Foreign Premiere features an average weight of 8 ounces and is built with a polypropylene Honeycomb Core and a fiberglass heating Surface co-developed by professional pickleball players the high performing onyxy look Premiere paddle offers a powerful yet precise feel for every.

Level player it is loaded with Technologies including an impact paddle shape of 16 by 8 inches for additional power and reach as well as an atomic 13 Edge guard that is designed to disperse shock the evoke Premiere is really my first introduction to Onyx paddles and I have.

To say that I'm really impressed I feel like this paddle does really just everything really well and it has a nice generous sweet spot I feel like there's enough power there for when I'm hitting a serve or an overhead but I also feel really well connected to my shots and I feel like I can dial in my depth really well so it was great for ding shots or.

Touch volleys spin is a really big part of my game specifically the slice and I feel like this texture service really helped to enhance my shots I think this paddle really reminds me of my current paddle of choice which is the engage Pursuit ex it's very similar in specs and also plays very similarly on court as well I think the biggest.

Difference here is that the engage Pursuit feels more soft that impact and this one feels a bit more firm and crisp but overall I think this is a fantastic mid-weight option for uh players of all levels so just like Jay this is my first time play testing an onyx paddle um and I'll say from the very first hit I was super impressed now I typically.

Gravitate towards uh more of a 16 millimeter thickness but with this 13 I actually really like the big time power that it gave me so from serbs to Big forehands on the run I felt like I could really penetrate the cord nicely and it had great access to spin as well I felt like my serves were jumping off the court just a little more than normal.

And then moving forward up near the kitchen uh dinking is definitely one of my weaker areas on court but I did notice that if I really I really had to pay attention when I dinked because if not if the ball was sitting up a little bit and uh it was quite often getting attacked by opponents so I'd say I would want just a little bit more control out.

Of this paddle up near the net but again overall super happy with this uh paddle and play test and this is something I could definitely see myself switching into my first impression of this paddle was that I had really good balance to it it was it felt really good in hand and I have to Echo what the other play tester.

Said power on this thing when you're doing really full swings I felt like I was really ripping the ball and getting good depth and good access to power anything where I was swinging kind of a half shot or even doing things is really where I felt it kind of drop off and and I was really struggling to get the power I needed to get my shots over the neck.

There's tons of spit on this paddle the fiberglass composite hitting surface really grabs the ball I really liked it when I was trying to add a lot of underspin to my shots and the handle was a decent length for me but again I was kind of looking for something with a little bit more diameter easily fixed with an over grip overall as far as an.

All-around paddle goes I feel like this paddle is almost there it's got a ton of power but I feel like it's just lacking a little bit in the control Department really enjoy this paddle I'm a Sentimental guy I kind of want to flip this over and just for a moment show an image of the paddle that really started it all this was it for me that was my.

Transition from wood to a composite this has got me in love with the sport ever since now onto this paddle I did mention it was new it has been out for a while it is new to me uh that said I've kind of got to realign what I think my ideal paddle specs are it is a four and eight handle uh if there were one thing that I could say about this paddle door I.

Prefer to have a slight change would just be a larger grip I can compensate for uh kind of double wrapping it with a grip I think that would assist with the stability of the paddle but overall the 13 millimeter core gave me lots of energy return plenty of power from any part of the Court the level of grid on the paddle face allowed me to pull that.

Ball down the court slice it worked great just a very predictable obedient power uh paddle and if I'm at the backcourt mid court or even towards the net my transition there was pretty much seamless this is definitely a paddle that I wouldn't be able to blame anything but myself on percentages or shot loss on so just over.

Overall a great play test and it's something that I would consider playing a tournament with or switching to immediately just a great battle for more information on the evoke Premiere paddles or the rest of the Onyx line head to
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Designed by pro players for all players, the Evoke Premier is the premier paddle in the Onix line. Co-developed by Pickleball National Champions Matt Wright and Lucy Kovalova, this paddle was designed with both power and precision as the main focus. The Evoke Premier features Impact Paddle Shape 16” x 8” designed for increasing reach and maximizing baseline power, serves, and overhead smashes. Backed by the Atomic13 Edge Technology, specifically designed to disperse shock while increasing power and swing-speed, this paddle is sure to enhance your power while maintaining pinpoint accuracy.
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