Welcome back to the consumer cellular usa pickleball newport beach championships johnson fraser versus young and yates that's our 1v2 for this gold medal match-up for men's pro doubles this has been the consumer cellular usa pickleball newport beach championships and the sun is starting to set but the.

Play is yet to cameron irwin alongside scott crandall you can see j.w johnson facing off against his own partner right there that's dylan frazier young and yates that's dj young and kyle yates going head-to-head on the near side of your screen so let's walk you through this who is our challenger well that's going to be young and yates they're.

Coming out of the backdrop so let's take a look at what they have to offer they've got a lot going on the defensive play of kyle yates has been on point there's a look at him to get started um yeah uh dj and kyle have uh played played their way through the back draw kyle has really demonstrated some awesome defensive skills uh he also has.

All kinds of trickery with his offense he was very consistent today and played a really smart match in the bronze medal match that helped them come out victorious in three games um and then dj on the other hand a super strong left side player he's very aggressive he knows how to cover a lot of court including the whole court sometimes but.

He's comfortable anywhere between 60 and 92 percent of the court dj dj can uh can have it covered he's got a lot of offensive skills um they they run a lot of plays uh you know kind of set plays off of drives and they're a lot of fun to watch it is very uncomfortable being in front of them because they have so much offense you.

Never know what sort of flick or what sort of trick or speed up is coming uh so a very strong team and they've got some confidence and some momentum coming in so and they haven't played jw and dylan today so it should be you know the first time playing each other should be a lot of fun all right now their opponents you just mentioned jw and.

Dylan that's j.w johnson and dylan frazier well they have done very well in this competition at this point i don't believe they've dropped a game on the day as well j.w johnson one of the best if not the best in pickleball especially watch that wrist of j.w johnson yeah j.w johnson has some of the fast hands if not the fastest in the game so everyone.

Everyone respects that it's always super fun to to watch him play he's got he's got some some backhand flicks and some forehand flicks and he's got offense off of he generates offense out of positions that don't seem offensive you never know what he's going to do um super strong dinker very good.

Defender so offense defense just just solid fundamentals and there's dylan there's dylan frazier dylan fraser has some of the fastest hands he is a great partner but he plays the right side with jw perfectly a great partner for for jw because as a team their hand speed is just phenomenal you know they're both good dinkers and.

They have good hands so if you can't outlast them at the kitchen and you can't go through them well what are you going to do you got to figure it out i expect to see dj and kyle probably drive the ball a lot at them and see if they can get through them that way before it gets to.

The kitchen um but you know you never you they're they're solid all around so we just have to see what happens but they've got a lot of confidence and uh dylan and jw smile a lot while they're playing so they're gonna have a good time well we are just about ready to get going our resident pros scott crandall.

Giving you the full layout the scouting report on all four of these fantastic pros and it looks as if dylan frazier will get us started with the first serve and our final match of the day we got to give out some gold and silver medals quick point for j dub and dylan zero two.

And it lands again trying to duck out of the way but just low enough to stay in bounds yeah that's one of those where kyle tries to speed it up but against these guys you better be ready for the for the second the third and the fourth one.

One of their matches earlier today the conversation was yeah you better be ready for about three or four in those hands battles at the kitchen line second serve and it's not that you can't speed it up against them you just have to pick the right ball you either have to have the right ball to do it or you have to fool them with some deception of.

Some kind that's a nice shot there reaching in and the quick flick from kyle yates yeah he took the ball out of the air and picked a really nice spot top spin on that ball point make it 2-2 2-2-2.

3-2 young and yates now with the advantage and we've seen that play before the the the shake and bake the drive and they've both been doing it dj drove that time and kyle finished and the side out there dj left that down the line dink up just slightly high.

Two three one dylan's able to poke at it without taking much of a swing quick hands from dj young there it is kyle yates playing a little football now kicking that ball back first side out ball see what j-dub can muster up here two three two.

Wow what a region from dj young what do we even call that he's covering for his partner on the switch three two one or excuse me on the stack oh man what a bummer getting caught on the back gate here at consumer cellular usa.

Pickleball championships trying to take out the beat he had his paddle on that ball he just didn't have enough room gotta find even more defense now lifting that balls in great touch and the ball is called out of bounds.

Two three one oh yeah i just dj just pushed it a little deep dj young said keep it low that ball popping up again he tried to move in to cover it but yeah and dylan is very efficient at that he's a good thinker and he's always he's always ready out there if you if you.

