Foreign foreign what better place for a showdown than Texas the best of the best looking to be champions in a Corral that's 20 by 44. in singles it's fed and bend Al and CP.

Riley and Matt versus the Brothers Johns upstarts design and David and Big Papa Jimmy looking for gold a b and a l then a B versus a l and maybe a double triple this is the Onyx Austin Showdown powered by invited and the action Starts Now good morning everyone from Austin Texas Dave Fleming here and we are going to start our coverage today with a message.

From the court with commissioner and CEO of the PPA tour Connor Pardo good morning everybody and welcome to Championship Sunday with a saddened heart we would like to share the news that many of you guys may have heard at this tournament here we had a senior Pro player by the name of tan Vo.

He tragically passed away while playing the game that he loves and so we really want to take the time here to remember him and we're going to have a moment of silence for him one thing that um really stuck out to me is it was his first time playing a PPA Tour event and uh he found the sport of pickleball.

And he fell in love with it just like many of us and it became part of his life and what he did every day and something that he really enjoyed this was his first time making it out to an event he was planning on playing multiple tour stops this year and uh his daughter shared with me when he got here he saw the championship.

Court and he said I hope one day I'll be able to play a match out here so because please give a big round of applause for him he lived a great life and we're grateful that he was a part of the PPA tour I'd like to read a quick note that was prepared by his daughter that gives us.

Look into into tan and the gentleman and the man that he truly was tan was introduced to the sport of pickleball while visiting his daughter in Seattle and quickly fell in love with it he was a remarkable soccer player and tennis player but soon dedicated all of his time and energy to the sport of pickleball.

Making time to play every day after work his dream was to travel across the country to play in pickleball tournaments and this was his first and only PPA Tour event he was a big fan of Ben John's the Tennessee Titans and his home state and Alma Mater the East Carolina Pirates.

The only thing that tan loved more than pickleball was his family the colors that the professional players are wearing today pinned on them represent the schools that both his son and daughter went to the University of Washington and the University of Tennessee he loved his children above all.

And he was the proudest father and husband tennis survived by his wife and two children who remember him as a loving husband father and passionate athlete if we can now all have a moment of silence to remember tan thank you thank you for that Connor and as a.

Member of the Senior Pro Community personally I was just shaken by this and I know how the pickleball Community can rally and we've got a QR code on your screen right now and we would love for everyone if you can even just give a dollar if everyone that just watches today gives one dollar to help this family out.

Through this difficult time I know you are out there pickleball community so scan that QR code and that'll take you to the GoFundMe page for tan and his family and we can show how and to help a family during this most difficult time so thank you everybody out there that's watching let's enjoy a great day of pickleball in.

Tan's memory will look like this today at the Onyx Austin Showdown powered by invited we are going to start with Ben Johns and Federico Stacks route again the singles are best two out of three we will get a women's doubles next with Anna Lee Waters and Anna bright versus the upstarts Megan design and Vivian David.

And then Anna Lee and Anna bright are going to have to play against each other in mixed doubles Anna Lee Waters with Ben Johnson bright with her partner on and off the court James ignato which will switch to men's doubles Ben and Colin Johns renewing their rivalry with Matt Wright and Riley Newman and then a rematch.

You're not going to want to miss Annalee Waters lost in two the last time she played Catherine parento you know she wants to get back and get that title that she held forever she hadn't lost since last June so that is our slate for today Kyle McKenzie will hear from him in a second he will be joining me here in the booth again I'm Dave Fleming and.

Uh really appreciate you watching and tuning in we've got Federico stats rude on the near side Ben Johnson on the far side let's play Pickleball for Tan and we get a ball off the tape for Tan's favorite player right there.

And I think the ball is gone Dave yes um lost to the bleachers they're gonna start with another one here zero zero side out it's an excellent first volley from stacksrude leaning to the forehand Side and being able to yank that across his body getting good depth there and staying in control of the rally.

And it is we're gonna play one rally at a time with each ball here so uh yeah that's good to just be able to get a good swing at an overhead there just to get started again staxford from Argentina now lives in South Florida and Ben Johns right here in Austin a little too much on that and there's.

Our first point of Championship Sunday normally a routine volley for Ben John so good at that kind of mid-court backhand cut volley foreign oh my almost gets to the next one and Federico stacksrude is selling out today and just to set where have we been with these two Ben Johns won the first two.

Times they played but staxford got the last one so another opportunity for Ben to get on the right side of singles here today yeah for singles today uh Dave I'm calling it revenge of the goats we've got Ben greatest of all time pickleball player on the men's side with an opportunity to get a little payback on Federica who got him last time and same.

Thing with Anna Lee Waters versus Catherine prento later today point and there's that backhand of Ben Johns It's just tough to read isn't it Kyle yeah those short angle cat and mouse points he's definitely the best in the world but that is an area where Stack Street has improved tremendously over.

The last year or so that's a terrific volley from saxroad right there so 3-1 for Johns to start and again when they last played it was a three-game thriller that Ben Johns had a match point and missed a serve and stacks her and ends up coming back and taking it yeah.

You wonder how long that's been in his head right so again this is his opportunity to get a little little payback here and that is a beautiful ball from staxrood right there just the right amount of pace Kyle yeah it uses a similar technique in those kitchen points too uh Ben John's.

You can take that backhand roll cross-court with angle or use the outside edge of the ball and hold it up the line three one great read by Ben Johnson he is there to shut down the middle and that's a major difference in style from from each of these players Johns.

Will sometimes drop or drive where Federico is definitely a drive heavy uh third ball player that's a huge Drive speaking of drives there's a big one off that Perseus paddle from Ben Johns and souvenir City here today so far PPA is upping their uh Budget on durable as well well this is the Onyx Austin.

Showdown so uh let's go and uh we've got a timeout called from Federico staxrude we'll be back game one underway here in the men's championship the game is evolving foreign.

My name is Lee Waters and I'm a professional pickleball player my daughter Anna Lee is my devil's partner and her 16th birthday is coming up be great to get her a car and carvana has helped us make that dream come true they have thousands of options and I'm a mom so of course I want Annalee to have something safe Anna Lee has absolutely.

No idea about this car so I told her we're going to carvana's vending machine for a photo shoot I think this belongs to you oh my god happy Sweet 16 Italy experience it for yourself at three thousand dollars all right welcome back everybody there's uh this weekend's birthday boy Ben Johns turned 24.

Yesterday said he wasn't going to celebrate until he saw what happened today Kyle yeah showing great discipline at the ripe old age of 24 making sure he got a good night's sleep and ready to perform his best today and that is an absolute Cannon shot on the forehand yeah so far there's not been a whole lot that staxford's been.

Able to do just an extremely clean first start here from uh from John's oh we had a good look at that one and actually hit it too hard down instead of through it yeah I know put himself in a winning position it seems like forehand side he's looking to drive but if the back return comes to the backhand he's playing this disciplined cat and mouse.

Points and there's the magic of the Argentinian he started the year number five player in singles all the way up to number two now is stacksford and well deserved and another gorgeous pass on the backhand this time for Stacks rude yeah and Stack Street is going to continue to use that drive most of the time but when.

He gets a short ball he will drive and look to close in and crash in behind it close crash and here we go from six one to six four nice Rampage here from staxrude 4-6 left that one up and that is no fly territory there against Ben but again you see after that drive he's closing in he hit it too high so put himself in a.

Tough spot but had that been lower he can really change the volley with his pressure oh my goodness Ben Johns just stop it that's just silly silly good right there Dave nothing stacked screwed can do and for a player that's more of a disciplined player he certainly can have a highlight reel shot or two in his bag.

Of tricks folks go back and watch the swing path there straight up the back side of the ball my goodness oh and then just goes back door again the ball's up just a little bit but Ben Johnson is on point in his hometown yeah so good at stringing combinations of good shots together just getting a little bit further forward each shot.

And the drop's so good that there aren't a lot of choices for stacks for it to stay out of trouble yeah no not only to land in the kitchen but it shot off the court after it bounced and it gave like you said Stacks were very limited options there oh my that would have got me shot right out of my chair if that landed in just.

Deep completely straightened it out it only missed long that serve also misses deep so 9-4 again best two out of three in singles in Championship Sunday all over that Reed there and this is Ben Johns at his absolute finest he's got the full arsenal on display right now Dave and again right now Stacks are.

There's nothing he can do other than just trying to weather the storm here game point quickly for Ben Johns sign up that ball doesn't get down so staxford will get another opportunity he did have a nice little run a second ago point nice variety there from staxter we mentioned that he doesn't drop often so.

Really nice Precision there from him just misses it wide on his favorite shot right there that's why he's a little frustrated second chance to close out game number one great coverage from Stacks Road there yeah I chose to roll that ball to the Ben John's backhand feels like it can't.

Hurt him nearly as much as the good discipline there by stacksford 510. 10 same look at that shot this time it stays wide so nice control off of the ball just stinked over the net off the net cord within four and a ball off the tape and staxford has.

Saved two game points and is now within three yeah he's playing his game waiting to see Ben outstretched and then closing in and looking to take the next one out of the air if possible and a beautiful ball down the line and Ben Johns is marching towards his bench what a rally here from Federico Stacks rude can he keep it going we'll find out.

Foreign thank you don't let discomfort slow you down try penetrax penetrex is different than.

Other products with no greasiness irritation or unpleasant odors made with unique ingredients it's 100 satisfaction guaranteed penetrex the number one online rated joint and muscle cream welcome back everybody it is that man Federico staxford that is on a run John's called timeout just misses the forehand didn't hit it.

Clean there yeah it looked like he was thinking about where he was moving to before executing the shot on that one third game point for Ben Johns yeah unbelievable get from Stacks root he drops it on the line and then finishes that it looked like we were done I've seen him do that several times that he might be the best in the world.

