Point-by-point players analysisand summarized at the end of the video a terrific partner for Riley Newman Newman point again first semi-final the othersemi-final will feature Ben Johns and Andrea coop against TysonMcGuffin and Lacey schneeman it's done with Riley Newman intothat forehand that's usually pancaked for a lovely breakfast buffetbut that one catches the net great job on the overhead by Georgia Johnsonand then J.W Johnson comes flying in there and this is a tremendous start for thebrother sister Duo Elise Jones loves to.

Go to that law but well done by Georgia whoyou see there getting back on that overhead upside out and this is one of thosematches where you wonder you have a team playing their first tournamenttogether that duo right there and then the Johnsons who practice together all thetime have tons of match experience together and there's Georgia Johnson againshe has stared down all the top men in pickleball all year long and doesit again this time to Riley Newman and again it is the offense of Georgia Johnsonthat's just been so impressive all year long is this going to be the tournament where these twonot only get to the final but actually win it gotta get through this one first.

and you'll see Elise Jones trying tojust keep the ball in a good place to let Riley Newman jump in with thatforehand as he did right there foreign folks cam Irwin she's here we're readyto go how are you Cam oh man ready for this one it's gonna be fantastic Elise JonesRiley Newman Georgia Johnson and J.W Johnson George Johnson looking for the Cross Courtspeed up that actually has become that much more of a threat just within thelast year of pickleball yeah you have so precise because of how narrow a pickleballcourt is and if it hits the net at all you have no chance of keeping that in there so tough break forGeorgia finally on the board are Riley and Elise.

You know Dave one of the unique elementsthat I'm looking forward to in this matchup is the forehand speed up of JW Johnsonthere's been conversation around that forehand speed up that he's got tobe able to create more opportunities through the middle how might he beable to do that after this point yeah there's some extra on that that ball isprobably going out but it's a lot more fun to hit a big flying winner in there cam then let it justgo why let it go man come on some extra emphasis okay that one they let go so back to your questionI think it's something he needs to practice because especially in men's doubles peoplehave been putting it there this is a tremendous singles player he has all the shots so justkeep working on it and find those particular.

Balls on that forehand in the middle off theground that he feels comfortable going after one defense for Elise Jones and Riley Newman andthis is why we were looking forward to seeing this Duo cam we knew that we're going to defendfor days and mix and that's what we love to see these points where they look down and out and thenall of a sudden Riley's high five and the patrons great location from the 15 yearold Georgia Johnson yeah a lot of Youth on this on this courtfor sure especially on that side 15th and 20 year years old the brothersister Duo and there was the forehand speed up cam so it took it to EliseJones knowing there's not going to be.

A big counter off her backhand that's areally smart shot in location from jdub filling that ball over off his sister's battleyeah and you saw the just support backup alarm on her truck she had to get out of thereget out of the kitchen she did she was ready little brotherly helped to get her up thereas well you know it's funny they talked about recently on their social medias that uhthat has only really happened in terms of the JW Antics in the last year playingalongside his sister and uh we love seeing it that's an incredible job for EliseJones the ability to not just block but get the ball down at the feet of her opponent.

Four six one four six dollars but you know might as well go for onemore why not Elise I mean if you're gonna hit apples Riley we'll sell them high for highlightreal winners come on now just a one point game yeah good rally here from Jones and Newmandown four nothing early you know you wonder how these new teams how do they deal with adeficit handled this one brilliantly foreign speaks to the energy that both of these playersbring to the court Elise Jones and Riley Newman in terms of their competitive Spirit yes I've heardEric Ling talk about Elise Jones saying there's no way she can be negative on the court there's noway I can be negative when playing alongside her and I think that positive energy isimportant Riley Newman himself has.

