thank you good Saturday morning everybody and welcome to Charlotte North Carolina host to the carvana PPA tour and it is day number three of the OS.

First North Carolina open presented by interlinks lifetime has been jumping over the last few days and we expect a standing room-only crowd here today as we make way to Championship Sunday already pairings are set for men's and women's singles and also mixed doubles as well today it's all about men's and women's.

Doubles Championship Sunday begins Sunday 11 30 a.m Eastern Time tons of story lines we are going to be watching Jack sock he has been outstanding is not disappointed he pairs with Tyson McGuffin today we've got Newman and Wright can they run the table they're the number one seed on the men's side and Anna Lee Waters she's been perfect.

In women's doubles play so far this year can she continue that dominance alongside the great Dominic Catalano I'm Drew felios and we've got our first match about to begin Dominic so happy you are here it should be a great day well thanks for having me brother it is going to be another very exciting day and again kicking off.

Our day Jack sock Tyson McGuffin on Center Court I don't know if Jack knows anything other than Center Court here in Charlotte as you have Jack sock there 30 years old out of Lincoln Nebraska in his first pro pickleball tournament has been anything but absolutely fabulous so far this weekend Drew and he's had.

Great Partners in a league of waters yesterday and today Tyson McGuffin he battled yesterday with Catherine parento nothing came easy what challenges present him today playing with Jack sock well again Tyson's used to the spotlight as he is in it mostly on his own anyway but playing next to Jack socks that Shining Light is even brighter today as.

You see Tyson McGuffin 34 years old been a pro forever now it seems like out of Washington state where he was a star wrestler growing up a wrestling family his dad was a coach but um today again him and Jack sock a lot of pressure on them you know coming in as a five seed um and again you know Tyson and Anna Lee or yesterday excuse me Jack sock and.

Annalee Waters came in as a five seed yesterday and they end up punching their tickets Championship Sunday so Tyson and Jack looking to do the same today and a couple competitors that rarely get a chance at center stage on the carvana PPA tour you've got Roddy and Joe bran two guys that are certainly going to remember where they were this morning.

Well yeah exactly it's again you're talking about trying to make a huge upset here in the first round on Championship Court and they're gonna give it their all we'll see what happens here as the players are just about set to get going here on this beautiful Saturday in Charlotte.

North Carolina had great crowds over the last several days expect to see the same here today men's and women's doubles day here in the carfana PPA tour sit back enjoy great day of pickleball Jack sock.

Impressive and singles even more impressive in doubles with Emily Waters how he fair with one of the greats of the game Tyson McGuffin as his wingman game one here today we're about to find out sign up oh wow I mean just starting right off the bat going right off the body of dobrin.

We saw that a lot yesterday pulling the trigger a lot of body shots second sir Zozo two and that is in just inside that line get one get one right here here we go to side out.

So it looks like we're gonna switch out the ball here our officials for this match Tony Jordan and Andrea Gately here for match number one on Championship Court here we go five seed and a 28 seed battling here to start and that one set right at Eric karate at.

His feet can't do anything with it two is Eric right there Frank will miss it off the paddle of McGuffin right there after beautiful Ernie from Jack sock and you'll see him looking for that too early and often and that ball across the table and a.

Lucky bounce here for Tyson McGuffin Roddy looked like he was all over it but then the McGuffin Clips the tape he's going right over his paddle nothing he can do they can serve zero one two and McGuffin.

Up against the net with that backhand good read though from McGuffin as he comes in on a little Shake and Bake Off The Drive of sock point two zero one early hands battle Roddy and Joe brand holding their own just out.

The crowd is just hanging on every ball right there such a good effort here because he almost gets this ball up and over and in second third and Jim dobrand one of those guys who is part of the local Charlotte pickleball circuit huge opportunity for him playing in his hometown here.

This morning and they do not look afraid here on Center Stage no absolutely not nice little start here for Roddy and dobrin oh and getting the love off the tape too zero three two again it's it's just he hides the ball so well being sock that again where what.

Happens is is that you don't know exactly where he's going to pull that trigger and if you end up guessing he goes right off your body thank you one three two one three game here in game one second serve from Jack sock and once again how about that is Jim dobrin measuring things.

Good pull the trigger he got sock and a little chicken wing action right hip three one one just white there second sir three one two now here's Tober to serve sign up Tyson McGuffin playing with James ignatowich in Newport Beach.

Had multiple partners this year on the carf on a PPA tour and that is nicely done by Tyson great stretch right there by McGuffin he was leaning middle trying to come over and poach but Roddy tries to go behind and can't get it down and now we're tied it through a piece.

Good hands battle there and McGuffin starting to warm up a little second third we have seen several upsets over the last few days especially on Singles day also had some eyebrow razors yesterday as well great reset by Roddy and doberman to get back in that point and it seemed like.

McGuffin and soccer in complete control four three two startup shock laughing at himself right there just unforced error on a pretty easy ball three four one Eric Roddy Pro pickleball player.

Also member of Bank of America's strategy and management team always love those who juggle the full-time professional life as well as pickleball the world that much more challenging to take the court against a guy like Jack sock right exactly when you get there.

Daily nine to five and then your practice time comes after that so I know good ball right there from stock going behind dobrin four four what McGuffin serving tied at four Roddy and Doberman hanging in here in game one.

Oh good attempt there from stock but again good spot by Roddy and Doberman again finding the right hip of Jack sock not allowing him to extend those hands four four one second sir good read on the inside out from Doberman by sock doesn't allow him to go back side four two.

So we're trying to go same spot again a little lower with that ball good job by McGuffin keeping it low now Tyson to serve trying to take the lead here McGuffin and sock been playing from behind thus far and another winner by Eric Roddy.

A good ball find that hole in the middle Roddy and Doberman like you said Drew not scared of this Spotlight here and right in this first game that just skips out side out coming now too Roddy and Doberman four four what point and Roddy and Tobin back in front by one.

Five four what an example Tom when you stick together you have a plan and you execute anything is possible yeah exactly again that's why we played the game and it's not played on paper right you can throw away your seeds as soon as you get into the rhythm of the game and you're seeing Roddy and.

Doperin having some success another Point Jack socks a little bit in dismay right now what is going on on championship course just on the line ATP attack sock there how about this folks Roddy and Doberman played very clean patience and we're getting a timeout.

Here from McGuffin and sock as Roddy and Doberman just come out throwing Haymakers early to take an 8-4 lead and this is what you love about the carvana PPA tour every event a fresh tournament Dominic you'd never know who is going to come out of the woodwork and take advantage of their big opportunity no absolutely and playing again in front of.

The home crowd from North Carolina these guys are not scared of this Spotlight and it's showing 8-4 lead McGuffin and shot calling the timeout gotta regroup here and get back in if they want a chance in game one Roddy and tobern building confidence Jim toberen so excited to be performing in front of.

His home crowd opportunities like this don't come around very often but they could be coming more and more if these guys continue to gel like this as a team still early and it's not uncommon for a team to come out of nowhere and take it to a more established team although Jack sock again this is his debut so hard to say he's established but you know what I.

Mean he is a world-class athlete no absolutely Drew do you even get a chance to ask you the other day what do you think of the benches at the Baseline reminds me of Vanderbilt basketball right like one of the only teams left in the country that has their benches side by side underneath the Baseline that's what.

It reminded me like the different look back to action 8-4 McGuffin just wide it's 9-4 941 oh just over the tape nicely done by Jack saw if anyone needed it they did right there is they needed a break 942 sign out.

491 seconds just catching the tape throwing McGuffin off just enough oh just missing the sideline right there Roddy puts that finger up and the wives both looking on Megan McGuffin and also Laura suck.

I have to be surprised at what they have witnessed thus far Jack sock trying to get back on track second Center the defense there from Doberman and Roddy staying in that but again just a little too much power from Jacksonville nice ball from saucus he pulls backside on dobrin.

4-9 what point all right I'll give Dover in that one but again right now you got him on the ropes can't make any more of those all right you got 9-4 lead now 9-5 no more easy mistakes second turn second serve on the way here from Jack.

Sock uphill climb in this first game for McGuffin and sock s McGuffin just not clean right now making too many easy unforced errors Doberman and Roddy get the side out 951.

And it's in nicely done from Tyson his best shot so far yeah that's an easy ball to overhead my girlfriend takes a little something off it he just finds the hole in the middle point wow did not see this coming unforced there again for McGuffin game point.

That's a great ball from Tyson McGuffin but again what you're seeing Roddy and dobern do is go to that middle a little bit more and more and are finding a little bit of confusion between McGuffin and sock and a servicer from Jack sock nothing has gone right here in this first game for Tyson and Jack Tyson serving now.

And a winner Eric karate hates the line and now all of a sudden things starting to flip too with the crowd right they're sensing a little bit of an upset and the hometown crowd getting behind Roddy and Doberman a little bit more good aggressive play from McGuffin still more work to do for him and Jack sock though as this will be second.

Server and a third game point for Roddy and Doberman oh and there it is 11-5 in game one Eric Roddy and Jim dobrin say good morning we are here to play in Charlotte you're good.

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my name is Lee Waters and I'm a professional pickleball player my daughter Anna Lee is my devil's partner and her 16th birthday is coming up be great to get her a car and carvana has helped us make that dream come true they have thousands of options and I'm a mom so of course I want Annalee to have.

Something safe Anna Lee has absolutely no idea about this car so I told her we're going to carve on his vending machine for a photo shoot drum roll I think this belongs to you oh my god happy Sweet 16 Italy experience it for yourself at so.

We welcome you back to Charlotte and all of a sudden right out of the gate an interesting storyline unfolding as Tyson McGuffin and Jack sock have their hands full with little-known Eric karate and Jim Doberman who have come to play and really took it to the superstars in that first game oh McGuffin and soccer on upset alert early on here in the draw in.

The first round McGuffin and sock need to make some adjustments need to communicate just a little better as we've seen the middle has been a tad bit of an issue here game two timing in game number one we'll see if they fixed that in game two shirt change for Tyson see if it has any effect.

And there's McGuffin with the winner remember a couple weeks ago Newport Beach the Johns Brothers upset by Newell and Locklear in the first round that's been the biggest stunner so far in 2023 oh one more time why not oh wow.