At running to the backhand being able to straighten out a ball that's practically behind him oh my and what a ball off the shoe tops where he had a good chance but the lateral movement of Ben Johns is there and this is a high level to start today my goodness fourth try for Ben and stacks rude has another answer yeah.

And early in this match Johns was getting statured almost every time that he played that cat Mouse style moving in slowly stack streets being a little more precise with his angles and uh keeping him at Bay here oh just can't quite get that one had a chance to get a ball on the ground there.

On the forehand side couldn't do it and we've got a little stalemate here each player is answering the offense and the weapons of the other player at the moment fifth try for Johns and that time the return went to the forehand and he paid the price so Great Rally from Stack's route comes up just a.

Little bit short and it is the hometown boy who takes game number one 11-8 really really well played on both sides just a couple points there at the end for that man talking to his older brother can he take it in two or will Stacks rude force a game three stay with us we'll find out after this for many of us we just charge ahead.

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Side stability and Agility conquer the core encumber Skechers pickleball the official Footwear of the carvana PPA tour welcome back everybody really strong first game played by both players Ben Johns comes out on top and we can't do a match without our great referee crew for this first one we've.

Got Drew de Hennis as the lead Laura smart second Anita Johnson Flores tracking and if it goes to video Chris galon in the booth with us ready to go take a look at those lines oh boy there's the hold it and then flick across Court Kyle just absolute filth Dave to make that look routine.

Only the best player in the world can make it look that easy point there's the little stare down in that cat and mouse game and that one goes to Ben Johns as well and I mean the key is the disguise and then the execution and he's got it going so far side out.

Van looks at it stares it down and says you know what either on the line or close enough so uh that's what it takes another one don't see that very often from fed yeah you only normally see that when he's in total desperation looks like he did have enough time to add the second hand.

That was surprising point and you know he's focused on that return to the backhand doesn't make that one and it's down he was down early in game number one too and it's just so hard to climb out of a hole against the player playing this well Hoyt and again the pressure at the.

Kitchen line four nothing for Ben yeah and it looked like just the pace off of that last one from Stacks Road he's certainly feeling the pressure not wanting to just release these shots he's feeling that need to do just a little bit more every time great patient attack there from staxford not trying to do too much if you're.

Wondering about the weather you see a lot of bundled human beings gathered around the court and we appreciate them coming out 48 degrees right now not too windy though so it's not bad conditions it'll just be fast because the ball will be cold slide out and John's has returned immensely well.

This match I'm not sure if he's missed one and he's getting good depth consistently really tough for stacksford to go on runs with the quality of the return like he's like he's had so far she's inside out a millimeter over the net and at this point if I'm stack screwed I'm gonna just start returning middle.

And make Ben methodically work every point take the angle away because even his drops he's able to get some good angle on which is just making it that much more aggressive then had the reading he's playing so well he can't even imagine how how could I possibly miss a ball when I called for the middle return and Ben's first drop.

Still hit the line on the other side yeah the angle anyway yeah bad idea Kyle this is the exact thing you do to take an angle away and you still found one and that's just a tremendous lateral quickness and just a slight a little slight little fist bump in there just you know yeah he knew Lena was important to keep his nose in front here gosh I.

Mean just six points away right now foreign did not want to make a t with his hand in his paddle but he just did he is down six nothing and takes a timeout yeah good time out here the carvana PPA tour is brought to you by Onyx carvana.

Duper CIBC fit fine wine vizzy invited and feel a pickleball welcome back everybody there's.

The Johns Brothers they'll play together later today Colin is showing up early one time out with the two gone as a coach here and a little bit of a chill here in uh the Cap City both players doubles Partners showed up early with them warming them up on Court and calling them and play singles anymore but certainly no slouch in singles.

Himself no Pablo Tellez is the other you can see him sitting there on the bench set a great start to the season as well and my goodness that ball catches the line sometimes you just got to tip your cap and even though fed wears his hat backwards so you can just tip the front side of it my goodness.

This is a show that one sails just deep Jones recognizing stature ran around the forehand there knew he had further to go had an opening up the line just uh push it a little long and now you have scoreboard pressure problems where you want to make everything perfect because on the other.

Side the guy is basically playing a perfect game well yeah and stats are pressed on that shot it was outside his stance and he tried to yank it back Cross Court very tough to do foreign right there so athletic Kyle and sometimes a point.

Like that where you do just a little bit extra is enough to get you going get a little momentum on your side hey I see your angles bent Johns let's go just too good it was a smart shot by Johns who recognized tax return was moving forward didn't hit the volley to the middle but Saturn says I've got that heavy Cross Court ball too.

And you hear that because after the serve so after being down seven gets a couple here just ran out of options because the ATP just isn't there yeah and earlier in that point statured had John's on the stretch he normally closes in after he stretches John's didn't do it on that time and didn't get another chance.

Foreign good leave from Ben Johns and again that forward pressure and we're at 8-2 in game two and steps into the front of the court and perfect pace of that one too Kyle yeah it didn't hit it too hard focus more on Spin and just straightening out and the challenge of stacks you're.

Trying to keep John's honest going back to the forehand once in a while has not been working so far this time staxford stays back and we are at match point for Ben Johns 10-2 and that will do it Ben Johns in his hometown on the day after his birthday cashes his first title of the day and one of the most impressive singles.

Matches you will ever see Stack's route came in here playing fantastic and he got run over practically a perfect match by John's as far as the full arsenal on display the execution and he's pretty happy that he didn't party last night and got a good night's sleep on his 24th birthday my goodness that is one happy human being right there 11 8 11-2 and.

He's got two more matches today and this didn't take a lot out of him on the court just because he wasn't there a long time because he played so well that'll pay dividends in fact I'm sure Colin's not too sad that he didn't go 11-9 in the third here so Colin and Ben Johns will play together later but Ben Johnson so impressive to start our day.

Thanks for watching we'll talk to the winner and give him a trophy when we come back thank you.

Thank you gearbox introduces the all-new cx-14 ultimate power with SST core all new Power Band technology delivering controlled effortless power all technology every shot welcome back everybody we've got 1150 amateurs playing out there showing their.

Stuff and net cords happen everywhere we saw it right there and we've got two happy John's on the court Hannah take it away well welcome to Championship Court everyone where Ben Johnson has locked up his first title of the day two more chances later on today to go for titles but Federico stackedroid came out here.

To play for sure but you were able to come out play your game what was working so well um you know I think uh sometimes I start a little slow and today I was feeling energetic I might have something to do with sleeping at home that's always nice so it's nice to have one home tournament here and uh thank you guys for coming.

Out appreciate it uh Colin is always on your Sidelines cheering and coaching he doesn't play singles but he was a tennis player uh what kind of advice is he giving you on the sidelines uh well he doesn't play singles anymore because he didn't want to play me anymore and I didn't want to play him anymore either uh but no he's.

Always got some helpful insights sometimes when you're kind of in game you don't realize uh exactly what patterns are happening and where you're losing points and where you're winning points so mostly it's just kind of telling me uh you know follow this keep track of this and just kind of keeping me focused and buckled down well a.

Couple of titles to buy for today which one would mean the most to you if you were to take it I don't think there's uh there's a most it's uh the job is always all so uh that's what I'm looking for Awards of a champion with that we're going to bring James hignette from invited to present your trophy now James thank you Hannah.

Um thank you everyone for coming out this morning on behalf of invited and the Hills Country Club thank you to the PPA for Orlando's to host this amazing event I present the trophy to Mr Ben Johns Austin's own champion of the 2023 Onyx Austin Showdown all right Dave take us away.

so Ben Johns looking to put three crowns on his head today he's got one it's nice to give yourself birthday gifts and he did it impressively so Ben Johns off and running today we will have the ladies Encore women's doubles coming up next I don't think she's feeling it right now I'm gonna be on my phone all week.

Looks like somebody needs a little hurts TLC Liv you're on vacation but I don't think you're feeling it huh please your phone it's okay get it over yeah you're good go enjoy yourself Sam you feeling it now let's go.

Everyone needs a break sometimes she's feeling it let's go thank you the future of pickleball is here welcome to Top Court get ready for unlimited access to top players thank you.

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introducing simply Spike lemonade real fruit that left the farm and has seen too much to ever go back simply Spike lemonade tastes like your favorite lemonade now spiked it's getting juicy welcome back everybody Dave Fleming here with Kyle McKenzie we are at the Onyx.

Austin Showdown powered by invited this is the elevation Athletic Club in Lakeway Texas just outside of Austin and we just saw an absolute show by the best player in the world I mean my goodness Ben Johns all over it and now we've got the top seed in the women's game Anna Lee Waters and Anna bright playing Megan design and Vivian David Ben talked about.

How much he liked waking up in his own bed and driving over here well Vivian David got to do just that here and Austin resident herself and she and Megan design have been impressive they beat Lucy kovalova and Cali Smith who came into here winning the last tournament those two played together and are deserving and earned the right to be.

Here with their phenomenal play when we we've seen it so many weeks now new pairings just find that special sauce and here they are competing on Sunday they've got their hands full obviously with Annalee Waters and Anna bright but credit to them for beating some great teams to get here and they're going to come out swinging I really think their.

Best style is to make sure that they are aggressive work out some of those nerves that being said that bang bang style plays into the hands of the team Anna over here to the Anna's so I think they need to look for aggressive dinking sprinkled in with those speed up chances so Megan design who you see on the near side there in the white hat has that.

Black Ace paddle and the ball will be pumping off of that we talked to Anna Lee and Anna bright last night after they were done and they were like we just wanted to play fast we'll look for them to play Fast here so we're going to take a quick break and we will be back women's doubles best three out of five it takes three to win here.

On Sunday thank you thank you.

