First started hearing his name around the scene everyone was saying he was the most hyped man in pickleball he brings a little bit of I don't know what do we call it a little yeah I was gonna say Swagger but it's like what's up guys I was supposed to land at 6 30 in Orlando but the flight is now an hour delayed and Counting uh I.

Was gonna play when I got there but it's not looking too hot so may not get to play the day before tournament sucks to suck time is 707 a.m just got to the USDA National campus single starts at 8 A.M uh your boy got a buy looked at the drop I'm just gonna take a one match at a time I haven't been to this site since I.

Won NCAA title come on yeah it's a good time good time last time I played tennis competitively actually so excited to be back home it's gonna be a good day let's get it foreign.

Thank you what's up guys I just beat uh Grant Bond lost the first one down 6-1 in the second win the second third set down 7-0 end up winning I think eleven seven or eight just crazy match no I was dealing with some like personal Family Matters last night and I didn't get that much.

Sleep about two hours actually I can't focus on pickleball which you know is never good all right I don't know what to do because I can play I'm just the ball my hand I hand coordination's bad it's not not playing at my full potential stay tuned.

for those that haven't seen Christian all shine what are we gonna see here we're gonna see a lot of how many tweeners we see we'll see how many are necessary and one of the most athletic guys in in pickleball as well and definitely in competition probably for that top spot.

Foreign wait Tyler is really hot seven in a row after being down five two and you saw all Sean throw his hands in the air now he's got a problem with the depth and location of his returns.

oh oh there it is but just deep we knew if we got through a game without a tweener we were going to be disappointed and shocked so and that is the frustrating hand uh signal so uh three three.

that is a ferocious angle from all Sean there so I'll shine with a game point to force the third game here and he's got it there's some Steely eyes coming out from under the brim of that Virginia cap.

Right here that's flashing that was flashing that's just something a professional athlete would do foreign.

Foreign foreign again of course win by two here in game three I feel anxious points.

in the Sun and unfortunately you know I cried after my first match just because of some personal stuff that's going on but completely forgot about that during this match and I was just locked in the whole.

Time I didn't even feel tired and I didn't even feel sleep deprived so that's not the reason I lost this match goodbye
Christian Alshon and Tyler Loong battle it out unlike ever before seen for a spot in the Semi-Finals of the Hertz Orlando Professional Pickleball Association Tournament. This is a match you don’t want to miss!

VLOG Style – Episode 7

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Commentating by Anna Bright and Dave Fleming