Seriously again the rules for 2023 are changing again you know what I know which ones are important to you and we've got you covered as of January 1st 2023 there are some new rules that you need to know about and today Mark Pfeiffer will be joining.

Us now you might not recognize his name but Mark is the chair of USA pickleball rules committee and he is here to tell us about five rules that you need to know one's about a serve one's a wrong score called and actually it's not a new rule it's going back to an older rule oh there's one about shirt color so stay.

Tuned hey Mark thanks so much for joining us um you know before we jump into the rules some people may not understand the process that the rules committee and the uh board at USA pickleball goes through to make the rules changes so can you explain that briefly well I'll tell you so we had about 74 rule submissions that.

Came into the process we we kind of filtered them through different modes and um all 74 were reviewed by the rules committee the five-member rules committee and we voted on H and every one of them and we took our votes and we sent them to the board of directors of USA applicable and they voted on the.

Same group that we voted on uh coming out of that we have about 11 rules that will be changed or and or modified either new or modified rules and I'm going to highlight probably just uh five or five of them I think that are probably appropriate but many of the other ones are little little changes and nuances that really aren't I don't.

Consider them major changes some what is the most I think probably the biggest one and the one that has the most controversy around it is the Spencer so so if those of us who have been around pickleball for at least three years know that coming out of covid we had something called the chainsaw sir Zane navratil is the one.

Who really focused on that invented it uh and that came about because USA pickleball wanted to provide a method of serving the ball so that people didn't have to actually touch the ball and Zane is a is a I consider him a genius at the rules and he figured out how to take advantage of this new covid.

Rule and create the chainsaucer which basically slid the ball across the paddle face and it created all kinds of spin uh coincident with that we also had Morgan Evans a pro player another Pro Player Senior Pro player who had perfected the ability to spin the serve out of the hand.

And so we were faced with that last year what do we do with the Spencer we have it coming off the paddle and we have it coming out of the hand we adopted the stance that we would eliminate the spin serve off the paddle and but allow the spin serve out of the hand watch it for a year and see what happens and our thought process was because.

You've been able to we as players have been able to spin the serve out of the hand since 1965. that that provision has always been there so we adopted a stance we'd watch it for a year now that this is starting to take um holding the sport and has some attention.

So what what have we seen over the last year we said we would look at it and see how wide and deep the spin serve out of the hand manipulating this ball out of the hand would would take place in a sport well uh there's mixed results uh and took it taking a look at that out of the manipulation of the ball.

Pre-serve and spinning the ball with the hand as mixed results there are some who have really perfected it some mostly males there's very few females that have been able to adopt this and and that was really kind of one of the things that we looked at if we saw this widely throughout the sport it would take a different we've probably taken a.

Different stance because if you see it quite a bit then you should be at the thought process was just to be able to read it well the opposite has happened we don't have it wide and deep throughout the country especially with the women players so that was a factor in our decision the other factor in our decision is that.

Those who have perfected this very well and spin it out of the hand hit it with a paddle and when it hits it can it can literally move off this bounce off the court two to three feet either left or right and we know that there are many locations where space is a consideration you have a very short space between the.

Court you're playing on in the adjacent Court some with and without fences and so that was also a consideration of primary consideration why we said you know what this has been a great experiment it's been a lot of fun it's got a lot of controversy and people on both sides of this argument but in the long run it's not good for the sport so.

We adopted a stance that we would eliminate any pre-serve manipulation of the ball with any part of the body um and I know for those who love to see innovation in a sport this has been met with disdain but we thought it was the best approach to take and the board agreed with us so bottom line is the spin serve is going away uh effective.

January 1st of 2023. you will see by the way you'll see the new rule book if I'm successful we'll have it out for review on the first of December and that way we have about a 30-day time period between the first of December and the first of January for players to read the new rules get familiar with them and actually adopt them in their own play.

All right Mark the next rule is actually not a new rule it's an oldie but a goodie and it has to do with the wrong score being called right now uh if the if the referee or the server calls the wrong score you have up until the point in which you make contact with the ball to say hey wait wait a minute that's the wrong.

Score uh that we've been running with that as the rule for the last year and the feedback has been that's not nearly enough time because there are some people that time there's purposely time the calling of the score with their serve so as soon as they finish with the 542 as soon as two has been called then.

Boom they serve the ball and there's no time to say wait a minute it's a wrong score so we're going to go back to the rule that existed in 2021 and that rule says that you can call for a score correction up until the return of the serve so now there's a much more time that's available for uh receivers to say well.

Wait a minute that's the wrong serve now if you're if again if you're wrong then it's a fault right or if you call wrong serve after the return of serve that's going to be a fault Mark that's one of the things that Tony and I always tell players is if there's a wrong score called just to keep playing put it out of your head play and clarify the score.

In between points and next year there's an even better incentive to do that because if you're wrong and you very well may be now it's a fault if you want to hear the other three rules you need to know for next year including what color shirt you can or cannot wear click on the link right over here because together we can train smart Live.

Bold and age well
The Pickleball Rules are changing. In 2023 the Pickleball Spin serve is banned and an old pickleball rule makes a comeback.

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