If you're a tournament player you better know the rules right you don't want to go to a tournament like this PPA tournament behind me and not know the rules we did a video covering three rules changes for 2023 another rules change has to do with ball and shirt color if you come to a tournament and you got the wrong color shirt you could.

Be in trouble we got to interview the head of the the head of the officiating of the USA pickleball to talk about this rule we're going to talk about that in this video was there a rule about shirt color wow you you've been reading girl well done uh here's what happened um there's always been a rule that says.

That the tournament director can enforce apparel changes if the clothing is quote inappropriate but we never defined what inappropriate meant in 2023 we're gonna but most people assumed it was you know profane words or political statements and those kinds of things are inappropriate in a in a tournament setting.

Um even though we don't find that in in the rule book that's what most people thought we never talked about clothing color as a as a quote an independent uh inappropriate although I will tell you at Nationals just last week um as the head referee I I had I forced two apparel changes because the clothing.

Color matched the ball so close that I thought it was an unfair advantage to the person who had the yellow shirt on so that has always been there but the tournament directors have always been haven't been encouraged to enforce it so what we did do in 2023 is we added um phraseology that said inappropriate.

Includes the circumstance where the clothing color May approximate the color of the ball so you'll actually see that in rule 2g1 in 2023. so yes to answer your question it's not a hard and fast rule because let's think about this firm it's still up to the tournament director's discretion but think about this if we.

Said the clothing color can't match the color of the ball how close and color matching is it 50 of the shirt that has to it can't be yellow or is it 75 percent that maybe you can get into all kinds of uh difficulty by trying to Define that so it's still going to be a tournament director discretionary.

Decision see I I think the things that's correct place um just I I think that is gonna drive some wreck play conversations let's put it that way uh we for a sanction term usapa uh U.S pickable USA pickle sanction tournament we now require the tournament director to not only declare.

What kind of ball they're using but what colorable they will use in that tournament and the reason for that is so that people know ahead of time what color the ball is going to be using so they can avoid wearing a shirt or the same color if you enjoyed the video make sure you subscribe hit that like button it helps us reach other players and if.

You want to know the other three rules that are going to change for tournament play for 2023 I'll link to that video here and I'm also going to link to a video here with the other two rules changing for 2023. Viva
This NEW Pickleball Rule for 2023 means that you might have to change the color of your shirt.

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As pickleball continues to grow in popularity, it is important to stay up to date with all the changes that are happening. In this video, we’ll discuss a new pickleball rule-change that is set to go into effect in the USA in 2023. This change might change the shirt you wear to your next tournament.

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