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Footwear in the carvana PPA tour naments are one of the reasons welcome back everybody we've got the intros live on the court for these four ladies and you know when you come in here as Megan design and Vivian David you always want to see okay where are the nerves but if you were in their box coaching them up how would you tell them.

To play well I mentioned earlier I think it's important that they come out aggressive that they just get so focused on just making balls or keep their error count down I think that they're going to play the entire match on their heels and I just don't think that's going to work against this caliber So within that aggressive game plan they need to pay.

Attention to the court positioning of Annalee Waters and Anna bright when they're sagging back off the line maybe that's not the time to initiate the attack maybe that's the time to work the feet with aggressive dinks when they're right on the line I think if they can get those attacks into the body um and get them with the kind of those.

One two combos I think that's their best chance to really make this team work and to push them yeah these ladies love to extend their arms and swing at those two-handed backhands so uh Vivian David you see in the near Court there hitting the last warm-up serve and uh she has played some terrific pickleball this year both in women's doubles and with.

Her men's doubles or excuse me are mixed doubles partner Thomas Wilson just been fantastic and I think that's part of the reason it's worked out this Duo on paper so much we talked about the the aggression of Megan is on how much power she has they've really had her mostly on that left side and then Vivian David's so comfortable in that setup role with.

Her mixed skills playing the right side so she can be a little more aggressive now in women's but again she's just so comfortable on what she needs to do on that right side of the Court so it's Anna Lee Waters and Anna bright will be at the top side of the screen and you know we've talked about it Annalee Waters has played played in one.

Strict six straight tournaments with alternate Partners she's gone and bright she's gone Catherine parento back this weekend right there in the hot seat and uh all she does is Win pretty easy to find the common denominator there and you know speaks to just her dominance and everything she can do on the court all right let's play Pickleball and uh.

Quick mistake for manly water so first ball goes to design and David and nice poach there from Vivian David in a two-nothing lead and I love the shake and bake look for them great way to finish points on their terms and put pressure on the return to serve of the other team nice swing by Anna Lee Waters there.

You'll see Annalee Watterson Anna bright switching sides of the court but design and David are likely to stay the way they are the whole match yeah I think so Dave again it just plays to their natural strengths more when they're in the this formation huge finishing power but pulls it wide there yeah had the one she wanted and I.

Like the shot she played mid midpoint there she had her opponents back could have gone at them but she chose that aggressive angle out wide to keep them moving laterally look at this defense you want to know why people love women's doubles that's why what a point what a rally and David and design come out on.

Top they were fending for their lives Kyle we are starting this match with the bang the crowd is getting into it amazing defense there by Design and David Waters comes flying in there out of nowhere yeah that's one they're gonna have to be careful of I don't blame design for going there but again when.

They're back sometimes taking a little Pace off and going have you spin at the feet uh they're gonna need to do a certain amount of that and there's the threat of movement right there forces the error you don't even need to get the ball but you can your presence can get amiss and that's what they get there.

And Designs had a couple balls right where she's wanted him and just missed them so four two so quickly for Waters and bright and look at that sneak it behind Vivian David and we're at five two yeah you love to see the power and the Flash of analy waters two-handed backhand but people forget how good her control is.

With being able to hit all the spots at all the speeds uh on her opponent's body there floors lava what a dig what a rally my goodness gracious ladies Vivian David collaps her paddle on the other side off screen but this is what.

We love on Championship Sunday you have really high level stuff to start here hopefully more of the same good lead from Vivian David and you saw in the middle there design tried to get it behind Anna Lee Waters just to keep her honest and again we need that Top Court Newman willpower Clinic because David couldn't.

Will that one in her form on The Willpower yeah she needs to check out the Newman's there and it fits up to any of the two-handed backhands on this court is going to get thumped so they aren't able to score and quickly Waters right back with the ball second sir yeah great Hands by Design and David.

There and that's what it's going to take the quality of their volleys is gonna have to be really high to keep their opponents back when they can tries to go for the big swing on the defense there had a ball up but not a bad swing just got to get it executed and here we go Anna Lee Waters and Anna.

Bright looking very much like what a top seed should look like they're up 7-2 in game one David and design are going to chill out and we're gonna learn a little something we've got a top Court tutorial for you right now thank you hi my name is Leia Jansen and I'm Catherine parental and we're going to.

Introduce to you the shake and bake double strategy it would have it just as Catherine is about to hit the drive I see her swing and I notice so she would probably Drive middle and as she's driving I'll follow the path of the ball look to pick off the weak return it's important not to overdo it uh Catherine will then fill in my Gap and anything.

Here or to my right I'll try and pick off and put away and if they get it past me my partner is there to back me up all right so I'm gonna drive most likely towards the middle just because it's a much harder shot for my opponent if I try to go more with an angle it's a lot easier for them to return with an angle so it makes it very hard for Leia to do.

Anything with the next ball to poach so I try to go more middle so it gives her a bigger chance to kind of put it away or to poach on the next ball go nice shaking and baking in the tutorial shaking and baking in real life right here on the court too and the fans we've got.

The fat head heads out there from Kathy Dimitri one of the best fans in all of pickleball absolutely yeah perfect tutorial for the match that we're watching we're gonna see a Shaker with shake and bake or two uh here in this match we might see it right here here we go and a bright what a combo platter that.

Was and one of these things that this team does is an elite level is they're trusting their partner whether they drop or drive to the third the non-hitting partner is really disconnecting early um similar to that shake and bake and applying that forward pressure immediately and there's the absolute Fierce power from Megan design.

My goodness yeah we talked about the power that she possesses on full display there my goodness two eight second sir there you see the great supportive partner that is Vivian David hey you're good and Anna bright just ropes a backhand down the middle.

You have such a great choice because she knew that design was coming in and worried about that cross-court roll and Vivian David had to honor uh leaning towards her line for the speed up Jake and a whole lot of baking there Kyle and it's 9-2 yeah once design hit up on that first volley uh Anna Brighton.

Anna Lee Waters were in complete control from there on out and a nice roll on the short return and Waters and bright dominant 10-2 game point already just come on Anna Lee Waters Perfect Top Spin live and then vicious little angle it's 11-2 it's showtime well when you're up 10-2 you can uh test the variety and.

Show the full arsenal uh she's got it all working right now dude wow the top seeds today are looking magnificent Ben Johnson our first match and Waters and bright just on point looking good will they keep it going we'll find out again best of five though in the doubles today to make it to the game it takes dedication and training to stay in the.

Game it takes grit and stamina to win the game it takes strategy and skill you keep focus on your approach drop and Champion shots and we'll help you stay focused on your strength flexibility speed and downtime having a sports medicine partner in your court is key to helping you make it to the game stay in the game and win the game Select Medical.

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Bracing designed for Comfort injury prevention and improved recovery OS first is the official sock brand of pickleball and the PPA tour visit to learn more for this match lead ref Thomas toddler second ref Dave Johnson tracking Alan Roman and if we go to video Carolyn duncanson.

That is a great job by both players on the far side there Kyle yeah it was a great original drop by Anna bright and design had a very limited Court to put it in a safe spot she did that and eventually got the got the pop-up nice patient point from design and David yeah like I was mentioning earlier in the match so they paid attention to the.

Court positioning of Emily Waters and Adam Wright when they're off the line like they're it's like they were there great job moving them side to side and exposing the feet second serve little speed up to David catches the net on the reply Utah's Megan designed to serve.

And Anna bright is all over it there great job by Vivian David saying hey I saw that speed up before but my goodness yeah Enterprise did a great job of sliding to the side to create space with her body to really stick that counter and Megan design put the ball exactly where she wanted to two times in a row.

Yeah they're just putting her under pressure time and time again I'd actually like to see them return to Annalee Waters uh to make Anna bright be the poacher and not have to deal with Anna Lee closer to the net like that good swap from Vivian David there one one two that's just too much Firepower yeah it.

Was great defense by Design and David but again just that those onslaught of attacks tough to slow this team down Dave I mean any ball they see that's even remotely smokeable they're doing it yeah they're either ripping it or hitting an aggressive drop and then the other.

Partner is completely disconnecting to the net and taking away angles side out so they get three back three one to the top seed and design and David now need to find something there's something beautiful right there so good split them through the middle and just perfectly timed that two-hander.

Two three one great shot by Megan is on big swing at the counter there from design goes well out wow big roll one way and then Inside Out catches David all the tricks not the toughest shot with a two-handed backhand holding that long enough to bunt it up the line most people find it much easier.

To go across court but Annalee Waters can do it all and a nice drop there from Al and they're now at 4-2 yeah that left hand so important for that Tui down the line nice shot by Vivian David there keeping the pressure on side out get a Miss on the drive there so no harm.

Done Waters and bright up two in game two little taste of their own medicine with Megan is on fully disconnecting and changing the uh the volley options there for uh Anna bright oh man mega design set herself up after a terrific return from Anna bright yeah I'd like to see Vivian David there.

And I know it's a risk but I'd like to see her take a little bit more of a centralized path to help her partner just a little bit they're free swinging at the moment Point nice job of changing up the angles there by Design and I think that's been their best pattern so far is you know dinking but.

Aggressive dinking getting Anna bright and Annalee Waters moving laterally Waters with the last swing in the crowd is loving every minute of this one no fantastic point it looked like design maybe changed her mind on the last one caught between do I block it do I counter it it just sat up a little bit.

four four one point and we will be seeing that shot later in the day in singles but why not hit it in doubles well we talked about she's maybe the only one that's gonna run around the backhand and pull it inside in there uh tough to think to cover that of your design.

Great look there for Anna Lee Waters but finds the tape and the tape finds Megan design there unfortunately yeah unlucky for her she was in a good position for the volley but when you keep those low to the net it's gonna be tough and if it hits the net even.

