The Johns Brothers came out with a point to prove to end the 2022 season right off the bat on the first point Ben John sends a warning shot right at Riley Newman's left hip hasn't been fantastic the true veteran of the sport rallies on phase by this attack ends up setting up a beautiful shot behind Ben John's for a winner.

Although the Johns Brothers come out with a 3-0 deficit Colin hits this nasty drop shot Ernie for a winner pretty that was a very well thought out well the mental toughness that the Johns Brothers have is unreal they're down 10-9 this is a game point and there it is hitting overheads inches from the line.

Some dangerous dangerous close to the lungs watch closely this is one thing you will probably never see the John's Brothers do again oh and then Bennett a dink comes right in the middle of the two of them and instead of Ben normally taking this ball neither of them take it for a clean.

Winter dink for three nonetheless the Johns Brothers figure it out and take game 1 14 12. took two points in the second game for things to start heating up in our first very close line call happens Alan and Ben immediately challenged the call as they think it is in so they're very challenging it's.

Challenge time have a video challenge that looked pretty good to me they are going to use the challenge though both announcers seem to think that the ball is in that looks inside the line maybe from that angle yeah so well after watching this clip several times that ball is so close that I could not call it either way tough job for the Reps and.

He's got the the phone in his hand and but the Johns Brothers are wiley veterans and they know when a ball is in and they got the point was in shortly after Colin Johns hits a drop shot that Matt and Riley aren't too impressed with by telling the crowd exactly where Colin.

John's hit that ball on the paddle I think Matt Wright is questioning the paddle connection on that one one thing that was refreshing to see is Colin John's being aggressive again instead of just resetting which works out really well for him in this match come on nice backhands there by Colin keep it alive and then as if to show big.

Bro up Ben just shows why he's the greatest player in the world Matt shows some incredible defense into offense here to try and keep the Johns Brothers honest make sure to watch us closely because I don't think you'll ever see Matt Wright do this again Ben hits a clean winner down the line.

That Matt whiffs on to take game two Colin shows how much damage you can do with such a small flick on your backhand quick Hands by talented and that rally yeah that's the advantage of having this was such a smart play by Colin as he realizes that Matt most of the season has been on the right side instead of the left so he hits this beautiful.

Misdirection right in the stomach and the Johns Brothers end up winning the last tournament of the season in dominating fashion with a straight sets win and having the announcers absolutely butcher your names but it is all done the Collins Brothers are the Colin John the Johns Brothers calling it's on are able to win it count.

I'm still getting it wrong the challenge it was so good it took my breath away Dave Fleming drop a like if you guys are as excited as I am for the 2023 season I look forward to many more rivalries between these two teams
The rivalry that has been created this year between Ben & Collin Johns and Riley Newman & Matt Wright has been something special to watch as a viewer.

Each finals match they were apart of had drama, electricity, and the highest level of Pickleball imaginable. Do you think we will see this rivalry continue into 2023, or will a new team emerge and shake up the game?

Let me know your thoughts, who you favored, or which team you are looking forward to watching next year!

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