Point unbelievable Drew I mean Ronnie going back getting two tweener resets absolutely perfect and then sock with the forehand attempt at a put away and it just goes long double tweener Roddy and Tober and putting on an absolute show right now.

At lifetime zero one one what is impressing you most about the game of Roddy and Doberman right now well they're playing clean right they didn't make too many mistakes in game number one coming out making very little mistakes already early on in game two zero one two playing good defense.

Keeping the ball in play not trying to do too much either sign up so you can come into a game and a match against Jack stock and Tyson McGuffin and get you out of source and try and do too much and they're not doing that two zero what.

Point just the unforced errors just continue to pile up for both McGuffin and sock 301 it's just a defense right now Jim Doberman just reset after reset and then Roddy comes in and just puts that ball away or is there a what.

Second serve second serve on the way Jim dobrin they are hammering away right now it's five nothing here in game two and again this is coming in with a game plan and executing it to absolute perfection already in Dover right now Eric karate.

A former assistant women's tennis coach with the Georgia Bulldogs so he has obviously tremendous knowledge of Racket Sports so fun to watch these great stories come into the carvana PPA tour and right now the wives have got to be shocked Megan on the left Megan McGuffin and that's Laura sock on the right.

Yeah I mean just look at sock and McGuffin McGuffin trying to get socks a little motivated here with Lil pat on the leg before they get back on court but they have a hole to dig out of down by five to the 28 seed in round number one got two tons this would be the upset heard around.

Pickleball on this Saturday in Charlotte North Carolina especially after what Jack sock has done in singles and it mixed doubles yesterday punching a ticket to Championship Sunday in mixed doubles once again Eric karate Standing Tall and prouded right on top of the kitchen great one-two combo from.

Roddy right at McGuffin second serve side out correction so let's see if McGuffin and sock can wake up and make a run here see it right there yesterday Annalee Waters would have stepped in and taken that a two-handed backhand after the first drive from stock he's almost expecting it from McGuffin McGuff and.

Not taking that he will take that get on the board big finish on the forehand side from McGuffin one six two upside out that one just outside out going the way of Roddy and Doberman McGuffin cannot believe what is happening now trying to do a little too.

Much with that last ball unfortunately it goes a little wide if you're just joining us good morning from Charlotte the scoreboard is not wrong karate and Doberman on the verge of a historic upset if they can keep this going big finish from McGuffin and.

Definitely in need of getting that side out but again good job by McGuffin hitting it right back where it came from you and I drew are just in here throwing our hands up going my goodness camaradi playing very clean all right go to the well one too many times but I like how he's he's not doing it.

Very often but right there he goes twice in a row McGuffin all over the second one you're correct Tyson to serve here second serve trailing 2-6 man sucks can't get it over side out the other way McGuffin hits it long and the lead extended.

Seven two one second sir rear missed there on the counter from dobrin seven two two point and sock just getting a little too big right here not worrying I mean we're in the red area here for McGuffin and sock as far as worrying about this.

Match gotta come right now and that light bulb Thomas not going on at the moment sock and McGuffin again to the bench off off the tape winner there for Roddy and Dover and 9-2 down are McGuffin and sock no answers as of right now for your average pickleball player or.

Spectator that's watching right now any lessons to be learned people trying to get better at this game perfect this game you see two incredible talents and a couple guys who are virtually unknown here on the carvana PPA tour taking it to him well five years ago big names won all the time now there's so much parody in the sport of pickleball that you're.

Getting people who you know Jim Dover and I know Jim's been around for a while but you're getting people who you may not know playing practicing don't get a lot of chance to play a lot of tournaments because of that you talked about through the nine to five job every day and you can't get away and travel all the time but they're good players.

And you're seeing that right now as they are taking it to McGuffin and sock so here's Eric Roddy he has played virtually Flawless here in this match to serve it with a 9-2 lead surf coming back is this the moment where Tyson and Jack make their run.

Second sir and McGuffin just not dialed in yet drives drops unforced errors two Knight two and as soon as they get inside out they give up the side out and Roddy and Doberman back two points away from the upset second serve 922.

Man that one shot right across and out to make it 10-2 match point on the way Jim dobrin ten two two point and there it is the unthinkable has happened here in Charlotte I mean Drew I we didn't see this coming Doberman and Roddy just played extremely well very clean.

Limited unforced errors and come on on top five and two look at that ball down the middle from doberman to hand it further proof as a team when things are clicking you can accomplish anything in the sport of pickleball 11-5 11-2 we'll try and digest this when we return to Lifetime.

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I don't think she's feeling it right now I will be on my phone all week looks like somebody needs a little hurts TLC live you're on vacation but I don't think you're feeling it huh please see your phone it's okay hand it over yeah you're good go enjoy yourself Sam.

You feeling it now let's go everyone needs a break sometimes she's feeling it let's go welcome back to Charlotte North Carolina major upset here on the carvana PPA tour the 28 seed Roddy and Doberman Victorious over McGuffin and sock 11 5.

11-2 and we're joined right now by Eric Roddy and Jim Dover and guys everybody right now in the building is absolutely shocked and the pickleball world as well are you guys as surprised as we are um I mean definitely I'm definitely happy with the result definitely surprised I would say but Jim and I have.

Been been working hard every day um I've actually been getting to play with Jack a lot here in Charlotte being local so um I think we're we're definitely surprised at how well we played but uh I wouldn't say totally shocked but hey I mean that was awesome great experience Jim I don't know what do you think yeah.

I mean I would kind of echo the same thing uh you know we were fortunate to be able to train with socks some so we know you know some strengths and weaknesses some stuff we could we could take advantage of so um that's pretty much it Eric and Jim Dominic here going into this match you knew you're gonna have to play pretty.

Clean you perfected that pretty much you guys had very little unforced errors was it something you guys knew going in that you're just gonna have to play clean and if you played clean you were going to get your opportunities going in that was our plan we talked before um so that was definitely our plan going.

Is just to play clean huge amount of respect for those guys can't say that enough but we got to play with them this week again leading up and it was a lot of fun so yeah the plan was just to try to play as as clean and make as little air as possible got to ask you guys you've both been involved in athletics for a long time.

Eric I know you've been involved as a coach as well and working in the media uh where does this rank in terms of all-time accomplishments in any sport growing up I mean you guys are young guys but what you just did was pretty historic wasn't it yeah for sure my body doesn't feel young right now but uh I definitely rank that.

Up there in in the in the top of my my athletic achievements uh Jim was a high level baseball player as well so yeah we're thrilled to get the chance to play in front of so many people that we see every day playing pickleball on Center Court that was a special moment and and we're we're really looking to to kind of make a run in this tournament though and.

And stay in focused but that was that was special yeah I mean I I would say the same thing as far as like this is definitely up there at the top if not you know somewhere around there so you know but we're just trying to keep rolling today and hopefully this you know this isn't just a one-time thing so hey from one baseball player to another.

Gym congratulations I love it representing well congratulations to both you and Eric you guys are moving on in the second round thanks guys Eric and Jim get to know him get him be seeing a lot more of them here in Charlotte many of us we just charge ahead because.

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collect Medical pickleball Central hurts fit Vine wine and fsnc intro links back here on Championship court and Charlotte take a look at our story lines we're going to be following Newman and.

Wright still yet to see them should see them later on today long McGuffin Dawson Taylor Dawson Taylor another pair we're going to see uh Ben John's not present here at this tournament J.W Johnson Dylan Frazier they've come in confident as well after winning in Newport no absolutely and the team that.

I pointed out to in the middle of the week that I'm interested to see and it's to watch out for is Loom and ignatowich will they find some chemistry and if they do they're going to be very dangerous so players warming up and we're moments away from our second.

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The hyperbole from hyper ice give your body the daily relief that's been asking for lifetime at Charlotte is buzzing men's and women's doubles day here at lifetime.

See DJ young Jade defilia an exciting pair woman up right now on the court yeah devillier and young it's a team that can be very dangerous can get very streaky we'll see how they play today this is their first round matchup of the day as you see Jocelyn devilleier.

There with the headband on warming up for you out of France 6-3 been playing pro pickleball four years now a disappointing result yesterday in mixed doubles says Jay and Jesse Irvin were upended in the first round so Jay defilier looking to bounce back.

DJ young his partner one of the more interesting players to cover on tour when he has got it working look out always trying to stay even Keel though on the court he'll try and do that right here right now always said that about DJ young and if he is on he's as dangerous as any player in the game but it's which DJ is going to be here and it hits the.

DJ that is dangerous they can make a really deep run here as you see CJ young there warming up his new engage gear see Brian Hickman the youngster taking Championship Court the teenager and get a chance to shine here on Center Stage another native Here Local North Carolina and playing alongside Ethan joshnik.

Do not go to sleep on these two either Ethan very big tall lanky plays with a lot of power Hickman will play very solid we're set to get going here on Championship Court second match what as it comes off the paddle of devillier and into the net and a one-nothing start one zero two.

It's not out zero one one second sir zero one two big forehand winner there from Josh Nagin again look for Josh snake to be aggressive like that with that forehand try and play with some pace PJ young counters that with his own.

Forehand winner down the middle one zero two shout out zero one one Hickman what trying to do just a little too much right there no snap of the wrist the zip ball Sails Long so DJ young to serve.

A few on four stairs here back to back for Josh neg and Hickman and Roddy and Doberman played as clean as can be against the higher seed Hickman are gonna have to do exactly the same if they want to have a chance here against the six seed good hands right there from both joshneg.

And Hickman one three one no second serve DJ Young part of the engage pickleball crew 23 year old residing right now in Dripping Springs Texas.

ATP beautifully executed from DJ young he had so much room there he almost hit the center service line with his ATP watch it again here a little off balance two hand to put away there from DJ Young and him and devillier continuing to add to their lead here up 5-1 in game one 5-1-1.

Oh wow what happened there oh again a little Inside Out forehand is DJ young has hit or uh Josh Nick excuse me leaning to the middle and he goes inside out for the winner so good start for devillier and young all pink for Josh Nick and Hickman trailing by five out of the gates here in Charlotte.

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Ethan joshnik and Brian Hickman right now trying to figure things out here on Championship court devillier and Young has come out on fire here in the second men's doubles match of the day not the way Josh Nick and Hickman wanted to come out of that timeout with an.

Unforced hair error off the paddle of Brian Hickman foreign DJ young trying to go scorpion right there and get on top of that but not sure what happened there great defense by devilier and Young oh just out.

