Pickleball is fun but there are times when it can be frustrating annoying or even make us angry poor manners and bad sportsmanship can ruin an awesome day on the courts you don't want to accidentally become well that person that no one wants to play with and when you do encounter bad apples what should you do let's find out in today's video.

Hello and welcome to Pro pickleball media your number one spot for all pickleball content in today's video we're going to talk about the pickleball court etiquette the do's and don'ts on the court now let's get right into the video let's start with some of the common scenarios that you can face in the pickleball court.

Out is a familiar con pickleball that can be so frustrating an old tennis saying says when in doubt call it in not out the same thing applies to pickleball social play you can always play the point over but it seems that social play has gotten very competitive lately remember the lines are in do not attempt to outshine your opponent by lobbing.

Into the sun while in a social play you can resolve the issue by switching sides at six points also it's not right to throw other players who are older or have physical problems on purpose if you serve quickly or don't say the score out loud before you move the ball before you move make sure your opponent is ready and save the score out loud if you're.

The receiver and need more time to get ready raise your paddle in the air earning a point on a slam that rolls over the net tennis players are taught to raise their hand in a sorry gesture when they get a break they didn't deserve in pickleball a net role is given for a dink or third shot if the slam just misses it would be polite to.

Raise your hand to say sorry partner's answer to a player's mistake remember that if your partner makes a mistake they already feel bad about it do not roll your eyes shrug or make other gestures that are too big the best thing to say is next time are ah almost and if you're not sure what to say you can always go over and bump your.

Partner's paddle sharing a courtroom sorry but this group is closed you belong over there with the 3.0 players on that Court this grip is better have you heard or said things like that in Social play everyone has to get along with each other and use the same things if the venue doesn't have a good rotation system with courts that.

Are labeled by skill level 3 3.5 for 4.5 and challenge Court then we need to find a fair way to share Court space in doubles play there should be a way for everyone to know that it's four on four off when it's crowded you play one game and then each of the four players takes a turn leaving and putting their paddles in a line as a crowd thins out.

Winners stay on losers rotate off can be used the same team keeps winning they should have to switch with another team so you can do more than two sets in a row if the crowd gets even smaller you could stay if no one else is there if people are waiting to move on and they put their paddles in the saddle or in the line for that Court you must let.

Them move on now before we move ahead please take a second to like this video And subscribe to our channel so that we can keep bringing more informative pickleball content to you your little contribution means a lot for us now let's discuss some more chord etiquettes when someone accidentally hits a ball from a court.

Next to yours onto your court pick it up and throw the same ball back to them don't exchange the balls again I repeat don't switch the balls when you get a ball from a court next to yours look at the someone on that court and then throw or hit the ball right at them don't just hit the ball into their Court without looking that's a big pain.

During recreational play don't play keep away from the best player on the other team just to win they want to play too don't walk across the court behind a game until it's over not only is it rude but it can also be very dangerous don't give your opponent a chest bump or get too excited when they make a mistake if you or your partner on the hand make.

A great play the same goes for those who watch please don't cheer or clap when the other team misses a simple shot if it's clear that you're the worst player on the court thank the other players for letting you play don't take advantage of their kindness though by staying on the court for as long as you want if you play more than one or two.

Games you will surely wear out your welcome if you are asked to play with a group that is clearly less skilled than you do so with Grace and play one or two games with him you'll probably be grateful for your kindness and understand that you want to play with people with similar skills after the game.

If you are clearly the strongest person in your group before don't be so competitive instead hit the balls that your opponent's gonna return work on a new skill now might be a good time to practice that third shot drop shot if you and your partner can't agree on whether the ball was in or out or if you and your partner disagree on a line call.

Your opponent gets the benefit of the doubt wait that's an official rule too don't take advantage of someone's physical limitations and recreational play just to win it's not nice if you enter or leave the court through a gate that also leads to the next door Court wait until the rally on the next court is over before going through the gate if.

A ball from a court next to you ends up on your court called ball to stop playing and pick up the ball ask the people in the next court who gets the ball and then hit or throw it as hard as you can back at that person on the other hand if you are the next court and want that ball back raise your hand or paddle so you know who to give it to.

Make sure the other team's players is ready before you pass the ball to them call out the score and your server number so you know you're ready to serve stop for a moment before you serve to give people time to talk if they don't agree on the right score the person on the receiving end is in charge of line calls unless asked you you shouldn't.

Call faults or other line calls on the other side of the net if you are on the receiving team and your partner calls a ball out with you think may have been in tell your partner you disagree and try to work it out with them if your team can't agree on who should call the lime the call goes to the other.

Team the wrong line calls stops a player from playing the point should be played over control your mood it is not allowed to use foul or abusive language or to gloat or laugh at an opponent's mistake in an unsportsmanlike way if you do you could be punished the same goes for misusing the paddle or the ball.

Pickleball has become popular in part because it's easier on the body than tennis and is played on a smaller court so almost anyone can try it it's a low impact sport so it won't hurt your joints as much you can buy a pickleball paddle and a wiffle ball and any good sporting good store and what does pickleball have to do with.

Fitness some sources say that a person who weighs 160 pounds could burn 250 calories in just 30 minutes of friendly pickleball play the more you play against other people the more fat you'll burn for example a person who weighs 200 pounds who plays hard could burn 475 calories in the same amount of time pickleball is also good for people who.

Want to get more steps in their day people think you can get between four to five thousand steps in a single game depending on your style and how competitive you are pickleball is a great way to get your heart rate up break a sweat and use up extra energy no matter how hard or easy you play so what is your take on pickleball.

Etiquette tell us in the comments also don't forget to like this video and share with your fellow picklers also if you love pickleball then make sure to watch this next video on our Channel thanks for watching bye
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In today’s video, we’re going to talk about the pickleball court etiquette: the do’s and don’ts on the court!

Pickleball is fun, but there are times when it can be frustrating, annoying, or even make us angry. Poor manners and bad sportsmanship can ruin an awesome day on the courts.

You don’t want to accidentally become “that person” that no one wants to play with. And when you do encounter bad apples, what should you do?


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