Says I haven't had the results I'vewanted this year this is the perfect partner for the positivity side of thatnow it's just a matter of the execution well Riley if you think back to the final at thecarvana Arizona Grand Slam that was when jdub and Georgia made the final aftertaking down Ben Johns and Annalee Waters it's an unfortunately for them it was Anna bright with Riley Newman that took him outso they still want that first gold battle here in the semis with a chance todo just that real close there on the serve side out a rare Mist dink from Elise it's toughto redirect that ball because you have to give it.

A little uh just so stay so solid on it and shetried to go up the line highest part of the net we won't see another Miss like that fora while from her if at all oh hello this is one of the fun Parts about J dub andGeorgia playing alongside one another is that oftentimes George is the one to actuallyinitiate the firefight even in mixed doubles 100 she's done it all year long the results onesilver one bronze but they are a formidable Duo that's a great touch right there toneutralize a ton to take out to the court I saw him play alongside Andrea coop atthe cell Kirk Red Rock open in St George Utah yeah Andrew Coop not too bad Riley lastweek Ben Johns this week well done Andrea tough shot to the right shoulder.

Now you were if you go to the pancake your your non-paddle hand can get exposedand uh good good location from Riley that's that same redirect we saw Elise Jones miss you have to stay down on that to getit up over that higher part of the net wow quick hands for JW Johnson something we saymore often than not yeah and he's gonna love being in that all day long he'll he'll happilytake that exchange out of the air with the lease and then Elise Jones comes flying over sheshe knows it's the NHL playoffs right now she's looking to check somebody the kings arein action they are indeed just down the road and just like that I'll miss thirdand a side out eight seven one.

Love the chase there from JW Johnson the ballover the left shoulder of Georgia on the LOB ster it's a perfect place just sometimes youget beat by the other side making a better shot than what you put out there and then I lovethe two-handed backhand for the winner by Georgia for most players that's the spot to gobut if you don't reset your mentality that paddle side hip is where Riley issitting and you eat it and it's not fun the first time where there's maybe beena miscommunication on the left foot of Elise Jones in this new partnership andDuo now a game point for the Johnsons and they went with the switch but JW and Georgiahad a lot more winners and about the same amount of errors as Riley and Alice and this wasthe determining factor for the first game.

If this video was helpful to you a subscribewould mean a lot it gives us an indicator that we are building an audience by creatinghelpful content those firefights with Jay dub and they're going to startout by Eva switching sides to start a very long rally to begin butdefinitely some nuances here in terms of having a lease on the leftshe'll probably still work mostly with that forehand Yes she'll run aroundit happily and sit forehand over here inside out but that's what they want andthis is you and I talked about it before we even knew we'd be calling a matchwith these two of the similarities of Elise Jones and Lindsey Newman and we'll talkabout that as we go through here obviously.

Riley's played a lot with his sister and hadsuccess being on the right side of the Court and it's going to change the angles evenwhen the speed up comes her Direction in terms of her blocking yeah everything'sdifferent you know Lindsey Newman plays that side so well but she'll sit all forehandall day long never even see a backhand there's a nice block down by Elise and that'swhat she's going to be asked to do in this role right here even from that left side pay attentionto how she's as Riley steps in front we have yet to see a two-hand backhand role she has usedthat two-hand backhand but works with a little bit more of a cut motion and that dink up theline is going to become very precise as the ATP Riley Newman nearly finds himself on theopposing Baseline after the finish I mean.

This foot speed and extensionis insane what a play by Riley does it still count as a stare down if theopponent isn't looking and you're on the same side of the Court as they are oh and againjust to clear up any rules if you hit it you're allowed to continue if you didn't hit the ballyou cannot continue on the other side of the Court so Georgia doesn't care what's infront of her she's firing away so Elise is gonna have to know thateven off the bounce it's coming second serve I like that trying tofind the forehand side is Riley's sitting heavy in the middle now Missfrom Georgia Johnson but uh a full idea foreign.

