It is time to give away some hardware because it is time for women's doubles pro gold medal match-up it is todd bright versus the brashes that's right paris todd and her partner anna bright partnering up for the first time versus maggie and mary brasha brasha is coming out of the contender's bracket so let's take a look at the.

Challengers that is as it is a true double final so they must win the two out of three as well as one game to 15 to take home the gold medal cameron erwin alongside scott crandall we saw so much defense from the brashes why are they so good at it they the brushes have a great soft game they're both great thinkers they have.

Fantastic hands i've played against them many times and it you're always amazed at how they can put their paddle on the ball so their defensive skills are are their strength their strategy is good they put the ball away not with power but with placement and so the uh you know the contrasting.

Styles of this match should make it a really interesting one and you know they're local so they've got some they've got some fans here they've got some family here um and uh they're just they're they're a tough team they kind of have the they definitely have that sister thing going on where they they know where each other.

Are and they cover the court um so effectively so they do exactly that you talked about contrasting styles a little bit there is a lot of pace and power coming on the side of those two that's paris todd and anna bright they bring a ton of pace take a look at these two and tell me a little bit about the dynamic they share.

Well they are both great great tennis players high level they both can hit the ball hard their their hands at the kitchen are phenomenally fast if this match comes down to a hand you know if there are continuous hands battles anna breit and paris todd are going to win the majority of those in my opinion um.

Because they can just they just reload and they have they've got quick hands their ground strokes are phenomenal the pace that they can hit the ball with is just uh you know it's a they're bringing pickleball to a new level uh with the way they play they're really bringing all of their their power and their.

Tennis skills to pickleball and they're doing it in an effective way but they're also getting better at all of the little pickleball specific skills as well every time i see paris play i notice a little increment that she improves at so she's a student of the game as is anna it's like it's it's fun to watch them because.

Every every couple weeks you see them get better so the tennis players are facing off you've got a former pro tennis player in paris todd college tennis player and anna bright go bears and maggie and mary also the same as we are now into our gold medal match-up women's pro doubles.

Thanks for joining us here at the consumer cellular usa pickleball championships friday action we've still got saturday and sunday to go we hope to join us every day there is mary brusha sitting a little bit of a funky pop there off the top of the net.

Maggie has gotten three or four of those net cords that just cross her up and you know there's nothing you can do when it hits off the net like that coming at that pace thank you another great reset there from maggie brasha cross court.

Winner right at the body of mary step back and then finish yeah once it's up paris is going to take care of business but with this match-up those hands battles aren't always just going to end the point because the brushers are able to reset a lot of these fast volley exchanges and get it.

Back down to a dinking game there's that off speed speed up half speed it's a deceptive shot really nice hello anna bright yeah one of our first ernies of the day yeah great timing and decision making there from bright recognizing that deep dink down the line.

Mary brusha's eyes looking more towards her feet trying for our own shake and bake there big overhead from bright the brushes they don't swing hard but if you hit it hard at them they will hit it hard you know they will use your pace against you.

And they will redirect it to a good spot and maggie had a good look at it oh that was in her wheelhouse you could hear it off the sound of her paddle four one one oh paris todd coming flying in perfectly set up one heck of a rip there from todd yeah.

So the brushes are gonna have to be careful with their return to serve because if you don't hit a quality return anna and paris can just rip drives at you the previous two drives uh one of them won right on the spot and the other one.

Set paris up so the way you deal with drives like that is you try to prevent them with quality returns otherwise your volleys have to be very good one five now nice defense from maggie great hands my maggie and mary.

And after the longest rally of the day goes the direction of todd and bright so many resets neutralizing the point but ultimately goes the direction of the number two see that's the notorious paris todd return she puts so much spin on that ball it's gonna run away from you once it bounces yeah you gotta lift.

Backpacks now six to one i believe the brushes are gonna take a time out here they faced off against georgia johnson and lawrence stratman and actually beat them to get into this matchup and that was one heck of a battle they stayed so steady and so patient.

Just defensive play after defensive play right now seems like there's a lot of pace coming their direction what can they do in order to kind of stale off some of that power and pace they're going to have to be they're very good defenders but i've seen a few of uh a few of.

A few of these hands battles if they would have let the ball go if they if they could choose what ball they let go they can kind of end it with a um you know with an outball and when you let the power hitters hit it out it sort of diffuses their power and they stop doing it you know if you get if you're if you play against someone who drives.

It all the time let the bangers bang the ball out so you have to let some out balls go just to kind of slow slow down the bangers let's see if they're able to make some adjustments here say trail by five they played last week in l.a i asked them how it went that's the brash's sisters and they said you know we're on.

The up and up we're learning every time we get on the court together mary a recent graduate he's been spending a lot of time on the pickleball court speaking of patience there it is finally going away of the brushes um and challenging the middle there is anna.