Tougher great job there scorpion down from Vivian David and you won't see a player get low than any Vivian David uh great job there dominates leg day there's a nice not too much angle but good choice of shot for man of right there four six two.

Great shot by David and design again a couple of times on that side they have recognized where to move and they're moving in sync Kyle yeah again when they see Anna Anna bright and Annalee Waters back off the line they're really exposing the edges and Working The Angles first good choice just wide there but nice fight here in.

Game two from design and David within one six five one and that is a pound in return from design yeah Bright's been able to hit aggressive drops all match but tough to do when the return's that close to the Baseline.

Good handle from David and design there and they keep him at six chance to tie or take the lead and that's why I like returning to Annalee Waters Anna bright obviously a very good poacher in her own right but I think Waters is the tougher player up there disconnecting and there's that pace from design up into the body these ladies Like to Swing.

Free six all right just deep for David yeah right shot from David just couldn't quite find the court there but I like the aggression I like the game plan right now what we're seeing on the other side of the Court wow great job of Cross Court attack on the outside hip after a really well.

Played dink rally by all four players yeah absolutely eventually Anna bright decided to pull the trigger hit a really good location it was able to get the next one a little wide there as Waters goes for the inside out and you can just see the work that Megan design has put into her game this is not a dink rally type of.

Match that she would have been able to hang in just six months ago kudos to her she has not worked on how to defend a ball off the tape though well we saw that in the semifinals of you know they were giving design a steady diet of balls and she hung tough playing you know roughly 80 percent of the shots on the court for her for her partnership.

There and she is not backing off when she's got a chance to Fire and that's what you have to do when you get the chance against the team of this quality so six seven point and a little bit more of a high level tip here but when they are dropping I love that design is using the.

Slice drop when you play against teams that like to step back and rip the slice is tougher to do that on second serve has to clear the net though I was about to say there was one part of that you left out Kyle over the net over the net yeah sorry sorry that's on Megan yeah next level tip there and then if you drive it same thing though Kyle also.

So it's consistent making sure everybody knows the rules out here so seven all though what a what a battle here in game number two good lead from Vivian David there so the two south Florida ladies Anna Lee Waters and Anna bright in a battle in Chile Texas here and design ready for I'll swing just as.

Hard if not harder and bang yeah it's a category we've talked about she can certainly match these ladies power for power really saw that two-hander well good job getting the left hand on top maybe another Pro tip about that slice maybe not up in the eyes of your opponent also good inside there Dave got it we're gonna just keep working around.

The edges we're whittling here on a little off-speed pitch for annelie Waters works there yeah and they are returning to design right now um they probably want to keep her off the net as far as poaching but she's a little out of rhythm on her drops and drives at the moment Vivian David is on fire the hands for.

Both design and David have been on point this match and they've given themselves a chance here in game two great to see oh but unwinding the stack she tries to push it into the deep corners slides wide come on but the low down scorpion look at that move for Vivian David my goodness she.

Does not Skip Leg Day and used every bit of that here to full scorpion a winner that is nice this is great seven eight second serve yeah so design needs to quickly find the thirds and the fifths here because she's gonna keep getting the ball fed to her foreign.

amazing Hands by all four ladies This Is Why women's doubles is so exciting to watch it turns into a firefight more often than not and they're putting their athleticism on point all right just uh you know quick little.

Flash of something there in the middle players didn't lose their content no they did not we're all excited nine seven now another good lead from Vivian David there and crowd just wants this to never end like can we play best of nine and once David a design get to the.

Kitchen line in a neutral point they're actually doing very well moving the ball around and waiting for their opportunity it's just a matter of them getting there consistently right yeah so I like the called time out by David and design on offense here we'll see what they've got when we come back thank you.

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Relaxed fit design for incredible Comfort game after game conquer the core in Comfort Skechers pickleball the official Footwear in the carvana PPA tour welcome back everybody it is Championship Sunday and these ladies are putting on a Sunday show Megan design.

Right there to serve their down two they called time out to get themselves set oh no yeah design thought that David was going to disconnect and maybe poach that and just they're both watching go through the middle and bright and go ahead and call timeout we're fine we will stay poised as we.

Always are and that ball skims off of Megan design and it is a game point for Waters and bright laughs ten seven one the perfect return there slides off the back edge of the line and you see that's the risk that you.

Take as a team when your partner fully disconnects it's been working for them because their thirds have been so consistent and that'll do it a perfect needle threader by Anna Lee Waters right down the middle and despite a very very game effort from David in design the top seeds are looking mighty fine they win.

Game two 11-7 but good news everybody we're not done it's best three out of five on Championship Sunday can David design find yet another level they definitely brought it up a couple in game two do they get to the next level in game three yeah.

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Kyle McKenzie and the ladies are putting on a show here on Championship Sunday extremely high level play for everybody there in game two and if you're fans of design and David I'd tell them don't change a thing they just need to execute a little bit better to neutralize a few more points and get to the kitchen line foreign.

Just a little too much of a reach there but I like the aggressive posture yeah and she showed there's more than one way to get to the line she was struggling with her drops decided to use the drive drop combo as an easier way to get there I like to play and look at her just pound that she can turn on a two-hander with the best of.

Them um been playing great in that department the entire match again really nice start here for Megan design so it's this backcourt part of her game that's gotta rise to give them a more consistent chance at the kitchen see what happens she's gonna get the ball and if she doesn't get the ball.

Even better for them yeah it makes it a little simpler second sir they've bailed her out on the first two there but uh couldn't make the next one yeah Viv just keeps being like the restoration people that come to your house on these third she's saving the day on some high balls but uh.

Couldn't get the next one I don't need to hit Four Hands yeah and we talk about the you know the power of that Ace of Spades paddle but right now it's the the touch and the elements are just getting that ball to bounce that's going to be important for them uh I saw that white but it's not my call David and design are.

Both saying it was out yeah sometimes it's you barely turn your head in time you think you see it wide but glad they're getting confirmation from the officials here one one two three good job by Design to dig that out we got to keep that relatively unattackable was a really really tall.

Task great feel there second sir it'd be interesting if David just stayed all the way to the left and just said let me take a third here side out because they're just never getting a chance to neutralize yeah I kind of agree I think she just stays in the middle she might be able to play a.

Third they're not going to her line anyways might not be a bad uh bad tactic and look at Megan design turn that point around with a vicious two-hander of her own yeah that's been the consistent weapon for her she's won a good chunk of those exchanges when she's been able to use that two-hander point and arches are back and looks at.

The heavens unfortunately after that one we talked about how it's easier to turn and take that ball Cross Court she had to sliver up the line but tough to convert there that's a nice combo of overheads by each member of the partnership yeah always nice when you can get it through just aiming dead center there like David did.

Yeah nice Onyx logo Target off the bounce on the back of the Court there looks just like a bullseye exactly just so much power on that last reply and again when it's kitchen dinking you know you're not going to win them all but they're in the mix absolutely they're still focused on getting uh the team Anna's over there moving laterally.

And especially going back behind Annalee Waters has worked out really well for design second sir and there's the challenge of the Roll drop it bounces up got hammered from Anna bright again the dinking from Megan design is at a new height in her game yeah she did.

Great yesterday and she stepped it up even another level here today scorpion on the right side nothing home on the left there nice attack yeah I'd like to see her go to the Scorpion more when it's a backhand attack from Anna bright with the forehand it seems like she's got it a little too far to go to commit to that uh that grip change.

yeah they get out of this that stays in foreign and David there was a ball off the tape that went off the very edge of the black Ace there and they stayed in it unbelievable I love the choice from.

Vivian David took her time with that two-hander went back behind Waters got the pop-up and her partner puts it away it doesn't matter if you both swing at it it's still good Vivian David took a full rip of the ball that never got nearer and I loved that design took it yeah absolutely I love the play again of going to the water's forehand when she's.

Playing the right side she's leaning middle so much for that two-hander the forehand has some space available and that's a nice reply by Anna Lee Waters of a ball on her forehand yeah so first time she's really squared her feet and played an aggressive reply back nice counter move from her always problem solving here on Sunday.

And nice power from David and design and they've got a two-point lead here in game number three again best of five on Sunday oh she had a good look at it but you saw the difference the rarely seen returned to Vivian David and they were on the line instantly with a perfect drop yeah look for them to change it and go back.

To design going forward here second serve two four two I mean that's unbelievable because she hit her return so hard you can't get to the kitchen yeah great body control she was still moving a little bit squared her feet up and again that two-handed counter has been a big weapon for their.

Team second sir see the frustration of design there she knows man if we can get up there things are good four two two and that sails deep and what a battle there for David in design edges of the paddles keeping them in it yeah and.

Again if they get to the kitchen line whether it be dinking or hand battles they are playing anally Waters and Anna bright completely even in that area and Vivian David chose to drive it there so that got her in a little bit of trouble so the lead is now three for the seven seed.

Five one second again so much pace the returns have been really good in this game from David and design as well yeah they're they're making Anna Lee Waters and Anna bright really work to get to the kitchen line themselves and that's been the difference here in game three and Viv David I owe you uh apology had a good look at it but too big a.

Swing but it's been working so you know keep firing yeah and if you take anything off of it the hands on the other side are probably too good she's just gonna have to straighten that one out okay so the three-point lead has now won but it's still a lead for one.

Second sir again I can't wait uh to see the stats of how often they got to the kitchen and then what happened when they got there we'll have that for you later this week upside down there's the fire of Anna bright you hear in the background just urge and Annalee Waters Perfect partnership for that Anna.

Lee thrives on that point yeah her eyes might have got a little too big on that one maybe slightly too big a cut there but you saw Vivian David immediately see a partner in distress went right over and said hey we're fine and that is brilliant from Annalee.

Waters because it's close enough to David where it's hard for design to say that's my ball and design has to honor that aggressive cross-court role too so it gets you leaning that way and then the middle is exposed so despite playing some really high level pickleball David and design have to call time out and that lead they had a minute ago is now a.

