Well the City of Tucson with a winner for Tucson area pickleball six new Courts at himmel Park I took a visit and met one player who's already benefiting from them an aerial view of the new pickleball courts at himmel Park located at Speedway in Tucson Boulevard it's the perfect location for players like Hank.

Greenberg to practice a trick shot it's right in the center in the heart of town Hank's story isn't uncommon a tennis player who prefers the sound from the paddle over the sound of his knees creaking for me it's just being able to stay competitive in my mid-60s and have fun exercise as a competitive player Hank's.

Challenge wasn't returning a tough serve it was finding a closer location to play the popular sport often having to go to you dollar refkin it is packed over there all the time and there's more of a need for more courts these courts are so new that the netting isn't up yet on these three that's going to happen soon and when it does there'll be a fence.

Between these three courts and the three that are in front of them and at that point the courts are expected to be packed if you build it they will come there are so many people on this side of town also that'll benefit from the pickleball courts being right here maybe none more so than Hank Greenberg it's just wonderful having something in the.

Heart of Tucson those course look great
An aerial view of the new pickleball courts at Himmel Park