Ever since beginning my journey in pickleball I've came across dozens of videos explaining over grips and all the different brands out there but I've never found something that I've liked until recently I tried out maybe two to three different brands um which two I have right here uh one I thought I did but I didn't have in my bag around my.

First year of starting pickleball I've started with the uh Wilson over grips and the head over grip I want to say like these two kind of feel uh the same and in terms of uh I guess softness and thickness but the difference between the head and the Wilson one in my opinion is that the um the head one has some tackiness to it however it doesn't have.

That much of the tackiness that you would get with like the blue Turner grips it's more like a tape um type of feel my cousin that got me into the sport uh suggest that I try those out to see how it feels he liked it because of the tackiness and over time it was pretty much something that I didn't really care to have on my paddle.

However I wanted to try out different brands and then fortunately I came across of one that I found on Amazon just by chance because I had like high ratings and the I guess the amount of of good reviews were kind of up there so I figured I'd tried it out and uh yeah it it never failed me since so these particular over grips that I found on.

Amazon links will be in the description below uh these ones are called uh pangda I believe the brand it's called Uh they're categorized as badminton and Tennis over grips but you know they all kind of work the same right these come ship with a pack of 12 and I've been using this for a while so the stock has been limited so these specific over.

Grips I've seen the price fluctuate from 10 to 12 which isn't so bad uh considering a supply chain disruptions and shortages and whatnot but I've never seen it go out of that 10 to 12 range which is really not so bad once you think about it so that's pretty much it as far as the over grip goes I guess I can end this video on how I like to.

Personally wrap my paddle and of course I'm going to be wrapping my trusty Ace Spade paddle the Ace of Spades product placement but if you folks want to get this pad as well links will be in the description per usual so the over grips pretty much come like any other over grip that you have and then it's really easy to come.

Off it has like a red Tab and you just pull down um there's a tapered end here and then I pretty much just follow the pattern of the over grip on one thing I failed to mention is that I like to start with the top and maybe go around three to four times I'm not saying you have to but um I like the feel that it.

Gives you it kind of reminds me of that kind of reminds me of like a baseball bat grip where it kind of forces you to choke up you can kind of do however you want unless there's like new rules on how you wrap your over grip then yeah I'm in deep trouble so we like to finish it around the throat of the paddle and then one thing I like to do I like to.

Level it out and then I kind of like to fold in until it goes on the throat and then we apply the black tape and then I'm going to place the tape on that folded taper Edge that I have and pretty much wrap it around and that is how I over grip my Ace Spade paddle and like I said like the the grip of it like feels slightly memory foamish I.

Could be extra just saying that and it doesn't smell so yeah thanks for tuning in today's video uh links will be in the description below for this paddle and the uh over grips as well thanks for tuning in see ya
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