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Excited she's got the locals just making sure she's got them positioned right it is 6'5 on a one that goes deep off the tape and we haven't seen much of that they've neutralized the shake and bake as well despite the fact we showed the tutorial yeah again it's a very small window of safe shots to play that dink but design.

Executed there Point yeah that's nice knifey one from Bright there catches the feet of design point yeah when the third is that good really does on all she can do is try to dump that back in the kitchen Cross Court but it still allows Anna Annalee Waters to.

Say aggressive and again and a bright and Anna Lee waters are seeing a ball that's just a little bit up on the two-handed side and just cranking it yeah even though it's bouncing in the kitchen it's sitting up and they have every right to fire away very much in their skill set.

And a bride says no and uh a great run there so despite the time out the top three more on that and they are up four second serve that's the Vivian David special right there driven into the backhand just couldn't quite get it over that's how good and low the shot coming at her was from Bright.

Side out it just shows that attacking is not all about speed she just hit that a very medium pace looked one way hit it the other textbook from Anna Lee Waters disguise and placement overpower at its finest and there's just pure blunt force trauma from Megan design and that works too.

Absolutely so they keep them at nine gotta go here get to the kitchen remind yourself you've been very very solid in those showdowns here at the Onyx Austin Showdown very accurate shot on the last one there yeah great spot into the body of Vivian David she's tried scorpioning some of.

These counters but just got handcuffed there point it's now a verb I'm not sure it really is I was struggling getting that last part out there Dave okay I'm gonna run with that with you buddy and there's that middle again they try.

To throw it over which is usually a safe pattern to the left side but the two-handers are so good no matter who's over there yeah you don't have as much reach inside the kitchen but with the use of that left hand you can really attack even lower balls with good use of topspin that's just a terrific point of moving.

Around design and David and despite everything David and design have thrown at him we are at Championship point and that will do it a b and a l r a okay in Austin they take it 11-2 11-7 11-6 a terrific match congrats to design and David for a great run to the silver medal but the top seed or the top seed for a reason yeah they played a great.

Match they fought hard they problem solved but again just too much offense too much talent and very much an informed performance from Annalee Waters and Anna bright crowds that loved every part of that and that's that's just tremendous pickleball so.

Tremendous Championship matches and guess what Waters and bright now have to stare each other down they're gonna play against each other in mix but they're gonna hug a little bit and of course they're gonna talk to Hannah Johns right after this thank you.

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thank you it starts right here foreign.

Welcome back everybody a tremendous women's doubles match great battle from David in design but it is Anna Lee Waters and Anna bright who are your Champions and they're standing by with Hannah Johns well welcome back to Championship Court everyone it's time to introduce our Women's Champions Anna Lee Waters and.

Anna Wright guys congratulations phenomenal match able to finish in three what did you come out here wanting to do well uh we wanted to play to play aggressive that's when uh Annalee and I are at our best we both like to to grip it and rip it um you know that's uh it's a team a new team new partnership but pretty.

Familiar with the players so uh kind of kind of had a game plan going in we executed and I mean it's pretty simple it was just speed up fast not a lot of dinking out there that's right your team you're playing has a lot of Firepower and excellent counters as well how does that play into decision making as you're looking at which ball to speed up yeah.

For sure you would think that we would have to be more careful but I think you know like Anna said it's pretty simple we just speed up the ball when we think we have the ball um and I think we did that I think we just rely that our hands are faster than theirs at that moment and I feel like you know if we speed the ball up we're.

Very comfortable and if we get into digging sometimes we can get a little uncomfortable so you know we're comfortable speeding up the ball and playing you know rip it pickleball and we did that absolutely ladies you are best friends on the court right now you have to go be enemies in the match right after this because you're going to be.

Playing each other in mixed doubles how are you going to turn that mentality on oh I don't know um I don't really know if I have time to change so I think we're going to still be matching at least unless anime changes um I don't know it mixes a totally different game it'll be a lot of fun um.

I mean quick turnaround I don't really know mental adjustment for sure a lot more dinking a lot more grinding uh it'll be it'll be a blast well knowing that match is coming up I'm going to make this quick it's time to bring out the trophy we've got James hignet from invited to present that to you now yes thank you Hannah on behalf of.

Invited and the Hills Country Club thank you to this amazing Austin crowd you've been coming out all week in the cold and supporting these players we've seen some tremendous pickleball um I'm so proud to announce the 2023 Onyx Austin Showdown women's doubles champions Anna bright and Anna Lee Waters.

Congratulations ladies so there you have it all smiles right now holding that Trophy and then oh just seven minutes later they're gonna be battling like crazy one of those two is going to be holding a trophy again we'll find out after this which one it is but kudos to those two they played rip it pickleball better than anybody could and.

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Penetrax penetrex is different than other products with no greasiness irritation or unpleasant odors made with unique ingredients it's 100 satisfaction guaranteed penetrex the number one online rated joint and muscle cream welcome back everybody you see the ribbon that Anna Lee Waters is wearing there and uh tanvo a uh just a man that.

Loved pickleball as much as he loved his family tragically passed away here playing in this tournament so we are dedicating this day to tanvo he was playing Senior Pro that's very near and dear to my heart as a senior Pro Player and you know I I know this pickleball community so well I know how we rally around people it's been done so many.

Times and here's a chance for all of us to do that together so the GoFundMe link will come right out of that QR code and if you can help this deer family out I know they would so greatly appreciate it it's been a really really tough weekend for this family as you can imagine so tanvo this day is for you generation sponsored by shelter and he's.

Playing today with his gorgeous project zero zero two pounds so Kyle we've had two matches today where the best player in the in the singles and then the best team just played at the absolute group of their game and you see the results John's defeats Stack's root Waters and bright make a design and Vivian David played.

Fantastic they showed why they got the championship Sunday so what is it going to take for Anna bright and James ignatowich if Waters and John's continue that level of play here I think you know it's tough I think you know as an athlete you focus on what you yourself can control worry about your own execution within that try to find some.

Patterns that will maybe make your opponents uncomfortable but quite honestly when you have the goats this dominant teaming up if they play their a plus game there might not be anything you can do so you've got to tell yourself they're gonna play their b game they're going to play their a-minus game and capitalize on whatever they give you.

So we will see if James ignatowicz and Anna bright can find and answer will have the ball in the air when we come back foreign foreign.

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Appreciate the bundled up crowd here it's getting warmer and it's it's the the level of the weather is just going to keep improving now the ball is going to play fast though all day we're not getting to 80. we're not getting anywhere near 80 degrees and you'd see Emily Waters and Ben John's talking off screen and you can see Anna Bright's.

Carrying a couple balls back and she and James ignatowicz are having a conversation again if you are new to that partnership they are Partners both on the court and off the court and that off the court actually made a change to Anna Bright's plans for the year she was going to play with Riley Newman it was just too hard for.

Her to play against James ignatowich and said I just can't do it Riley so these two are together and my goodness is it ever working out and a bright to serve let's play Pickleball and Ben John's just absolute hammer time yeah full uh full swing there and uh no problem putting that one away and Ben slides in front of Annalee there.

And I'm really interested Dave to see how Annalee Waters plays this match normally as a team they have such a huge advantage in hands battles against their opponents in this match not going to be so obvious acknowledge and Anna bright are both very tough to attack second sir Anna Brian looks at where that ball might have landed had she Let.

It Go not sure second guessing herself a little bit would have been very close I think and that's a beautiful ball down the line that's going to keep James ignatowich honest over there and his feet are going to keep moving no matter what what I get from Anna bright my goodness.

And Ben's like all right I'll just win this point on the other side instead yeah and that I think is going to be the toughest pattern is ignata which dinking cross with Benny's we're gonna have to really make sure he gets that ball down with as far as uh Ben Johns is comfortable leaning in like that you are not allowed to have both players.

On your team touch the ball there it did happen if it had gone in that would have been a No-No Noah set Spike no no no no volleyball point and the other thing for the ladies here is they were just full stomp on the pedal pickleball and now they aren't the most aggressive player on their team necessarily now so they got to ease into.

A different style yeah that's the usual kind of progression or adjustment females need to make from women's to mixed is work the point a little longer um really uh wait for your opportunity to attack rather than just fire every single time and there you see ignatowicz left a dink.

A little high and that started off that problem and it is four nothing make it five time out could be coming they're going to play through here five zero two and Anna Lee Waters just comes flying in there and then goes inside out for the Finish yeah and I know that Anna.

Bright's playing playing fine and she's really trying to stay in that pattern with Anna Lee I just think against this team she's gonna have to vary keeping Ben John's honest dinking back behind him just enough to get ignatowicz her partner involved more on his own terms here all right.

Out there's a great attack from Anna bright there again using what works so well in the women's doubles match if that ball bounces up even a little bit firing away yeah certainly another way to keep John's honest is the occasional attack right at him there point and they're on the board.

Again Brighton ignatowicz beat Lucy kovalova and Matt Wright and Georgia and J.W Johnson to get here that is an impressive run second serve and they both have a gold medal in mix this year but not with each other and a bright with Riley James ignatowicz with Catherine parento.

And that one will not get all the way over there and uh bright tries to sneak it down the line but gets Ernie yeah and that's the risk that you take if you see that John's is too close to the line he's going to be able to jump the kitchen you're really looking to think behind him when he's more in the middle of the Court.

Foreign on the right does not end well for these two after the wild poach from Anna Lee Waters in the middle of that rally oh when ignato which got on top of the first one with but not the second one in waters and bright hit more dinks in that rally than they did the entire women's doubles match yes they did I like how.

They moved the ball around didn't win the point but I feel like they put themselves in a good opportunity there there's that run around forehand there pulls it a little wide but 7-1 for Waters and Jones again best three out of five if you're just joining us and there's the athleticism of James ignatowich yeah he leaped from pretty.

