Hey what's going on guys so I've got a quick video for you today on what I think is one of the most important tips that I give a lot of my students regardless of what level they're at and I'm going to use this five dollar kids butterfly net that I got on Amazon to demonstrate my point stay tuned.

One of the most common questions I get asked in a lot of my lessons or my clinics is how do I keep from popping the ball up or how do I get better control over the ball that's a great question especially at the beginner level that's something that really has to be a priority the problem is is when I ask my students why are you.

Popping the ball up they seem to be addressing a lot of the wrong issues or at least maybe not addressing what the main issue is so I'm going to get rid of the paddle for a second so this concept is a little bit easier to understand so the first myth that I want to bust is just kind of in the name of the mistake.

Itself so we call it popping the ball up right which leads people to believe that this is a height issue right so we think we hit the ball too high and then it gets slammed by our opponents the fact is is height is not the problem power level is the problem start to think of your pop-ups as going too far and not too.

High so here would be an example if I toss this is a little bit easier to see than if I'm hitting right so if I toss one with not enough power go short if I toss one with the right amount of power because we're exposed to into the.

Kitchen if I toss them with too much power it goes past my target which is the kitchen and it ends up topped up and therefore my opponent slam it at me so I've had several of my students practice this drill where I tell them without any practice or anything I just tell them to stand in a spot and I say okay toss the.

Ball get into the basket right seems pretty easy we do it naturally now here's where the problem comes in once we introduce this little guy here which we introduce a paddle that feel goes away because most people are under the assumption that we are right so we're running the paddle into.

The ball when we when we think of it that way when we do it that way there's not a lot of feel in our hands to start to judge how much power we're delivering into each shot we're going to reframe what we're doing in pickleball from using our paddle to hit the ball to thinking about catching and throwing back.

Okay so let's get into exactly how we're going to fix this problem now to start off you can see me on screen here showing you an example of the wrong way to do it you can see I'm clearly taking the paddle back which means that as the paddle enters into contact it's usually going to be a little bit more out of control than we'd like it to be.

So this is where our net comes into play like I said before rather than a hit we want to start to think about a catch and a throw and the net is going to take care of the catch portion for us specifically what we're going to do is we're going to take that net I'm going to keep it slightly out in front of our body.

And as the ball is coming we're going to try to catch each ball our goal here is to get that net to the spot of the catch early before the ball gets there and have it still and waiting for the ball I call this beating the ball to the spot you can see my examples here on screen that I'm not having to make a lot of big last second adjustments or fast.

Movements to make this catch so now you can see that I'm trading out the net for a paddle basically we're just going to do the same thing we just did just get a feel for it with the paddle in our hands so the paddle is still waiting for the ball at the contact point and when the ball gets there we're just.

Going to allow the ball to tap off the paddle we're not going to put any forward Force back into the shot so once we have this sensation for what it feels like to have the pedal still and quiet and waiting for the ball at contact now we can start to build some swing back into it the only difference you can see here is.

Right as the ball is about to make contact with the paddle rather than just letting it tap off I'm going to add some upward and outward swing to get that ball up and over the net so there's two ways we can start to think about controlling our power level now the first would be we have our paddle.

Still and we determine how much power we want to put into it by how quickly we accelerate the paddle from the contact point the second way you can think about it which you've probably heard coaches talk about before would be the length of your follow through obviously the longer the follow through.

The more power you're going to put into a shot and vice versa these two concepts are just different ways of saying the same thing so if you accelerate the paddle faster at contact you're going to end up with a longer follow through and therefore more power in your shot.

So over the last part of this now you can see me moving away from the kitchen line doing a couple shots in the transition area and then a couple shots back where you would be hitting uh third shot drops from the main thing to notice as you're watching this is the setup technique is.

Not changing at all still have the paddle finding the ball waiting for it to arrive at contact the only difference is as I move farther away from the kitchen line my target gets farther away and I'm going to make that power level adjustment by either accelerating out more or having a longer follow through which we kind of.

Discussed are are basically the same thing I'm pretty convinced that this concept may be one of the most important fundamental things you can learn early on in your pickleball development in the next video I'm going to talk about how this concept is going to play an important role in the development of.

The 30240 level player and then in the video after that we are going to learn how to use this skill to develop some weapons as a 40 plus player as always I really enjoy interacting with you guys so drop your questions and comments below don't forget to like And subscribe and I.

Will see you in part two of this series thanks
In this video I share what is my absolute favorite tip/drill that all levels of players can use to create the foundation to grow your Pickleball skills.

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