iconic now okay there and there we go that's right if you see the pink hat say what's.

Up yeah yeah say what's up no they're and also it's not even just the pros but just regular people out there uh too that just recognize us I got a shout out to uh yo and Babs it was really easy to remember but these two ladies it was their first tournament and they played 3-0 and they got gold and they're just really funny they they were just asking.

They're following me around a little bit and they're like oh who's that person oh who's that person and they're like oh my gosh everybody's so good and I was like nah you can beat him you're Champions you got gold you got gold that's right you know they don't they don't stack you you point out one of the other random really good Pros you know that guy.

Didn't even get gold right he's like I didn't even Podium and then uh let's see who else did I meet you know I mean so many cool people oh we got a shout out to uh Russo from the Discord you know we you saw him in the previous week and stayed around this one yeah he was kind of down on himself because he felt like he didn't perform.

On one of the other divisions that he played but I think he podiumed or I think he got gold old and mixed on Sunday yeah I feel like it was gold I can't remember but I remember seeing that in the Discord but yeah man good stuff so that sounds like it was a pretty good trip overall yeah overall you know it was yeah no it was a good.

Trip a good trip for sure and I have to say that the PPA really stepped up their uh production I mean I always feel like they always have good production but just the the board on Championship court with the light that shines and whatnot that was pretty cool an electronic board that kind of flashed stuff even I will.

Say I feel like the stream has gotten much better than what it was six months ago when I went to a PPA and just some of the other ones I was watching online I do think they've improved significantly yeah for sure improves so much and the content just keeps on improving you know I mean shout outs to jasser AKA hella Bay I got to really.

Talk to him super cool guy super nice guy and for those of you who don't know he he is basically if you see anything video for the PPA on Instagram or probably anything related to video all those high quality photos also that you see that the pros post up that's most likely from jasser AKA hella Bay or his team he does that or his team people.

Yeah he does he does Zach Taylor Benson et cetera Etc but unsung heroes for the PPA for sure for sure yeah I don't think it gets enough love yeah they travel to every single could you imagine traveling to every single PPA event almost every weekend it's a lot I I'm not gonna a lot just think back to I mean just the video production stuff that I do.

Filming basically four days a week where you are on your feet all day or the majority of the day and especially something like pickleball where you have to film you don't have to but if you want to catch the good points you have to film almost every point in case something happens and the filmmaker's curse at least for.

Me and speedcubing was always okay I'm gonna take a break this guy's clearly on a bad streak nothing's gonna happen put the camera down you've been recording for the last 45 minutes boom best point of the whole thing and you didn't capture it so that's right that's what it always feels like truly recording and doing all the video stuff for something.

App PPA whatever it is it would be very hard work so all the stuff you see on uh social media make sure make sure you give them some love because it's uh it's hard work no it is definitely hard work especially for the term to go as smooth as they go I will say it was somewhat of a hack so from the Texas open I went to last year uh my.

Girlfriend got me some I guess dry fit PPA shirts and they looked very similar to the volunteer shirts over at this BPA so I wore those on pretty much all my days and some of the volunteers asked me for help or what and I said can you do this or whatnot I'm like yeah yeah sure I got it but really I don't because I'm not I don't work here but when it when.

It benefited me I'm like yep I'm with the staff you know go to the VIP section you know get some snacks here and there yeah right no way that happened no it definitely happened I'm telling you serious seriously yeah yeah the VIP launcher went up there and I got some snacks I got some drinks nobody batted an eye that's amazing oh my gosh that's.

So funny I can't believe that worked what the heck I mean these things aren't that strict if I'm being honest when you show up at one of these tournaments you know even stuff like app a lot of times they charge a fee to get in and half the time people don't pay to get in so it doesn't surprise me but that's super funny right exactly and besides even if.

They did say something I'd be like do you not know who I am yeah that's that's how you want to start your conversation off be like oh this guy's really arrogant I thought he was cool now I don't the last funny story that I remember was there was somebody who asked me he's like hey.

Where's your brother and I'm just like what and I could only imagine that they were speaking about you because they probably listened to the Potter they watched the Pod so maybe they think that you and I are brothers and I mean I know you know we got some we share some Asian blood but I was like I don't look at that they like you but for a split.

Second as soon as it clicked in my mind that they were referring to you yeah I was thinking to myself I'm not calling Johns the joke it runs too deep it runs too deep oh my goodness I just said oh yeah he's back home he couldn't handle it you know he's too weak he's two weeks no just kidding no I told people that you.

Had other obligations you're like he is being an amazing husband and he's spending his anniversary with his wife and not playing pickleball but you were even when you went to go at your anniversary trip that was that was her suggestion she did say we should play some pickleball so oh okay just saying just saying all right yeah I mean glad.

You had a good trip sounds like it was a ton of fun I definitely wish I could have gone to that but we're definitely we're definitely doing more together I think oh all for sure you me Shay Kyle it'll be amazing I think how but think how amazing it would be because your costs are now split into fourths yes your rental car your Airbnb whatever and.