I like that shot though from DJ young that's a heat check shot at 7-1 it's there just over hits it a little bit oh missile coming from davilier wow he tries to over hit this so much Hickman almost got almost didn't get out of the way of it oh.

what happened to villier put his hand up in the middle of that point as if something happened but I think it was we were blocked by his body on his reset he tipped it right onto the tape two seven two so Brian Hickman to serve and davilia can't return it.

Was number two Jay davilier still kind of looking for that big moment in 2023's had some highlight reel plays here on the carvana PPA tour but still sort of waiting for that big breakthrough event there's Josh snig hammers it just inside the line yeah you're right Drew he's trying to.

Kind of get back on the top of the podium have that breakout weekend this hasn't happened yet oh docs Hickman in the side of the head one more look ouch better angle there for devillier as he goes to the sideline ball ends up in the.

Third row Jade affiliate the flying Frenchman again the inside out from DJ young going backside on Josh Nick and it's in Jay davilier so Hickman looking for the Ernie there on the return but devillier reads it too well sees Hickman going that's a wide open Lane.

For him for the winner down the middle oh cue it up Jay chalk up the top of that battle as he uses the frame to hit the winner and he knows it 1031 Jay defilier such an incredible array of shots just has a way of making them too watch this.

Ah totally right off the edge guard the big fist pump and he's happy and so are him and partner DJ young as they have a 10-3 lead here in game one Dominic we have never seen such a wide array of Partnerships as we've seen here in 2023 what did you make of it here on the tour I mean it's tough because the teams that are.

Solid and continuous Partnerships are the teams that most more more times than not are coming out on top so that familiarity you can't go to sleep on that right and so the players bouncing around from partner to partner it takes a while to get kind of loose and in that gameplay mindset so it's tough I'd rather see players.

Playing consistently with Partners uh you get that practice time in you get that more consistency and it shows on tour and if you're just joining us major upset early on here on Match doubles day that's Brian Hickman's mother in attendance watching her son compete.

Partner Ethan joshnik trailing 10-3 and wiff right there to end game number one so it's all devillier and DJ young and cruise control very clean game for young and devillier and 11-3 Victory playing very well so far we'll see game two you were the last person on Earth if.

There was no one bigger stronger or faster would you still push yourself of course you would because once you start you can't stop me foreign.

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Helping you make it to the game stay in the game and win the game Select Medical is proud to be the exclusive provider of physical therapy of the PPA tour take a look at Brian Hickman high schooler and Ethan Josh snig out of Orlando right there on the cell phone getting ready for game number two after conceding game one.

See what they can do to bounce back here in game number two and again gotta clean it up a little bit on forced air is too high to villier goes and gets it no problem a couple lobs and maybe that's a point that gets Josh snig and Hickman going well it gets him fired up for sure and a good start to game number two.

Good pull there from DJ young as he recognizes Josh Nick recovering to the sideline and he goes middle two DJ young hambers hit home big slap forehand there from DJ young is him and devilier look to get on the board here first.

Stepping in his defilier nicely big move right there from devillier and the good drop from DJ young devilier reading that so well oh look like it got the line yep another Point here for young and devillier what.

And it's now four nothing yeah just continuing to roll here in game two our devillier and young Josh snake and Hickman too many unforced there still popping ball up a little bit and time out here looks like it's coming from Josh Negan Hickman but a 5-0 lead for davilian young.

Cruising in game two now um on my way follow your Vibe busy heart shelter flavor for every vibe.

Welcome back to Charlotte the OS first North Carolina open presented by interlinks continues coverage brought to you by Tennis Channel match on Deck Kohler and Arnold that's AJ Kohler and Julian Arnold the number eight seed taking on Stone and Patrick Quinn speaking of youngsters Hayden Patrick.

Quinn lots of hype here on the carfauna PPA tour he is so fun to watch five zero two and Josh Negan Hickman trying to straighten it out you saw them go over to the bench during that timeout not much talking between one another and sometimes that's the way timeouts go no discussing strategy just.

Taking a deep breath and trying to get your own game on track so here's Hickman now serving trailing zero six second serve 062 oh paddle gets away from davilia slipped.

Out of his hand the ball still stayed in though and Jay having a moment oh yeah because the paddle didn't end up in the kitchen so if he loses his ball and it goes in the kitchen it's full but he hits it clean winner when the paddle ends up out of his hand.

What level what what so that lead now ballooning to eight nothing young and devilier in complete control here game two turns out.

What 902 what ah just done four stairs continuing to pile up and time out here from Josh so upset in the first match of the day not gonna happen here at least doesn't look that way Jay defilia DJ young cruising along here in Charlotte.

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let's go the OS first North Carolina open presented by interlinks continues Drew felios Dominic Catalano so excited you were with us on this beautiful Saturday morning.

Saturday full of pickleball what else is better don't think anything is Match Point here young and devillier trying to close it out and there it is 11-0 that's as clean as it comes right there for devillier and young as they handle business three and zero in this.

First round matchup against Justin and Hickman nice round of applause from the crowd and Charlotte Jade defilier is this the tournament and it's the event men's doubles where he has his breakout in 2023 a paddle for the crowd a little souvenir to take home from Lifetime.

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There was no one bigger stronger or faster would you still push yourself of course you would because once you started you can't stop can you hear me 11-3 11-0 devillier and young Victorious over the pair of Josh and Hitman do fellows alongside Dominic Catalano men's doubles coverage continues major.

Upset in our first match of the day in case you're just joining us Jim Dover and Eric Roddy Victorious over Tyson McGuffin and Jack sock and then here comes defilia and young taking care of business doing it convincingly and right now they join us Courtside and Jay will will start with you so many partners you've played with in 2023 what makes.

The guy next to you special well you know uh playing with Darian it goes back to 2021 our first tournament we played together and we won it so I've been uh you know very excited to play with him again and uh this is our tournament we are indoor at North Carolina and we're gonna bring it today DJ you've had quite a year is well.

What's been the highlight for you thus far on the carvana PPA tour mainly playing with Zane navratil but today you get a chance to play with Jay devilier yeah I mean I think playing with Zayn and playing with Jay is you know was really fun we're also really good friends on and off the court and so I would say that probably be the highlight.

Of my uh 2023 just having a good time enjoying playing on the right and uh yeah just doing good so far so pretty happy about it Jocelyn DJ Dominic here guys moving forward second round you guys match up against Rafi Hewitt and Christian Alshon what's a game plan going in against those two guys.

Yeah I mean very very good players uh Rafa is Lefty he likes to play with a lot of energy so um I think Christian is still uh trying to figure out his doubles games he's way more established in singles so we are probably gonna mix around a little bit and try to figure out what works best for both of us but uh yeah.

It's going to be an exciting match that's for sure want to ask you guys both yeah uh McGuffin and sock go down I Know Jack sock knew here to the carvana PPA tour but comes in of course with a lot of hype how surprised were you guys to hear about that news uh well I think I think when people when.

People start playing pro pickleball they're just pickable itself when you come from tennis I think singles come the easiest and I would say mixed doubles uh comes the second easiest and I think men's doubles is probably you know the hardest and so I'm not extremely surprised obviously there's 32 teams everyone is very very good you.

Know everyone's earned to be here uh and just knowing that men's doubles is the hardest uh bracket uh you know coming from the tennis to get good I just don't think it's that much of a surprise but obviously he was really good in singles and mixed doubles all right guys Jay and TJ best of luck the rest of the way.

Thank you guys back to you good stuff from DJ Young getting ready for a possible TV career on the carfana PPA tour Kohler and Arnold taking on Stone and Patrick Quinn Straight Ahead from Charlotte don't go away hi I'm Rick Barry I used to play.

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There was no one bigger stronger or faster would you still push yourself of course you would because once you start you you can't stop back here on Championship Court gonna get a chance to see another new partnership here on the carvana PPA tour at this OS first North Carolina open.

AJ Kohler and Julian Arnold about to take Center Stage Julian Arnold had quite a day yesterday nearly punched his ticket to Championship Sunday but Annalee Waters and Jack sock able to get by and advance and AJ Kohler as well love AJ's game how he is right on top of the kitchen you're looking at though a.

Youngster Wyatt Stone who along with Hayden Patrick Quinn gonna try and Advance yeah again the youngsters coming in playing against Arnold and Kohler they're going to give him a game here this is a great matchup I think on both sides of the net gonna be a lot of more or less talking back and.

Forth and I'm gonna think it's going to be more between Patrick Quinn and Arnold than anything so no lack of confidence between those two guys yeah tremendous confidence out of Hayden Patrick's got all the shots the whole repertoire when he's got that swag working really feeds off that we saw that in Major League pickleball.

And there's gonna be some chirping with Julian Arnold on the other side with the Andiamos we'll get to that momentarily AJ Kohler Steady As She Goes started out 20 23 a little bit bumpy but playing better and better had a great showing in Newport Beach and here he is yeah Kohler is so consistent um you know known for his play his wrist.

Flicks up at the kitchen line gets super low really Toes that kitchen line takes a lot of balls out of the air doesn't want to allow his opponents to set their feet so I like the match up here between Kohler and Arnold and Patrick Quinn and stone Julian Arnold heard the Andiamos yesterday next to Vivian David the Volare paddle.

Used here on Championship court and we are underway as the pack crowd makes their way to their seats and Don Stanley is your head referee so it's a referee error here Stone pushed off the kitchen line but he never hit the ball and Stanley called him for a football.

so first point for stone and Patrick zero one one foreign on the forehand side zero one two point there's those hands on full display from AJ Kohler with that little punch.

Volley one one two nicely done a very faint Andiamo there from Julian Arnold that's a good pull and that second ball possibly is going out too one two AJ Kohler does not hesitate to go to.

That lob does he no he doesn't he does it so well too but more times than not he's lobbing from mid court or even the Baseline second serve AJ playing it up with the ladies in the front row Patrick Quinn around the post attempt.

Just wide two to one first serve here from Julian Arnold nice drop there from Kohler patchquinn trying to get it out of the air too good of a drop from Kohler Julian Arnold had a great chirping session yesterday with Jack sock fun to watch those two get into it as AJ.

Kohler now rolling here in game one second serve four one two oh great job of making them cover the whole Court I mean Kohler goes lob drop shot LOB and executes both of the lobs perfectly.

