Good afternoon we are live at the Australian pickleball championships here in Tennyson for the 2022 uh Women's Open singles I'm sitting here with Gordon Watson and there's absolutely wonderful afternoon how you feeling Gordon uh it's a perfect afternoon for pickleball and I tell you what we are in for an absolute treat this evening because.

We've got Sarah Burr who's hot off the plane from Bali from winning the Triple Crown at the at the Bali World Championships against lose shacky and they're they're one and one head to head this season so an absolute cracker yeah some would call it tantalizing a uh heavyweight contending fight for the uh Championship I'm pretty exciting pretty.

Excited well you are excited yeah I'm exciting yeah it's the wonderful clothing I'm wearing yeah lady next to me is agreeing the uh now the um venue has absolutely put on a show for us and so is the weather uh anything you want to add you're not feeling sweaty no sunburn well I tell you what earlier today and through the pool matches.

Oh the the women's draw was absolutely stacked full of talent and not just um not just from Queensland you know from South Australia Victoria New South Wales some absolute epic Talent was on display today and these two ladies have fought hard to get through to this final because it was hot today and um.

And you know they've overcome the conditions and they've overcome the competitors to make it through so yeah that's a very fair point too it was quite warm and as you can like obviously the viewers at homecoming but we're sitting here and it's actually quite Pleasant I would say you're probably low 20s right now it's actually quite lovely.

Oh it's perfect yeah absolutely perfect and I think both ladies would be quite relieved that the sun is starting to go down and the lights are starting to come on and it is literally perfect pickable conditions yeah I certainly agree with that as we um sort of just having a warm up now the ladies getting into it I believe our.

Official for this game will be Mike Neal um not too sure where our official is currently but uh oh he's over there yarning classic Mike but uh once once the ladies are good to go and Mike's ready to get into it I think we'll have an absolute cracking contest just watching their warm-up Dylan where do you think this match is going to be won.

And lost oh right with each player it's uh I've I mean singles is a different Beast isn't it compared to doubles like we both play a lot of doubles but I think at the end of the day you know you've got that raw aggression um oh we're getting a message from our assistant.

As I might I might yeah so no honestly it also comes down to Fitness like one thing that's a very underrated feature with tournaments is uh you're playing for hours on end like it's a not an easy thing to do and as you were saying the heat was kicking in as well as your hydration factors thankfully we.

Are under a ceiling which uh if we change our camera angles you might be able to see it a little bit um So currently we are in a pretty nice spot but uh you know it comes down to Fitness who's going to outlast each other we both know that the sheer aggression on Court's going to be wild um yeah what are your thoughts Gordon.

Well a lot like you say it's the best of three final and it's and it's you know win by win by two to eleven each game so Fitness could come into it especially if it goes to a type third set and um and both both ladies are supremely fit I mean you only have to look at um Sarah and she's absolute abs of steel so you know.

These girls they they know how to play and um they're ready absolutely ready so there are and I can safely say because it's the Australian championship this isn't you know this isn't some some um satellite event it's the real deal and both both women are here to win this prestigious title so.

We're in for an absolute treat there's no doubt about it yeah and a very common Australian saying is that they'll be playing for sheep stations as you know it's all on the line all that training for throughout the year this is a does this count as a qpt event no it's um because it's outside of the um qtp so the next um the next.

Queensland Tour event will actually be here in Brisbane as well yeah beautiful which is in a couple of weeks time so you know if you haven't got that in your calendar make sure you've got it in because it's going to be another absolutely fantastic event isn't a wonderful like we look at the uh.

The standard of play since how long have you you've been playing for a couple of years I've been playing for a couple of years and just here in Australia how much it is absolutely rocketed to proportions where this is definitely TV worthy sport you know no doubt and you touch on a great point there Dylan this is actually the biggest event in the.

Southern hemisphere ever so we've got 430 over 430 competitors here this week across the weekend and it's the biggest event in the southern hemisphere so yeah talk about fast growing Sports there is no faster growing sport than pickleball spreading like wildfire that's for sure and I don't you know as a former tournament director I have so much.

Praise for the people that put into the efforts for tournament directors of events of this size like the the sheer numbers just the numbers alone it's crazy I think um you know full full credit to the venue and also the volunteers I know that there was a bunch of people that came down earlier today to um.

You know help with taping and get officials they're the little unsung heroes that don't don't get credit in these events so we just have to give a big shout out to everyone that's helping out with the event completely you know like I know we're here at you know sparrows park or something and um you know without great volunteers.