And there's that pattern that is going to be aproblem for Jones and Newman if it's not blocked down by Elise jdubs just gonna eat that alivebut especially if she's still going to counter with that two-hand backhand the angles are goingto propel that cross court right to the forehand of J.W Johnson yeah if it's not a one-handedbackhand punch then she's got to slide some more and make that a forehand or it's gonna Propel theball in places they most definitely don't want it to their credit the same thing so Elise Jones tries to find that back up the line butanswering the call is Georgia Johnson I doubt the groans yes and that is partof this being a new partnership because perhaps they will get to the point asthey play more tournaments together.

Where Elise will learn to slide allthe way over and just sit forehand all day long and you can see she'seasing her way over there all right there's a good look soalready making the adjustment two two side out two two one second sir that's such a compact motionfor Georgia Johnson on the speed up very deceptive two two how about that then go straight down withthe one-handed backhand I mean she is.

An absolute treat to watch because she has nofear in her game and there's so much offense a little paddle Clank from the brother sister sosomebody's uh gonna have to sit in the back seat inside out and Georgia Johnson just 15 years old I've been playing pickleball alongsideher brother she turned Pro back in 2020. yeah it did sound like a made a little bit ofa funky bounce off her paddle sure did and then stare a hole through that thing cam that'swhat you got to do paddle's fault sorry Yola look at you Johnson channeling his inner AJ Kohler.

With a little flick Top Spinlob out of the air wow okay come on a little late on his move at least right now just having tomake ball after ball and in some somewhat precarious positions interms of her paddle and a very new thing to be asked to do I mean this is amuch different mixed doubles style it has proven very effective for Riley She's justgot a on the fly in a semi-final work it out well and Riley's talked about too in termsof mixed he likes having the versatility with I see a previously partnered up with Anna bright obviously now her playingalongside James ignatowich.

Yeah and what uh Elise is gonna find is whenthey speed it up and she chooses to counter if that doesn't go down they're gonna have more paceand win the next one a lot and there it is again but you can see Riley Newmansaying immediately my bad on that and now a switch the other way so okay two four one Riley now back on the left that ball falling just enough three four one that's a great location from Elise Jones she'salso getting Riley more involved by being able to dink up the line yeah and she's more comfortablethere in this situation with playing a more.

Traditional instead of straddling a sideline onthe backhander other side of the Court the left too much pop off that paddle of J.W Johnsonyeah you got to go for obscene angles here to beat this team clean off the airthat was a great ball by J dub there I wouldn't be shocked to see one of these fourathletes end up in the stands in this matchup Elise hasn't had her uh timeon the ground yet either former volleyball player known to diveabout the court it was Elise Jones five four two gosh I remember when Georgia Johnsonjust turned Pro in 2020 I think I called one of her first single Pro matches and even then youcould tell she was just going to be a force yeah really works on her game just uh fouror five points so young so so much upside.

Boy and that's what Riley wants youto do sort of baits you into trying a opening that isn't there but uh didn't make it point be between the number one and 12seed Lacey schneeman Tyson McGuffin versus Andrea Coop and Ben Johns foreign I think half of that is just the disguisefrom Georgia Johnson yeah I love this the skies I love the choice and I love thepatience you know they're waiting they know they have the advantage in Firepower herewait till you get the one you want second serve.

And five two point he had it well protected butthey're not doing him no favors 852 foreign and the same thing Georgia Johnson soquick to reach in and snap that wrist beat her brother to the candy there I mean surethat's happened before at the Johnson residence that's the tough part that rightside of Elise Jones when she's working with that two-hand backhandtried to redirect that Cross Court JW and Georgia had more winners and fewererrors than Riley and Elise and this was.

The determining factor for the second game ifthis video is helpful to you a subscribe would mean a lot it gives us an indicator that we arebuilding an audience by creating helpful content
Pickleball Mixed Doubles Highlights with JW Johnson / Jorja Johnson (Siblings Team) VS Riley Newman / Allyce Jones (New Partnership Team) at OGIO Newport Doubles Shootout at The Tennis and Pickleball Club at Newport Beach

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