Drops him on the Baseline Kohler shoots it just wide that time Hayden Patrick win really came alive in Major League pickleball especially the last one and Daytona Beach there he is again Don how much fun has it been to watch this young man grow and get confident well.

It's a lot of fun to see him play the way he plays plays a lot of energy a lot of fire two five one two sometimes I think he gets ahead of himself with the talking yes he calmed it down a little bit like um from Mesa to Daytona and you saw his game improve and so when he focuses on his game a little more than the drawing.

Back and forth he's a great player not that he's not anyway but again focusing a little more five one no no laptop was on man a footfall there called on AJ Kohler yep left toe I love one so tied at five now and the lead.

To Stone and Patrick win so make it five straight for the youngsters wow that's so good on the cross-core forehand dink there from Kohler just dinks it with a purpose has Patrick Quinn leaning just a little to the middle point.

nice ball there from Patrick Lynn as him and stone extend their lead to two here now big overhead there from Julian Arnold side out going on the far side point I like the move from Arnold right there though as he sees patchkins about to.

Speed that up Arnold started to clear his body out of the way and get to his backhand seconds are good inside out there from Wyatt Stone six seven two Point yeah why it's still in product of that junior circuit Dom's so important in molding the future talents.

Of this game of pickleball 7-0 both those balls on that sideline really close second sir tag that time is Patrick went off the paddle of Julian Arnold yeah he was mid-air trying to pull the trigger at Julian Arnold.

All right oh I like the idea though because Kohler was out of bounds so Arnold had to pinch middle as Kohler went hard Cross Court patricin had a little bit of daylight down that line second server.

772 getting colder going to that LOB such a good spot though because patch Quinn ends up on his backhand side can't do anything with it no good stuff from the 17 year old Hayden.

Patrick Quinn one point lead for Kohler and Arnold Battle of eight and nine seats here eight seven one second sir Kohler's there 872 781.

Second term seven eight two oh nice point there Stone trying to end that with authority but got a little too big as he gets too big ball drops a little more and he goes into the net so 8-7 game Kohler and Arnold serving once again here in Pat's Quinn once.

Again showing the quick hands wanna give everybody an update the story of the day Doberman and Roddy upsetting McGuffin and sock well the road for Roddy and Doberman just came to an end as far as their Chase for gold as they were just upset by the team of Deacon and Rhett Meyer eleven eight eleven two.

Oh nice inside out there from Julian Arnold as again Patrick Quinn thinking he's gonna go middle and he goes down that sideline and I believe we got a timeout here from Stone and patroquin so Travis rettenmeier He and Deacon taking care of business and taking down Roddy and Dover and bringing that.

Cinderella Story to a close here in Charlotte you don't get the moments everyone talks about without the moments no one sees morning practice late night drills running it over and over.

You don't get the crowd without the quiet everyone sees the glory the metal the podium but every winning shot s right here paddle tech let's go again spring you don't have to be a baller to.

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Thank you why it's Stone hey Patrick would great opportunity for these two youngsters Center Stage here on the carvana PPA tour left hole start out again another football called that time on AJ Kohler.

That second one for him today yep comes at a big time on game point good counter there from patch Quinn reading the speed up from Arnold down the line second serve eight into two oh just got the line.

That's interesting so it's 9 10. big Point here and Kohler are they able to split right down the middle big stop there for Kohler and Arnold as again they'll get another game point on their paddle as they 10-1-1 came up short the first time second serve good attack there from Stone and Patrick Wayne.

oh another lot from Kohler he has done that so many times here in this first game is he over doing that shot no because they're not getting that being Patrick Quinn stone they're not really getting anything off of it and here they come.

So three missed opportunities at game point for Arnold and Kohler allowing Patrick and stone to get back in this tied up at 10. okay oh wow you see patch for giving Kohler a taste of his own medicine on the lot and then great hands there from.

Stone to save that confidence growing here it's Kohler puts one just inside the line so second serve coming up another chance here for stone and Patrick when to take this first game 11th into oh and that just misses and overall they called it out.

All right side out flash couldn't Stone just double checking with our referees 10 11 ones and attack mode right now for Wyatt Stone big move from Stone taking that ball out of the air and actually doing something with it 10 11 too both these teams right now firing on all cylinders and the youngsters have got.

Some ammunition yep and they'll have their third game point on their paddle here oh second sir Stone got kind of handcuffed right there I think you're sitting backhand and Kohler went to the forehand side wow.

A little Miss hit right there off the paddle of Hayden Patrick and it goes just wide 10-11 one and that's long thank you sir AJ Kohler can't believe it Arnold have dodged four game points another side out another opportunity.

Gets away Dominic there and a half to dodge five and six here I'm at serving team 11 10-1 I love the time out here from patch quitting Stone the offensive timeout they know they've had four opportunities haven't converted they're gonna talk about it regroup make sure that they are focused for this next serve.

Well you watch these two youngsters play they've been playing this sport for for quite some time you've got parents out there Dominic wondering whether they should get their kids into pickleball what a great sport to get the kids involved in huh no absolutely and it's growing more and more every day in the schools in the.

School systems including in college now we have the duper championships you know that they run and I mean it is just absolutely incredible and something they definitely need to get into sometimes it's just going to continue to grow more and more Fuller former hockey player it's got.

Those great hands and that True Grit that he brings to the court right now trailing by one stone and Patch quit another chance to take this first game that's wide can they hold one more time oh yes they will so that's six game points Stone and Patrick would have not been.

Able to finish 10 11 1. oh Patrick Quinn just beautiful great recovery from patch Quinn as he defends the around the post perfectly and then gets himself back in position that is primo defense right there from.

The 17 year old oh AJ Kohler's hands are so good nodded at 11. all right into the chest best part about that Kohler goalie style stiffens up.

Chest block here what's it called yeah that's one where white Stone's gotta call it if he's gonna call it uh he called out he called out back here I heard it out it's just loud I heard him call out yeah I heard it up and Julian Arnold can't believe it as well.

That ball was played by Wyatt Stone I do not believe we have challenges yet because we are not to the quarterfinals oh yeah no video challenges available here just yet we're both teams got to get it together here play Pickleball hit that point y'all got 12 12 11 1. it was in.

Second serve so if that ball is in should be 11-11 yeah they reset the score get it corrected here and another opportunity gets away from the youngsters this off the paddle AJ Kohler right there.

Storyline of this game is missed opportunities level two Point hmm so the lead now to Kohler and Arnold game point number four for Kohler and Arnold now twelve eleven two foreign.

Opportunity lost by Stone and Patrick went Kohler and Arnold survived that first game they take it 13-11. let's go to game number two here in Charlotte at the OS first North Carolina open dedication and training to stay in the game it takes grit and stamina to win the game it takes strategy and skill you.

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Thank you so game one did the books in favor of Arnold and Kohler although Patrick Gwen were on the brink of taking it led several opportunities get away six to.

Six total game points to the Wayside Wyatt Stone and Company got to regroup here yeah against a team like Julian Arnold and AJ Kohler you have to finish when given the opportunity Stone and Patrick and do not they give the opportunity back to Kohler and Arnold and they finish experience is huge in these events.

Now in this match obviously the age difference a huge Factor Julian Arnold former UCLA Bruin to serve it here to start game two zero zero one seconds are a little too big there from why stone is trying to go backside on AJ Kohler just kind of a point that was a little.

Out of sorts for patch Quinn and stone is they got two balls back off the edge guards but zero one can't reset some of these balls that Kohler hits and gets I mean it's just you equate it to a you call a bad ball hitter in baseball they hit everything so well outside of.

The strike zone point nothing Patrick can do right there as Arnold goes right off the tape 2 201 AJ Kohler pulls it off perfectly Ernie cross for a winner beautifully done and now a three-nothing lead.

Another lob from that back line from Kohler three zero two it's not out zero three one seconds are second serve on the way from Hayden Patrick win zero three two.

Tough pull for stone he's leaning really far in to try and speed that up at Kohler he's not going to get a ton on it Kohler counters it forces the air and finally the Finish from Wyatt some of the names advancing from round one Hewitt and all Shawn get by Stacks.

Route and Tellez certainly made a lot of noise in Newport Beach as AJ Kohler squeezes that one inside the line a Smith and navratil interesting pair there the great Patrick Smith niemoff and Cassidy Frazier and Johnson also winning in the first round we'll try and get some information for.

You as Megan design and Georgia Johnson withdrew from their first round matchup against ansberry and Braverman as the women's bracket has just started yep first point Persona patch quit here in game two oh good hands by both Stone and Patrick.

Been staying in that point handling a barrage from AJ Kohler 141 oh go up and get it young fella I like it nice little run here from Stone and Patrick win three four one oh nice attempt right there from patch Queen trying to find that Gap in the middle should also mention the team of Newman.

And Wright on to the quarterfinals like really looking forward to watching if we get a chance the team of loom and ignatowich good righty Lefty combo there actually get to see them coming up next here on Championship court so can't wait for that one.

Second serve four four two hmm point so Stone and Patrick and battling to tie it up cooler and Arnold have just retaken the lead 5-4 51.

Big finish there from Kohler almost pulled it too far Dom you mentioned uh Megan design a withdrawing just got some news she just woke up today not feeling like herself and unfortunate having to withdraw her and Georgia Johnson a no-go here this morning.

I was looking forward to that team too what so seven to Five Stone and Patrick win looking to regroup here after being on the brick of victory in game one Arnold laughing it up right here is.

Stone goes Way Long and more news coming into our booth at a right is also a scratch today we're in Vivian David will not be playing that is unfortunate so four great players not going to be competing in women's doubles.

And we'd like to send a thank you for the information Melissa McCurley who else providing the news and notes thank you Melissa so it looks like ansbury and Braverman will be gifted a spot in the quarterfinals women's matches later on today Patrick meanwhile.

Going to town right now in Championship Court taking over sideline the sideline is Patrick Quinn finds the backhand of Kohler and they take a four-point lead second serve mentioned ansbury and Braverman they're going to be taking on Annalee Waters and Captain parento in that quarterfinal.

And Patrick Quinn feeling it right now this is a young man you get him on a roll and he is capable of just about anything oh so once again Dom they get right to the brink Stone and Patrick and can't quite finish it off here in game two yep they've got.

