You'll Play just a little bit um I feel like maybe for the weekend a little bit just because like the people world's kind of hyped up this weekend so much and uh there's definitely expectation on me I feel like to at least to at least put out a decent performance um not sure you know results-wise what.

That means but uh yeah I mean two two solid uh pretty comfortable wins so far and uh yeah keep going see what I can do damage wise and Jack we talked with Tyson and talked about how you guys have kind of developed that friendship what's it mean to you him in your corner kind of helping you out during timeouts throughout that match there even though.

He's in the same draw as you uh yeah I mean we've uh he got in pretty early this week so we practiced a bunch and obviously we had Vegas in December and kept in touch you know a good amount so uh I've been obviously seen him play a lot of pickleball and a lot of people haven't seen me play a ton but um I mean I feel like it's kind of like tennis you.

Know when somebody wants to likes to do on the court what their kind of Tendencies are strength weaknesses all that so uh but it's not not rocket science by any means but uh yeah it's obviously nice to have a very experienced it's kind of a veteran you could say uh helped me out a little bit potential next match up with Dylan.

Frazier also we saw Tyson McGuffin very impressive on Championship Court uh what match up are you anticipating the most potentially you think I mean any of them honestly I uh happy happy to play whoever however the draw you know works out Falls um happy to happy to keep going and playing and like I said hopefully make a.

Uh make a pretty good Splash and uh kind of solidify my name in the sport a little bit Jack thank you so much for making Time For Us in the audience yeah thank you guys appreciate it thanks the journey continues for Jack sock here in Charlotte North Carolina on the carp fauna PPA tour don't let this Comfort slow you down try.

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Not yet buddy if you were the last person on Earth if there was no one bigger stronger or faster would you still push yourself of course you would because once you start you can't stop Switching gears now to
Welcome to the OS1st North Carolina Open Presented by Intralinks. Today’s match-ups will feature the top-ranked pro singles pickleball players, including Federico Staksrud, Anna Leigh Waters, Jay Devilliers, Catherine Parenteau, Tyson McGuffin, and Lea Jansen.

Follow the brackets live at and fill out your predictions for Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles, and Mixed Doubles for a chance to win up to a $250 gift card to

Location: Life Time (Charlotte, NC)

Men’s Singles Draw (Top 5):

1 Federico Staksrud
2 Jay Devilliers
3 Tyson McGuffin
4 James Ignatowich
5 Dylan Frazier

To see the entire Men’s Singles Draw, go to

– Defending medalists: Ryan Sherry, Julian Arnold, and Tyson McGuffin.
– James Ignatowich and Dylan Frazier are back in the singles draw – Ben Johns is not (or in any event).
– WATCH OUT FOR: Collin Shick – he rocked the PPA with his run from the “quallies” all the way to the finals at Daytona.

Women’s Singles Draw (Top 5):

1 Anna Leigh Waters
2 Catherine Parenteau
3 Lea Jansen
4 Salome Devidze
5 Mary Brascia

To see the entire Women’s Singles Draw, go to

– Defending medalists: Catherine Parenteau, Lea Jansen, and Callie Smith.
– Anna Leigh Waters returns from a month off.
– Judit Castillo has been making some noise in singles.
– WATCH OUT FOR: Catherine Parenteau – she wants to prove that she is truly the queen of these courts.

To see all of the storylines for the OS1st North Carolina Open Presented by Intralinks, visit

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