Bright nice shot just out of reach of maggie yeah no i mean maggie's doing the right thing to play against them you have to keep your dinks low and in the kitchen make them play softballs but when they pulled the trigger you've got to punish them uh and that ball was that ball was up and in the middle of.

The court and maggie's got to take care of that if you're going to if you're going to beat a team like paris todd and anna bryant it's one thing if you pop up a dink and they hit it hard at you it's another thing if they take it off the bounce and hit it high over the middle you gotta you have to win that one.

Anna and paris are getting good looks and taking clean cuts at all thank you challenging from sideline to sideline are todd and bright well on the right side paris todd has a beautiful forehand top spin roll dink that'll send you wide and on the left side anna bright has this.

Two-hander that she can roll the other direction so both of them can send you sideways mary prasha took a little bit of a field trip there had to run down and chase the ball maybe lost a little there she misses the serve as well nice job by maggie.

From backhand to forehand yeah but that's the one they're not handling but like anna has beaten them uh hard down the middle with balls that are i would say medium high which are gettable so and if they're not gonna deal with it if i was anna i would keep putting it there i like the thought about kind of.

Changing the pace on todd and bright not giving them a whole lot to look at just kind of slowing the game down in general yes that's and mary and maggie are definitely it is what they're trying to do i mean maggie's hitting nice dicks anna took another ball off the bounce and sped up that has to be punished and.

It wasn't again 192. and i like the change of pace there even from anna bright sees the high ball just kind of goes at the 70 percent up the line shot changing the timing for mary brusha and it's anna's hands are so fast even if mary's on it hannah is waiting for the next one.

But i've also been impressed with with paris and anna's patience dinking yeah they're not just pulling the trigger off the first or second ball they're they're digging 10 shots and then waiting for the ball they want to speed up on on their terms so they haven't been impatient.

It's funny i mean they're winning by a lot and they haven't even executed that play yet and they keep setting themselves up perfectly for it so everything going the direction of todd and bright everything else at least there it is mary brusha says i know your hands are fast.

But i'm there too sorry some speed off the paddle of paris todd as she closes that out on the cross court yeah she's hit me with that shot a few times it does not feel good todd's ability to then change kind of the direction of that speed up or that contest going cross court we've seen it.

A couple times now another game point opportunity for todd and bright and again todd working with the cross court speed up right on the right side of mary yeah they're getting what they want out of that almost every time.

And you're seeing the reach there her partner paying it off 11-1 in game number one for todd and bright our number two seed looking for a gold medal together in their first first tournament together as partners paris paris todd and anna bright are already out on the court ready to rock.

And roll as they took game number one here in the gold medal match for the consumer cellular usa pickleball newport beach championships over the brashas 11-1 game number two let's see what the brashes can put together work to slow it down.

Match is brought to you by consumer cellular the official wireless network provider for usa pickleball and the first two going away of the brashes they are now first on the board a good start which they need.

The brushes definitely have the style that can they can uh make this match competitive because i think playing slow and playing soft is the the way to do it you just have to execute perfectly and your defense has to be on oh change direction a few times there from.

Maggie and again trying to chase that ball up the middle so challenging she's got a full extent for that but it is the cross court person's job like if you're on the left that middle is yours with the big forehand todd maybe trying to be a bit too aggressive there to take that ball out.

Of the air tells herself to maybe let that ball off come off the bounce yeah she has not made many uh dink errors though so that's that's the first one i've seen there's a good look from maggie letting that one go along yeah when you're playing against a couple of people who are who are good at.

Driving it you definitely don't want to hit the out one do you you want to let them see the ball go out one one one and that was one of the first looks of mary trying to speed the ball up not a bad idea because no it could have caught him by surprise so good try and the brashes take advantage.

Speeding that up from the first get-go yeah well they found a good spot it was right between these opponents and up until this point mary brescia has done a really nice job of fending off some of those forehand rolls from paris todd because those can get away from you you have to be able to if you're not.

Going to move you have to have a nice short hop to deal with it otherwise you really got to hustle and then cut it back and she's been short hopping the majority of them now and again waiting for the right moment there hot and bright yeah and if bright.

Doesn't win it on the first one she's right there with the with the second combo that was right on the shoulder gets an unlucky bounce off the net waiting again for the high ball paris todd finishing i'm definitely impressed with.

Paris and anna's patience waiting for the right ball there they handled all the dinks hurry getting that ball down the feet ball called long and i like this look though from bright it's a nice roll that's close point.

Again todd working that cross court that was called i believe so yeah yeah so ball called in 5-2 now change of pace and that ball is out of bounds i like that oh and you saw earlier in this game too.

