Vatic Pro pickleball is a company based out of Orange County California they entered the pickleball space after playing against other people with high-end brand paddles but not being able to justify the massive price tag themselves since their Inception from only a few short months ago they've released a.

Couple of solid all Court paddles such as the Flash and V7 models now they're about to spice things up with a recent announcement of their brand new paddle the vatic Alchemy together with one of their lead sponsored Pearl players Spencer Smith they've built what looks to be their own take on paddles with aerodynamic holes.

By implementing popular Technologies such as unibody thermal forming Toure t700 carbon fiber and foam injected walls available for pre-order now and set to ship in June 2023 this paddle has potential to take the World by storm from vatic pickleball
A new paddle is on the horizon for Vatic Pro Pickleball – the Alchemy. #pickleball