Nothing happens and you also have to say that about having great sponsors as well you know and having gem life on board and and um and the backing of the paq and the pickleball Queensland Association sorry you know it's it's fantastic yeah these things don't happen it looks like we are getting underway so we have.

The game's underway zero zero Lou has first serve so we've started with a Lobby yeah zero zero zero beautiful forehand drive there from Sarah so hard to control something that's coming like like a rocket out here not wrong.

Oh that's an interesting topic actually is uh Birds going ahead with the spin serve which is uh just been changed in the rule book which no doubt will be a contentious Topic in in months to come Sarah had a lot of success with that serve in her um in her in her Triple.

Crown at the current at the World Championships last week so oh what a drive just wide world wide that was a beautiful forehand from Jackie that was unfortunate didn't raise her just long there so lose radar just a little bit off here.

In the start of the first game yep so it's something that you'd probably want to get on track fairly quickly you don't want to let someone like Sarah get away from you yeah it's these singles games are so lightning fast like just there for instance we had four points in a matter of minutes yeah it doesn't take long.

But uh looks like lose bounce back and she has this Earth oh just wide so a few a few unforced errors here that time she's Sarah has to be one of the best scramblers on the tour should be a rocker over if he's playing AFL just gets stuck into everything and.

We were talking about Fitness earlier like I don't know about you golden but trying to scrounge around and get balls coming at you 100 mile an hour non-stop uh I definitely wouldn't be able to do it oh it's a wonderful Drive beautiful straight down the line from from Lou just amazing.

He's managed to close that Gap here and so raining in the Bursa running in the Burr lead oh and the lucky lucky tape call there salute clawing his way back in here in this first game like I said matter of minutes doesn't take long oh so an interesting point Dylan is.

Sarah and Lou are actually one and one head-to-head this season is that for um Affiliated events correct so so Lou earlier this year on the Queensland pickleball tour won the event in mooloolaba um home turf yep beautiful.

angle off that forehand yeah so as you can hear the announcer overhead for an event such as big as this we need to have concert communication but you were saying yeah we'll just wait for this bike oh great Great Rally and the crowd loving it it's just it's a shame we um.

Can't show the crowd because this the crowd is actually swelled quite a lot since the match started and not surprisingly just pushing that one wide but yeah you're saying one one so what was the event the bird got up on in the past so um so Sarah has actually won quite a.

Few titles this season none more so than her Triple Crown at the current at the recent World Championships in Bali where she won the singles doubles with her sister bear Kingsley and the mixed doubles with Dr Martin so and then actually picked up the bronze in the teams event so it was a.

Very successful event for Sarah yep and you'd have to say because she's also heading to the states very soon and will be playing on the tour over there which is just fantastic for Australian pickleball throughout the first but just coming back to your point Dylan I'll have to check on which event Sarah.

Beat um blue at yeah that's okay they are one and one this season so we've just had a kitchen call call um balls in in volley motion or in the air and Lewis put a foot in the kitchen while striking the ball as officiated by Mike Gill oh just pushing that one more.

The the ladies are in good hands with Mike as the referee I definitely agree with you there oh that's push wide from Sarah that Rage of Lou is just incredible we're talking about scrambling that's uh absolute diving effort and it's just exactly how we predicted.

Close match yeah oh that's a rocketing forehand from shacky far out that was we couldn't be better positioned for that forehand monster practice just for shots like that this is one thing when you asked earlier about you know what what uh would be the winning factor in a game such as this.

Angles like you look at both play style already the ladies are absolutely nailing the corners as much as possible a live example yeah absolutely I am I'm actually quite surprised we're seeing a lot of lobs well and and power so I think that was to be expected though these ladies are scary that's it and.

It'll be interesting it's it's going to be an absolute armor so if um say continue with these ground strikes and it's a timeout call by Sarah and we might just automatically cut to a quick commercial break yeah why not doesn't it just make you feel alive absolutely.

all right thank you gemlife for sponsoring this event so as we can see uh official Mark Newell was just giving an explanation as the call earlier regarding the foot fault it's you know it's it's the last thing on your mind really when you're um when you're on the court is.

Sometimes you forget where your feet are oh we'll do it yeah especially in the heated battle so be interesting um the advice Sarah got there she went to her corner where um her mixed doubles partner Martin Clark.