Held off once already they got held off three times in game one six and one second serve six and two oh wow I mean you swatched the hands of.

Patrick win here he gets on top of there so quick and then the head shake big opportunity for stone and patroquin to take a game here and there it is so the Big H playing big here in game two 11-6 and the crowd on their side let's go to game three here at the OS.

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What happy Sweet 16 Italy experience it for yourself at incredible hands and skills for a 17 year old Hayden Patrick went getting better and better here on the carvana PPA tour doesn't lack it all in.

Confidence Dominic Catalano has made that point but this could be a major major victory in men's doubles yeah absolutely they were here now they had three opportunities to take game one and this match would have been over they didn't excuse me they had six opportunities in game one they didn't convert but come.

Back bounce back win game two point first point for Kohler and Arnold see if the veterans can get it together a little paddle tap there Julian Arnold now to put it in play and there's the tag from.

AJ it's two nothing second serve had a chance to see Julian Arnold take on Matt Wright again on this court their favorite venue to face off with one another yesterday Arnold and David victorious in that one over kovalovan right uh it's Patrick Quinn.

Good pressure from the youngster patch Queen continuing to keep Kohler and Arnold back an opportunity to possibly drop one but I like that he tried to and attempted to and kept both Kohler and Arnold back second serve feel too oh.

One two two set out two one one no hey patch good again to speed up nice pull from Patrick and waiting for the right moment gets Kohler fully extended Kohler trying to do a little too much with that forehand and goes wide.

Two one two game these boys playing with a little Pace here one two two foreign ER and Arnold game number three and Julie and Arnold trying to wake up.

The crowd here around Championship Court second sir three one two what timeout receiving team 4-1-2 so time out here from Stone and Patch Quinn as Kohler and art will take a 4-1 lead and you take a look at Connor Pardo.

The president of the carvana PPA tour and the pp8 have a little word there with Tyler loon we've had a lot of big news this week on the tour big deal now with ESPN several events shown on ESPN family of networks as we hear a tennis channel continue to broadcast these events and and perhaps that's a raw organic.

It is right-handed organic named the official hydration partner of the PPA that also happening earlier this week great cities to come throughout the summer here on the tour.

Capacity crowds packed in here on a Saturday and even a bigger crowd expected of course tomorrow for Championship Sunday Kohler and Arnold 4-1 good start to game three for Kohler and Arnold exactly what they needed a good quick start this is in game one and two Stone and patchquinn.

Took leads early on Patrick Wayne with AJ Kohler up at the kitchen line here finds the backside for the winner and Wyatt Stone starting to hammer away see the confidence growing.

Yeah and again this is exactly what the two youngsters needed here to get back in they feed off that energy starting to really pick up now oh these boys are flexing on Kohler and Arnold right now and they're all smiles they can't get back to the Baseline fast enough to start the next point oh a little overly ambitious that time.

Wow White Stone he was just a little late trying to go there he didn't realize his partner Patrick Quinn was already there shut up so tied at four table is set here still very much in balance for both of these teams.

AJ Kohler wants that one back all right Tyson McGuffin Jack sock of course eliminated in our first match of the day Dominic they have decided to withdraw and not go through the back draw is that a surprise to you no not a surprise disappointed yes but not a surprise oh.

Arnold started the Andiamo and had to stop it because his ball went long four five one and that ball shot just a bit long been fun watching Wyatt Stone play here with tayden Patrick by his side every time you see the name Stone and pickleball I think the great Adam Stone.

Well Wyatt making a name for himself for sure what five hole second serve from Patrick when here love it again trying to give Kohler.

a taste of what he does all the time and AJ Kohler goes over Hess fun moment there with Don Stanley 6'5 the lead to Kohler and Arnold here in game three Battle of eight and nine seeds it's been really even throughout this match so a chance for two young guys.

Patrick Quinn and stone to take major steps in there pickleball Journeys see Jesse Irvin going coaching up Hayden Patrick remember she is the the mixed partner on a lot of occasions with AJ Kohler yeah any words of advice that these two.

Can get they're gonna take it right now and none better than Jesse Irvin right now giving them some of that advice but a 6'5 lead on the end change here for Kohler and Arnold so youth against Savvy veterans here on Championship Court.

651 oh wow that ball clipped the tape and just dropped over Kohler can't believe it just staring a hole through that foot so after the switch now 6'5 and there's Kohler once again.

Love the one-two combo there from Kohler as he pulls the trigger first to the forehand something finishes on the backhand cool separation here in those hands of AJ Kohler starting to take over this match very slowly yeah again he's got such good hands he's out in front keeps that paddle out in front.

Never gets too big a lot of wrist flick so with it being an 8-5 game Patrick Wayne and stone want to talk it over AJ Kohler Julian Arnold looking to advance good match we've got on our hands here in Charlotte follow your Vibe busy heart Seltzer.

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We'll take you to Europe and take care of everything else along the way have the time of your life in Europe visit or call your travel advisor and we welcome you back to Charlotte North Carolina Drew felios with Dominic.

Catalano here at the lifetime OS first North Carolina open coverage continues brought to you by Tennis Channel Julian Arnold to serve with AJ Kohler they've got an 8-5 lead in game three and Kohler is on a roll right now great pull the backhand flick right at the.

Right hip of why Stone they actually goes off of Stone's right head too good defense for Arnold Kohler trying to follow it up left it short now a chance for stone and Patrick Quinn to make a run a nice run there for Kohler and Arnold like you said Drew to gain some.

Ground to create some space between each other second serve on the way here and that one's long good let by Julian Arnold veterans starting to play like it right now Hayden Patrick Quinn sponsored by Franklin Franklin has got some good.

Young talent in their stable don't they yes they do between him and Georgia and J.W Johnson got a little Leo yeah Leo Chun he'll be making headlines before you know it you're in pickleball I saw him at the U.S open he came up to me he's like can we take a picture I'm like I'm honored.

Love Leo good little player it is match point here for Kohler and Arnold playing with the unforced error on the serve return of serve this match goes to Kohler and Arnold AJ Kohler and Julian Arnold they get tested but they answered the challenge and they are moving on Kohler was.

Absolutely awesome in that third game more coverage coming your way from Charlotte after this it starts right here I don't think she's feeling it right now on my phone all week.

Looks like somebody needs a little hurts TLC Liv you're on vacation but I don't think you're feeling it huh please your phone it's okay hand it over yeah you're good go enjoy yourself Sam you feeling it now let's go everyone needs a break sometimes she's.

Feeling it let's go thank you the OS first North Carolina open is brought to you by pickleball Central Fila pickleball Kirk we are pickleball carvana.

busy hard self-ser and engage pickleball thank you draw looks like this number one in eight seeds will lock horns Newman and right will take on Kohler and Arnold who are just.

Victorious Championship Court Rhett Meyer Deacon awaiting the winner of loom in acknowish Dow and Scarborough we're gonna see that match momentarily so the men's draw starting to shape up and we're joined by the winners of that last match AJ Kohler Julian Arnold guys AJ we'll start with you that that team was very feisty very talented young men they.

Brought everything at you guys but you responded in that third game evaluated for us yeah I don't know it's uh when I get on Center Court I just uh I kind of lose my mind a bit I just wanted to try a bunch of fun stuff um and it's important that you put yourself through those kind of mental uh.

Battles you know if you can't if you can't go to a third game and win against a couple 16 year olds you know you shouldn't be out here so I think HMI I played a heck of a match he's listening I can see him sitting out he's listening to my interview right now to see what I say about him you guys played a hell of a match and uh yeah it was a fun one.

That is great stuff Julian we had a ball watching you play Yesterday going head-to-head with Jack sock different challenge today playing with AJ tell us about how your talents intertwine here in Charlotte um yeah it's a different different side different uh different view of the court but uh AJ and I did it once in MLP so.

I'm just kind of looking back to those that experience and then and seeing uh what I can bring to the table on the right but uh yeah it was a great match fun stuff uh the boys are hell of a players they got they got great hands good energy they get feisty out there which we love um.

But yeah I think I think AJ and I still have a little bit more room for improvement so uh we're coming for Matt and Riley uh AJ Julian moving forward like you just uh led into Julian playing Matt and Riley coming up next what's the game plan going against him because I know there's gonna be a lot of Firepower and.

Firefights in that one yeah it's gonna be a feeler totally I mean we're not really sure what's gonna come throughout the match it's gonna be you're going to see a lot of changes we'll probably start I mean I've been playing the left most of the day but um I've played Matt and Riley so many times I feel comfortable in front of.

Either one so it's it's gonna be like Point by Point whatever's working we're gonna try and stick with and uh it'll be a heck of a battle so must say Julian we expected a lot more Trash Talk between you and Hayden Patrick you guys were able to keep it very tempered weren't you uh yeah I think uh I think when I Had My.

Moments you know the the to speed something up or put the ball away then then I was maybe getting into it a little bit but it's all fun and games with me and H we uh we played a lot last year and uh he's a good kid it's like a little brother to me so um yeah no uh no uh Bad Blood there all right Julian AJ best of luck the rest of.

The day okay guys thank you thanks guys all right good stuff as they move on here in Charlotte got a fun match coming up next stay tuned don't go anywhere once you maximize your game performance to always stay in bounds look no further or low pickleball socks are specifically.

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Stop welcome back here OS first North Carolina open presented by intralinks coverage of men's doubles continues Drew fellios alongside Dominic Catalano we're so excited you are spending your Saturday with us one of the teams when we looked at the draw we circled can't wait to watch.

These two guys play and here they are Dominic showcasing their skills for us yeah they were my pick earlier in the week sorry Bloom and ignadoes gonna be an interesting matchup here against Dao and Scarpa down Scarpa two very consistent players Greg Dao playing really well as of late uh really coming.

Kind of into his own uh especially through MLP playing beside Rob nunnery on the Brooklyn Aces team but again The Loon and ignato which team really kind of enticed me this week to see how they're gonna play together the king of the Ernie Tyler Loom Utah Zone originally born in California.

But has done incredible work in the sport of pickleball kind of unorthodox incredibly athletic good family man too just an all-around great guy on the tour Tyler Loom no absolutely he is the guy that if you see him and want to talk to him and he's walking through a tournament he will stop talk to you you will be his 100.

Focused in that moment one of the best guys out there nicest guys on tour and his partner certainly not going to look for a lot of reason to get fired up James ignata which always brings that fire that passion that energy and that fun he has added so much to this game of pickleball kind of a.

