All right well as the heat is on the clothes come off yes and there's a sport that's taking off it's actually the regular version of this we've been talking about for years has taken off like crazy new joshing around pickleball nude pickleball nude pickleball oh yes.

Yes and they can't they of course they keep their white tall white socks on of course of course yes i mean these guys are old nudists from coast to coast are finding out that nudists want more pickleball oh i do almost anything to see the uncut video of this nude pickle i think it.

Would be hilarious nude pickleball is beating the pants off its competition clothing optional resorts are advertising their pickleball facilities holding tournaments and putting in more courts because it's a big draw now mike sullivan is a usa pickleball ambassador he said pickleball is the biggest sport at their local nudist resort in florida.

By five times pickleball began there at cypress grove nudist resort 14 years ago five years later they had two pickleball courts five years ago those two courts multiplied to six today it's the most popular sport there with 172 nudists playing there seven days a week holy crap there's a lot of nude.

People so nothing else comes close to popularity tennis is dying off pickleball is the new rage there too many balls on the court absolutely oh wow this is just like the oh my goodness nature intended this is the resort where it really took off.

Okay yeah no i mean there's no chance that none of these people are there no these are two hot people she had a little landing strip sweet body he looks like cesaro from wwe and yeah there's nothing super buff dudes like this no.

They're gonna show his uh meat hammer here any second meat hamburger well like they showed the girl fully and they didn't like oh my god right off the rip i'm sorry this is what a nudist resort was actually like i would actually be interested because there's like people my age.

But we saw the pickleball court not real right oh wow there it is yep i got thor's hammer dangling yeah exactly hey girl oh look at this old couple oh yeah look to the corner of the hot tub sorry morehead hold on hold on no no no no no no no no.

She's coming in wait a second there she is nude drinking it up i'll take a club sandwich they're not there yeah yeah no not happening.

That's a hell of a place yeah i love the they're going to have netflix oh they have a series on netflix oh yeah they there's a show about this place cypress cypress oh yes oh yes yes full screen oh my god big balls tiny dog.

Holy full screen no no no saying that oh my god how did you show yourself looking like that bro do it how yes more interesting and more fun see that big item right behind me that's the latest on the way they make it fun.

I'm gonna get in why he's going in listen here we go well it's nudist music and the nudists are waiting to catch him oh there's a big naked lady right at the head he's gonna get out all dripping wet with this time.

Oh my god did you see those knockers oh my god did you see those things that was like clock weights jesus that was like a grandfather clock between his legs oh god i'll never look at the slip and slide the same.

Come on anyway this guy said i own an ac company in naples and take care of uh nudist colony there's nothing worse than a bunch of naked old sweaty people in one space oh my god i can't believe that guy getting up out of that slide oh god his his nuts were halfway through yep leg my god the curse he's been cursed.

By the day i'm so confident kudos to him right i always think that no matter if i don't want to see it kudos to him for having the balls literally to just get nude with that yeah he's been doing it for 30 years he's been confident yeah he has yeah and again good for him there's so many people that are all those sunburns.

Oh man i mean he's just really oiled up oh definitely
Dave & Chuck the Freak talk about a nudist resort in Florida that is seeing an explosion in nude pickleball players and even get a glimpse of a resident using their naked water slide!