Far away there Dave um obviously a taller young man and like you said has plenty of spring in his step as we saw there ran out of real estate to defend there nice angle from Johns yeah he read the hips of John's figured he was going to go short angle but yeah just didn't have enough room.

Side out you hear the voice of ignato which they're saying come on make it so they get but one there look that does just catch the line off the tape there we'll Reserve second serve.

I think they're playing that in yeah it looked down right on the line yeah um probably normally not a bad leave by Waters but uh it's able to keep that one in the court from Enterprise and that's a great inside out from Anna Lee Waters to keep ignatowich out of the middle and it is 8-2 -2 oh and after all that digging Hannah.

Lee water blast one but it Clips the tape yeah they had to play great defense to earn the right to move forward and potentially take an offensive swing but water's got a little unlucky with the tape there foreign there he won singles a few weeks ago in Minnesota see that forehand right there.

Yeah realize that John's was still moving tougher to clock a counter if your base isn't set nice recognition there for McDonald's that's a gorgeous combination from magnatoich right there yeah I like that he's getting more aggressive not waiting for perfect opportunities but neutral situations to be able to speed up and.

Use his fast hands all right annalize said go ahead and speed it up again buddy she says I can I can clock a counter and attack myself but you see how almost every time that bright dinks behind John's that he often takes that next ball Cross Court and gives ignado which a neutral ball that he can.

Potentially choose to be aggressive on Dave just wide on the punch volley there 9-4 Waters and Johns oh and after a reset Clinic a big swing from the transition area there for Annalee Waters catches the net and I love how ignado which just owned the middle he even came in front of his.

Partner there in control of the point I love how he was aggressive with his court positioning as well and we are at game point here for Waters and John's just immense pressure they are putting on Brighton ignatowich oh and it crawls over so we will play on a little Good Fortune there from Brighton ignotowitz let's see if they.

Can make a run here nice job of switching the paddle from the backhand to the forehand there and no Panic in that swing yeah the Net's giving him a little bit of help again it's always nice when the ball sits right up into your strike zone for a counter attack barely bloops over and then that you.

Know gonna go three for three we'll see and James ignatowich on top of that and they're jumping around again when you come that far over you can attack back behind John's because the counter attack will likely go right back to where you're at in the middle oh maybe it's second serve and a lot of discussion about making it with James.

And James over there that's his inner monologue for you Dave just you know make your shots keep it simple yes don't miss it's good coaching and there's a Miss from Ben Johns and it is now 7 10-2 and Anna Lee Waters has seen enough and that means Ben you have to go to the you don't have to go to the bench but it is time out for your entire.

Squad here so nice rally here from Bright and ignato which they saved a game point and still have the ball the game is evolving and so are we are you evolving my name is Lee Waters and I'm a.

Professional pickleball player my daughter Anna Lee is my devil's partner and her 16th birthday is coming up be great to get her a car and carvana has helped us make that dream come true they have thousands of options and I'm a mom so of course I want Annalee to have something safe Anna Lee has absolutely no idea about this car so I told her.

We're going to carvana's vending machine for a photo shoot I think this belongs to you oh my gosh happy Sweet 16 Annalee experience it for yourself at officiating crew for this match onisha.

Smith's your lead rep James Otto supporting Diane Anderson tracking and if we go to video which we haven't all day Mike mcspadden ready to roll and an awkward little push in the middle of that where the left hand wasn't quite where he wanted it on the paddle he's been so good at covering all the spots on his body even if it doesn't always.

Look pretty he's making it work uh when he gets jammed there and we are at 8 10. foreign just can't quite get that one back so they saved a game point at 10-4 now Waters and John's if they need it we'll have two more chances and they will need that second chance at 10-8 as Johns comes up short.

Y seems really important oh and two missed thirds from Ben John so the positivity rolling through Brighton ignato which here we go and this is an example Dave like I talked about when they show you that they're not playing their a plus game maybe they're a minus game they're.

Leaving the window open important to capitalize now and Anna bright pulls the trigger but does not make it so they can do no damage of their own fourth game point for Waters and Johns and Ben Johnson comes flying across in front of Anna Lee Waters and splits the upright and despite having a big lead.

They were on point at the end but man did they get pushed yeah if you're fans of Brighton ignotowitz you really like what you saw towards the end of game one even though they lost that I think they found some patterns that might work for them throughout this match so can bright and ignatowicz stop that and keep their late game one run going we'll see in.

Game number two thank you foreign.

Thank you don't let discomfort slow you down try penetracks penetrex is different than other products with no greasiness irritation or unpleasant odors made with unique ingredients it's 100 satisfaction guaranteed penetrex the number one online rated joint and muscle cream so there you have the winners of game.

One they were in total control they had a game point of 10-4 and that would have been a different type of momentum going into game two it ends up being 11-8 and now bright and ignato which have just a little jump in their step and some confidence yeah again Dave for these high level matches it's not just ability everybody.

On the court has a ton of talent but it's finding the tempo finding the right pattern or maybe you can start to find some chinks in the armor of your opponents and Ben Johns waves the Cobra and then goes outside hip of James ignatowich oh and Anna bright smacks that right.

Back at Ben Johns yeah we talked about hand for hands they can go Toe to Toe with these guys and put it on display there from Anna bright I heard Adam Wright say don't miss it though and then an apology and she tried a couple of those and Dave I really don't mind the play you'd rather make Ben have to beat you with a volley but.

She's gonna need to do that a certain amount and I like how she's changed her tactics after the first half or so of this uh this match and you want to talk about Lively finish my goodness James ignatowich hammered that one Anna bright makes an unbelievable first volley and then still has the athleticism to get over there with a.

Gorgeous ATP yeah you always like it when the net opens up the angle for you gives you just a little bit more time she took advantage there I like the play even though it didn't work out I think that ignado which is gonna have to take his chances when he has a neutral ball of speeding up at Waters and and hope that his hands are.

Just a little faster little office balance for Anna bright there on the reset and gorgeous hands from James ignatowich and he comes into this match at a disadvantage because the other three people on the court have already played yeah he comes in a little but he's warmed up now Dave and playing great.

And there's the forehand BBS that Federico stacksford saw earlier today in the singles from Ben Johns as he took that title oh and okay everybody Folks at home look at that the best two players in the world can't communicate on a ball down the middle either you don't see that happen.

Often for them but Brighton ignotowicz will happily take that that's a great volley from Ben Johnson to keep that in a safe position well something tells me Ben Johns did pretty good in geometry class he seems to understand the Angles and exactly how to stay in control of the point once he gets himself in the middle.

Point we got a Maryland Terrapin and John's a Vandy Commodore in ignatowich a cal bear and Anna bright and a 16 year old and Anna Lee Waters second sir yeah just a prodigy that needs no University pickleball University it's probably not going to make the tournament in basketball though.

Just catches the back line there good volley from Bright and the first bird of the day Ben Johnson comes flying in front of Anna Lee Waters and hello Sesame Street yeah just a Blue Streak sliding across the court and now right down Broadway explain what a bird is for people new to that term.

Yeah so when uh you're jumping actually in front of your partner you're actually cross-court from the action you jump in front of your partner Cross Court and take the ball out of the air high level athletes only folks on that one yes yes only do that at home if you have a 10 foot broad jump in your ability set and that's just unlucky there off the.

Tape real good positivity though you can hear it from Brighton ignatowich yeah they're staying together out there it's good to see that's a great handle of the ball before that by ignatowich yeah no absolutely Emily Waters so good at varying her attack speeds locations but I mentioned.

Eggnog which is one of the best at covering all the spots on his body he has variety with how he counter punches that'll be more challenging for Annalee Waters than against most people that she lines up with oh and we get the full pirouette from Anna bright there after a really well constructed Point by those two just.

Frustrated she missed a dink played a good point up to that point but again it just takes a lot of good shots to to win kitchen points here and this guy is smoking balls that are up in his eyes great shot from mcnado which there yeah really good drop he already had maybe the most certainly close to the most.

Power in pickleball this tournament is now using the 002 so giving himself even a little bit more power with the paddle choice warning all players on the other side of the net there's more heat he's pushing the envelope so 3-2 here in game two again best of five on Championship Sunday and doubles.

And there's a beautiful Cross Court attack from Annalee Waters yeah we talked about it in the women's match if you are going to attack either of these ladies right into the bodies a good choice great execution there from Waters Wich Returns the favor with his own cross-court attack you always been known as a predominantly.

Two-handed player on the backhand side but over the last few months has really started using that one hand on counter punches as well as the flick like we saw there inside out Annalee loves to track that down I think I heard Anna bright say time out and they are going to take time out on.

Offense here so the lead is 4-2 for Waters and Johns and ignatowich and bright are going to talk about what are we going to do with the ball here ideas to keep it for a while for many of us we just charge ahead because planning for your future takes time and right now thinking about your financial future takes on new meaning.

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Core in Comfort Sketchers pickleball the official Footwear of the carvana PPA tour welcome back everybody Dave Fleming here with my man Kyle McKenzie and been treated to a great display of pickleball here in this mixed doubles match Brighton ignatowicz had just down two.

Took a timeout just to get their offense set and now they're feeling really smart one I really like the adjustment from ignatowicz we talked about his need to be aggressive he was trying to drive every third early in this match even when it wasn't there he's playing more disciplined patient when he has to.

Aggressive when he needs to be bro I can't get that back I've also been returning doing now to which to keep him off the net he goes for the big serve and catches the net both he and John's have brought that over from their singles they've been hammering serves and doubles oh.

Absolutely oh again they had both paddles there and then they both pulled him out of there and Anna bright puts her hands up in the air victoriously she'll take that one now we saw Wright and Newman celebrating net chords like that yesterday just wide there couldn't get all the way home and not only are you on the run but.