Tough day yesterday with partner Anna bright but back right at it for more and the pickleball world has fallen in love with big papa Jimmy this year uh the Vanderbilt Commodore coming into his own over the past year as far as pickleball goes he's made a name for himself because of his high energy his consistency but also.

His pace of play he plays at a high level a high Pace very active it's going to be again interesting to see him and Tyler loon play so on the other side Anderson Scarpa and Greg Tao there's Scarpa right there that's actually Greg Dow in the screen now don't Scarpa his partner and here we go.

Right off the bat a little love off the tape and into the body of Tyler Loom nice hands there from Tyler lung escarpa trying to flick one past the left shoulder but just a reminder that he knows that Tyler loong is left-handed Charleston South Carolina represented.

In the far Court and that is just inside the line nicely done Charleston one of the most beautiful places to live in the country great hands there from Greg down in the middle as he uses his feet in his agility to his Advantage he slides right to left.

Play great defense and force the air fall off the tape from acknowledge throws scarf off just enough ignatowicz and Loom sitting in the Middle with both of their forehands and all of a sudden they both got alligator armed it goes off the edge guard of Tyler loon.

And now Loom up against the net so good start here for Dao and Scarpa four nothing out of the game I know zero four one a little love off the tape there for Lou and he needed it first two points of the game he was the victim of.

The tape that one hit long lead cut in half now title loon to serve d oh missile by Big Papa Jimmy right at Anderson Scarpa probably the wrong and worst place to go for cow is to the two-handed backhand of look he played.

Three four two one ignado is starting to get a little fired up here as he's getting in a rare form in this first game four four two and that one long enough to paddle of Tyler loon winner of this gets Travis rettenmeier.

And Steve Deacon in the quarterfinals that team red hot right now wow what a nice ball there from Tyler Loom he goes hard cross court with the dink Dow can't catch up to it there's the first Ernie and again it's not even about the Ernie being a winner it's the Ernie putting.

Pressure on her opponents that's exactly what Loom does there I think notow it's a little frustrated four five two three five five two Anderson Scarpa played his Collegiate tennis At Mercer University top four singles player there.

Tremendous career Tyler lung start BYU that's some great institutions represented here on Championship Court Vanderbilt as you mentioned and again Scarpa with a quick reaction right off the right pack of James ignatowich.

Nothing he can do to get out of the way of that one great ball and there is an emphatic finish for Tyler Loom there's the winner Ernie that he was looking for he had two other ones earlier that he set up points for ignatowicz he gets the winner on that one again Loom just doing everything right.

Right here lasts like four or five points he's been in total control all right starting to get away from Dallas Scarpa right now tied at sixes pignatowicz can return that Anderson Scarpa again on top of the kitchen a lot of times you see teams they may.

Not have the Reps on the on the carvana PPA tour but they've played so many tournaments Dom together and smaller tournaments around the country yeah and that's exactly you know down Scarpa they're very familiar with each other it's no fluke that they won their first round they're here six six Toe to Toe with loong and ignatowish.

Scarpa's got to slide another half step to the middle and take that last ball away all right all started with a very nice drop from Anderson Scarpa right there and a football called on ignatowich I think now which knew it before it was even cold.

Head referee in this match Norman Klink scale Derrick Miller assisting and Tyler long again starting to really go to work on that right side again they need him to continue to do that here in game number one well played by Big Papa Jimmy the soft.

Game has been a work in progress for him this year and he is making strides yeah that little two-handed cross-court roll on the backhand side absolutely incredible puts a ton of pressure on his opponents we used to see that so much only in the women's game the women had a lot of the two-handers but now you're seeing so.

Many more guys go to that it's absolutely incredible and it's an offensive weapon now seesaw battle and an 8-8 contest here in game one big papa Jimmy a prime attraction here on the carvana PPA tour nament hold on to the maximum faster.

If you were the last person on Earth if there was no one bigger stronger or faster would you still push yourself of course you would because once you start you can't stop see that thing John Morant has that's a hypervolt that thing he uses to warm up and stay loose before he throws it down that thing 20 feet now uses on course.

Between shots oh that's money that thing Robin and I use before and after are on the bike so we can ride harder tomorrow that thing erlin Holland uses before smashing it into the back of the net that thing that's for everyone the hyperbole from hyper ice give your body the daily relief it's been asking for.

back here in Charlotte lifetime hosting this OS first North Carolina open presented by interlinks for the second year I think not a witch in Loom on a bit of a roll here oh and the ATP becomes an HTP well it was there for.

Scarpa he just tried to hit it a little too hard instead of getting it to the spot so he does go off the post that's three straight here for loom and ignatowicz foreign starting to feel it that's a nice aggressive poach from loon.

Setting that whole point up and we'll give him a game point hmm went for it that time another one and this one is Magic there was right there and that's the issue that can be the issue with the two-handed roll backhand dink there as you see that ignatowicz gets it too high and he keeps it too tight to the net so.

That creates that angle he's got to aim for the kitchen line or the kitchen light and the sideline meet that t match really starting to pick up here really testing that backhand dink of ignatowich you step it up to the challenge Championship court is burning up with.

Firefights Wow Dao had it but he just over hits it to the sideline instead of just punching it down almost looked like he aimed it a little bit too much he had what he wanted what a hands there from Tyler loong on the speed up from Scarpa and everyone we're concerned.

So now second serve and a big Point here for ignato witch and long trying to close out game one oh look didn't have the footing there oh he's very upset with himself because that's two missed opportunities on his paddle so here's Greg Dow former University of South Carolina tennis star Gamecock.

Nice finish right there short and sweet by tyrol Loom again the attack at his forehand right there not the shot I think scarper wants to go at oh here it is there sitting right there in the middle is big donovich and able to put this ball away.

Short easy to the ball and there it is 11-8 for loong and ignatowich nice battle back there for Logan Scarpa jumped out to a huge or not a huge lead but a good lead figure it out game one in the books we'll go to game two after this from.

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Controlled effortless power all technology every shot 11-8 after game number one here in Charlotte the OS first North Carolina open presented by intralinks thanks for making time for us this Saturday Championship Sunday is going to be something else tomorrow.

It's already shaping up to be a good one we got two more tickets to be punched today in men's and women's doubles see title Loom so active on that right side able to take control in the second half of that first game here we go game two another round the post there and that one off the tape and rolling around and.

That's what ignanovic's got to be careful with that two-handed roll it's a good shot but he can't keep it too close to the net again he's gonna end up rolling wide enough and scarf is going to be all over that ATP oh how about that shot from Luke just dirty again he's done that two or three times already.

To Dow and he hides it so well goes inside out with that forehand a nice backhand that time from Craig Dao oh good defense from Loom and a football called that time the ball hit him with a power.

Correction replay so our official making a call there you go Roman click scale Derek Miller are officials for this match try and figure this out so they ain't even trying to call football on the left foot of Loom.

So we play on here two nothing game and paddles Collide for the first time from the new partners loon and ignatowicz yeah a little miscommunication in the middle by those two guys nice job not getting too big right there by ignotowicz and he just.

Simple and easy punches the ball down that line away from Dao Scarpa gets it off the frame of his paddle and goes long one three one three second serve here from James ignatowicz and that is well played by Greg Dow great job clearing his body on this.

You're watching me jumps out of the way so that he can clear and get a little extension on that punch through the middle so nothing done on the surf for loon and ignatowich Ernie going to work from Tyler again number five in this match.

Footwork so clean oh wow two swings and misses one by Dal and one by Scarpa one two jamming up Dow just enough he can't get that paddle out in front but I think it does a better job by Scarpa moving that ball inside and out not getting caught.

Continuing to go hard cross court with ignatowich and that's wide so Tyler Long been talking about Major League pickleball coming off a championship with Seattle at the last event thought it was interesting Ben John's choosing Tyler loon to be a part of that.

Organization yeah he picked he picked smart I mean he picked for a team yeah you know he didn't go with his brother he picked for his team ends up being a good move really like what Dow was doing right now but that is in ignatowitz pulls the string yeah I think Dow thought ignado which got more on that ball and he did.

It ball dropped like a lead balloon back at the Baseline right up all of a sudden Loom and ignatowicz a lot of momentum here now even as they're down by one starting to feel that energy back on their side great work by nautowish Cross Court just.

Continuing to wear Scarpa out on the backhand tied at three and that gets away from loon just a bit thank you and DOW was lean in Middle if they can get that to that open spot I think Dao's beat but again you got to get it there.

Anderson Scarpa and Greg Dao South Carolina's own trying to take down ignatowich and Loom winner of this match gets a date with Rhett and Meyer and deacon in the quarterfinals not a bad job by Scarpa there changing the angle up changing the pattern up other teams that have advanced to the.

Quarters Callan Dawson Deco Barr Jay devilier DJ Young so devillier and young get a win over Alshon and Hewitt and that team of staxrude and taya's they made so much noise in Newport Beach they are still alive Frazier and Johnson are awaiting and looks like that's going to be our.

Next match here on Championship Court such good work there by Anderson Scarpa again changing the pattern up and giving himself a forehand opportunity and now a 7-3 game timeout's going to be called by loon and ignato which is Dao and Scarpa looking very very good as a pair yeah as long as soon as I said it looked like notowicz.

Starting to feel good Stalin Scarpa going to 4-0 run of their own and now take a four nothing or a four four point lead here in game number two James ignatowich such a colorful character not just a great player it's got his own podcast Dominic great on the mic every time he has the.

Opportunity and you see the fans entertainment value is priceless here in the sport of pickleball isn't it oh absolutely you know with the number of podcasts and outlets and ways to go about it you know these players pick and choose what they want to do how they want to do it.

It's kind of nice to have that freedom to do these kinds of things you know within the sport of pickleball so again you get to see more of a personality of some of these players through those Outlets in the lifetime I think Greg dowell's game.

Has really made strides in this match in this second game starting to really have his way dictating Tempo Tyler loon meanwhile went off second part of that game one but has been neutralized as of late yeah a little bit they've taken away the Ernie and Scarpa has really zoned in now and.

To get these last four points it's been more obviously Scarpa going cross-court with ignatowich but he's changing the pattern up and again for you guys watching it's hard to get it's it's easy to get sucked into that pattern of one spot continuously continuously but like any good player if you put a good player in a rhythm.

