Tyson McGuffin holding court so far with his two points the hustlers with a two note nothing lead how about that finesse finish for Annalee Waters reasonable return from Emily Waters right in the corner foreign.

Waters splits the difference two points for her two for Tyson that's big time right now getting a push between Tyson McGuffin and Annalee water huge it's also interesting too Tyson McGuffin just went with a slice return we saw Simone Georgine pick up several points and a dream Baker.

Returning and multiple balls with a slice good point cam James ignotowicz now squaring off against Rafa Hewitt for their four points that ball is wide Rafa Hewitt we'll take it fueled by Coca-Cola no shortage of energy on his side how will he sleep we don't know.

Oh what a live shot clean winner down the line my goodness yeah great ball from Hewitt and I pretty much consider this matchup a complete push in my opinion a thing of beauty countering with Perfection on that two-handed backhand when you get into it.

Doesn't even feel like cat and mouse at that point that's just like pure firefighting singles you're like oh my gosh I love this so much so fun to watch three go three more James ignatowicz tying it up four points a piece well and that's a testament to James ignata which is frame right here.

One of these balls was beautifully struck by Rafa Hewitt into the cross court and that length of James ignato which saved him so Patrick Quinn matches up against Anna bright the fives have the pick on how they matched up oh no I thought that was gonna be a clean winner cup that wrapped it back.

Around I'm looking at Corinne Carr's face over here and she's stunned that's how good that shot was just shy for Anna bright trailing down by two points foreign 17 years old holding Court in singles.

As long and so Anna bright gets a break yeah and remember a push is a win for the hustlers in this specific situation so to get that one is fantastic let's see if she can go for the two for two and a bright with a clean winner and I was Michelle I was about to say I like Hayden returning to the middle to not give her a Target on a pass she doesn't.

Care she strikes the winner either way she doesn't need angles so far no one has been able to create an edge here's the next matchup Lacey schneeman against Leia Jansen who is an excellent singles player that ball wide for Seaman this could very well be the Difference Maker for the fives foreign Jansen with a clean winner that time and.

How do you beat her if you're Lacey schneeman can you oh no absolutely she can and and we talk about it all the time four points at a time anything can happen but schneeman got to look for those big forehands Lacey schneeman gets one now she's looking for two very nice volley from Lacey schneeman but you can even see on.

That backhand approach just a little not quite as smooth as that forehand I expect her to continue to look for that big forehand oh called long Lacey schneeman went for it and you almost have to in that situation right and you see she was stepping to her left really looking for that forehand but didn't quite get her.

Feet in perfect position to line up for that uh forehand pass attempt a crucial Edge for the fives as we return to the first rotation Annalee Waters Tyson McGuffin Italy Waters holding Court in singles oh my God and only water's just twisted up Tyson McGuffin.

Tyson McGuffin finds his angle there but this is incredible Anna Lee Waters and the gum Shin she possessed possesses is unbelievable foreign Waters oh and Tyson's not moving all too well you guys after this one something was bugging him a little bit he started shaking out his right leg.

Not ideal timing for that what a shot cleaning up on the forehand was Tyson McGuffin yeah definitely Tyson's best shot in singles is the inside in forehand yeah you're you're right cam that's a great eye he is Uh something's happening I'm not sure if he's cramping or what yeah flag right now is not looking good.

James I got a witch throwing up the hand and apology it's a definite Miss hit right here from James ignatowich but nonetheless still got a paddle on it yeah Tyson known as a cramper a little bit and some of his earlier years his Fitness has really raised.

So I'm not sure if it's possible pulled muscle cramp or what we've got Dom down there telling me right now yeah he's potentially cramping that's one of the issues get this man a banana and the New Jersey fives the first team to 11 so we have an end change Dominic Catalano has an update what do.

You got down yeah it is Tyson he is cramping right now that left calf he's been very ginger on he came over and looked at the sideline goes yeah I'm cramping all right for Hewitt finds a Nifty angle on that shot tag game.

Yeah fantastic ankle created from Rafa Hood you and he needed who oh and I will say that was great disguise right there from Rafa Hewitt both of those Strokes looked identical one Cross Court one up the line that was a thing of beauty yep Rafa Hugh it's so good on both Wings he's got a big two-handed backhand and a big forehand.

Obviously from you see right there oh Rafa Hewitt's determination and drive unmatched on display in this one what a turn of events here in favor of the hustlers now we turn to our next combination it's Anna bright against Hayden Patrick and a bright comes out early what'd you.

Like about that choice well it was fortunate for her that Hayden panra Patrick Quinn's return was so short great job of her getting up to the ball and uh putting that backhand up the line foreign and the hustlers find themselves with a four-point advantage.

and a brand has her own fan section in the crowd she takes back the surf Hayden Patrick finding a way to drop that one in now not putting too much on that so that it allowed Anna to get back into position off the bounce there and upright with the two-handed backhand.

Line Drive what a beauty I'm I'm just saying incredible stuff just incredible shot making from Anna bright Hayden did nothing wrong except for that initial short return on the first point everything else was just too good for man of right yeah she's just reading that like a book opened up one opportunity and just absolutely executed.

Next on the rotation Lacey schneeman Leia Jansen this is a tough rotation for the hustlers they put themselves in a very good position though with this Advantage going into this rotation assistant.

Wide for schneeman yeah just tailing away from the court with that side spin getting inside the ball on that inside out forehand attempt ball carrying just a little too far a few inches wide Leia Jansen is just too good in singles yeah very step ahead every time very crisp volley short compact stroke just looked like another day at the office.

For Leia Jansen can she get it here tough Miss for Lacey schneeman how about Leia Jansen tying things up for the New Jersey fives the team that just will not die you don't you can't count on up here there everywhere well in these top three rotations in the last round went the direction of the New York Hustler so.

They again have put themselves in a very good position now it's back to Annalee Waters and Tyson McGuffin figure Jess she just tried to do a Tyson McGuffin right there bumping her own chest doing a full impersonation of Tyson McGuffin you want to get feisty.

Yeah Emily Waters you gotta love it call it what you want Anna Lee Waters we continue in this rotation yourself again she and he she she hit the let cord and she doesn't stay back she just charges forward Kamikaze unbelievable absolutely no fear that's what it looks like to trust every ounce of your game and just like that.

The New Jersey five's on top 18-17 tough Miss for Waters but what an incredible sequence for her three clean winning shots so Rafa Hewitt with the pressure on his shoulders against James ignatowicz this is what Rafa Hewitt loves he lives for this moment let's see what he's got.

Freshers on both sides he's not a witch I like coming up big I like the decision James stayed really steady right there he could have done a lot with that ball instead he finds the short angle doesn't do too much right and Rafa Hewitt kind of started to come in then Retreat it I think that decision with court position and cost him in that.

Situation foreign sometimes that's your only option I'll tell you what sometimes that's your only James ignotowicz has electric hand speed but that man has been hit several times in this match and right now he just did you see that he just hit the ball away from him he's.

Like no you know you got to go chase this one buddy to High game once again oh my we're not having any fun here foreign Hewitt trying to be the hero and so far he's accomplishing that I mean he tested James ignatowicz on every Edge right here every step of the way just perfect placement from Rafa Hewitt just Wicked.

Play the man that thrives on momentum and the energy of Major League pickleball with the match on his paddle thank you that ball is low
This was the dreambreaker between The 5’s and The New York Hustlers.
This took place at the 2023 MLP Mesa Event.

Hayden Patriquin/Anna Leigh Waters/Lea Jansen/James Ignatowich vs. Rafa Hewitt/Tyson McGuffin/Anna Bright/Lacy Schneeman