I got this Beautiful Finish By shout out to the Riley Newman this is the only team that has beaten Ben and Annalee this year with plays like Riley was running in the mat right earlier he's running into Catherine off.

The game put away Catherine not able to get the ball back his dominance is point when he steps on the court zero two the great Singh songy voice of Derek Prince is our referee one two one point big roller stays in right in the corner.

That they have a lot of times you just see the women going back and forth in these cross-court battles and then the guys inserting themselves they insert themselves in the guy's business and handle it very well unbelievable get up there by the spot but most people wouldn't even be able to get that point extended.

foreign I like it we're getting some energy from the crowd from anywhere she can find it that is where serves go to die right zero zero two Riley Newman forehand.

nope light out foreign finish but what did we see there from front thank you foreign.

on this ball foreign she's there he's there she's there.

That's the chemistry that you just hacked I can't counter she just is we're eating the ball so incredibly well perfect and Riley's like okay they're concerned that helped me finally.

Off balance when that thing just zero three two riff at the third and it says all right I'll just go up to the net and take a single she's the only human on that side foreign start working a pattern.

foreign so here we go game point for John's and Waters.

And it is foreign thank you foreign a two championship day for him and a Triple Crown.

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