Leave it a little high he will flick it at you and he will be ready with the counter to it so he's dylan's he's a dangerous person to think to just because of that it's like he will just flick it 4-3-1 and then get you on the second one too inviting him in holy time.

That same thing goes again i think dylan frazier's got a really nice read here on dj young in terms of the direction he goes trying to slide towards the middle it ends up just getting tagged one minute five three one so why would he be sliding that direction was he's trying to do open up the backhand to push back.

Or what's the thought there i think he just he realized oops i left this dink up here it comes and so where's the open court let me just let me let me shift middle and try and cover that but the other thing is when you're in the midst of trying to figure out where dylan's going to go dylan's not giving you anything he.

Doesn't really swing so reading that ball is is tough so you're watching it you don't have a read and you're just hoping for the best so once you leave that dink up that's when you're in trouble just put your paddle out and hope hope dylan hits it so 5-3 now forces the timeout from young and yates just two back but.

I already needed to make some adjustments there in terms of the heads-up battle from frasier and young yeah i mean they know what they like i mean dj said how many times it's it's already happened four or five times so if you can you can prevent more of those you can get back into it.

Nice job keeping the ball low right at the toes of kyle yates second serve six three two wow that was one heck of a paddle angle from tj young on the backhand flick dropping it completely down tip down ligaments in those rings sdj young it's one of those tough ones kyle yates.

Found himself up at the net trying to let him take the middle he got a good look at the first one but dylan's hands were just too good dylan dylan handled the shaken bait giving some extra love on these dings that the wind picks up switching the pattern now point.

Seven three seven three one nice job bye kyle yates great defense by kyle 7-3-2 night out kyle's done that several times where when he's defending he doesn't hit it back at the person who initiated it he.

Hits it back to the other guy who may not be ready gets his paddles everywhere as is dj young's another toss which one will it be another play are you serious again and again everyone unleashing oh my goodness.

Somebody check their shoulders incredible play kyle yates and dj young overhead after overhead after overhead defended back i don't know who's more tired the.

Retrievers are the overhead team side out what's wild is they didn't win the point but it sure felt like they did they definitely sent a message same look again eight three yeah dylan's just demonstrating how fast his hands are.

You're really gonna have to come come at him with something all better second serve yes sir you are eight three two trying to take a step back for the speed up kyle's just trying to.

Make something happen good reset but nonetheless frasier continues here we go 10 3 2. oh and that hurts so bad for dj young but nonetheless game one going.

I'm sure he's gonna appreciate that slow mo replay so jw johnson and dylan frazier moving on into game number two with one already in the bag we'll see game two right after this if you run if you spin.

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game two just about to get underway they have changed ends in the one versus two for the gold medal match up for men's pro doubles you have on the near side of your screen that's a look at dj young and kyle yates yates will start us off j.w johnson and dylan frazier just one.

Game away from grasping the gold dj did a better job that time at least it lasted five shots instead of zero zero one spot jw gives a little that was nice to his partner like the speed of those hands.

They're all smiles on the far side that is the thing you you don't want to see when you're playing those two smiling at you one zero one full of confidence it's almost like insult to injury i don't know if i've ever seen that done with a smile it is insulting one zero two.

The one thing i'm noticing on this side with with dj and kyle kyle is wanting to do kyle wants to insert himself he'd like to you know what they're doing isn't working and kyle's like well let me let me try a few things i've got some tricks.

There we go that's what they needed get the ball back and after this point let me know how you might think kyle can try and get a little more involved from that right side nice hands from dj young that's a great play nice punch so without even discussing it with your.

Partner where you position yourself can send a little bit of a message second serve meaning he's done a great job of getting out of dj's way when dj's trying to cover a lot of court looking for the cross court and finding it that's a big swing from young yeah but now that they've got a little.

Momentum he might let's just stick with the plan because dj's had two two two couple great parts in a row and the other thing is with kyle on the on the right side kyle likes his backhand so his backhand in the middle is a great shot for him so he can he can contribute.

One great defensive play but the pressure still continues from dylan and jw yeah three two one young can't believe that drop that paddle down try to put a little too much on it yeah there's a little risk that big.

Second serve inch difference with the wind kyle was waiting kyle was on that ball even if jacob had made it though died out two four one that's the tough thing uh going behind j dub he covers more court than you think he's so quick laterally.

And so strong when he's reaching out sort of baiting you where he stands you think there's some opening and it's just not there he won he covers the court and that fourth shot not handled well popped up and their own shake and bake on the side of.