Gave her some advice so it'll be interesting to see if there's any change here and again like you say Dylan we're going for that Lobby again just yeah the load on it and it's uh setting up the forehand winner yeah I I wonder like obviously a lot of thought and preparation have come into.

This but it's working see if Burke can respond yeah it does it taking the pace off and um using the lob does force Sarah to put her own pace back on the ball oh nice effort all right just pushed too wide and you know like we're looking at these Strokes where.

Someone who isn't at a top level these ladies are nailing nailing the paint every stroke like it's with it's a mere centimeters it's not much a game of literal millimeters and they're forcing each other to play to play winners.

There's that spin serve from Sarah again nice depth on that shot oh too much but I suppose this is the gold medal of the Australian pickleball championships we can expect nonetheless and uh those perfect shots yeah oh yeah she's definitely aiming for it isn't she definitely going for that shot.

And why not she's hit a she's hit you know a bag full already so why not reach into that bag again yeah exactly go to the well yeah all right seven seven slide away again oh that is a Baseline Drive yeah and such great depth on that shot eight seven first game.

Oh lovely nicely red shot there by Sarah really picked up and got onto that early and just hit the winner I noticed Lou took a bit of pace off that serve as well so she seems to be mixing up her shots a little bit more and it does seem to be causing Sarah a bit of yeah I agree we've gone to another.

Timeout via Bird's side I think one thing that if I'm reading it right because we're we are literally sitting right next to the court um it seems to be gone for that backhand who's driving that one corner and then immediately Ludovic has missed a couple but at the same time she's causing.

Problems I think to me that would be the logic of it is get on that backhand side try and cause a pop-up to which Lou can cover and head to the opposing side we mentioned angles earlier it seems to be um you know that's just the plan just keep sticking at it once again though it comes down to uh Ken Burr respond and for a game as close to this it's just.

Whoever can hold their nerve yeah and keep those unforced areas in check all on court oh it's called beforehand and another one pushed long so I'm not sure if um if if um Martin would have mentioned that at um in that timeout there's a few now that Sarah's pushed.

Along and that was pushed in and that's a great down the line yeah and you look and we're talking about differences there where where Burr is is missing by mere millimeters Sharky's getting Once In by Mia Melody is in response oh and look at that.

Well wow what a first match yeah I am glad I took half the day off to come in because that was an absolute thrilling first match yeah uh going to shacky and you know what what does Sarah do now going into that into the second game yep so clearly the forehand from Loom is causing a bit of trouble you know lose seems to be running around and hitting.

That forehand and she's just hitting it so well I agree I think um it's a it's an obvious weapon and uh no doubt the team will be discussing it currently um while we're waiting we might jump into another ad so last time I'll give you advice come on.

all right we're back into it for game two we're back live and that was the first point of the second game and Sarah just pushing it long can we meet okay zero zero shacky save.

The way to bow music oh what a great get but just wired by Sarah so in the first game we were talking about um the head-to-head record this season which is 1-1 but um lose actually um like Sarah has played overseas this this season as well.

Sorry and um Lou picked up a bronze medal at the French Open yeah well there you go like um we're talking about the uh the growth of sport but it's not only domestic the Australian scene is getting heavily involved within domestic International play as well as we see it absolutely what a great.

Shot and I noticed Sarah using his slice there so I wonder if she's going to use a bit more variety in the second game it's a very fair point well if it's one thing we know about Sarah she won't die trying exactly right she's gonna leave nothing on the court.

See you tonight oh look at that present oh wow great hands at the net by shacky what a great soft lemon Presence at the net you've you look up in your peripherals and you see her sitting there it's a scary thing to hit past that's for sure because Sarah has the hustle and Lou has.

The you know that height at the net and she's playing it again very aggressive at the net that was a great rally yeah had a bit of a defensive lob there as well from shacky to get out of it but uh pressure from bow to keep her in was yeah and then and then working her way to the net yeah.

To um you know put that pressure back on checking a bit of a court repair by with Mike and his thongs I can't get any more Australia just need a kangaroo in the background and a kookaburra a few unforced errors here in the second game.

From shacky yeah this is we were mentioning Fitness earlier this is a it's also mental fortitude you know you've got to keep Focus for a long time there's a lot of people watching you know that they can hear me and you rambling on in the background so out on and we're going for a time out here yep.

So all right I haven't made we'll just have a quick break and run an ad for um the next Tour event that's coming up foreign just make you feel alive absolutely okay and we're back line.