Then you got a dead net in the kitchen yeah I'd like to see bright put a little more height on her return just to give herself a little more time to run all the way across there and that had a decision in the middle of it as well there the pace of the return was massive.

Matter which goes with well we'll call that a drop but it didn't drop it's either a drop or a lob yeah a drop five hole winner for Ben John says Anna bright can't get the drop down either again normally I like ignata which you know disconnecting looking to get all.

The way in there but that does put more pressure on the drop of Anna bright it's a big drive from Anna Lee Waters and they have doubled them up 6-3 here in game two tremendous dig from Bright but that can't make the next ball that's just really well played from Brighton ignatowich yeah they moved.

Really well as a unit there it took several attacks to finally get through but they're ultimately able to do it foreign everything he can to protect Anna bright on that switch but that's just too big from Ben Johns and John's gets tagged can't get out of the way there.

Little playfulness post point there there's what brought them back again they dug a big hole here but then ignatowicz caught fire and almost got them back all the way in game one let's see what happens here oh and Ben Johns goes for a little too much and we're at five eight yeah sometimes when you're going for that.

Finished Cross Court if you hit it at full Pace easy for that ball to carry wide this is one of those where I'm from if I'm on a good run and I'm not sure what they're applauding but uh good job James good leave from Anna Lee Waters because she had the two-hander ready to roll yeah it was a nice location from Ben.

Jones just finding the right hip of ignotowitz just caught him just a little bit late on that forehand counter and Anna Lee water says I don't care if this one's going out I'm smoking a clean winter Yeah Anna Brett tried to counter attack was a little off the line lifted it and that ends up being just too high for uh the quality of the team on the.

Other side of the net just wide for James ogdenwich as he pogo sticks his way back to his proper position Punchy there yeah and we've got a little formation change looks like ignanda which is very versatile he can play Both Sides as well as Anna bright.

Foreign s there and again they get close and then you look up and we're at game point and that is exactly what we are here in game two as well and so they got in so much trouble unwinding the stack they chose not to do it there which smart adjustment save a.

Game point they saved four of them in game one bad luck off the tape great job by John's holding that till the last second seeing if he can get ignado which to move one way and then sliding it the other way that goes wide and that is deep and there it is again.

This is a carbon copy of game number one way behind save a game point and in game one Waters and John's call timeout at 10-7 as well they'll do it again here and we're gonna learn something it's time for a top Court tutorial okay so there's two tips that I'm going to give any beginners that have an issue or a hard time hitting a backhand number.

One making sure that contact point is way out in front of their bodies when they hit the ball and number two is making sure that they're staying down through the ball so when I hit it I'm not lifting with my legs I'm staying down in my knees through the ball you'll notice my position here if I hold it.

Thank you if I hold it I'm way out in front here with my contact point and I'm down make sure my shoulders are sideways way out in front and staying low through the ball well it's a two-handed backhand fan I love to see that being taught one of the worst pieces of advice I got when I started Kyle was don't hit the.

Two-handed backhand hit that backhand out in front of them like I've been doing it since I was five years old I got to do it and that is the proper technique and if you've never done it there's a lot of ways to teach it what do you tell somebody that's only hit a one-handed backhand to hit a two-handed backhand I think if somebody's learning.

A two minute backhand for the first time I actually get them to find their grip take the right hand off if they're righty and start just with their left hand to try to train the brain into knowing that that left hand is going to be dominant then add that right hand to just be along for the ride yeah it's a it really is a left-handed forehand with.

A right hand helping you out so if you can hit a little bit of a left-handed forehand guess what you've got a two-handed backhand righty so go go out and test it out but wait until we're done today of course so uh I see something going on here with Lee and Annalee just a little little stretching there.

Quick look at Lee Waters okay forget about the physical toll yeah you know when you're playing all three finals chasing those Triple Crowns consistently like it takes a toll on the body aside from the skills and and the poison all that they bring to the table so we're within three here are bright.

And ignatowich on a big cut from Anna break goes deep after a great reset so second chance to close out game two and guess what Anna bright says oh look he's look who's across Court here Ben Johnson's over there I'm gonna get involved in this and she wins it third try.

And Anna bright wins a forehand cross-court dink battle and then a backhand cross-court dink battle with Ben John I really don't think that's a bad pattern for them with the Top Spin of Anna Bright's dink that will be more aggressive than the slice of Ben John's there the other thing that formation does is.

It puts ignatowicz right in front of John so a little tougher for him to attack freely Seven Ten two seven ten two second chance to Chip Away and that return is deep oh and John slides over and tries to take that and they have come all the way back within one.

Huge opportunity right here and a great Cross Court dink from Anna bright and they have come all the way back we are tied at 10. yeah and that's the other Advantage when she goes to John's and keeps him honest that forces Annalee Waters to go a little more to the middle and it opens up that angle for that Cross Court dink 10-10 game two.

Two timeouts used by Waters and Johns we'll be right back I don't think she's feeling it right now I'm gonna be on my phone all week looks like somebody needs a little hurts TLC live you're on vacation but I don't think you're feeling it huh please your.

Phone it's okay hand it over yeah you're good go enjoy yourself Sam you feeling it now let's go everyone needs a break sometimes she's feeling it let's go can't wait the future of pickleball is here welcome.

To Top Court get ready for unlimited access to top players foreign so after saving a game point down 10-5 they have come all the way back have bright and ignatowich and we are tied at.

10 and Waters and Johns have emptied their two-timeouts yeah you got to feel good about where you're at if you're Brighton ignato which the momentum is with you at the moment huge Point coming up here Dave I'll recall that little distracted as fans were taking their seats.

Oh and a terrific drop by ignato which but bright just can't slide it over yeah she's got that patented 360 every time she makes her hair I mean that is a great read from mcnado which after some Elite defense yeah Annalee Waters played a couple of amazing digs but took away the available space by jumping the kitchen there.

And we get a missed serve and we are right back to where we were a second ago 10 10 but on a one now for Brighton ignatowich huh oh and a misfire from Ben Johns and after saving three game points earlier in game two it is bright and ignatowicz with their first at 11 10.

does not roll over for him there just misses on the counter second try to close out game number two huh and he left the third high and Anna Lee Waters made him pay on the back side so smart from Waters there took some Pace off found the feet as she knew ignata.

Which was moving and then some risky Cuts being taken from the top seed here yeah this shows me they're just feeling just a hint of pressure to press a little bit with going a little drive heavy here and they were just Partners in women's doubles but now they are firing away at each other in mixed tied at 11. yeah.

Especially when they're lined up head-to-head look for them to take shots at one another that does not curl back in so they do get one four breadsticks on the board it's gonna take at least 13. foreign Waters and this is their third game.

Point oh mine a Miss serve stare to the paddle of course we all would do that mentioned that he's been going for more on his serves carryover from Singles but you do Miss serves a little more often when you're aggressive like that man the crowd is into this as.

Well fourth try oh and Anna bright handles the speed up from Ben Johns and after saving three game points bright and ignatowicz come roaring back in win game two 13-11 this is gonna go at least four we've got ourselves a heck of a final here Dave I'm so excited to see how this one.

Unfolds game three will not be the Difference Maker this is best of five we'll have it for you when we come back thank you thank you foreign.

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Getting juicy never give up folks never dig in you never know what can happen if you just keep getting the ball back and bright and ignatowicz made that happen in game two they just kept hanging in there and then they were finally able to get ahead and then they had to take four tries to win on their serve and here we go.

Game three tied up at one game a piece and ignata which brings it across the body of waters and her vicious hack she barely made contact well that's what I said he needs to take chances and it's not always going to work out sometimes you'll look a little silly but if he gets gun shy it's not going to be the best play for his team.

And the first volume from Anna Lee Waters here is that forehand come right into your screen here tags and a bright and the middle has had I'm going with at least four problems here for these two today yeah it's tough because the the water's Best Shot is her two in a backhand Ben John's Best Shot is that.

Forehand back there so it's both of their strengths they're just gonna have to do a better job of talking and you saw they didn't do it there either so I would be funneling the ball there and make those two I don't care who they are they got to communicate and if they don't it's going to be a problem well 100 agree keep going there till they fix.

That foreign there in such a short motion tough shot in his Arsenal and and a bright takes another ball off the tape into her body she was trying to wheel that hand out of the way and couldn't do it yeah you can see the frustration she's thinking how in the.

World did I get beat again with that speed up points so Anna Lee Waters comes barreling in herself right here serve steep so everyone on the court has missed a serve except Anna bright I'm sorry Anna there is no announcer jinx really smart choice by ignata which they're realizing that Ben was in.

Transition a worse Defender than Waters and he just kept the pressure on him to keep coming up with those tough digs and some nice height and Jimmy is got his feet moving the whole time and that man got off the ground there is not a trampoline in the court folks it just seems like it.

Another bird but it's and there's a nice honest play by Anna bright saying yes it got the ball back over but it hit me first not a lot of competitors would instantly stop play letting everyone know she's playing Fair out here that is tremendous from Anna bright again just firing away at Ben John's in.

Front of her well yeah Waters has been beating uh bright with that speed up Cross Court into the body but that time uh bright slid out of the way and got her hands extended for a good counter that is beautiful pickleball from mcnado which Sean Ben say hey you're not the only one that can run across this kitchen line.

And dominate the court great play from him he's gonna need to keep to look to be aggressive and this is just a couple of the heavyweights exchanging blows yeah you hit the nail on the head Dave they are testing the hand speed out here of each other and that's an ambitious shot on the run.

To go inside out it's the right spot but maybe not the right hand that you heard she thought it was disguised enough but John's is just a little too disciplined I think for that one to work yeah you heard Anna say my fault oh there's that same ball same location unfortunately for ignatowich beautiful roll from mcnado which kessage.

