Welcome to the Minto US Open pickleball championships powered by Margaritaville at beautiful East Naples Community Park I'm Rusty from pickleball channel the global live stream broadcaster of this amazing tournament and today I'm here to give you a little bit of information to help Orient you for when you're on site so let's check it out.

First is parking where you'll be greeted by a wonderful Kiwanis Club member it's only five dollars and the great thing is all of the proceeds go to charity now if this location here is full there is off-site parking and there's shuttles that can happily bring you back and forth the important thing is make sure you get here early enough to handle the.

Parking because it can get busy so that you can check in at least 30 minutes before your event so after you've parked it's time to get ready to have some fun head on over to the main entrance and this first big tent is where you're going to check in now all players are required to check in inside before your first time playing.

After that you can use the PT player app for the US Open in order to check in once you've checked in you're going to want to find a QR code they're located all around the venue on sandwich boards just like this in addition there's volunteers with orange shirts who have the QR code available to scan on their lanyard once you scan the QR code you'll.

Be able to find your schedule find your brackets see your court assignments text your email directly with pickleball tournament staff and find any other player at the tournament and where they're playing there's lots of information here so make sure to scan the QR code okay so you've checked in you've used.

Your QR code to get key information and now maybe you'll fill up your water bottle at one of these Hydration Stations then you're just waiting to get a text message to let you know what courts to go to the important thing is remember go to pickleballtournaments.com make sure to update your player profile and put in the phone number where you.

Want to receive texts so you got your text message telling you what court to go to and you don't need to go anywhere else just go straight to the court it's your responsibility to head there right away so let's go okay so you get to your designated court and you're going to be met by either a match starter or a referee now they're.

Going to give you three things the first one you're going to get a first server wristband it's the official wristband for the tournament and the first server has to use that you're also going to get a Franklin x40 ball the official ball of the tournament now the third thing is the match score sheet if there's a referee like awesome Carl they're going.

To be filling out that score sheet for you however you are responsible to make sure that your information and the results are accurate the other scenario with the match starter is you are going to be responsible to fill out the score sheet on your own if you call your own match you're responsible to fill out the score sheet correctly Circle the winning.

Team initial it and write the scores from the Winner's perspective then return the score sheet to the tournament desk if you had a ref the referee who filled out the sheet is going to return it to the tournament desk in case you're wondering you will have time before your match to warm up and get ready to win once you're done playing hopefully.

You'll find yourself standing here on the metal stand but the fun is not over yet it's time to head on over to the fan zone so here we are at the fan Zone this is where you want to be when you're done playing you can watch pickleball channels live stream from Zing Zang Championship Court there's gameplay on the left and the right there's even.

Charging stations so bring your food and drink and most importantly have the time of your life with family friends and pickleball players at the open the biggest pickleball party in the world thank you for participating in the Minto US Open pickleball championships powered by Margaritaville we hope this orientation video has been helpful and.

We truly wish you the best of luck as you compete in this amazing tournament now if you're not here you can watch all week long on pickleballchannel.com and on Saturday night April 22nd starting 5 p.m Eastern the men's and women's Pro finals you can watch live on CBS Sports Network so as we say in pickleball Channel now there's only one thing left.

To do and that's go play
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