Thank you and then just into the net there from Sarah yep So speaking of the mental fortitude do you think sorry I was just correcting the scorecard I was just waiting for official Neil to say it go ahead do you think um Lou may have taken the foot off.

The accelerator just a little here in the opening well I mean if you look at the first game burst started very strong as well so um as I say that as you say a few hits a forehand down on the line from commentators curse.

Sensational shots is that slice forehand yeah unfortunately open it up a little bit too much paddles the ladies are using um Ludovic has got the Euler and.

And Sarah would be engaged I would agree yeah I don't believe so it's back the Radar's locked in and she that's two in a row she's here didn't take long and that's the difference between the top Empire to someone like myself I'm not going to mention you Gordon because you're definitely a top end player but oh no.

But uh they lock in so quickly okay that's a timeout yeah and how quickly that that turned around yeah not wrong so so it looks like Lou's back on back on target and we're just having a minor break here well as we're sitting here Gordon we.

Mentioned the weather earlier I don't know if the viewers can actually hear it but I want to quickly we might as well so uh you might be able to hear it but he's gentlemen next to us are just as eagerly competitive as Ladies as we're back into it the girls oh.

That's terrina right and that is a great time to switch back over let's see a world-class strike and quite often after a timeout you see the person who called the timeout win the next point but not in this case so that's a worrying sign for Sarah just pushing that one wide.

And I'm just wondering whether fatigue creeping in a little here because last week was massive for Sarah that is a fair point yeah traveling internationally to play and not only that like it is the uh the mental side of things as well like uh Australians I imagine play a bit differently to International crowds as.

Well so she would have been locked in for international crowds and keeping yourself at that level for such a long period yeah yeah must be taxing at the moment world class oh what can you do about that that's why I.

Keep saying the the uh the presence of the net is just unfathomable yeah and not only getting to the shots but then hitting the winner off the show right yeah oh commentators curse again sorry sorry babe to take in the first game so Sarah.

Needs to claw her way back here and if anyone can do it Sarah definitely can like we are quite privileged sitting here just right side right next to the courts and you can see the amount of topspin that these players generate with their with their uh forehands it's quite unreal isn't it it's incredible.

We oh my gosh the reach of the players is just incredible but the power they're hitting the ball well we've got another timeout and all the timeout we might get into a quick break yeah why not so what do you think of our new backyard oh yeah I think so too come on.

all righty now it looks like ladies are straight back into it these braids are quite Quick aren't they yeah they don't mess around not taking their full minute last deep served there by Sarah and that is the risk to playing a lot.

Especially in singles and when Sarah gets one in that green zone it it's usually not coming back Trixie needs to pop over to the middle presentation well at least she didn't lose her wallet I know who would do that I mean really that happened to Gordon earlier today for those listening.

Oh Fortune favoring the brave there yep you know the old dreaded net roll once again happens to the best of us yeah that was really well constructed from Lou just a beautiful action that she has and created that angle and that created the put away yeah and I think one thing we need to really consider is the.

Transition to the net these ladies are obviously hitting it as hard as you know as powerful as possible but they're not setting themselves up to fail and doing so yes got another fantastic coin but this time it was birther got to the left first yeah interesting hey.

You know once once we get a live statistician Dylan we'll be um we'll be in heaven if anyone wants to volunteer now we can click a button oh the dream the dream will come true yeah well oh it's perfect that was an incredible point and a.

Just sneaking that shot inside in retrospect when we look at the first game those shots were just missing yeah so maybe we've had a bit of a change yeah seven seven oh beautiful beautiful off forehand there's that transition again once Lou gets to that night it is very.

Hard to beat her she's clawed away back from three seven down you mentioned scrambling and There She is again working into that netting just the brick wall very difficult to hit a past I mean full credit to Sarah though she's.

Getting shots back that most of us wouldn't be able to oh perfect centimeter perfect can we just talk about that shot that was a stroke from the corner on the Baseline to whip it over the net and dipping just just um unbelievable.

But now but knowing the dedication Sarah puts in she's probably hit that shot a thousand times in practice exactly right you know it's not something that she just rips out today it's something that she's perfected every shot in her Arsenal is there we go is perfection and a lot of time and a lot of effort goes into those.

Shots yeah and it's crazy like you think about the typical pickleball player we all play several days a week as is and it's all Just For the Love of the sport these guys go all these ladies Next Level go above and beyond that yeah nine eight served a bird ah perfect.

