Welcome to the ONIX Austin Showdown Powered by Invited. Today’s match-ups will feature the top-ranked pro mixed doubles pickleball teams, including Ben Johns/Anna Leigh Waters, Matt Wright/Lucy Kovalova, and Riley Newman/Lindsey Newman.

0:00 – #9 Vykydalova/Jakovijevic vs #1 Hones/Zalinski
1:08:50 – #8 Koller/Irvine vs #25 Navratil/Bates
2:24:25 – #6 Johnson/Johnson vs #11 Arnold/Stratman
3:13:08 – #2 Wright/Kovalova vs #15 Smith/Tereschenko
3:49:50 – #19 Staksrud/Buckner vs #30 Munro/David
4:09:35 – #8 Koller/Irvine vs #26 French/Castillo Gargallo
4:34:10 – #15 Smith/Tereschenko vs #16 C Johns/Padegimaite
5:05:32 – #17 Loong/Braverman vs #31 Vykydalova/Jakovijevic
5:32:32 – #10 Smith/Jones vs #15 Smith/Tereschenko
6:00:25 – #17 Loong/Braverman vs #26 French/Castillo Gargallo

Location: Elevation Athletic Club (Lakeway, TX)

Mixed Doubles Draw (Top 5):

1 Ben Johns/Anna Leigh Waters
2 Matt Wright/Lucy Kovalova
3 Riley Newman/Lindsey Newman
4 Tyson McGuffin/Catherine Parenteau
5 Jay Devilliers/Callie Smith

To see the entire Mixed Doubles Draw, go to PPAtour.com.

– Defending medalists: Catherine Parenteau/Riley Newman, Lucy Kovalova/Matt Wright, Jessie Irvine/Jay Devilliers.
– Last year, Ben Johns played with Andrea Koop and Anna Leigh Waters played with Dekel Bar — neither team hit the podium.
– Johnson and Johnson: Is this the week the brother/sister duo back up a big win and make it to the finals?
– WATCH OUT FOR: Newmans are back together and a proven commodity.

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