Hey everyone it's Tyler from Universal rackets also known as pickleball with Tyler and today we are going over different types of shots we're going over offensive neutral and defensive shots let me do that again offensive neutral and defensive shots if you can think about the height of the ball while you're up at the kitchen you're going to.

Be able to determine if you can go for it pull the trigger if you can be let's say neutral or if you have to make sure you dink it back or get the ball low and keep it in play so the first thing let's go over offensive the most fun one offensive shot what does that mean when the ball is super offensive how can you tell when the ball is high up in the air.

When the ball is above the net this is an offensive ball why is this an offensive ball because look the ball my paddle is higher than the net so what can I do I can go down on the ball it's super high I can snap my wrist maybe if it's this high I can roll it but anything High that's when you want to go big because you can come down on the.

Ball now unless the ball is with your arm or unless the ball is at your paddle when your arm's fully extended you don't go down again so if it's offensive ball and it's as high as my paddle and my arms fully extended and then I can come down but where too many players go wrong and they net their offensive ball is when the ball's around this High yeah.

It's over than that it's offensive but they go like this look if I go like this where's the ball gun here it's going to go directly in the net so instead of taking a offensive ball up high like this why because my arm's this High there's my paddle if it's lower than that I need to turn my paddle to the side and do a roll so again if the.

Ball's super high where my paddle is extended I can come down on it but if the ball is around this height watch I'm going to turn my paddle to the side and then I'm going to do a roll over the ball by doing a roll it's going to get my paddle below the ball I'm going to make contact above the ball and then I'm going to be able to roll it down so it's.

Kind of going to look like this here we are so again here we are so watch the ball is this High I'm putting my paddle down and I'm going to roll the ball that was a bad one so here we are I'm going to roll the ball when I hit now if the ball is around my chest maybe it's above the net.

But it's either around here or lower from here to here here to here I'm going to think that it's neutral so if I ever get a ball that's around my chest even if it's above the net I'm going to either if it's a forehand I'm going to hold my paddle out here but if it's a backhand or anything over here look I'm going to get it in my paddle out here.

And take it as a backhand so this is what I'm going to be doing if it's a neutral shot I'm not going to be going like this or like this right I'm going to be doing this why am I doing that because look if I come on top of the ball and I go down where's the ball going to go in the net so if a ball is ever around your chest.

Area what are you going to do you're going to be neutral so that means you're not offensive you're not defensive but you're trying to create an opportunity right when you're neutral the goal is to get the next ball offensive so if I ever have a ball around my chest look what I'm going to do I want you to keep on watching what am I not doing that I did.

When I had those offensive shots I'm not taking a big swing right you want to think short and compact like a staccato nymph you don't want to be moving too much you either want to be here you want to hear hear maybe a little bit right but you want to keep it very short you want to think of a block okay now if the ball is low now if the.

Ball is low that means you are on defense okay so again if I ever get a ball that's low here I want you to think right now so I'm below the net how do I get the ball in from here how do I get the ball in from here you guys know what do I have to do I have to hit it above the net right I can't hit this ball down because it's so.

Low the only chance that I have when I get the ball low is I have to hit it up to get it over the net now if you if you're Advanced or you're in an intermediate Advanced and you want to get good what you're going to do is when you get a low ball like this if it's a low volley you're going to have soft hands and you're going to then hit it.

Real slow right hit it nothing and Dink it back over so if you can get it low if you have a low ball on your own defense and you can dink it back that's amazing but if you can't do that your number one goal is when you're down here is to just keep it short and try to get the ball back you are not going for broke here right the only shot that you have is.

Getting the ball back the main goal is to not Pop the ball super high up like I said before because if I have it low and I pop it super high up now that person has what if it's super high quizzing you guys an offensive shot so when it's low you need to know that there's nothing to do but to let it go no I'm kidding but you got to keep it slow when it's low.

You got to be loose and just try to get it back this is where dinking comes in right what is the whole goal of dinking the goal of dinking is to neutralize your opponent and to then keep on dinking with your opponent until they mess up pop up the ball and then smash it down so if you ever get a low ball I want you to think that you're going to.

Then dink okay so again high ball come down you're on offense okay neutral ball you're going to keep it short and compact try to keep create an opportunity but again when it's low you're going to try to then dink it over hit it into the kitchen so then your opponent can't smash it that's why dinking is such a big thing because if.

You dink if someone thinks to me my goal is to dank it back because if I don't I'm going to pop it up and they're going to smash it down now this is for beginner intermediate Club level recreational level pickleball players you may see on YouTube and I'll probably get some comments just kidding I'm just starting out this YouTube channel but.

You'll see someone gets the ball at their chest and they rip the ball notice if I get a ball out of my chest and I'm able to hit an offensive shot what am I able to do what am I doing right if I get my ball on my chest right if I get my ball on my chest boom what am I doing with my legs I'm dropping my center of gravity so look if.

It's this high right that's offensive this high is offensive right watch if I drop my legs now I can get under the ball and lift it over the net so that's a little bit more advanced tactic but you may see some players some Advanced players take offensive shots when the ball is a little bit lower because they're dropping their legs lowering.

Their contact points so they can get under the ball so next time you go on court I want you to think again if it's high you're on offense when it's up here with your arm extending then you can come down if it's middle around your chest you have to be neutral you're going to just block the ball and if it's low you're going to.

Then dink it back you're on defense your goal is to neutralize your opponent and hit it back to the kitchen so I hope you guys got some advice some good content from this video some good tips next time you're on court try to use this try to think is it high is it middle is it low when should I pull the trigger when the ball's up here right I put the link to.

My Instagram description my company Universal rackets Instagram description we put what else did we put in the description um I'm not sure have to work on that but I hope you guys enjoyed this video oh yeah also we we host uh daily meetups or weekly meetups every Monday and Wednesday free online uh pickleball.

Coaching so make sure to check out my Meetup I put it in the link in the description have a good one guys I hope you guys use these tips and I'll see you on court next time bye
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