If you want to learn more about spins and howthey work in pickleball then this video series is for you. This is video two in our three-partSeries. In our last video, we covered how spins impact the ball and showed you some differentshots so you can make a decision as to whether you thought the benefits of the spinning ofthe ball outweighed some of the the negatives. If you will of either learning spins or addingthose errors potential errors into your game. In this video, we're going to cover some commonmisconceptions about how to spin the ball and some techniques that are used that we see outthere that are pretty frequently used that are not optimal for how to spin the ball. My name isTony Roig, I'm a master teaching professional as well as a senior professional pickleballplayer with 40 Years of tennis playing and.

Tennis experience so I know how to spin theball. Let's talk about spins. Let's look at some common misconceptions about applying topspin tothe ball as well as applying slice to the Ball. Well, Pickleball players do on the topspin side isthey'll take their paddles and they will brush up on the ball like this sort of you know RafaelNadal style or you know tennis player style so they'll come down and then they'll come up throughthe ball like this that's brushing up on the ball. The problem with that technique is that techniqueit basically intersects The Arc of the ball the way the ball is traveling across the ballinstead of through the ball. The way to think about it is like this and I'll do it this way so you cansee it better. So, say the ball is traveling towards me this way if I take my paddle and I push itthis way right. The same way the ball came I'm more.

Likely to make contact with that ball successfullyon the paddle right and send it in that direction. So, looking at it from your Vantage Point lookedlike that the ball's traveling towards me. I make contact with the ball and I send it backin that direction what happens with the brush up is looking at it from this directionagain the ball is traveling towards me but my paddle isn't traveling this way. My paddleis traveling from here up as the ball's traveling my paddle is traveling across the Arc of theball. Right, look at it this one coming towards me paddle is traveling basically intersecting it likeat a 90 degree right and so what happens is you increase the chances for error because the timingof the shot has to be absolutely perfect in order to intersect the ball as it's traveling this wayget the paddle on the ball every time at.

The absolute correct timing. Right to intersectThe Sweet Spot of the paddle with the ball as it travels if you think about it during a courseof a pickleball game, balls are traveling towards you and you're brushing up and brushing up andbrushing up just imagine how many times that can break down over the course of a game as opposed tohitting through the ball which will address more. In detail in video three of the series same thinghappens on the backhand side if you're cutting through like this under the ball trying to brushunder the ball to create that spin. It's the same problem ball travels this way you're coming thisway instead of going through the ball's trajectory. It increases the chances that you're going tomake a risk as you hit the shot. It also creates less certainty as to where your ball isgoing to go as you brush up on it. Is the ball.

Going to go up? This way it'sunclear so there's a wider range of possibilities on where your ball ends up. In video three we'regoing to cover a more appropriate technique for adding spins to your game highly recommend ifyou haven't checked out video one you check it out because the first thing you need to do ismake a decision as to whether you want to add spins to your game whether you're in a placewhere adding expense your game makes sense and whether it's worth it. The troubles worththe downside because there are downsized adding spins before you come back to the videothree and check that out good luck out there.
In our last video (find it here: https://youtu.be/q2vFlCg76cI) we covered pickleball spins and their real impact on your shots. Will a spin shot give you a small marginal advantage? Perhaps. But there are costs associated with learning and hitting with spins. Check out Video 1 in this series to learn more about whether spins are right for your game.

In this week’s video, we cover a common misconception about how to impart spin onto the pickleball. This pickleball error can cause you to make many errors in your game and can result in your game moving backward – actually deteriorating. We made this pickleball video because we have seen too many players be negatively affected by this incorrect technique.

It is important to remember that pickleball is not tennis. The solid pickleball paddle and smooth hard pickleball are hugely different from the strung racket and fuzzy yellow ball used in tennis. Thus, the shot techniques used by tennis players to impart topspin to their shots do not translate onto the pickleball court. The idea of brushing up on the ball, which is of great value in tennis, is counterproductive in pickleball.

Want to be clear on three points:

1. Pretty much every shot you hit in pickleball will impart some spin to the ball. It is just how things work. As the paddle makes contact and pushes forward and through the ball to propel the ball along its intended shot trajectory, some of that paddle motion will make the ball (a sphere) spin in some direction.

Our focus in this video series is on players who are trying to impart extra spin to the ball. They move their paddle in a way that they think is necessary to impart that certain spin. This is where the additional errors stem from.

2. We are NOT saying that spins have no place in our game. Spins do, in fact, have a place in pickleball. What we are saying is:
a. any extra or additional spins that players seek to impart is generally not where they need to spend their time right now. There are 5-10-100 things that most players can spend their time on that are more productive for them and their games than learning to spin (NOTE – if you already know how to spin the ball, then go for it, just see b, below first).
b. Adding extra or additional spin to the ball can, and most often does, result in an increase in errors in a player’s shots. This is because the player’s shot mechanics have increased variability – more moving parts. So – if you are going to add additional spin to your shots you should expect to have more variability in your shots – when compared to the same shot without the extra spin motion.

3. Have fun out there. The advice we provide is intended to give you the information that will give you the best results when you play. For example, less variability = less errors = more won rallies. BUT … there are other considerations in the real world. If spinning the ball like crazy makes you happy, then by all means do it. Just make sure your expectations align with your chosen way of playing pickleball. More paddle motion (from the added spin) = more variability = more errors. That is the tradeoff and our job as your source for pickleball knowledge is to provide you with accurate information so that you can make informed decisions about how you play pickleball.

All this said, brushing up on a pickleball with a hard paddle will not give the you results you are looking for. If you are trying to impart spins into your shots by using the erroneous shot mechanics demonstrated in this video, we recommend pausing your work. Wait until you have a chance to watch Video 3 in this series, where we show you the proper technique to hit a spin shot in pickleball.

We also recommend watching (or rewatching) Video 1 in this series. It answers the question: Are spins worth it?

0:00 Introduction to Video 2 of the Pickleball Spins Series
0:43 Errors in hitting a Pickleball Topspin Shot
2:05 The error from brushing across the pickleball
2:59 Brushing the ball creates uncertainty in your shot

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