That's just trouble and there it is for ignatowich that's what you like to come out of a timeout with perfect spot right there good an Ernie attempt from loong and it gives ignato which that ball in the middle um.

Big forehand winner there for ignatowich it's down the leg with a big yeah and then shot off camera down threw the ball right back at ignato wish after he turned his back all in good fun you're okay yeah it's just not the right spot there for now and he did that a couple times in game number one trying.

To go to that two-handed backhand of magnato witch not the right spot four seven one that balls out couple points here for loong and ignatowich they would love to take this match in two here good spot right there from Scarpa a.

Little Inside Out forehand and ball tailing away from Loom too seven two oh well played Dao finishes It Off much better finish much better job of not leaving his feet staying on his feet staying solid and then just punching that ball right back at title Loom's feet.

7-5 now the serve to Scarpa and ignatowicz comes right back with an Ernie beautifully done by ignado which good setup no one happier in the building than Tyler loon as he sees him going for that Ernie fight I know and once again ignato is going to.

Bring the serve right back OH Anderson Scarpa Scarpa realizing ignatowicz got a little too overzealous in the middle and a backside wide open right up missed opportunity for loong and ignatowich there five seven.

Wow what a great reaction by Dao a little chicken wing block on the speed up for mcnaughtowich resets the whole point and ends up getting himself a put away one this team does not make a lot of mistakes they have showcased that.

Here are these first two games I think Dow got a little in between whether or not he wanted to go around the post or back over the net your ATP wasn't there so you had to come back over what goes along side out back to lung and ignato which I mentioned dumb the winner gets Rhett.

Meyer and Deacon Steve deacon making a little bit of noise he's a guy we haven't heard a lot from lately no yeah it's good to see Deacon back up in the mix take one score is six seven again Scarpa finding that.

Whole Cross Court Anderson Scarpa once again side out down scarp of the 13th seed two-point lead trying to even this up at a game of peace left it short yeah he babied it right there had a ball up that I think he wanted to attack but decided not to last second it is 9-6 so it is a three-point.

Lead now oh is that on the line Tyler Luke says no that just missed nine six two three team has got it working right now Scarpa and DOW game point Scarface found some success that's three times now in this.

Game that he has gone behind I got it on more side out coming here for aluminately not a witch see if they can go on a run here that's just good again unfortunate for off the tape right there Tyler Love Too Much on it I like the jumping in the middle right there trying to finish that on the shake and bake but.

Goes a little long we'll give down Scarpa another opportunity so Greg Dow the former Gamecock will serve it and ignatowicz hits it wide so this team from Charleston South Carolina making some noise here in Charlotte hignatowicz and Loom.

They won game one down with Scarpa take game two we go to game three when we return here on Tennis Channel see that thing John morent has that's a hypervolt that thing he uses to warm up and stay loose before he throws it down that thing 20 feet now uses on course between shots oh that's money that thing.

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Welcome back to Lifetime here in Charlotte tennis Channel's coverage of the OS first North Carolina open presented by intralinks go to game number three loon and ignatowicz on one side down and Scarpa on the other side so we've seen both teams best in this match thus for Dom.

What gives him game three that's gonna be about execution so we've seen a couple times scarf has gone backside on ignado which I got him a few points in game number two I just don't see the need for ignadoes to sit so heavy to the forehand in the middle especially when you're playing with a lefty who can also cover that.

Middle so let's see if they can make that adjustment here whereascarpa can't go behind ignado which as much as he did in game two zekewich exerting the energy going through a couple shirts here already at lifetime Tyler Loom meanwhile cool calm collected.

Craig down Anderson Scarpa another team where as a pair playing in a lot of regional tournaments together local tournaments as well fine-tuning their skills getting ready for moments like this center stage of the pickleball world trying to get to a Championship Sunday.

Loom comes out all business big star for loong and ignatowicz right there perfectly executed Ernie nice spot there from Scarpa handcuffing Tyler Loom zero two point countering that with a big Drive.

By Tyler Loom to get him and partner James ignatowich on the board James ignanowicz down the line dotting the line with that forehand a little short there on the ATP by Scarpa but again it's he's given that opportunity because of the two-handed role Cross Court by agnottowicz when he.

Doesn't keep it not so tight to the net oh no it's off the upper chest I believe Anderson Scarpa hmm just kind of sense Tyler loon really is taking it to another level here in game three oh both Tim Manning notowicks that's a 5-0 lead in the blink of an eye.

A little change ends here with ignatowich and Loom up 6-0 in about three minutes in game number three things got real quickly as soon as game three started loong and ignotowitz trying to get a date with Deacon and retten Meyer dude Dao and Scarpa have anything left we'll find out next.

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TLC Liv you're on vacation but I don't think you're feeling it huh please your phone it's okay at all yeah you're good go enjoy yourself Sam you feeling it now let's go.

Everyone needs a break sometimes she's feeling it let's go foreign lead out of the gate for he and Tyler Loom oh that was a fun ride wow again Loom gets so much on this Ernie and it's moving away from Scarpa he almost drops this.

Ball in here so close sign up zero seven one so aside out trailing seven nothing right at the body of Anderson Scarpa buying notowicz great spot zero seven two.

Sign up side out right back to lung and ignatowicz instantly uh within seconds they hold Tyler loong I don't think's hitting it hit a drop since the very beginning of this game everything's third shot Drive there it is again.

Nadowicz upsetted himself for reaching in oh Tyler Lou could not have played that better good combo there from Tyler the speed up gets to pop up in the put away zero seven two wire one in the inside out speed up there from Tyler Loom again I think scarpo is expecting it but.

Loon goes inside out and goes right it down seven zero one everything working right now for loon and ignatowich it's eight nothing completely different match up here seeing what this team is truly capable.

Of Loom punished it there's a tent in it it dents it in great job our camera crew catching that so the ball switched out here ignatowich to serve d love it from Anderson Scarpa right there's again if he tries to go back to.

The Baseline they're both there but oh and he clipped the tape too try it out Loom upset with himself telling himself you're there and he was just missed it so now Greg Dow with the surf still a bagel on the board here in game three and finally the first.

Point is it too little too late oh we've seen bigger comebacks oh did it raise the line loon says just wide middle was open go back to the third shot drop by scarfa he went over the top of his partner because Dow was going straight to the kitchen line and Scarpa wanted to go there so he had to go over.

The top of his partner to get that dropping just able to get one on the board serve back to loong and ignatowich and right now Anderson Scarpa just measuring things at that kitchen line I know.

So no damage done there Dao and Scarpa a chance to build their offense here okay now it's right now too good yeah good job out of the transition area from Tyler loong he almost got caught there loves watching the Happy Feet from.

Mcnado which different unorthodox style love watching it is it sustainable in the long run you think for years to come as this sport continues to grow well he's young of course he can handle it now I'm starting to get into it 30s and 40s they may be playing a little different kind of game sure so easy on that little backhand flick.

There from ignado itch and he follows it up with a little oh I think he liked it one and now we are at match point so long and ignatowich on the brink of advancing down with Scarpa trying to stop momentum one last time.

Still trying to hold on to some hope but must have not been able to string it together in this third game and for Luke and ignato it's in this three Tom what do you think has been the biggest difference to why they have just looked like a completely different team they picked up the pace title looms only hit I think two third shot drops he's.

Gone with more of a drive what it's done is it's letting nanowicz step into the middle and possibly take a poach away on a block but it's also causing errors from down Scarpa so again more third shot drives than drops here in game number three and it's been an answer for Logan so Anderson Scarpa.

Out of Mercer University Greg Dow on the right University of South Carolina represented both making their home in Charleston time could be running out here to advancing to that date with Deacon and Rhett Meyer have plenty of women's doubles matches coming at you.

A little bit later Tyler Loom now serving for the match that Vulcan paddle it's like a farm fight off one match point and able to fight off another so not done just yet are downward scarf see Lou just hesitating.

It looked like a foot fault there from Lumi it got away with one might have right there oh I'm down trying to clear some space to get that back can but unfortunate for him off the tape and drops two more opportunities here for loom and he's not a wish to end this match.

Oh how about that from Greg Dow that's that backside on ignanowicz who's pinching middle so hard final slot in the quarterfinals foreign that's two four hands in the middle right there and Dallas garpa fight off two more match points I don't know how many times I must say.

It but again trying to test the two-hander down the line is Dao and he just has not had any success doing that there it is again so side out once more Scarpa and Dao offering plenty of fight just not able to score in this third game now Tyler loon again trying to put this one to bed.

And that's out and that does it so lung and ignatowitz they dominate game number three 11-1 that's the difference down Scarpa showed some fight but Tyler Loom took it to another level in that third deciding game played great finish it 11-1 in game three moving on to the quarters.

Much more to come from sharp see that thing John Morant has that's a hyperbole that thing he uses to warm up and stay loose before he throws it down that thing Tony finau uses on course between shots oh that's money that thing Robin and I used before and after were on the bike so we can ride harder.

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Joint and muscle cream now not yet buddy we welcome you back to Charlotte North Carolina our coverage of the OS first.

North Carolina open continues presented by intralinks Drew fellios alongside Dominic Catalano and the team that we circled when this draw began Tyler Lou James ignatowich they both join us after winning and advancing and Tyler looks like you guys just kind of took it to the next level in that third and deciding game what happened there.

Yeah so we we talked in between games two and three and decided that hey we got much uh more power than the other team and so we wanted to use that for our advantage and so we were being much more aggressive driving a lot more thirds and James was speeding speeding it up a lot more James you're always looking for.

Motivation yesterday probably not your best performance on center stage with Jack sock on the other side do you feel like you know you're coming out with a little bit of Vengeance today uh no I don't think I I don't think I need to really look for motivation I uh I'm just happy to be out here I mean being able to play Pickleball is like uh.

It's just fun man I just love playing it's unfortunate though that I wasn't you know because with Tyler I think it'd have been cool to have played Jack and Tyson but I think Jack just probably just tanked because he was afraid to play me in men's and uh I think that's uh no I know in all serious no it was it was the right move.

Because this isn't mixed since this is real this is men's doubles and uh guy like Jack you know I mean you see you see his recent tennis results it's just not uh I don't know if he's got it mentally yeah Tyler uh James Dominic here when you guys moving on now you got Travis rettenmeier and Steve Deacon game plan.