And we talked about response yeah my better way to do it and that brings up a game point here which could take us to one or beautiful decks on that shot and it forced the error I dare say and that lines up the second game we're locked in here at one game a piece.

In an absolute Thriller and um wow yeah tell me about it wow I think um the response from Burr there was was the talking point like shacky was obviously on fire getting to the net absolutely dominating the angles but Burgess did not give up she absolute sheer grit from Sarah there.

Like she obviously there was three was it three or four um Four Hands Lou hitting a row and um you know Sarah found herself in a bit of trouble there a three seven down already down a game yeah right and um she's clawed her way back to win that second second game and now we're going.

To a third and deciding game and it's all of a sudden anybody's making exactly right and I also noticed a few more defensive lobs from Burr on the regard obviously shacky wants to nominate those angles um you have full credit to birth it was a great win and you know what better way to spend a Friday afternoon.

Then I uh watching the best pickleball in the southern hemisphere in a game three like absolutely wonderful going back behind there yeah so if you're watching this from home buckle up because this is going to be an absolute Ripper oh.

It's pushing it right along there yeah it's an unfortunate unforced error and do you think that could be nerves Dylan it could be oh all right all right maybe not maybe not all right no I think that didn't look like a nervous shot no that looked that was very confident very confident.

Oh What a Beautiful angle yeah and I have noticed that shacky is relying on their backhand a little bit more um especially on those tight angled shots like ones like that were to open them up it's um you know if it's working but just shows how lethal these ladies are you know to.

Go from that power game than to have that touch and finesse phenomenal oh speaking of angles that's a beautifully set up point there from Sarah Lou down the line and then just in opening up the court for that Cross Court winner.

Oh nice good oh there is human yeah contrary to popular belief I've got to say it's a shame we don't have a camera angle on the sunset the golden and I are facing right now absolutely beautiful that clown.

Perfectly placed yeah no illuminated but I tell you what there's nothing more Illuminating than this game here we are just appreciating the sunset while these ladies absolutely battling out priorities it's the last Point actually not this one now but was won once again by net.

Roll there's been several of them this series yeah but I guess these ladies are hitting them that close to the net oh and there's that four-hander lethal just running around it and just knocking it straight down the line well Ludovic is a tennis coach Adam mooloolaba so I think anyone that's going to have a pristine forehand yeah.

And both both these ladies have tennis backgrounds and both the coaches well there you go oh and there it is again for viewers watching if you uh Ever Wanted coaching sessions I I have two recommendations on your screen right now well for pickleball antennas exactly right.

Actually three because Mark Neal's also a coach the the official is also a coach there you go Australia's in good hands yes well Mike who's the referee he's like the Yoder of Australian pickleballies there's not much Mike hasn't contributed to the game really just trapping on that one a little bit.

Foreign and straight after this match oh beautiful down the line by Sarah we'll try and grab the players for a post-match interview after the match and then we'll be and then we'll be going as you can hear in the background we'll be going to the.

Men's singles open which is reaching a climax as well I think the semi-finals are in action over there at the moment yep so Brendan Lee from queensland's up against Wesley Vine from Queensland in a local tussle oh beautiful overhead I was about to.

Mention with with Vine and Lee playing next to us absolute quality being played over there but you know quality mirrors quality as we had absolute passage of play there like if you if you love pickleball you couldn't be better placed than we are right now two absolutely outstanding matches.

Oh great hit by Sarah oh good eye just a bit long affected that turn that quick turn four five she's never really out of a point her technique is just spot on yeah it's just stay alive.

And we have another wonderful strike with the ladies I've both advanced in the net there which is interesting seems to lose gonna a couple mental battles at the moment you can see that she's talking to herself after the after The Strokes it's very emotional.

Player isn't she she always got a uh timeout timeout yeah let's let's talk about uh mental fortitude we've brought up emotions like um what's good you look at some of the best players in the world across all sports nearly all of them can you know keep.

Their mental in check that's why Sports psychiatrists are a thing yeah absolutely sports psychology it's it's definitely an interesting factor that comes into sport which I think a lot of people don't think about it's keeping you cool completely you know these ladies obviously have their.

Their roles their plays oh no sorry my apologies we didn't have a timeout we had a side swap because it's the third game and because we're up to six five the players have now swapped sides I've got a quirky stat for you Gordon go on Dylan the net roles that we've seen which have been multiple tonight have you been keeping I've been keeping an.

