The first video we ever posted on this channel was about our top five paddles for spin but a lot has changed since then so it’s probably time to have a second look hey everybody it’s luuka from rackets and runners okay to be honest by the time we had posted that spin video.

Things had kind of already changed and we were just a little bit late to the party and the YouTube comments let us know the list may have been kind of dated but the paddles we mentioned there were still pretty good for Spin and if anything it made me realize that cont rovery is good publicity so why not dip her toe into controversy again it was.

Also thanks to a lot of those comments that we brought in so many of the paddles that we have on our wall now and you’ll see a lot of them on this list but as usual before we go on remember that any of the paddles we mentioned here you can check out on our website rackets and runners. and please remember to like the video subscribe to the.

Channel and let me know down in the comment section what you want me to cover next now yes as it was a few months ago this list is going to be controversial so I absolutely have to lay down some criteria one and I need to emphasize this with every fiber of my being but we need to carry these paddles at the store this is a list of the.

Paddles we carry make of it what you will but I can’t talk about a paddle we don’t carry because I haven’t played with it criteria 2 this isn’t a ranking of total RPMs a paddle can produce I don’t have a way of measuring that and there are already a ton of videos on that already so you can go watch those for that but this is going to be a.

Ranking of an overall spin performance from each of these paddles obviously the amount of spin it can produce is very important for that but there are also some intangibles that make up a paddle spin profile the ease of access to spin the variety of spin shots the consistency at which you can access spin those are all important as well so we’ll.

Take them into account finally the last little criteria is that I’ll be talking about a whole paddle line not just one individual thickness 14s are usually more spin friendly than 16s and we kind of know that so just to be more inclusive to lines that might not have a thinner variant we’re not going to make this exclusively thin paddles that’s it.

With the criteria we’re going to get right into number five now hopefully I don’t get too crucified but if you do disagree with anything I have to say let me know in the comments coming in at number five we have the carbon 1X power now I am holding the 3x here which is also very spin friendly just the 1X is more but before we get into why we have.

To talk about thermoforming one of the main reasons why our previous video on spin is a little dated now is because of the introduction of thermoforming into the world of pickle ball thermoformed unibody paddles are made from one continuous piece of carbon fiber unlike traditionally molded paddles that are kind of made from a bunch different.

Pieces kind of molded together so basically there are no cut offs in the carbon on thermoform paddles Which means that when the ball makes contact with the paddle face no energy is lost in seams because there are no seams so the feel on contact is extremely rigid the rigidity helps with power no question but the arguably more impressive.

Characteristic is that it has a super positive effect on spin that rigidity means there is a more onetoone transfer of the energy you put into the paddle when swinging which means there is less of a cap on the amount of spin you can produce tldr thermoforming has basically revolutionized spin in pickall and the carbon powers are top performers in this.

Category but let’s get back to why the 1X is more spin friendly than the 3x spin comes from a variety of things obviously top sheet grid is one of them and the Tor t700 carbon top sheet on all three of the carbon Powers is fantastic but it doesn’t stop there spin also comes from a combination of Swing weight and paddle head speed now the 3x has.

More paddle face to crush the ball but because that paddle face does come down so much lower you can’t the paddle nearly as fast you can get so much more paddle head speed with the 1X so you can whip it through contact quicker with that windshield wiper motion which will give you more spin so it’s the most spin friendly carbon power coming in at.

Number four we have the bread and butter filth now a lot of you probably know that this paddle and the carbon 1X power are the exact same shape so what makes this one more spin friendly honestly the difference is very marginal but every time I play with the two I start thinking more and more that the filth has a little bit more spin because.

There’s something going on in the T heck of the carbon 1X poers core that mutes it a tiny bit that makes it noticeably better for control but also takes away from a tiny bit of that rigidity which negatively affects its spin it’s not a big difference but it just feels like the filth is a bit more raw and therefore more spin friendly now I.

Actually did say in my review about the filth that the 1X power is more spin friendly but I’m correcting myself now I think it’s because the carbon power was the first thermoform paddle that I tested and I was so shocked by the amount of spin I was getting it kind of stayed this mythical spin King in my head but now that I’m testing them back.

To back I do think the filth just edges it so yeah all the good things I said about the 1X power just a little bit more spin friendly because of the core and top she coming in at number three we have the vadic pro V7 now for you more eagle-eyed viewers out there you’ll probably notice that this has a slightly more extended paddle face than either.

