Hi it's John Eugenics Grandpa and today I'm reviewing the Explorer Pro pickleball paddle from new people if you watch my previous review on the Frank Anthony Davis paddle you know that that one has been discontinued as of this recording of this video and this is one that I think you'll find that you could purchase that place similarly to.

The Frank Anthony Davis paddle so I've got some video here of me unboxing the paddle we'll play that and then we'll come back and talk more about this paddle alright so here's the Explorer Pro from new people just going to unbox it here real quickly looks like a little advertisement there for learning pickleball.

A little tag indicating that it's USA pickleball approved the Explorer pioneer there's all the stats I'll flash that up here for you to see it got the paddle itself and a case for it so there's the Explorer it's got the same graphics on both sides.

Pull the plastic off here we go feels nice so here's the Frank Anthony Davis here's the Explorer Pro I think these are pretty much the same paddle they look to be the same thickness handles are the same length.

And same thickness so we'll play with these and give you a review the Explorer Pro is USA pickleball approved for tournament play it says it was developed by pros and designed for pros it's got a graphite carbon fiber with added Grit that helps with pop and spin a polypropylene.

Honeycomb Core that helps with control and power it's also got a very comfortable grip in my opinion the paddle comes in at just about 16 inches long 15.94 inches and it's nearly eight inches wide 7.91 inches the paddle face is 0.54 inches which is going to get you around.

14 millimeters the handle length is 4.96 inches and the handle diameter is 1.35 inches which gets you a circumference of 4.45 inches the Explorer Pro also has a really nice Edge guard I found that it's a good quality hedge guard and one of the things that I really like about it is that it comes with a cover there are.

Two and three hundred dollar paddles that don't come with a cover all right so when it comes to the specifications of this paddle they're nearly identical to the Frank Anthony Davis paddle the one exception is that this is a little bit lighter it's just slightly over eight ounces whereas the Frank Anthony Davis one I think had a little bit more.

Weight added to it it's also a more balanced paddle so the Frank Anthony Davis had a little more weight towards the front of the paddle or the top of the paddle whereas this one feels like the weight is more in the middle and it gives you a more balanced feel in your hand just like with the last paddle as you.

Can see here this is more intended for a one-handed use you can get a two-handed backhand out of this but I usually prefer a little bit longer handle in order to do that I was able to generate a decent amount of spin with this when I was playing with it and I did feel like it had a little pop and a little power.

Definitely more pop than my gearbox that I play with but not as much control or spin that I can generate with that gearbox I think I played about five or six games with this particular paddle and they all went fairly well well as well as they can for 3.5 player like me and I had a really good time playing with this paddle I never felt like it.

Was too Poppy for my skill level I think one thing that a lot of people run into sometimes is they go get a paddle that to generate power and because of their skill level I have seen this with some players anyway uh who are in the three to four range they get a real poppy paddle and then they have a lot of.

Trouble controlling the ball so while this does have a good amount of Pop you it doesn't lose a ton of control uh in exchange for that this particular paddle runs between 70 and 80 dollars so it's not going to break the bank if you're just looking for paddles that you want to explore with or if you're coming off of your first paddle or something like.

This even though this paddle is part of their professional line it does feel more like an intermediate paddle to me than a pro paddle so if you're looking to upgrade your paddle and get out there and improve your skill level I think this is a good paddle to start doing that with this is probably compared to paddles that have come out in the last.

Year or so you would probably call this 1.0 technology maybe 1.5 but the graphite face paddles with the polymer they've been able to do a lot more with them these days they're starting to put foam around the edges to increase the size of the sweet spot so it isn't what I would deem I mean it's not ancient technology but it's definitely older.

Technology compared to what you can get out there right now so keep that in mind when you do go purchase this paddle again I was very happy playing with this paddle I played some good games with it and if you want to check it out there's a link in the description below where you can get it I'm John Eugenics Grandpa this has been the Explorer Pro from new.

People and uh yeah I'll be reviewing some more pickleball products here pretty soon I think I got a review of some balls coming up and hopefully I can get some more paddles as well all right I'll talk to you next time bye
The Niupipo Explorer Pro is USA Professional Pickleball Approved for Sanctioned Tournament Play. It was developed by pros. It has a graphite carbon fiber face with added grit. The polypropylene honeycomb core offers control, power, and durability. The ultra perforated cushion grip provides long-lasting comfort and tackiness.


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