Hello everyone in my lap i hold the new crbn pro backpack and i got to tell you what this backpack is gorgeous it's got great colors let's take a look at this so look at the nice clean you know just like their paddles the black in the in the gray i believe they do black and white as well as far as the letters go and you.

Can see the nice red accents i like the red accents on the handle and and on the straps and it does not have a hook so one negative thing about this it does not have a hook for you to hang the bag on a wall but it's got a nice sturdy strap so if you get a hook you can just hang it on the fence when you need to so let's go in through some of the features.

So one of the best things i like about this backpack is this nice little top zipper pouch it's nice easy access it's got a little pouch right here for putting a you know keys a wallet watch whatever you want to do in there and then right inside this backpack this top uh flap here is two little compartments here so got one here and one here more.

More small places you can put your keys your phone your wallet and then what i love about this is the quick flap here when you lay your backpack down you can get access to whatever you have inside here i've got some balls in here presently and that's all i've got in here and then inside here there's another place for maybe a cell phone.

It's kind of a longer pouch area right here you can see it's a nice longer pouch area so it's nice and big and long so you probably put your cell phones in there and it's got the nice little shielded bag here this looks like it's a bag that will keep it from static shocking it's what it looks like this little fishnet area here.

So that's on the inside of this one same thing on the other side it's got another bag a nice little long pouch bag right inside here on this side and then let me close this up the shoe bag area so if you see here.

It's got a nice little big shoe bag area i've got my whole bag with my shoes in it but what i like about this is it's insulated and it's sealed so your the rest of your bag doesn't get smelling like your shoes okay so that's really nice and then let's look at what i've got here in the top i've got.

Let's see here i've got three paddles in here so there's enough room for three paddles in here and this is nice plush lining in here so three paddles i've got in here i've also got my over wraps i've got my head my uh my wrist guards i've got my gamma tacky towel so plenty of room now i will say the one negative.

Thing about this is the side pouches here which they've got two side pouches on the outside that are all insulated and what you can't do is get a 32 ounce water bottle in there so it'll fit in there but it won't zip up all the way but you can still carry it in there like this it just won't seal all the way so make sure you get a insulated.

Bottle if you're going to use a big 32 ounce one in here but plenty big for a regular water bottle and to keep it insulated here i've got my my glasses in here but you also can put your water bottle in here and it'll keep it insulated but i tell you what overall this bag is extremely clean it's extremely light so.

It's not bad for the ladies that don't want a nice heavy bag but plenty of size for you to put anything you want in here so that's what i got here thank you so much for watching please click like and subscribe and you can get a discount below in the description and as joey always says have a good day there's so many more videos what else.

Are you gonna do today pickleball is so important that's instructional videos there's game videos there's tutorials i'm telling you subscribe to pickleball pirates it's so good
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