Eye the balls have all landed on the left side beside that Shaq is currently on right which on that play there where it didn't roll over a bit of frustration there from Sarah so talking about emotions earlier they've all rolled onto the left side interesting.

Oh there we go that's probably a shot of the day I would agree how do you hit a winner from there what a fantastic shot by Lou that's just phenomenal come on take a photo of it send it to a postcard to the parents about home that was absolutely wonderful.

I wonder if that'll fire blue up oh yeah we'll just try to go again crowd's getting a bit more animated as the boys next to us are firing up and take much to fire up Brendan oh we're an animated bunch here in Australian pickleball five seven it's a close tussle.

six seven I was a little worried that Loop all up tight then last thing we want is an injury who just had another little chat to herself not happy with a footwork I think oh great pickup by Sarah.

Yeah I mean just live all of a sudden seven seven all right seven seven like these ladies would have a game plan they know what they need to do and it's just simply reminding themselves come on get back I know I know what I need to do and you can oh there's the net I'm telling you golden.

All right we've got a timer called time out here and we might break off to an ad okay back into it we go so seven eight it's timeout's just been called we're talking about mental fortitude and talking to yourself you know the emotions you might be feeling.

Right now as well as physical fatigue what what do you what do you say to yourself well you just gotta you just gotta hang in there and have confidence in your shots and confidence in your ability and I think I think.

Like I think Lou would have huge confidence knowing that she can she's got obviously a huge weapon in her forehand there we go she's talking herself up just as we say it and Sarah again she would have confidence in her ability so it's having the confidence to play your shots.

At the right time I don't think either lady doubts himself just who's willing to go that extra yeah extra step when it comes to playing outrageous shots I think it's fair to say we've seen our fair share already in this series bearers retain serve.

Eight seven ah dominance yeah Sarah seems to be anticipating um lose shot a lot quicker at the net now which which could be worrying for Lou I agree and we we talk about the last two games where shaky was getting a lot of points are dominating at the net whereas now there's the one coming to.

The net and taking control from Sarah oh and we now have and that brings up a championship point and it's long and that's it so Sarah Burr has won the Australian pickleball championship what an incredible effort I'll tell you.

What that is hands down one of the best games I've seen uh Gordon is now going to go live and have an interview with the winner Sarah Burr wow what a match what an incredible match Sarah that was amazing oh Lou was incredible like I kept telling myself.

Hit the ball deep so that she can't tee off and do winners and I was hitting the ball deep and she was still blasting the ball past me so I I went to my team I was scratching my head I'm like I don't know what else I can do like I made a lot of Errors obviously I had to cut them out but I was playing the strategy and it just wasn't working she was too.

Strong Dylan and I were um we're counting there there was a point where Lou hit that incredible forehand she hit four winners in a row and like you say what what do you tell yourself when when loose hitting the ball like that like I've just got to wait for this patch to end I'm hoping it's going to end but it.

Really didn't so then I had to mix up the strategy try to get a bit more Loft on the ball get it deeper I had to get rid of my spinster for a while and go for just a deeper topspin serve together behind the Baseline to try and cause an error and give myself time to come in but yeah my hat goes off to her literally my hat came off because I uh I.

Just couldn't do anything like in the start and I don't know how I won honestly and it was so anti-climatic that ball just missing the line in the back after such a grinding long match it was epic I just can't thank little enough for a great match wow and you know to come back you're down 3-7 in that second game yeah what was running.

Through your head right at then I was just thinking I've got to change my strategy it's not working she's not coming out of this purple still smashing the ball passed me so I so I go deep got to get Loft and just grind and just do my best I didn't want to go out getting blasted off the court I wanted to go out with long rallies.

Long points getting to the net um yeah and I started to have a good time like I think I was frustrated at myself because I was making a lot of errors but then when I relaxed and we're having good rallies even if she did win the point eventually I was I felt I was having fun so I think that helps sometimes when you don't take it so.

Seriously and you're having a good time you know you're like you know what even if I'm losing this match now I'm having fun so oh my gosh that's your idea of fun that's that's insane congratulations what an epic epic game what do you think everybody amazing.

What a match and congratulations Sarah thank you we'll head back to Dylan and I'll try and try and grab um uh Lou if we can doesn't it just make you feel alive.

2022 Australian Pickleball Championships
Open Womens Singles
Sarah Burr vs Ludovica Sciaky