The carbon ones or the filth and you’re probably thinking Luca didn’t you just say that makes it less spin friendly yes to a certain extent you’re right but this paddle face doesn’t come down as low as the one on the 3x and the v7s other properties override whatever slightly slower speed you get from it for one the vtic pro top sheet is the.

Most spin friendly for me all the raw carbon top sheets are great but every time I play with a vtic pro paddle I just feel a bit more purchase on the ball it has a very poppy feel like the filth but it just feels like it grabs onto the ball for a split second longer which shoots it out with a bit more spin if you want to hit a really hard spinny.

Passing shot you absolutely can but if you want to slow it down a bit and hit a more low dipping third shot drop it’s better for that than the filth basically the way I would describe spin on the V7 is that you just have a little bit more control over the type of spin you can put on the ball I also find that the slightly longer paddle face makes it a.

Bit more consistent The Sweet Spot is noticeably bigger than the one on the filth and a bit bigger than the one on the carbon 1X power so consistently accessing spin is easier consistency is always a little bit tough to quantify because it is kind of a personal preference type thing but after months of playing with all these paddles I keep.

Arriving to the same conclusion so I’m pretty much convinced at this point okay so the next two paddles I’m very excited to talk about and I don’t want to ruin number one yet but when you hear what I have to say about this one you’ll probably figure it out coming in at number two we have the 6 zero Double Black Diamond now right off the bat the.

Double Black Diamond is not fully extended so in terms of top and spin they will scientifically produce less purely because of Leverage I understand that but here’s why I just don’t care I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again pickle ball isn’t played in a lab you’ll very rarely be able to set up a perfect Top Spin shot other than of.

Course on serve but that’s kind of a different story what makes this hybrid shape so special is that it’s topnotch for spin on any type of shot the three paddles we already mentioned are absolutely fantastic for spin don’t get me wrong but they excel at spin generation on properly set up ground strokes The Double Black Diamond is.

Significantly more maneuverable so you can flick the paddle through contact more easily that means that on more randomized sticky situations you can still access tons of spin for example if you have to react quickly at the net you can move the paddle face into position very quickly and still hit a whippy roll volley if you’re scrambling to get get a.

Ball and don’t have time to perfectly set up a shot it’s easy to just pop that face through contact and still hit a dipping passing shot basically the Double Black Diamond perfectly summarizes why I put that piece of criteria about easy Spin and variety of spin shots this paddle is the king of spin variety actually no it’s not that’s.

The next one but first let’s talk about some notable emissions Legacy we still don’t carry them I’ve heard they are plenty spin friendly and I believe it but I can’t talk about it because I’ve never tried it now the fact that the Vanguard Power air Invicta was number one on our list back in March and now is even on this list kind of shows you the.

Power of thermoforming no pun intended I really didn’t want this list to be just a bunch of thermor paddles but I took it out and it just doesn’t have the same amount of spin it’s as simple as that okay I promise I read your comments about the valer forsa Mach 1 but they are not here yet although I think we did just place an order so as soon as.

They’re here I’ll get a review out and yes I’ve heard they’re plenty spin friendly finally I did just want to mention the percus now it was probably the biggest release of the summer and it is therof form but spin is lacking I’m not sure why but it’s not as high as all of the these you probably guessed this when you heard me talking about the.

Double black diamond and how excited I am about the shape so coming in at number one we have the vtic pro flash so the Flash and the DVD are basically identical in shape so all the good things I just said about this you can pretty much apply to this take that and add to it all the good things I said about the v7s top sheet and you.

Basically have the flash a perfect storm of everything that makes up spinny goodness now it is really close between the double black diamond and the Flash but I did find I could consistently access a tiny bit more spin with the Flash and again that kind of comes down to this really good top sheet and core combo now here’s the thing you might be.

Watching this footage thinking Luca you don’t look like you’re playing as well with this paddle and you’re right I don’t actually like playing with the flash or the Double Black Diamond as much as I do something extended I do think that in terms of consistency this shorter shape isn’t quite as solid as something extended but the benefits you.

Get in variety outweigh the loss in consistency at least in my opinion so they’re not perfect but they are pretty darn close so there you have it our remastered top five pickle ball paddles for spin knowing my luck this list is probably going to be obsolete in a couple months actually probably by the.

Time I post it but anyways that is going to be the end of the video thank you so much for watching remember that if you do want to demo any of the paddles we talked about here you can come visit us in store or you can check them out online at rackets andr
Our previous Top 5 Paddles for Spin video came out almost 6 months ago and, suffice to say, it’s nearly obsolete. Today, Rackets & Runners’ Luca Berg shares his thoughts on the NEW best pickleball paddles for spin.

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