You have way more fun because you're with people the whole time that's right yeah so I actually I definitely think we got to plan some of the those out I think it'd be cool if you and I did a tournament I think that would be fun heck yeah are we gonna do 5-0 I don't know about that though no we know I Shay can play 5-0 confidently I don't.

Know about you and 50 doubles yet but I definitely know I'm not there I'm I'm definitely I'm definitely not there in five of devils uh I think you and I could I think you and I could comfortably play four or five yeah I think so too but 5-0 no yeah no definitely definitely not five out that would be rough but we'll definitely have.

To do that but I suppose uh while we're on that topic to kind of wrap up the podcast we can we can talk about some of our upcoming trips because you and I are about to spend a lot of time together yeah I'll see if I really like you or not yeah this is how we're gonna know this is gonna be the most time we've spent.

Together ever so uh coming up here uh September 26 to the 29th me Will and Kyle are going to be doing uh some video production for Selkirk in Nashville with James ignatowicz yeah that's going to be fun looking forward to some of that I think you guys uh there's one project I'm particularly excited about doing I think you guys will find fun I'll talk.

Much more about that when it happens but we'll uh we'll leave you guys curious for now about what that might be yeah James might be one of our next guests Live guest yeah that could be that could be true I think it'd be fun uh so we'll be there for I mean 26 29 so about four days total if you count to 26 or whatever that'll be fun looking forward.

To it get to get to hang out do a bunch of fun stuff with James looking forward to meeting him and then we'll both go home for a little bit and then you and I will both be going to Texas to be with Zane uh for a handful of days uh we are going to be working on a little mini dock I I have said for a long time that player stories need to be told in.

Pickleball so yeah that's right we are gonna tell them so I just went to Zayn and was like hey do you want to do this him and I have worked together enough and he was like yeah this sounds super fun let's do it so gonna be in Texas uh getting him training and then we're gonna follow him to MLP and we'll be there for the whole.

Time so you and I are together super stoked for MLP same I actually get to go experience one now uh otherwise I really wouldn't have had any reason to go to one yeah I think it'll be super exciting to go to that with you it'll be super exciting to film um get to flex some creative muscles.

That haven't been used in a bit more of that documentary style stuff so I I hope the project turns out as cool as I think it will but I think it's gonna be pretty fun and then you're gonna come back to Minneapolis okay after that oh gosh more we are yeah more Chris and now he's in he's on my turf oh gosh bring it you're gonna be stuck with me so we're gonna.

Come back to do some stuff with omrich and Onyx if you listen to one of the previous podcasts some new breakout Pros they are locals to Minnesota we're gonna film some content with them that'll be fun and then we have one other trip after that I can't talk about that one yet because super secret yeah that one's a little bit more secret so another.

Cliffhanger for you but uh yeah will and I are gonna be spending most of October together I think it'll be fun you see us say what's up swing by yeah say what's up you know yeah tell tell Chris he's 35 at best you know it's all good you can't you can't encourage the people to do it but you know do you know what do you.

Know what I I have to say I actually don't think I told you about this comment what yeah I haven't told you about this one so I got a YouTube comment on my Spencer video and I said something to the effect of basically I just said I was a forum I don't remember in what context but somehow I just said I'm a 4-0 player and.

Someone in the comments goes dude you're way under selling yourself like you're definitely better than a 4-0 and I commented back and said this is the only place on a pickleball video ever that I have seen a commenter say that the person who said they were a certain skill level was better than what they claimed because you know every time.

Someone says this is 5-0 gameplay people are always like nah that's three five Gameplay at best if you come to South Dakota bro like we fall hard in South Dakota something like that you know it's like yeah yeah so I I had to write back to him and be like dude I really appreciate you saying that but I've never seen someone say that anywhere.

You're welcome Chris it's all framing I've been I've been setting this up for since the Inception of this podcast I'm just letting you know hey I'll I will take it if people people want to say I'm better than a 3-5 it was a good day let's see it doesn't matter it doesn't matter how good you are as once you Podium or whatever right.

You can say yeah Podium is a three five it doesn't matter maybe that's what I will start saying to the people I beat at the tournaments is just so you know I'm a three five and I beat you oh my gosh you are just sprinkling salt into their wounds but obviously this is all will will build this whole thing so if you want to yell.

At someone it says the guy you gotta yell at oh please bring it bring it yeah all for it I'll ring it so yeah that's uh that's what we've had going on that's some news that's been happening we're gonna have a lot of exciting stuff coming up both YouTube content and podcast stuff uh excited to do more of it I think you.

Guys are gonna see some some really fun stuff over the next uh well maybe not in the next month because we have to edit everything and build it all but probably come November you're going to see a lot of cool stuff you will see some cool stuff for sure there is there's a lot to be made so good episode will this is a lot.

Of fun heck yeah always always fun always a pleasure Chris all right catch you I guess in the next one yep later guys peace out
0:00 – Our Thoughts on the spin serve ban
23:10 – Wills trip to peach tree
27:20 – Christian Alshon is a beast
36:00 – Will thought he could beat Rafa
39:15 – Pros are listening to the podcast?
49:25 – Will using a PPA shirt to gain access
53:14 – Will and I have upcoming trips
56:16 – No one in the history of Pickleball YouTube has done this


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