Going against two veterans like that sorry I say that question again no playing against Travis Rhett and Meyer and Steve Deacon next round guys what are you guys game planning against two veterans like that so we haven't really discussed it too much um both Travis and uh Steve are great.

Players they've been around for a little bit and so uh Steve is a little bit older um so we might pick on him a little bit more to begin with and see how he handles it but uh he's been around a while and he he's a really good player I like it Tyler pick on the old guy pick on the old guys right James I also got to say we're getting up.

There too also have to say James I'm a big fan of the podcast how much do you enjoy that week in and week out thank you I get to plug my podcast I hope people are listening this is great watch the J well I don't remember the question is I just heard a heard an opportunity to plug my podcast and that's what I'm doing plug the podcast uh I just had.

Georgia Johnson on my last episode she's absolutely the best uh so mature so much so much cooler than JW and uh it was great to have her on so anyway check that out yeah thank you for bringing that up Podcast let's go all right good stuff James ignato which Tyler loon guys best of luck rest of the way we'll continue to follow their progress from.

Here at lifetime we move on coverage of men's and women's doubles continues after this foreign that thing he uses to warm up and stay loose before he throws it down that thing 20 feet now uses on course between.

Shots oh that's money that thing Robin and I use before and after are on the bike so we can ride harder tomorrow that thing erlin Holland uses before smashing it into the back of the net that thing that's for everyone the hyperbole from hyper ice give your body the daily relief it's been asking for.

you don't get the moments everyone talks about the moments no one sees early morning practice late night drills running it over and over crowd without the quiet everyone sees the glory the metal the podium.

But every winning shot starts right here paddle tech let's go again men's straw looks like this quarterfinals are set we're going to focus on Frazier and Johnson that's Dylan and J dub taking on Federico stacksrude and Pablo Tellez stacked through toez.

Making headlines in Newport Beach definitely causing a stir making an impact and right now where are we at Fenway Neil Diamond one of my favorite entertainers of all time being celebrated on Championship Court Gotta Love IT Crowd interaction the crowd's been great.

All weekend it's just going to get bigger and bigger as this draw starts to come to a conclusion here on gender doubles day moving into Championship Sunday so J.W Johnson 20 year old lightning fast hit great footwork to go with it.

Exploded onto the scene in 2021 and it showed no signs of slowing down what a weekend in Newport Beach he had a couple weeks ago with sister Georgia when he mixed and with Dylan Frazier taking men's doubles as well Jade up another day at the office looks like for him.

CJ Selkirk in the booth over there getting the crowd going the hardest working DJ in sports yes safe to say always bringing the crowd.

Alive at PPA events so JW Dylan champions in Newport Beach back for more here in Charlotte let's go all right out say I was trying to speed that up really quick at the body of JW Johnson.

Oh finally finished off by Dylan Frazier good aggressive play from Frazier and Johnson you're going to see that the right opportunity two very smart players ATP unsuccessful that time Dylan Frazier a 21 year old University of Missouri.

Product talked about the no tennis experience Selkirk guy pure pickleball from this young man just uh so I called Dylan Frazier he's just he's an athlete that's what Dylan is right there again it's it's not a typical counter with the backhand right kind of flails that a little bit with.

The backhand it doesn't three zero one quote unquote looks so pretty at times but Dylan Frazier is so effective the first attempt to go at JW Johnson with his speed up just comes back and it's not gonna work that is you know something that is just a dangerous kind of slope to go down trying to speed up at JW Johnson.

I'd argue with anybody that he has the best hands in pickleball that's my bad JW when you watch this back never fails as soon as I say that you dump one into the net here's Pablo Tellez second third and that's what you're going to see you're going to see taya's in staxford try and stay in points a.

Little longer you're not going to see much speed up at them that being JW Johnson and Dylan Fraser nice Ball by Johnson down the middle how surprised were you to see these two take down right and Newman in Newport Beach not very not shocked at all um two very capable players when they're.

Both hot it's gonna be hard to find a team better right and that's the key word is the team it's not about the two best individuals it's about how you move and how you work as a team come out receiving team so timeout called by Tellez and stacks through as they've dug themselves a hole here.

They need to get out of as statured tried to kind of pull the trigger there at the sideline but unfortunately goes wide it is a busy remaining 2023 here on the carvana PPA tour somebody great tour stops to look forward to first.

Here in North Carolina of course then we head to Georgia and that Atlanta open presented by busy that is going to be fun off to Texas next before going to San Clemente and then we've got Idaho on the docket Denver Colorado as well done yeah it's some great events coming up here on the carvana PPA Tour Atlanta next up always.

Looking for always look forward to Atlanta always a good time good tournament one of The Originals got a you though your favorite venue PPA venue is it that lifetime in Atlanta is it San Clemente there what would you say it's it's tough to go away from and say San Clemente's not like oh yeah beautiful right like.

San Clemente is just it's it's phenomenal it's absolutely phenomenal there I love it there um just the venue the view the weather everything that you get out of that is phenomenal yep big fan of Red Rock the atmosphere in Utah amazing the atmosphere there oh yeah it was.

Ridiculous it was five nothing see if stacked through the Tejas can get it going here now it goes awry again it's just the patience of Johnson and Frazier not trying to pressure anything waiting for the trigger to get pulled on them.

Nicely done by staxford that time that was a dangerous lot too because that was in the middle that's both of their forehands that petite has and saxard so Pablo Tellez 27 years old other Selkirk player oh Taya says it hit his wrist that time did not hit the paddle Frazier saying it hit his hand Tejas and.

Stacksford think it hit his forearm we are into the quarter so this is a challengeable call and our officials Lee self Pamela Berry tracking ref is Tony Jaden on video Terry Sawyer perhaps something to look at here they award the side out here to Dylan Frazier.

Stacks are trying to get something going and it's just not in the cards right now so there was no challenge and the call went in favor of Frazier and Johnson as we zero two Point another point for Frazier and Johnson.

Rolling Along here in game number one and that ball did drop in Johnson swung at it mockingly like three times as it went past them that's a good shot down the middle Cortez and stacks are zero eight two and Pablo Tellez well done get on the board here.

Tay has played University of West Florida and the University of North Florida for his college tennis North Florida and Jacksonville West Florida Pensacola oh tough ball right there is Frazier trying to lob that up and over hey Taz looks okay he had an ankle issue.

Good hands from J.W Johnson on the attack from tez 9-1 game second serve there's a nice counter from Taya is on the speed up from Johnson and that's exactly what you're gonna have to do if they do speed up you need to counter back if you just block Johnson Fraser going to continue to come on the attack.

Oh boy I'm getting a win on a hands better that's a positive for Tellez and statured even if they don't come back and win this first game needs some momentum going into that second game man it's starting to strength some points together here.

And that is on the line so now four nine four in a row we talked about it before earlier in the week Drew every sport professional sports gamer runs sure it's What can you minimalize and right now isn't statured on their run again like I need to stop talking for.

These guys because that's my bad as soon as I say it I kill it and once again stack screwed able to pull the trigger just the right time and the reason it's successful is because he goes inside out he deceives it kind of holding it on that battle that out so the adjustment's paying off here.

As Frasier and Johnson now stuck on nine for quite some time and now it's five nine so at what point do you call time out here if you're Frasier and Johnson maybe one more statues there good read in the middle off the drive from Tellez nothing they're going to try and weather.

This storm you can feel the pressure right now it's building here comes in staxford time out here from Johnson and Frazier and again Drew we talked about those runs it was 9-1 it all looked like tears and.

Staxford we're done and we're talking about hey let's just get some momentum going into game two get some points on the board well now they're thinking about winning game one Federico Stacks fruit and Pablo Tellez what an emotional ride it was in Newport Beach at big win over McGuffin and ignanowicz followed with something that.

Of course Pablo Tellez has apologized for he was fine for it as well fan fans really getting into it Dom and that's something that we're kind of all learning how to deal with on the carvana PPA tour when fans get extra involved into a match it is good behavior asked for on both sides isn't it yeah absolutely and it's just it's a tough.

Situation because you know I've been on that player side playing baseball you know at a very very high level and seeing stuff like that it's hard to kind of block that out sometimes and got the best of Pablo in that scenario but again I know Pablo have no Pablo for years he is one of the nicest guys in the world but again you.

Let your emotions get the best you and sometimes that's what happens so far they are climbing an uphill battle here but within two and a good time out it proves to be for Frazier and Johnson foreign here we go.

I don't think Taya saw that first speed up I don't think he saw the block that he made that was absolutely incredible in the first place great hands there from all four of these gentlemen beautifully done Taya still laughing about it wow there it is again just super.

Impressed with the discipline from Tellez and staxford six eight months ago these boys would have continued to try and pull the trigger and fight with these guys hands battle right now playing so smart so well you can really see that maturation taking place right now.

That's why that seven next to their names gonna get lower and lower every week because of that maturity big Point here so Frazier and Johnson stuck on nine for an eternity here and now finally on the verge of breaking through to take.

Game number one it's game point ten seven one well played JW Johnson Dylan Frazier stuck on died for an attorney but finally able to get to 11. yeah a little confusion in the middle of the end there for Fraser and Johnson but not a bad run there for stacksford and say yes looking for a.

Competitive match again in game two game two straight ahead don't go anywhere coverage continues from Charlotte thank you thank you.

J.W Johnson Dylan Frazier two of the Bright Young stars in this game of pickleball JW sponsored by Franklin Selkirk for Dylan Frazier so much talent great hands great young.

Men as well we often talk about a lot of the chirping and extracurricular stuff that happens on the court you're not going to get any of it from these two guys you'll get it from JW just under under his breath it's nice Ernie right there from stack shirt I tell J.W Johnson all the.

Time I'm like I used to like you a lot better when you were quiet kid talks a lot now but does he no he's got such good personality good kid good family yep just how nonchalant can you be on a polar trigger right there just drops the paddle rolls up on it nice and easy no pressure.

Nice counter there from Tellez as he finds the backhand winner down the middle one zero two slide out zero one one Stack's food wants that one back one one tied at one Dylan Fraser serving and there's Frazier on top of it again.

Nice reach in there from Frazier and again instead of just going flat he finds a hole in the middle and goes Cross Court and crosses up stature boy another slow start here to a game for Taye