The corner pocket and that's a been a big adjustment for them it was in the second game of doing more of a three-quarter stack and not doing that unwinding of the stack when Anna bright is returning and Anna Lee Waters says hey James that's a cool little shot you hit there I'm going to do it back to you.

You know just reminds him to stay on his line a little bit and and a bright smokes one down the middle catches the back edge of the line that was real close on the back one but again they've been so smart to make that switch you talked about did they call that good okay but they call that a good yep.

Little slider off the tape handcuffs Anna Lee Waters even off Pace behind ignata which makes him have to reset his feet and go back he has a good choice there by Waters seeing the ignata which was leaning hard towards the middle foreign Waters is able to reach out with every.

Last inch of her right arm and finish off that Ernie yeah that's when you can really complete the plays when you dink back behind the guy and then show the Ernie to take away the available safe zones sorry Point yes four two one.

Second serve a little bit of an epidemic here so a crawler goes in favor of bright and ignatowicz let's see if they can try and keep this game a little closer they've had to just dig dig out of problems they were able to do it in game two foreign.

Had the perfect combo yeah we talked about she's got to do it once in a while she set it up so well really wants that counter back that's just outrageously good pickleball all around Yeah Anna bright did everything she could she wasn't just resetting she was changing the direction of her reset still not enough to get.

Through full swing the full swing to full swing and that's gonna work on 90 percent of the pro guys but ignado it's very tough to attack like we've talked about and Ali Waters couldn't even get her feet set to defend that pace so they keep him at four two four one.

Second sir nice job of setting up himself for John's little roll in the middle there Kyle yeah he's putting pressure even when the ball bounces he's assessing if anyone's mid-court he's firing at them and forcing them to block and hit one more solid soft shot just to bring the point to neutral this is Ben John's doing Ben John's.

Things right now exactly in the hometown 4-2 for a little while here and that time ignata which wasn't able to get he's been doing that weird little punch with the left hand uh when he gets tied up a little bit couldn't get there on that one Ben Johnson comes roaring in with the.

One-handed backhand volley attack and it is now six two one second serve six two two oh and that's the perfect setup by Anna brighter that's just devastating rolling dinks yeah and it seems like ignonwich is still trying to take those borderline barely attackable balls back across to.

John's I'd rather see him keep the pressure on Waters especially if she's the one popping it up and still potentially moving good leave for Anna bright there but here's the hole again 7-2 this time we've seen this before we have seen it three times and there's a mistake from John's and is.

This the start of another comeback that we've seen in the first two games and that goes deep as well so Scrappy point on both sides now 4-7 yeah here they come Dave here they come and you see the head knot and fist pump from Anna bright and they have done a very good job of really being cohesive here in this match so it is.

Waters and Johns again taking a timeout with the lead we'll be right back thank you.

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Agility plus they feature shock absorbing foam and Skechers famous relaxed fit design for incredible Comfort game after game conquer the core in Comfort pickleball the official Footwear at the carvana PPA tour welcome back everybody if you just tuned in to game one or game two or game three.

They all look the same except for the outcome you see 13-11 bright and ignata which were able to complete the comeback their mid comeback here in game number three foreign yeah nice penetrating dink there from Waters and got bright just a little overextended sometimes opponents can be.

Just indecisive whether you take it out of the air take a step back on play it off the bounce and that goes deep and bend John's handed it get out of jail free card Dana Lee water she left a dink up and ignato which hammered it and Johns was there earlier in the point that's a big moment right there.

And that is a unbelievable combination there and all Anna bright can do is clap or paddle yeah it's one thing to be able to reach that poach but to be able to yank it across your body into the open court so good and another one so uh someone's maybe they watch the uh Top Court shake and bake tutorial during the timeout they.

Had that on their phone obviously you know and again now 9-4 and dignity which is like I'm done with this turns around and here we go again they had a 10-4 advantage in game number one it took all the way to 11-8 they had a 10-5 advantage in game two they lost it 13-11 and we're going to be coming.

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Warmer it is now into the 50s 52 now so uh and sunny and this Center Court is packed in with all the great pickleball fans here in the state of Texas and okay can they finish off their first opportunity here 10-4 game point get the sense they're going to be a little more focused here based on what happened in games one and two.

And Ben John just goes crazyville full swing inside out we are done with game number three thank you very much yeah again you kind of got that sense they didn't want to have any part of another comeback and extending the game out after they saw game two slip away a great showing of poise concentration and the number one team looking like the.

Number one team so Waters and John's have 11 three times but they haven't won the three out of five they're gonna have to do it in four we'll be right back with game number four after this to make it to the game it takes dedication and training to stay in the game it takes grit and stamina to win the game it takes strategy and skill you keep focus.

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Pickleball and the PPA tour visit to learn more so we've got a little contest Brewing on Center Court if you can drop it in the trophy looks pretty good oh just a little short almost got there big prizes were available let's not dump the trophy over and Anna Lee Waters in the middle of a.

Championship match is going to give a try to this here we go there's balls flying all over the place here so third shot drop from Anna Lee Waters hey she's already earned one of these from her actual play oh just too close well if she was struggling to get a.

Rhythm on her drops Now's the Time we're gonna get some extra touches in look at her run around it and oh just deep the crowd is enjoying the skills competition we're having we need to get DJ Selkirk out of the way so we can see the target there we go and no she'll just have to go ahead and earn.

That trophy by actually winning matches she's done once or twice all right always lots of fun crowd packed around here ignatowich and bright that time could not hit the comeback button they got that stopped instantly see if they can find some magic here in game number four again best of five on Sunday in the doubles.

Oh background was still moving so we got that killed that if that's moving you just simply cannot focus at all you see a lot of movement we're gonna get a good ball after the hijinks there in between yeah if you're bright and ignato which I mean great job making some comebacks in the first couple of games but you don't.

Want to put yourself in that position it's really important for them to start strong here potentially have a little bit of a lead if they want to extend this match drive from the loser of our third drop competition Annalee Waters didn't get it into the into the trophy that's why she went with the drive exactly.

That's just a great ball behind Ben Johns from a tough angle from mcnatta which good start for them yeah they haven't done that much and you saw how heavily uh John's was leaning towards the middle you can see the sun in his eyes he's still firing away.

It's nice that we can say someone's got the sun in their eyes we've had very cloudy and in some cases wet conditions here in Austin point one one so they stick with Anna bright staying over there on a return on odd and that's a beautiful shot from Ben.

Johns yeah not just leaning in but finding that tunnel where he knows ignato which is going to be vulnerable and ignatowicz gets tagged on the dink that is up and you can hear Anna bright it's good coaching to anybody make a bounce make it bounce I like it and that stays in after some crazy.

Defense from Anna Lee Waters and Ben Johns a rolling two-handed winner from James ignatowich yeah she tries to jump the kitchen and has to resort to a dink but does it beautifully that sails wide nice Hammer from Bright after she got the ball off the tape goes there again yeah she is going to attack a spot on.

The Ben John's body I like it right into the body take your chances with that backhand counter especially when he's trying to decide between one or two hands just deep from Anna Lee Waters great Scamper from Bright there tied at three yeah she had ignatowitz leaning would have worked but again just a little too.

Much pace just a tremendous point on both sides offense to defense and back the other way Ben Johnson gets the last swing yeah but ultimately it's the Annalee Waters speed up again Cross Court into the body of Anna bright handcuffs her and her partner puts it away and a bright one for that same pattern.

Did get a good look at a ball from Ben Johns coming back to her just slammed it deep and you heard the grunt on that two-handed backhand and they get away with another return in the Middle where there just wasn't Clarity on who was going to take the ball this team's like a thousand and two in their record.

There it is again we mentioned that when they're in that formation the middle is each of their strengths I think they're you know both Alpha players they want to hit balls out there and for now it seems like Waters who's sliding in there and taking a lot of those oh ignatowicz was in great position.

There but couldn't get on top of that one 5-3 Waters and Johns so we got ignatowich and bright taking a timeout here we will take a time out as well great mixed doubles action here on Championship Sunday on the carvana PPA tour oh.

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all right want to maximize your game performance to always stay in bounds look no further throw low pickleball socks are specifically engineered with our Innovative padding to help you perform your best pickleball socks that keep you on the ball find your sock at. welcome back everybody thanks for watching the best pickleball on the planet Anna Lee Waters serving up two in game four and there it is again in ignatowicz frustrated with himself leaving it up and Annalee Waters doesn't let you get away with anything yeah again just.

Hammering that into the body of Anna bright it's been very successful when she's found that location and that goes off the tape and stays in and 7-3 now Waters and John's Waters and Johns are not done for the day after this match they'll both play again Nick nadowicz and bright are.

And look at that absolute disgust and then the bright just looks over and goes all right I'm gonna clap My Paddle on that one come on to hit a fast sharp angle dink on a half Folly it's just it's beyond my skill side behind her it's behind ever it's beyond everyone's skill set don't put yourself in a small box there that was amazing.

okay well guess what they're down big in the game again okay all right they know what to do can they bring the magic one more time well Ben definitely played a ball that was going to hit the bear logo on the video board but hey five eight one here we go five eight.

Oh and Anna Bright's just got way too many souvenirs on her body gets tagged in the right leg this time on the ATP yeah expecting that John's is in trouble thinking he's gonna have to try to reset it up her line but he had enough to pull that around the post and there have been very few dank errors that's a tough time for one of the few.

For Anna bright and then when it's going against you yeah unlucky Anna Bright's stepping for the apex of the shot and keep it in front of her but tape had other plans and that's terrific movement of dinks and we are at Championship point for Annalee Waters and Ben Johns and bright.

And ignato which are not going to take their timeouts home so every game they've been up early what have John's and Waters been able to d