Johnson and frasier five two one second serve trying to add a little extra something on that these drops they've got a lot of spin and they're coming into the wind and the wind is just making that drop even better so that's a really tough fourth.

That dj's having to handle oh looking to work back around just as soon as jw saw the inside out dink here he attacks the middle knowing how far yeah it would have been nice but a risky play when you're the receiving.

Team because it costs you a point if you don't execute it another good ball from j.w johnson one minute sets himself up with a nice drop and it's just stalking his way in looking for something high to hit hard 8-2 and.

Yates and young take a time out here as they are a little bit staring down the barrel of a gun already dropped game one eleven to three now down two to eight they've had a very solid day regardless of how this turns out they would walk away even with a loss here with a silver medal a very solid day taking down some.

Top teams or some very tough ones you look back as they went through the back draw they had to face off against tamanaha and mu i think a tessen that went 15-7 and they had to face off against stax root and.

Ignatowicz that went 15-9 and then it was arnold and patrick quinn for a second time it's a great match in the bronze battle matchup then find themselves here playing for gold point.

Nine two j dubs presents up there at the kitchen really strong and to dylan's credit i think that has worked almost every time if he can reach out and take it he's making it work he's executing beautifully on those heat ups down the line.

Smash ball and out of bounds your gold medalist j.w johnson and dylan frazier j.w goes back-to-back with gold medals from yesterday singles in to men's doubles today big congrats to them as they're walking away with some hardware but so are young and yates taking home silver as they had a great showing on.

This beautiful saturday we are just about concluding our coverage here on espn plus for this saturday but we got to get some medals handed out and an interview with our winners excuse me j dub and dylan that'll be up right after this all right welcome back into newport beach and it's been a fantastic day and.

Now i get to hang out with our winners one more interview j.w do you think we can get through this one uh we'll find out soon enough all right jw johnson and dylan frazier congrats on a great day didn't even drop a game congratulations i'm going to start with you yeah they're already giving you rounds of applause why not.

Dylan i'm going to start off with you what works so well because a very efficient play from both of you against a very tough opponent yeah you know kyle and dj are a great team and uh i'll just say congrats to them because they played really well today um for jw and i we we've played a lot of tournaments together so we kind of know each other's.

Game pretty well at this point know who's taking the middle most of the time um but yeah we we we kind of grooved together and we're playing well there at the end so it's good i like it well you already talked about taking the middle at what point do you let this guy you know take some more of.

Those off his left foot whenever he gets lucky and then whenever he says sorry and then he just takes it again the next point uh but eventually i have to just step on his foot or hit his hand make him know that i'm actually there and he can actually not hit back hands in the middle so.

That's what it is all right i'm having a hard time staying composed with these two next storm but uh let's talk about maybe a triple crown because you picked up the gold yesterday and picked up the gold of course with the help of your partner today what is tomorrow going to look like uh well if i play anna i'm definitely.

Going to try and uh beat them uh try and not have her get the triple unless of course uh but mostly i'm just gonna have fun with my sister so we usually have fun now how many times have you gotten the chance to play alongside your sister a few times right now we're looking to do it more in the future um we'll we'll.

Find out soon enough all right well that'll be georgia johnson you'll see here in action tomorrow right back here on sunday and what about you what you got working tomorrow to have to face off against this guy i'm playing with sarah tomorrow it's going to be a first-time partnership i'm i'm excited for it i think we're going to i think we're going.

To do well and i'm going to do everything i can to make sure jdub does not get that triple crown i like it all right well it's time to hand out the hardware so i'm going to invite pat rolfes back in as well as our silver medalist so come on over kyle yates and dj young i'm gonna invite you to stand right next door so we're gonna.

Crown our silver medalists first so here are your medals go ahead there's the first for tj young and kyle yates and now it's time to hear a little bit from our guy pat i just want to acknowledge dj southern california boy great job and kyle come from florida what a battle i'm sure you guys wanted to win it it was really.

Impressive though thanks for coming to newport yeah a great competition and a great day for our silver medalist and now pat i'm going to have you crown our champions our gold medalists for dylan frazier and j.w johnson and like i always say it's hard to win in newport and dylan i'm looking at you because it's obviously difficult to play.

With him as he's stepping on your feet hitting your hands so so anyway congratulations and thank you for coming to newport and now you're off to nationals and we're really proud of you and thank you for being here all right one more round of applause for our gold medalists and our civil medalists as well and again thanks so.

Much for joining us here on espn plus we have mixed doubles coming up tomorrow you're not going to want to miss any of it we'll see you right back here on the grandstand