Mary having a conversation saying i'm gonna wait a second longer on some of those forehand rolls i think i'm gonna have enough space to go for the atp it was a nice play set up by those two good recognition as she goes for another again but just hits the post but you're right that is kind of the the third way to deal with someone who's got.

A nice roll sideways the the closer it lands to the sideline the more you have an atp available i have no idea how mary got those first two let alone what side of the paddle those ended up hitting that was some great play there to try and stay in it again just peppering the ball as todd again that's enough this is about the.

Point they called a timeout last time for the brasches it was six to one in game number one yeah i mean these points have they've lasted longer there's more dinking there's more movement but anna and paris are still getting what they want it then are usually finishing.

With something powerful so uh right now they're playing they're playing very well uh mary and maggie are attempting the right thing you just have to do it so perfectly well and they understand too that again when when in talking to them they said you know we're on the up and.

Up we're we're starting to get our doubles game in sync and on the women's side though for singles i will say mary brush has done a fantastic job picking up a few titles here in the last few weeks as has someone else on the other side of the net paris todd a fantastic singles player she made quite a name for herself.

Challenging the top contenders and also taking them down now very solid singles player as well so those two mary and paris have done such a solid job in that regard anna bright also she is deadly a lot of people have talked so much about the way paris.

Takes the ball off the bounce frequently but we've also seen her take some speed ups out of the air reaching into the kitchen line yeah time long but she's not scared to do that as well and very effective at it yeah below the height of the net and the second one from anna bright she waited till mary's eyes went.

Down yeah people say i mean that's just anna making a great read on where the ball is going great clothes there's the player waiting for yeah but like the the quality drive followed by the the bake the you know anna getting in the middle and.

Finishing uh the put away you well controlled play from the brushes beautifully done nice finishing combo from from maggie kind of a poke and then got the high one and put it away down the middle two eight one.

Same thing for anna reaching down trying to take that well below the height of the net yeah maggie has has kind of jammed paris right right kind of high in her body a couple times and got gotten a pop-up out of it i mean paris did the perfect thing once your partner jumps out to take the ernie.

When you see your partner off the court you gotta get get to the middle and paris was on anna's side that was great just enough power off the paddle of mary for those volleys to keep coming back her direction not able to get one of those down second serve eight three two.

I love the brushes mary's exclamation there's oh goodness she misses that ball wide two fantastic athletes great personalities out on the court and and off the court as well nice play there from anna bright brushes take an extra second to send the.

Ball back over it's been a little gamesmanship i'm not going to lie between these two in terms of who's picking up the ball when who serve it when i say these two i mean both teams paris trying to work with a slice there.

In terms of resetting trying to take out as much pace as she can she was far enough back that if the ball didn't bounce in front of her it was gonna be tough so credit to maggie for hitting it deep enough quick finish from anna bright there nice close you're right about the uh.

Ball exchange on when someone's serving i did not pick that up match point for todd and bright for the gold and there it is your gold medalist here at the consumer cellular usa pickleball championships women's pro doubles goes to paris todd and anna bright.

In a very strong showing 11 to 1 11 to 4. so big congratulations those two but also hats off to the basha sisters who have had a fantastic tournament and a great display here taking down some top level teams however falling short against the number two seed who's walking away with the gold we'll have an interview with those two your big time.

Winners right after this short break you guys i think we're trying to find paris todd she may have run off but paris if you can hear me come on back because we have your gold medal all right everybody thanks again for joining us here at the consumer cellular usa pickleball championships there she is and we do there it is gotta love it all.

Right i'm hanging out with paris todd and i'm bright our gold medal is as long as we've also got a great man our tournament director here pat rolfes and i think it's time to hand out some of those gold medals pat go ahead nice job ladies super impressive it's super hard to win a newport congratulations and your golden ticket.

To nationals right here thank you nice job and our hometown girl paris todd we love you in newport paris congratulations all right don't go anywhere thanks so much pat and actually ladies we're gonna have a little bit of a championship interview here as well because i know.

This is your first tournament together so i gotta say what is working so well in terms of team chemistry between the you two i think we have really similar energy on court we both get really fired up we naturally like turn to each other after big points and uh both really supportive so just a blast playing together and.

Then in terms of facing off against the basha sisters what is it that made them so challenging and you also took down some pretty fantastic teams throughout this tournament so what has it been like to face off against some of the top talent it's been awesome first of all i want to congratulate the borasha sisters they.

Had an amazing tournament and played a great match but me and anna just fired up fired up today so it was a lot of fun all right paris i'm gonna come back to you because this is your first gold medal for women's doubles we've seen them come on the side of women's singles so what does this one mean to do it alongside your friend anna.

Bright so awesome so much fun so thanks anna all right ladies well it's time to go celebrate those gold medals and so i'm going to send you guys on off but don't go anywhere