Brayden here today we're doing a one minute review of the HD 6.8 by who death I was interested in trying this paddle out because they're doing something a little different with the core they're calling it through Rod engineering they essentially added some rods throughout the polymer core and I wanted to see how.

It played so when you get this paddle in the mail it's actually a really nice experience it comes in a customized box it comes with a nice case and some Edge guard tape to protect the edges designed but that's where the good stuff ends you notice real quick when you start playing with it that has a very tight sweet spot and that tight sweet spot is very.

Difficult to manage and it negates all the good things about the paddle like it's extra pop and higher maneuverability additionally the ball just bounces off a bit erratically it's not consistent across the face and I think part of that is because the tighter sweet spot but I don't think that the throughout engineering is.

Helping either and then lastly the face just doesn't grab the ball it has low spin potential so that was a bit disappointing overall not a big fan of it and wouldn't recommend it
Hudef Pickleball is trying something new with a unique core that had rods extending through the polymer. Not all new things are good, though, and I don’t think this one worked out for them. Here’s my one minute review of the Hudef HD6.8 pickleball paddle.

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